Origins of a Slay

ORIGINS Chapter 55

What is the greatest fear you have ever had within you at one particular moment which at that point felt like a near death experience? I will wait! With me I had never been in such a moment or even a near accident. Mooi River was so small I barely used taxis and my mother was also so overprotective she barely let us go anywhere in them alone anyway. This means that this was literally the first time I had felt my heart pump this fast at any point in my life. I was so scared it is a wonder why I did not pee in my this point to tell him I was joking. Telling him that the rock is where and where would have been absolute suicidal though. Even if I said I wanted to punish him that is why I did it what if my punishment was a fist to my face or worse to my stomach? I am almost certain if Ada punched me in the stomach I would absolutely have a miscarriage yet I was not even pregnant. I moved towards the kitchen and picked up my keys. Fortunately my school bag and purse were this side of the apartment as well. I made for the door and as I opened it to open someone was standing there, Abedi!

“This thing is here somewhere; I am going to find it!”

He called out from the other room. He sounded enraged even now and it was only a mater of time before he got to it. I did not respond and I thought he would come out but he did not. I made for my exit. I open the door abruptly and just as I stepped someone was standing at the door startling me. My emotions were all over the place at this stage! It was Abedi and the first thing that came to mind was whether or not Ada had called his friend for back up. Strong as he was he would need someone to help him clean up all the blood after they were done with me.


I said and I am not even sure the word came out as I was both so scared and so shocked at this moment. All that yumminess he used to have was all gone because at this stage all I saw was a man who had come kill me.

“Going somewhere?”

He asked me curiously. I am not even sure if I was more relieved to see him than not but to be honest he scared me shitless at this stage. If push came to shove Ada in a foot race I am sure I could out pace Ada but Abedi was a totally different prospect. He reeked of athleticism.

“Your friend has just accused me of stealing his stupid stone, a stone I had no idea was in my pocket in the first place because no one told me and now I am scared he is going to kill me! He is busy going through my things like I am some criminal, going through clothes I have not even worn in Joburg and I don’t know what to do!”

I told him in a rush of words.

“Don’t worry I will fix it!”

He said and my heart just leapt up in joy at that moment. He was wearing a sport jacket loosely over his shoulders so in my relief to hear him say those words I hugged him and in pain he screamed pulling away sharply.

“Ah my arm Samkelisiwe!”

He said. Funny enough I don’t think I had ever heard him say my full name like that before. Wait a minute, if he was screaming in pain like this that means he had been shot indeed. I have to admit that when it happened in Cape Town I had my doubts and I am sure my girls did too so guess the egg was on our faces.

“Oh My God I am so sorry Abedi, I really am! I forgot! How is it? How are you?”

I asked a barrage of questions but before he could respond Ada came out of the room to inspect what the noise was about.

“What are you doing here?”

He asked his friend with a clear look of surprise on his face. This took me back to the time that on the trip he had asked me if i slept with his Abedi. Abedi just showing up like this made me feel like it solidified these suspicions.

“I am here because you said you were coming here because of the diamond and want to make sure you don’t make a situation worse!”

He said trying to cool his friend down. I should have been happy at that moment for the way he was shielding me had it not been for what was in Ada’s hand. He was holding the shoe with the stone! Yah neh!

“I said i was going to handle it!”

Ada said very defensively and annoyed.

“No brother, if i cared for you at all i should not sit back and watch you do something stupid. Look at you now scaring a very supportive person in your life!”

Ada looked confused. Ok i also looked confused to be honest. What the hell was going on? These people were supposed to have each other’s back yet it seemed like they were fighting over the end goal.

“Something is off I can sense it!’

Ada said defiantly. Well he was right something was off, i had stolen his diamond. For now though my heart was beating even faster. All he has to do was reach down to the shoe he was holding and give it a little squeeze. I would definitely become a statistic after there!

Well he was right that something was off because indeed I had stolen his diamond.

“Stop this please! We made a mistake so let’s not create extra problems please! Is the money here at least?”

He asked his crook of a friend because at the end of the day he was not my savior just another crook that yet again had shown up uninvited.


Ada screamed and put the shoe down. I had expected him to throw it but he did not. Guess he was not as angry as he should have been after the speech from his friend.

“Abedi do you realize what this means?”

Ada asked his friend.

“I do but we move on. Its not her fault and we are to blame so stop please!”

Abedi said. I was not even sure to say because if another man had intervened to stop my father from shouting at mother I am almost certain she would get in more trouble for what she had done to start with than before he intervened.

“We need to fix this; I don’t even know where to start!”

Ada said and he sat down in a huff. I did not even hesitate as I immediately went and picked up the shoe and went to my room. It was a mess but I really did not care. He had come that close to catching me out but that did not happen. I put the shoe exactly where he had found it. Much as I was guilty I was crying. The tears were flowing down my cheeks and I had no control over it.

“I am sorry!”

I heard a voice behind me. It was Ada. I did not turn as the tears started flowing freely from my cheeks. I know I was wrong I do but this man had tried to use me and put me at risk yet I was the one that was looking guilty for what he had done.

“Please leave. I really do not want you here right now!”

I told him without turning.

“Please understand where I was coming from!”

He said. I am not sure whether he was pleading or not as his tone was monotone.

“Please leave. I have been through the most today because of you Ada, please if you still have any ounce of respect from me, I beg you to leave!”

I told him and just like that the power was back in my hands.

“I am sorry!”

He said and turned to leave.

“No wait stop!!”

I told him. I had almost forgotten something. I stood up packed his money away n a small bag and then gave it to him.

“Wouldn’t want you to forget this and have a reason to scare me again!”

I told him. He looked very stupid in that moment but really didn’t care! He did not say anything as I escorted him out. My heart was still beating so fast but I had dodged a major hurdle. He walked out first leaving Abedi there. To his credit Abedi had also stood up to leave.

“I will start looking for a place of my own to live if that’s what you want!”

I told him.

“No nonsense don’t be stupid, he was angry yes but he is harmless. Everything is fine now he is the one who made a mistake so why must you be punished now! I will talk to him again!”

He said and just like that he too left. What had just happened? Better yet what was I going to do with the stupid stone that had most certainly almost gotten me killed!

Izinja ye game!

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  1. Samke you are in way too deep!!!!!🙆‍♀️I can already see you not graduating and being abused by Ada, your family disowning you…ot will end in tears!!

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