Origins of a Slay

ORIGINS Chapter 50

I want to say this outright. I don’t know anyone personally who has ever been shot. In fact I am not the type of girl who knows people who get shot. Its not the life I grew up in and truth be told its not the life we have in Mooi River. People with guns we call them inkabi and often they are murderers when they are not cops. Goodness even the cops sometimes act as inkabi truth be told. Hell I didn’t even know anyone who had a gun that was not a policeman or even like rich people do someone who had a gun in the house for safety. I walked into the room like a zombie.

“And then wena what’s wrong?”

Nthabiseng asked as soon as I entered. I waited until I sat down and no it was not for dramatic effect it just happened that I did not know what to think.

“Dude speak!”

Zethu said. She had been awkward all day but after the chat we had as a group and the drinks she was back to her usual bubbly self.

“Abedi has been shot. Ada got the call and he has gone wherever it happened or the hospital I am not sure.”

There was silence at first as though the girls did not hear me and it was Zethu who broke the silence when she asked,

“Do you know how bad it is?”

I had no idea. I told them that because that was true. Ada had left in a rush and had not said much to me.

“Do you think we should pray for him?”

A clearly drunk Nthabiseng asked and Zethu responded to her and said,

“I am not sure that will help. I am sure he will be fine guys. Come on that guy ke sgora I am sure he can be hit by a truck and the truck will be the one that comes out damaged!”

She said and even in the shock of what had just happened we managed to laugh.

“The best we can do is sit here and wait for information. Speculation does not help as we will worry ourselves sick over something we do not know!”

She added.

“Guys I don’t mean to be weird but did Ada say who shot him and are we in danger?”

Nthabiseng asked which for some reason felt rather selfish. Abedi was bleeding somewhere maybe even dead and she was worried about herself.

“Why would we be in danger? We are from Joburg and know nothing about their lives. Stop being dramatic and drink your drink!”

I snapped back at her. She was so childish and overvalued herself.

“Samke is right Nthabiseng stop doing this because now we will all be jumpy and anxious for nothing!”

Zethu added.

“Well she did not have to snap at me! I am not a child please talk to me properly the way you talk to Zethu. You always complain about how Zamo treated you but you don’t realise that sometimes you treat me like that. I am like an outsider in our own friendship with you!”

She said and I was dumbfounded. Where was that coming from?

“Nthabiseng now is not the time!”

Zethu intervened.

“Time for what? Nthabiseng how could say that you know I love you and I treat you the same as Zethu?”

I asked her.

“Is this something that you have thinking about me for a long time or its just this weekend?”

I asked her. This is why many girls say they prefer having male friends. Usually we are so petty and fight amongst each other over small things.

“Yes it is the right time Zethu. I have told you this before and clearly you avoid seeing it because you are the one in the nice sit.”

She said and Zethu actually blushed so I guess she felt the same way true.

“There is no nice sit anywhere you are both equally my friends. Come on Nthabiseng we have our own stories and moments together!”

I tried to console her but I actually could not think of none. When I met them Zethu had been my friend as she had pursued the friendship further. It was not that I had pursued Zethu. Nthabiseng had always been there and even though our friendship had come by default I had always respected and included her in everything we did.

“You are drunk Nthabiseng let’s just go to bed before you something you will regret in the morning. We will sort this out when we are all sober and not worried about Abedi!”

Zethu yet again tried to intervene but much to her credit Nthabiseng stood her ground.

“I am going to ask you one question, when last did you come to my place or no wait I get ahead of myself, have you actually ever been to my place?”

That was two questions but that was not the point. I stared at her blankly and the words would not come out of my mouth. Even the atmosphere was tense. We always went to Zethu’s place or my place. We had dropped Nthabiseng off every time because,

“But Nthabiseng you live in Residence its not as easy to come chill there and make a noise!”

I said but that was the wrong the to say apparently.

“Are you saying because I don’t have an apartment of my own its not good enough for you to come over?”

She asked me and I just felt guilty for even saying that.

“Ok maybe that was a hard question. Do you know that it took you a month to get my name right and you would never say it because you did not know it?”

She asked me,

“This in spite of the fact we hung out the three of us almost every day.”

She added and Zethu again interjected,

“Nthabiseng that’s enough!”

And once more Nthabiseng was not added,

“No Zethu if you are truly my friends I should be able to lodge a grievance. When you guys al of a sudden start speaking Zulu in the middle of conversation we all are having how do you think it makes me feel when you know truly well that I do not understand what you are saying? Do you ever consider my feelings or because it’s the two of you I should just understand?”

She asked.

“Zethu, Nthabiseng is right its true what she is saying! We always go Zulu because its our default language and we don’t even do it on purpose but you are right. Its not fair and for my part I am sorry. I love you like a sister and I would not trade you or Zethu for anything else in this world!”

I told her and I meant it. She started crying. I don’t know if it was just the emotions for I am sure the alcohol and possibly that MDA from last night had played a role her.

“Guys no one even asks me what’s going on with me? I told you guys that at home things are not ok and not one of you ever followed up to ask how they can help or just listen to my story!”

Goodness she had gone there. I had even forgotten that’s how bad it was. I was embarrassed with myself but as if that was not enough shame on my part, in my head she was starting to look like the more likely suspect of having stolen the money. She had admitted that she was broke and this weekend we had carried her through. These were not the thoughts I should be having right now but I could not help. Was this girl crying wolf to distract me?

“I am so sorry Nthabiseng. I really am. We shall fix this and it shall not happen again!”

Zethu said going over to hug her. She motioned me into the hug which then became a group hug. I had so much to think about and now had Nthabiseng on me as well. She was right though I had never treated her as equal. She did not speak Zulu and there are some things that just come out better when said in vernacular which is why Zethu got me better.

“I am going to bed guys. I just need to sleep this off and go home!”

Nthabiseng said standing up after we let her out of the hug. Zethu and I did not say anything as we allowed her to walk into their room. I sent Ada a text telling him to update me as soon he got any news. I did not want to call because I felt guilty that it would like I was thinking of Abedi when Nthabiseng was having an emotional breakdown.

“Is it true what Nthabiseng said that I always overlook her? Why did you not tell me I do this Zethu I feel so bad!”

I asked Zethu. This was the first time all day since what happened at the beach that we had been left alone. It was awkward and I felt that if I stuck to the topic at hand it would make it less awkward. Well, it did not.

“Lets just fix it. You know she is right. I am going to bed too. Don’t want her to be alone!”

She said and stood up and left leaving me alone. With Ada not there I felt that now was the time to bond with the girls but I really did not look forward to sleeping in the same bed with Zethu. We had something to discuss clearly. I was still in the sundress, none of us had actually bathed after the beach to be honest so without even showering I went and lay next to Nthabiseng. In all our sleepovers this was the first time she had ever slept in the middle.

“Mfethu wake up we are going to miss our flight!”

That’s the voice that woke me up in the morning. It was Zethu.

“Shit, What time is it?”

I asked as I sat up abruptly.

“Its 1030 and check out is in 30 minutes. I have already packed up everything I thought I should let you sleep!”

She said.

“You shouldn’t have done that. Ada, is he back?”

I asked her.

“Nope, just us.”

I checked my phone there were no calls. I checked my phone and there was a message and it was from Ada.

“We at hospital still, Abedi is not looking too good. Please pack my things I will get my bag from you in Jhb. The combination of the safe in the room is 4676 I have something in there please take it as well. The safe is in the wardrobe.”

The long message said. Why had he not just called me to tell me this. I called him and his phone was off. I woke up and went to take a shower in our room, Ada and I’s that is. Nthabiseng was bathing in the other room. Zethu was not joking, she had packed up everything including Ada’s bag. She had balls this one. I went into the safe as Ada had instructed. I open it and there was money in it, lots of it.


I called out to my friend who came to me.

“What is …”

The sight silenced,

“This is scary Zethu, who are these people?”

I asked her.

“I don’t know. How did you open the safe?”

She asked me.

“Ada gave me the combination and asked me to take his bags to Joburg he will pick them up there!”

I told her showing her the message.

“When you packed his bags was there anything that could get us in trouble at the airport?”

I asked her.

“No nothing it was just clothes but this I am not sure. We can put the money in one place we will have to put it in different bags and they cannot be hand language. Pack it in the bags!”

She said.

“Why do you sound like you have done this before?”

I asked her surprised by how calmly she said that.

“I know you cant take a lot of money on the plane. They ask questions that’s why I think we should separate it. Even in the bags it must not be in one place. You should watch Discovery Channel sometimes and stop watching Isibaya. The only thing you learn there is witchcraft and taxis!”

And we laughed. I was nervous though and I had reason to be. I might be naïve but I am not stupid.

There really was something fishy going on.

**********THE END**********

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