Origins of a Slay

ORIGINS Chapter 52

That night we ended up ordering in because the thoughts of what could happen was getting to us. We barely ate even but it was too little too late. This thing of liking things is what makes girls either successful or tragic stories. Do you think Faith Nketsi would be where she is if she did not like things! Please! The thought that tomorrow will be a better day did not even help because it was like all the warning signs were coming on. What is a red flag? Girls talk about red flags all the time so at what point should I have called a spade a spade? I was wrong if I thought that the following day at school would take my mind off things. You know there is always that one professor who behaves like a high school teacher and actually takes interest in his students personal life’s and even has favourites. Professor Matsi was that guy and today he had a serious face as he addressed us.

“A lot of you students did not do well in the exams. In fact many of you disappointed me. I want to tell you a little story about University life, especially the girls. Many of you come in here rural and dusty. We see it every year. By the second semester you look like Nicki Minaj with your expensive weaves, clothes fake lashes and fake nails.”

Someone I don’t know who but I suspect one of the Xhosa girls sneezed and said,


And everyone laughed. I am sure a lot of people did not know my name nor that it was me but I was so embarrassed. I turned to look at them were the voice came from but they were not seated there. I don’t even know those girls. Did people know I had changed that much? They were just jealous shem. The professor was not done though,

“Most of the girls that end up on that pile end up in the failure category. Those that graduate do not meet the expectations and potential they could have reached because they think they know better. You are first year’s and this is Johannesburg. Next year you will be replaced by a fresh bunch of first years who will replace you with whoever is buying you all those nice things. What happens then?  You get more desperate to stay relevant I mean after all you are still young. You drink more, you party more and your dresses get shorter and shorter. You move on to married men and before you know it you stop posting pictures on Instagram and start writing letters to my office asking for extensions because you are pregnant!”

The students laughed at this point but he raised his hand to silence us,

“You are adults, I know that but what you do here today whether you graduate or not will define a lot of things about for the next ten years at least. The boys don’t get pregnant, you do! I know nowadays you tell us that we must not tell you what to do so I won’t but I will leave you with a question, how many single mothers do you know personally who got left stranded by a man?”

I swear this was a drop mic moment because the class was deadly quiet when finished. I even had a lump in my throat because I felt as though he had spoken to me directly. I had done badly in his class whereas at the beginning of the year I had been averaging in the high 60s low 70s. My exam mark was 51℅ and as he distributed the answers I could see how most of the things I got wrong were small basic things I would normally not have. The rest of the revision class I listened so intently I swear I could hear my brain think. After class when we walked out I noticed that a lot of people were asking who Samke was. I quickly disappeared so as not to be pointed out.

“You wont believe this but today I felt like my professor was talking to me directly. He gave a speech about us taking holidays and someone mentioned my name and people laughed!”

That was the message I sent to both Zethu and Nthabiseng when I left that class. It had touched me on a personal note but oh well, people are jealous of other people living the life.

My phone rang and it was an unknown number. As I had just texted the girls I assumed it was one of them but I was wrong.

“Nwa Lewa!”

The voice said and it was Ada. I am not even sure if I was relieved or not at this point I just blurted,

“Dude you can’t do that. You can’t just disappear like that and go quiet! Its not fair! Its not right at all!”

I told him without even saying hello. You know what’s weird, Ada was technically my boyfriend and if another guy had ghosted me like this I am very sure I would have blocked him. The truth is rich guys are abusive but we are not ready to discuss that angithi nijoliswa yindlala. That’s just something my gender literally ignores to balance the economics.

“I am sorry Nwa Lewa. My phone fell at the hospital and I could not fix it on time. Did you get to Joburg ok?”

He asked me. This guy I had realized always had something to apologize for. He still had not apologized for having a small dick like that, it really has to be a crime.

“Yes we did. You and I need to talk because I was so scared yesterday. What you did to me without warning at that was so scary?”

I told him. I know I had meant to talk to him in person but I was so furious at this stage.

“It was an emergency situation which was not meant to happen. I am sorry!”

He said but he did not sound sorry. He actually sounded relieved.

“Did you get any problems at the airport!”

He asked me.

“Not with the money but there was a stone in my pocket that made me get stopped by security! Did you put it there?”

I asked him.

“Where is the stone now?”

He asked me without answering my question.

“I asked you did you put it there or not?”

I asked him.

“Yes I did where is it?”

He asked me.

“They told me I could not carry it on to the plane as hand luggage and as we had already checked in our bags they made me throw it in the bin!”

I lied to him. I don’t know why I did that maybe it was to punish him for tricking me but the response I got shocked me.

“You did what?”

He asked me angrily and in disbelief.

“They told me to throw it in the bin. I told them it was a souvenir rock I picked up at the beach…”

I did not even finish as he started moaning,

“No no no Samke you shouldn’t have done that! Oh no, now we are both in trouble!”

He said to me.

“Please tell me you are joking!”

He pleaded with me.

“Ada I don’t know what’s going on ok. I found a stone in my pocket. I did not put that stone in my pocket. At that point I did not know who put the stone there maybe if I had been told in the first place it would have been different. The police stop me at the airport and ask me to throw it away. I throw it away. That’s that!”

I told him. The best kind of a lie is one with a bit of truth in it so the lie I was telling just sounded even more convincing.

“No you shouldn’t have done that!”

He said the angry tone back in his voice again.

“Dude am confused, it was just a stone moes!”

I reminded.

“No it wasn’t, it was a rough diamond you ignorant bitch!”

He said and dropped the phone. I stood there in shock and I could even feel my body shake. I am not even sure what part was more shocking the fact that I had a diamond at my place under my pillow or the fact that he had called me a bitch. I felt my blood turn cold.


I felt someone tap me from the back. I had not even heard her approach me.


I said my mind far away.

“What are you doing standing there like a zombie? What’s wrong?”

She asked me. I did not have an answer but instead I hugged her.

“We need to go to my place mow!”

I told her.

“I can’t, I have a test why?”

She asked me.

“It’s ok, I will talk to you later then!”

I told her and immediately I walked away from her even though I could hear her shouting after me. I had to make a plan fast because he had not even told me where he was. What if he was already in town and searching my place right now?  He would find the diamond and I would be so dead! Why had I even lied, Samke also!

When I got to my place there was no one there? I breathed a sigh of relief at least. I decided that the stone needed to be hidden because I really feared that they will come looking for it. My phone rang and it was Zethu.

“Mfethu what’s going on, you are scaring me?”

She asked me.

“Don’t worry about it, I got it sorted out.”

I told her and hung up. I looked around for the best hiding place and I settled for one of the pairs of shoes I hardly wore. I stuffed it all the way to the end. I then packed the shoe in some of my unpacked luggage from home. As I was getting done a message came into my phone.

“Please be at your place! I am on my way to see you! Will be there in 20minutes!”

It was from Ada or rather from that number Ada had used. 

I was scared. A little voice, call it instinct just told me,

“Call the police!”

It didn’t even whisper in my ear rather it shouted so loud that my hands with me prompting dialed them.

“10111 what’s your emergency!”

A ladies voice said.

“I think I might have stolen something from a gangster and he is coming to kill me. Please help!”

I said. I kid you not before she could even respond I had a loud knock on the door.

“Who is it?”

I shouted out. Why? I never shout out but there I was shooting out like I was in an American movie.

“It’s Ada open up!”

He had said 20 minutes. The man had distinctly said 20 minutes.


“Ma’am is everything ok?”

The voice said insistently on the other side.

What to do now?

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  1. This will just strengthen the relationship. It’s like someone can’t run from danger when they see it. This should have been a breakup moment but hayike I don’t see Samke running.

  2. yaa, this episode did what a thriller must do. make one very very angry. I mean, what will this girl do with the stone? is she that rural? why can’t she just say that she was joking, and throw a fit about the bitch calling. afterall she will get a trip to Bali as an apology. nice one.

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