Origins of a Slay

ORIGINS Chapter 53

Sometimes you convince yourself that you are in more danger than you really are. It’s called survival instinct and every South African woman has that in her because our lives are always at risk. Men want to police us and our bodies but funny enough they can’t protect us from themselves. It really is an oxymoron on its own the way we survive. The reality however was right now Ada was at my door probably pissed as hell. I would be stupid if I did not think my life was not in danger if you consider that we are killed by these bloody Hottentot midgets half the size of this men. South African men are so small compared to other men but the damage they do is beyond reckoning. I actually took a deep breath before I opened the door.

“No officer I am fine at the moment can I call you back. My boyfriend just arrived.”

I told her.

“Is he the person that is threatening you?”

The officer asked on the other side. Was it that pizza delivery moment were I pretend to be ordering a pepperoni pizza? That was American though will that even work with our 10111? She will probably accuse me of trying to show off even. I was not sure what to do now but I wanted him to know I was on the phone with the police.

“No officer he is not threatening me! Can I talk to you in a minute? Ada is here!”

I said and I hung up the phone. Ada looked so confused at this moment. I don’t blame him because I would have been confused too. Imagine walking in and finding someone mentioning your name to the police. That thought is even worse if you are already a shady person and this big giant was the shadiest of them all.

“Who was that?”

He asked me without even walking in. Maybe he thought it would make it easier for him to run away if he stayed out there but big as he was I doubt he could run very fast. Big guys are known for strength not speed. To be fair though he stood there because I think that’s just how much he was stumped by hearing me mention him.

“It was the police officer.”

I told him as a matter of fact. I turned the phone around so that he could see the 10111 number. Again he froze because upon mentioning the name to him it had not become reality. Now it was sunk in that it was not a joke.

“Why did you call the police?”

He asked me. I was not about to tell him that this was because of him but I knew how to scare the hell out of him.

“Oh now you talking to me properly after calling me a bitch!”

I reminded him. I put on a stern face even now just to make sure he saw that I was also not playing games.

“I asked you why you called the police?”

He asked me again. Have you ever noticed that when someone wants to emphasize a point they say whatever it is they want to be heard at least twice?

“I asked you why you called me bitch?”

I said defensively. You see guys like Ada who are big and feared are not used to being challenged and I could see he was a bit taken aback by the way I was responding.

“I am sorry I was just angry I shouldn’t have said that!”

He said actually changing his tone. He sat down without me offering him a sit but I was not going to be petty and call him out on that.

“So when you are angry you think it’s ok to disrespect me like that?”

I rubbed it in. Most girls do not get this, you teach a man how to treat you. We are all different and so are they. If you do not teach him who you are and what’s acceptable and what’s not you will end up on the receiving end on things you do not appreciate. Never listen to those idiots that tell you that its not your job to teach a grown man how to treat you because that’s bullshit. Its like you dating a new guy then he tries to treat you exactly the same way he treated his ex-girlfriend. You will be annoyed and even accuse him of trying to turn you into her. Take the time to fix him and you will be the one smiling all the way to the bank.

“It was a mistake but you don’t understand how big a mistake what you did was! The man who owns it is one of the most dangerous men I know and that’s saying a lot!”

He started to explain. You see when you hear a name that just sticks to you like Mthobisi Jumbe it means something. Real gangsters don’t have stupid nicknames like Cobra. Tell me this, on the River who is more ruthless Lindiwe or Cobra? All these gangsters with nicknames are little boys trying to dress up and play at being gangster.

“I would have known had you told me what it was. I found a stone in my pocket that’s all I meant to me so when they said throw it out what do you think I did?”

I asked him a redundant question of which he just started at me defeated. He was way wrong at this point and much as he was trying to shift the blame on me the truth is was that the blame was entirely on him.

“What was it worth?”

I asked him. I was actually quite curious to know how expensive I had actually been at the airport. I don’t know much about diamonds as they all owned by white people in South Africa.

“It’s worth a lot.”

He said but did not elaborate. It was obviously stolen by the way he was so cagey. Ok fine that was my suspicion I could be wrong, maybe the fear really was of the Mthobisi Jumbe man. I had not seen him clearly to be fair but he was not the biggest man.

“What is the story behind the man who gave it you?”

I asked him.

“It is not important now as I have to think of something!”

I told him.

“Well its important to me because I am the one who was made to carry his diamond and I am the one who was made to throw it away so the least you can tell me is what is going on? Who is he?”

I asked him again.

“He is some upcoming businessman with a proclivity for violence. That’s the problem with South Africans who are not exactly legitimate, they want to make their presence known by the amount of violence they can bring!”

He explained. I had heard all that but it only made me more furious.

“Actually why did you leave it in my pocket and furthermore why did you not tell me you did that? Ada you are telling me that this guy is so dangerous so why on earth would you bring him into my life? Was it not enough that I carried that money for you no questioned asked?”

I asked him. He really was an asshole at this point.

“After the money was stolen it seemed the safest place to be and I was supposed to have been back before you left remember?”

Yes I recalled that much but I know a setup when I see it. He had put that thing in my pocket so that I could carry it to Jhb. In fact the whole idea of bringing my girls over was so that they could help carry it. This had nothing to do with him being busy. My friends were part of the deal. At this thought I felt a bit of satisfaction that one of them, or at least I pray that one of them had stolen the money.

“Ada why did you make us carry so much money for you?”

I asked him the next question and funny enough he had not even asked me about it when he got here.

“I told you that it was an emergency it just happened that you were there!”

He said. I did not know how to read his tell tales yet when he was lying so I could not call him out on it.

“So you didn’t know that we could have been stopped and arrested for carrying so much money?”

I asked him. This time he shifted slightly to the left perhaps to get comfortable but it was visible.

“Why would I set you up for arrest knowing that it would lead them directly to me? You had my diamond as well so that would have been counterproductive as well!”

He asked me a question which I had already asked myself several times. I just could not see what the play was here.

“Honestly I do not know because for my part I have been nothing but good to you!”

I told him and I don’t know why the tears just started coming down my face. This person actually did not value me if he could set me up like this.

“Ah nwa lewa please don’t cry. It was a mistake I am sorry!”

He told me. I could see my tears made him uncomfortable.

As I sat down I could not help but wonder if I was not setting myself up for failure. My phone started ringing and my initial instinct was to ignore it but after the person called me a third time I checked whom it was. It was my mother and knowing her she will never be this insistent unless it’s an emergency.

“What now?”

I asked myself out loud as I picked it up. I really should not have.

“What is this I am hearing from your father that you are dating amakwerekwere? Samkelisiwe is this how I raised you?”

My mother said angrily before I even said hello.

“Do you want to end up in jail mntanami or like that girl who was arrested with drugs in her hair?”

She lamented. Who could have told her such things? Why did people like being in my business though?

“Khuluma phela angithi you are grown up enough to think you can take on Nigerians and tame them? Are you that stupid?”

She challenged me. My mouth was so dry the words wouldn’t even come out.

Why was everything coming to me at once like this? I looked at Ada sitting there and part of me was telling me that he needed to go.

Could I live without his money though, this apartment even?

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  1. My question is, if Ada did not have all the money that made Samke comfortable, will she be entertaining him?
    looking deeper in to most situations, resources are the center of everything and unfortunately lot of people fall for them, we all want a comfortable life and some pay a big price for it.
    Samke is seeing all the red flags but she is never going to part ways with Ada, because of the comfortable life and not only that, her studies are going to suffer.

    1. She would even have looked at him if he was not as moneid …. and the liker of things in her will ignore all the red flags because woow…….Lifestyle

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