Apology to All

There has been silence from us for a while because we were locked out of the

WordPress which is the host of the blog. If you recall firstly we could not link our posts on to the Facebook platform. When we post the site automatically posts to Facebook and in March the site stopped doing that. I posted that I was overwhelmed and after that long weekend we came back and could not log in. We were told because Facebook dropped ghost followers like Instagram and Twitter did our link was also swept up. Its all good though now I think and I hope we wont have similar issues.

On our side Sfiso (who runs the site and designs for it) and myself Mike (who writes) I do apologize for this mess.

God Bless

Mike and Sfiso

18 thoughts on “Apology to All

  1. Ohhh Thank you Mike that you are well and team. Welcome back, I’m glad the issues are sorted because this blog is definitely worth the wait. We sometimes forget that there technical struggles that you face here and there.

  2. I am just glad to here that you are well…Im so happy.
    Life is too shot and when people you know suddenly disappear…the panic sets in.

  3. I’ve been checking almost everyday for an update… Am glad you are back, our mornings we definitely not the same. I kick start my day by first reading the diaries. Am sooo happyyyyyy

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