Origins of a Slay

ORIGINS Chapter 49

Was I busted? I had to think quick because this could go south very fast. How could he have known because this was a secret shared between Abedi and I. He wouldn’t be that stupid would he? The look on Ada’s face was scary to say the least. I believe the word ‘secret’ is actually an oxymoron. You cant have a ‘secret’ if you have never shared it with anyone for you to use the word ‘secret’ in the first place. It doesn’t make sense no matter how you look at it. Only one person knew I had slept with Abedi and it was Abedi himself. That’s the simple fact behind it. I had told no one even the girls that I had slept with Abedi so it was his word against mine if I had to be asked.

“I know your money was stolen, I get that and I know you suspect me because I was the one in the room with you even though you never showed it to me I get that too but…”

I did not finish as he slammed his hand on the table,

“Answer the question!”

In all the time I had known this man I had never ever heard him raise his voice. The voice with which he hit that table broke it in half. How strong was this guy?

“I did not sleep with your friend Abedi thank you very much. I am not a thief and I am not a whore. I thought you got that about me and that is what you liked me for? What changed? We sleep together once and I am whore? Are you for real? The amount of respect I have for you I am shocked!”

I said. This time I was not going to cry. We were going to fight toe to toe if we had to.

“Don’t lie to me!”

He shouted angrily.

“Lie to you? Do I even have to? That man is your friend and your brother. Why would I even dream of getting in between that? Have you ever once found me calling Abedi to come over or to come help me? Is it not you that’s always sending him my way?”

I stood there defiantly and I crossed my hands across my chest heaving up and down to show that I was angry. Women who confess to shit are weak. Yes you are weak! A man will never for one moment confess to you if he thinks that it wont benefit him or hurt you in some way. This is why its us always complaining about oppression because for some reason the only strategy to problems we have comes with emotions attached. I was in Cape Town, barely had any money and if he thought I would confess to such he must have lost his mind.

“That does not mean anything. You have been doing it behind my back!”

He attacked.

“Doing what? Have you asked your boy this or because you thought I am a weak little girl I would fall apart? I will not accept something I did not do. You can do whatever you want to me but I will not confess to something I did not do. I cant believe you!”

I told him and we stared at each other for what seemed a long time. He was not relenting and neither was I.

“What even made you think that? He is your friend for crying out loud!”

I reminded him. He face has soften a bit so I knew I could get in there and create doubt in his mind.

“Something strange is going on and I will get to the bottom of it! Firstly I notice how you look at each other!”

He said looking at my face which was obvious it would betray emotions so I cut him off immediately,

“Yes I do look at his weak ass because I hate him. I hate the fact that he is dating my worst enemy and calls himself your best friend. Who does that?”

I asked him but he saw it different.

“Its him you wanted until your friend got him then you settled for me! I am so stupid I should have seen this and now you have confessed that you hate him for dating your friend it makes sense!”

He said sounding but I was triumphant at the moment because he had fallen for my trap. It is what I had wanted him to do.

“No you idiot, I hate her because of what she said about you when she started dating Abedi even after I told her I don’t want him. No offense but I don’t do skinny guys they are not loving enough!”

I told him but he was confused. I took out my phone and searched for her name. I knew I had saved this for a reason and the reason was now. It was my get out of jail free card.

“Here read this!”

I thrust my phone into his face.

“What is it?”

He asked me.

“The reason why I hate Zamo and the reason why I hate your friend for dating her!”

I told him. Its not only white people who have cats that have nine lives because here I was in the living flesh about to survive. He read out loud,

“I knew I hated you for a reason. Now you are staying in Abedi’s apartment because that fat gorilla of yours asked him to. Remember what Katlego said I did an ex once, pray it doesn’t happen to him because I am going to make it happen.”

His voice lowered towards the end and he went silent.

“That is why I hate her. She sent me that text the day I moved into Abedi’s place. I was not the one who told her I had moved in there meaning he told her.”

I told him and he just kept quiet. I know when a person is hurt and that ‘fat gorilla’ part had struck him.

“I am sorry I did not show you this earlier I just did not know how to bring it up. I will fix her though that much I have vowed. She thinks she can say whatever she likes and get away with it! Not about my friends and not about my man!”

I declared for him. The last part was just meant to spice it up. I moved closer to him and I could see he was seething. It was now or never. I put my arms around him.

“I am sorry I accused you I just wanted to know what was going on!”

He said calmly. He was angry yes but the anger was no longer targeted towards me. Deep down I know I had dodged a bullet. It was also clear that he had not asked Abedi about us.

“I am going to take care of it!”

He said calmly but it was the way in which he said it that made me immediately say,

“No don’t, I will take care of it just give me time. Don’t dirty your hands with small fish, she is mine I am just waiting for the moment. She has been trying to cosy up to me lately I just need the right moment. I want her to hurt!”

I told him. I don’t even know where I was getting this gangster talk from but here I was making such threats. I did not want him to kill the poor misguided girl and because I did not trust him and his associates it was wise I do it not him.

“On the real though Ada, if you do not trust me I don’t think this thing will work out between us. We need to trust each other please because I can’t stop people from looking at me. As long as you know I am yours then that’s all I need!”

I reassured him. He did not respond but I told him that we should go out just the two of us because it was supposed to be our holiday. He told me he had sent Abedi on an errand and when he had feedback that’s when we would leave. It was already getting late so the girls came back before Abedi came back.

“How was the beach ladies?”

He asked them as they entered.

“It was super awesome. We had fun. You should have joined us!”

Zethu said pleasantly. I could tell she was drunk. This girl could sniff out alcohol during a lockdown if she had to.

“I don’t want to go out tonight. I want to seat by the hotel pool and hear about Nigeria. I know nothing about your country yet you came all the way from there, took me to Cape Town where no one has ever taken me and the least I can do is know more about you!”

Nthabiseng said at which I immediately protested,

“No, today we are going out just the two of us!”

Wishful thinking. 10pm we were still in the hotel as Abedi had not returned. It was not boring though and Ada actually open up a lot. He told us a lot about Nigeria most of which was about how it was not the best country with a lot of corruption. Nthabiseng had again crossed a line but I blame alcohol for she had responded,

“Makes sense, everyone says Nigerians are scammers so it makes sense there would be that much corruption!”

She laughed but no one else did creating possibly our only awkward moment of a pleasant evening.  He had handled it well though and responded,

“We are just as corrupt as South Africans the only difference being South Africans think small and cant seem to tie their own shoelaces!”

I am not even sure what that means but I laughed to make the awkward moment pass.

“I am hungry and am lazy to go out now, can we order food please?”

I asked him. He checked his time and apologized,

“I didn’t realize it was so late, yes please you can order!”

He told me and the girls and I ordered. Ada had a salad. I begged him to eat but he stuck to his guns. I really did not get this. Where have you ever had of a vegetarian gangster really? The girls were mindful of the stolen money so no one ordered anything too fancy. There was no champagne even just wine so it was a very chilled fun evening. Around 1130, almost midnight Ada got a call. He stood up immediately and I heard him say,

“What? Where? I am on my way.”

He said. He sounded very tense. I walked him to the elevator and I asked him,

“What’s wrong?”

He responded,

“Its nothing, it doesn’t concern you!”

He said but I refused to let it go.

“We just spoke about openness just now and opening up. What is wrong with you?”

I asked him angrily.

He posed for a second as the elevator got there. He stepped in and finally answered me.

“Abedi has been shot!”

And with that the elevator closed in front of us. He was right, I did not want to hear that, I should not have heard that. I was scared.

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