Majuba 96

There is rhetoric amongst females nowadays that you should not care what other

people think of you. You should not care for their opinions because it’s your life and you live it your way. Those are the same females who when someone else is doing what they do not believe in they will go and gossip about how stupid you are for doing that very thing. It’s amazing really the more you think about it. So Jacob Zuma got another wife. She is 24. She is not a child. She comes from a surprisingly wealthy family. Those are the facts. How do females respond to the good news? They were livid. Forgotten was that this was a young woman who made her own decision and chose to give her heart to whom she wanted to give it. If you are a female and you said something negative about this girl following her heart mind or whatever it is motivated her to conclude that uBaba was the one for her then shame on you. Shame on you for not realizing that as a woman you don’t need anyone’s permission to make your decisions. As long as you allow someone else to think for you as an adult then you will be oppressed. Never forget that.

“Nobuhle come on!”

Naledi said shifting in her seat. Nobuhle had touched a nerve. I knew for a fact that Naledi would be judged more than Londiwe because she was born and raised in Jhb and all those fake Jhb with their artificial standards will have a say in it.

“I am sorry I know I spoke out of turn and I am your friend. What’s going to happen when other people bring this up?”

She asked her friend.

“I will deal with that bridge when we get there but for now I am happy and I don’t see that stopping anytime soon!”

Naledi said defending us. She put her hand into mine and I think Nobuhle was stuck now.

“I honestly don’t know what to say. Londiwe is my friend as well so please if you don’t mind I really would like to know what’s going on before I congratulate you both. What if you are lying to me and please I am not saying you are I am just saying…”

She started,

“Ok I am babbling now. I have to go guys. We are neighbors we will see each other!”

She said and just like that she left and under as soon as she left her meal arrived.

“You guys had not eaten yet?”

I asked Naledi.

“Nope! I guess that means you are going to have to eat her food as lunch was on me!”

She said. That was not a nice feeling it just felt odd.

*Are you ok though?”

I asked her.

“Yes I am why?”

She asked me. I know when a person looks down and right now she was not herself.

“This thing that happened I am very sorry. I know your friends are not always going to understand this and it will be awkward at times!”

I told her.

“But do they have to be so rude. She just stood up and left like that as though it was us that disgusted her!”

She said. I did not what to say to her. I get it though. Have you ever told born against that you are not a Christian or think that the bible is overrated? That look they give you of contempt is exactly how Nobuhle had reacted. She had tried to put her mind at ease by asking but clearly her brain could not comprehend.

“Its ok love put her at the back of your mind. She is the least of our problems. We should be more worried about your father because if we are out of this tender we won’t get paid but if something goes wrong with the tender we too, myself especially will be held account as I am the one who drafted all the specs. That can’t happen!”

I told her.

“You are the one that said I must not call him and give him a piece of my mid! With that man you fight fire with fire! Tomorrow we call everyone in and we have the meeting. We want you to head this because its intellect that got us this thing!”

She said reassuring me. In all honesty the rich people are at the top not because of their intellect but because of their connections. The same people get tenders all the time because they are connected. It’s not about intellects never fool yourself there.

“I know and I will. This food is nasty by the way! Why do you guys do this to yourselves?”

I found myself complaining. It was some kind of steak but the way she had asked for it to be cooked was not right.

“That’s what she always orders and she is the only one who likes it!”

She told me.

“Oh ok. How do you know Nobuhle by the way?”

I asked her.

“She is actually the friend of a friend. I have a friend who you shall meet of course who stays in Midrand. I go to her often and she happens to know Nobuhle because she too once dated a Nigerian guy so they met in those circles!”

She explained. I wanted to laugh because its true girls who date Nigerian men all look alike, dress alike and more often than not have a little nursery school I call it where they hang out together and play dates are set up for them.

“Eh I see so how come you did not end up with a Nigerian dude! I mean we all hear how much better and how well they take care of women than us!”

I asked her or rather told her.

“Whoa shem that’s a myth. Think of it this way, they come all the way from Nigeria where they are millions of women to come date us here in South Africa and make it seem like a kindness, it’s not!”

She said. I could sense a bit of bitterness in her voice almost as though she…

“Go on!”

I encouraged her.

“He is in a foreign country where locals already hate him, do you really think he will beat up a South African and think he will get out alive? Remember even if he cheated and I a South African woman went to the police chances of him winning over me are slim. The bias is there the moment I would walk in. They don’t have a choice but to be nice. When you ask Nigerian women they will tell you that their men are trash as well.”

She rambled on. I think I had touched a nerve somewhere in there because that rant was said with feeling.

“Naledi have you dated a Nigerian man before?”

I asked her. Naledi is light skinned but not a yellow bone in that sense of the word. When she blushes its visible though and without looking up from her food she said,

“No I would never!”

She said but I know when I am being lied to.

“Ok then!”

I was not going to push. She will tell me her past one day if she wants to but I was building the future I suppose.

“How was the date last night?”

She asked me.

“It was fine hey we had fun. There was just a mishap with my mother which we had to go sort out but that is sorted now!”

I told her.

“I wanted to talk to you about something!”

She said to me.

“We have a house or rather I have a house that my father bought me in Ebony Park. It’s three bedrooms and all and close to the mall!”

She explained.

“Isn’t Ebony Park Township like?”

I asked her.

“Not really kasi like that but some could see it that way yes! Why? Are you scared of townships?”

She asked me.

“No I was just asking where are you going with this.”

I asked her.

“The last tenant I had just moved out and I was thinking that the three of us can move in there for now, rent out our current places which won’t fit three of us in any case whilst we get to know each other and build this. I don’t want to go through this pregnancy alone, staying in a flat and I am sure Londiwe feels the same way!”

She explained her logic.

“Goodness thanks for the offer…”

I told her skeptically.

“I sense a BUT…”

She said.

“Yeah there is a BUT only from the fact that we spend our whole lives trying to leave the township not trying to go back to it!”

I told her and she rolled her eyes.

“Dude get over yourself. There are more people in the townships than in the suburbs. Winnie Mandela died in a kasi didn’t she?”

She said annoyed and raising her voice a little.

“Relax love come on!”

I told her.

“Don’t tell me to relax! My mother lives in a township! I am doing this for us. You think I want to leave my kushy apartment in Sandton to go stay in Ebony Park because I am a humanitarian? I am doing this for all us because right now from where I am sitting it feels like neither of you have a plan!”

She said and honestly she had cut me from beneath my feet at this moment. We really did not have a plan and realistically the two properties on rental alone could catch us about r15k a month which would save up for babies expensive. Imagine 7 months of saving rental money how much would that be when the babies were born.

“That’s harsh Naledi and I did not refuse. I am not one person and neither are you. We have to go sit down with Londiwe and we put it to a vote. We have to make equal decisions that benefit all of us remember!”

I reminded her of our agreement at the last meeting of this farce. What was I doing really?

“Ok then let’s go ask her! Bill!”

She said as the waiter passed us.

“What is the rush all of a sudden?”

I asked her.

“There is no rush hey. I just want things to move we are stuck!”

She said. We drove separately as we headed to the house. Londiwe was at home when we got there and the look on her face had not improved much from earlier when she had come.

“Hey hey!”

Naledi said cheerfully as she entered and hugged Londiwe.

“Hi! You in a good mood!”

Londiwe said rather coldly to her.

“Of course I am. I am with my two favorite people in the world so why would I not be?”

She asked her.

“The two of you are up to something!”

Londiwe said sitting down.

“Naledi has something she wants to talk to you about!”

I told her and Londiwe raised her finger and said,

“No don’t please!”


“Just hear her out!”

I implored her.

“No. You guys have already discussed whatever she wants to say meaning that if you are asking for something I now have to agree with what you two agreed on! How is that fair on me? When someone has breaking news then you call us both together at the same time and you break it! Not like this, I don’t want to hear it!”

She said and put up the TV volume rudely.


**********The End***********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I am truly blessed by your writing fellow. Keep it up man.

I am a 27 year old guy in a two year relationship. I was a profound player bro Mike, I hurt many and I got hurt in the process. I renounced being a player a year or so before I met my lady. When we got together, we were met with resistance from her friends and colleagues because of the reputation i had around. I extensively explained to her the kind of man i was, and the kind of man i plan on being with her. Without shame i am proud to say i try to be that man i promised to be, faithful and honest. Anyway Bro Mike, that was put to test when my two ‘high school’ friends working abroad came home for a two week holiday. They had the money and i had the resources (a car and house). So we did business meetings, clubbing and we had fun. Among the fun was my friends hooking up with these two ladies they had been communicating with, we went to their house after a meeting and unknown to me, they had arranged a lady for me as well. To cut this long story short, we all went to separate rooms and I could hear it’s going down. This fine lady was looking at me expectantly my guy. I had to maneuver myself out of the situation so I made a proposal to her, “I will give you R500 if you do not sleep with me”. The lady was about to bite my head off man, obviously assuming I was trying to put a price on her. That is until she took a step back to properly recap and i could literally see her jaws drop. Anyway bro Mike, as my story is already long, lets fast forward to me getting home and telling my lady how my day was. She did not believe, and still does not believe that i turned down sex just like that and even ‘paid’ to ensure it did not happened. She has become so insecure and she constantly says “a leopard never loses it’s spots”. I understand where she is coming from but it really sucks being accused of something i did not do.

Please advise my guy.


48 thoughts on “Majuba 96

  1. And the drama never ends. Vusi this isn’t going to work bruh.
    @accused unfortunately there’s nothing you can do about this. Only your girl has power to believe or not believe you. The past is one nasty gum under the shoe. You can’t run from it. You just have to find someone who will accept you the way you are.

  2. Thanks Team…
    Uyabo this ‘pipi stokvel’ just doen’t work – period!!! Do people ever research how this whole thing works? How the females relate to each other? In this day in age with so many STI’s – kwenzakalani? So if one has Herpes, the whole lot develops Herpes. Has anybody ever considered the views of children here? How do they relate to this once a month dad? Londiwe, Naledi and Vusi should all call it quits and just go their separate ways, instead of pursuing this madness.
    @Accused – I wouldn’t believe you either (no offence), you just need to continue working on regaining her trust. Naye ke akaxole or move on!

    1. Having herpes getting it from were in this day in time when you have a side chick and not use protection with Vusi it’s his wives.

  3. eish Vusi, this thing is not for you man. to even suggest that you will vote on the issue? come on dude. again, being offered a house by a lady that you’re going to marry, eish that’s a low blow man.

  4. **sigh** Vusi you need to slaughter a unicorn. Your life is ridiculous. If it’s not your work, it’s your love life, if it’s not that, it’s your mom, if it’s not that, it’s your neighbor, if it’s not that, it’s your boss, if it’s not that, it’s the police

  5. Accused it’s always bad to have a relationship with someone who knows your history first hand, to her a player will always be a player, no one will believe you brother who knows your history I’m talking from experience but the bottom line I believe you have changed and you will always ask your self whether you were given korobela or something to change you look at women in a different way with so much respect but you will drool over nice ladies but won’t do anything.

  6. Thanks Mike
    I have accepted that you like ANC and dislike Juju; you like traditional ways and dislike bazwalane. I was sincerely hoping you will compromise and throw one or two on “Mama give a signal” and dololo. Even when talking of bazalwane, you trash them big time. This is one of the things I normally laugh at when reading some of your material. 🙂 🙂

    I sincerely believe you. The part I dont believe is what drove you to confess, you forgot that women dont believe that a man can say no. To put it to rest, just ask her what was in it for you not to close your big mouth as she would never find out. A solution to your question (what was your question by the way) is to keep repeating it until she believes it.
    On another note, really why did you have to tell her what your friends did, that sound like the type of a guy not to be invited to a bachelor’s party as he will be having a camera as evidence.

    1. BTW, It is not wrong for Mike to have preference or likes and dislikes of parties and religions. Most people see only one side when it comes to politics and religion. eg An ANC supporter will never hear a positive statement from Maimane (vesa vesa) and Mzalwane will never understand anything about ancestors. Actually the main reason is a chosen blindness. Nothing personal

  7. Thanx Bra Mike…Polygami is not for people like Vusi, he might as well quit while he still can
    Kodwa KaManyosi Pipi stokvel Im in stitches
    QnA Why did you confess in the first place are you that desperate to prove that you are a changed man…no woman right in mind would believe your so called confession…never heard of what she doesn’t know won’t kill her

  8. accused

    next time close that big mouth, no girl would believe considering your past.. just try to regain her trust but till when cos all this accusing and insecurities will eventually annoy you. so mate you shot your own foot on this one

  9. The addiction is having its effects on me now. Been opening hoping for a YES chapter, dololo 🤷🏻‍♀️ Another challenge with this blog is that it doesn’t give us an option to post our views or communicate to the author other than commenting on previous chapters, which he sometimes don’t even see. I’m frustrated 😬.

  10. Bra Mike hope u are okay yazi, im worried please get back to us……..I dying of not having my addiction dose ya YES hle

  11. Bhejane Muntu weNkosi. please find out on Mike’s wellbeing. I hope he’s safe and healthy wherever He is. after what happened to our Beloved Akhumzi Jezile (R.I.P), we need to be aware of each other’s whereabouts.


    1. Ayzo,
      To be honest, I have no idea where he is.
      If history is to be believed, he is writing about Lungi’s thwasa process and I can tell you it is going to be a bomb. When he is writing emotional or spiritual draining chapters he normally take a long time off and sometimes he does not get well physically (among others remember the Dubai scenes or Lungi’s mother death scenes). Actually I would have asked that he takes a sabbatical to write the scenes of that process.

      Of course this is my lousy opinion came after carefully sucking my thumb.

      So just chill.

  12. hey Mikisto, I hope you are ok wherever you are man. I hope flu is not playing with your immune system heeeheeeheeeheee.
    you must make me your deputy writer! lol just kidding! but man, I hope you are ok, brother.

  13. Bra Mike, I cannot live with umsebenzi wakho omuhle buya boh.

    Wherever you are and whatever is going on asithembhe ukuthi konke kuhambha kahle.

  14. well thanks Bhejane, thumsucking opinion kinda makes sense. i’ll sit back amd wait to be blown away. phela Lungi’s story is my most learning expedience

  15. A courtesy notice would not kill especially since there are people who confirm that he is active on other social media platforms. This will at least make us stop logging in on a daily basis to see if something is there.

  16. mike please help the last chapters I read are ” 218 YES” and “MAJUBA 96” ,, I can’t find/see other chapters

  17. Does anyone know where Mike stays so we can open a missing person report at the nearest police station.

  18. Hi Mike.. it would be nice to just get a simple message stating that you are busy and will not be posting for a while. This checking up everyday is really irritating. Common courtesy bra! I do hope u are okay. Take care and come back soon.

  19. Was just checking if there is a post today. maybe if you can let us know that you will not be posting anymore it will be better cause now we are left hanging. No offence intended. hope you are ok though!

  20. Buti Mike…I am having withdrawal symptoms 😢I was soooooo addicted.Hope you are well and I believe you will come back soon

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