Origins of a Slay

Origins Chapter 27

Zethu was a feminist. She always said she was and she spoke tough too. I read something on Twitter once which I had found so profound I even saved it on my old phone. It read something like,

“Feminists have destroyed this world. A female can do anything that is wrong, they’ll find a way to make it look moral. A male can do anything that right they’ll find a way to make it look immoral. If you give people rights and without responsibilities, they’ll act like infants.”

Well, I am not really a Twitter person more of a Facebook person and I was yet to try out Instagram. Twitter just feels angry and toxic, full of people that want to show how modern or woke they are. This quote however meant something because I had once called myself a feminist in high school and someone challenged to explain what it was. My answer had not satisfied me so I went to search for it.

This person whoever he was who had written this was right because Zethu had justified sleeping with her brother be it a stepbrother and made it seem normal. I mean its crazy how we had reached a level were we normalized even bad things in the name of being free and woke.

Now I was about to sleep with a man for his money? Everywhere I went they spoke about blessers and the truth is my view on this was that there was no such thing as a blesser, that man was a client and whoever is receiving his blessing is a prostitute. We can candy coat in a million different ways but sexual favor in exchange for money or gifts is prostitution. I know this because at church and one of the reasons why I had managed to keep my chastity for so long I was a youth leader and these are some of the things I taught the young ones. The amount of egg on my face right now? I felt stupid and dirty as though I was not worthy. These were the thoughts I was having that morning which made me wake up super early. Stress does that to you.

“Good morning!”

Zethu said as she woke up first. For some reason, I was the one who slept in the middle like I was the baby of the family.

“Morning. Did I wake you?”

I asked her when she finished stretching.

“Nope, I need to pee and this wine went to my head last night! How long have you been up?”

She asked me checking the time. We had actually gone through three bottles of wine and a pizza last night which had not been the intention. In my head I was still not a drinker but who was I kidding. These two redefined why Jesus turned water into wine. She got out and went to the bathroom. I wanted tea so I got up and went to make it.

“Its been an hour or so. Would you like some tea?”

I asked her as this was her house after all.

“I am a coffee person. It’s in the pantry!”

She said and I just stood there frozen,

“The long door on the left!”

She explained and I moved. I did not know what it was because at home every door in the kitchen is called a cupboard. I made tea for myself and coffee for her.

“Zamo sent me a message this morning!”

I told her. It’s a girl thing, when you have a common enemy whatever she does you share amongst each other every little thing she does so you can have something to comment on about her.

“What did she want?”

Zethu asked me. I took my phone and i showed her.

“This girl is not normal.”

She told me as she came and sent on the counter next to where I was making the coffee. It was still before nine meaning she had actually woken up earlier than usual for a Sunday morning. I felt guilty about the church but consoled myself with the thought that I had something to do. In student terms waking up 9am is the equivalent of waking up at 6am especially on a Sunday.

“What time did he say you are moving in?”

She asked me. I realized that they had not given me a time meaning I had to be prepared for any moment. It made sense I bathed and Zethu agreed with me.

“I dont even know where the apartment is!”

I told her and she laughed asking,

“What if it’s in Hillbrow?”

That thought had not crossed my mind and everyone always warned that you do not want to end up in Hillbrow or Yeoville. I really had not thought of that. There is a reason why she had mentioned Hillbrow. A lot of people argued that it was like a little Lagos, had a lot of crime and prostitution. It was actually a scary place to be.

“What choice will I have? It will be better than being homeless or going home!”

I told her. We actually looked at each other funny because we might have miscalculated this. I managed to bath just around the time that Nthabiseng woke up. For the first time in a long time I chose to wore dress. It was a yellow sundress way before people in Sandton started wearing yellow to the office. It was just before midday that I got a call from Abedi. I had even stopped insulting him in my head at this stage for dating Zamo I just needed his help.

“Where are you?”

He asked me. I could hear he was driving already and so far I had learned that these guys never give you a chance to prepare as they always call when they are on their way.

“I am at my friends place. Are you coming now?”

I asked him.

“Yes I am on my way. Are you already packed or you still have to go and pack things?”

He asked me. I think the fact that i was at my friends is what had led him to think that and I would have been annoyed if I were him.

“I am packed already, i have everything here with me!”

I told him. I am not sure if he was relieved by it or not and all he said was,

“Forward me the address.”

He instructed me and I did so.

“Abedi is on his way.”

I told the girls. We all looked at each other and laughed. It was probably out of relief more than anything else.

“At least something is moving. I just wish that things won’t fall apart for me!”

I told them of which they reassured me things will be fine. He was downstairs in about 30 minutes and the girls helped with the bags. This time he was driving a Ford Ranger and I suppose it eas in anticipation of the move.

“Hello ladies. Nthabiseng I see today you can walk straight!”

He teased her.

“That will never happen again I can promise you that!”

She told him smiling. We all got into the car and crossed our fingers that we did not end up in Hillbrow. We did not even have to drive long

“100 Jorrissen!”

Zethu said when we got there.

“I know someone who stays here. Its really nice and very expensive.”

She explained in Zulu actually in awe. She was not lying either the building was very nice and the apartment was a bachelor pad, slightly smaller than Zethu’s but most importantly it was furnished. There was a couch and a bed, a fridge, washing machine with a dryer, and yeah, I had a full place.

“I don’t even know how to start thanking you but for what you have done for me today I can’t thank you enough.”

I told him gratefully. The girls came and thanked him as well on my behalf. It seems like he hated adulation because he brushed us off uncomfortably.

“A friend in need is a friend indeed!”

He said with a smile.

“Ladies can I talk to this one in private for a moment!”

He asked the girls. Zethu immediately offered to go visit her friend and they left with Nthabiseng. This is the first time ever I had been alone with Abedi. My hands were even sweating at this stage.

“Ada is one of my closest friends. He is doing all this for you because he cares and he cares a lot. Please don’t bring guys here because that will be beyond disrespectful and jokes aside Ada will kill someone if he finds a guy here!”

He warned me. This was the same guy whom at every opportunity he got he would flirt with me. Now he was telling me that dying was a possibility. I was not sure if it was just a figure of speech but I got the warning loud and clear.

“I am not that kind of a girl but thank you for the warning.”

I told him. I wanted to tell him that he was actually the problem in this scenario but the words would not come out. He had just given me a place and right now he was the big bad wolf in my life wearing the cloak of shining armour. The weird part is that I think he was warning me for himself as well.

“Ada will not be able to come today he had a few things to tie up in Cape Town but you are with your friends so everything is taken care of. I also can’t stay I have to go!”

He told me as he went to check something on the balcony.

“Are you really dating Zamo?”

I asked him. He stared at me for a second and said,

“We just fooling around. Ada asked me to make peace with her hoping she would drop the case against you but it was already too late.”

He explained and again I was dumbfounded.

“Ada did what?”

I asked him. I was so shocked not by what Abedi had done but by the fact that Ada can command someone to date a girl.

“Like I said, stay loyal and we all good!’

He said with a smile. This man though. Why did he have to smile though? I was doing fine until now. I took out my phone. If I warned him about what he had said I would be like a girl who was being petty and besides I still needed to get my revenge on her. I needed to play this right. I also had to protect Ada.

“Come walk me out!”

He told me. I was always going to. As long as this was my place he was a guest. He might be my landlord but I would never allow him to come and go as he pleased.

‘Please forward me your ID number! I am going fo need it for something!”

He said as we stood by the door. My instinct was to joke and say,

“As long as I don’t find myself married tomorrow”

But again the words would not come out. Here was a guy who had done everything for me but giving him my ID number could mean I was signing my life away to him.

“Yes sure will do it later. I dont know it by head!”

I told him implying that i was going to have to search for it.

“Thank you!”

He said. He was expecting a hug the way he stood there.

“In my culture we don’t hug the landlord!”

I teased him and he laughed. He did not argue and he turned and to walk away. I do not know if I was going to be able to resist this man for life but i had to try.

“I am joking come get your hug!”

I told him and he laughed and turned back towards me. I was standing in the doorway. I opened my arms to him and he lifted me in the hug again. This time he did not hesitate. He put his hands under my dress and touched my ass directly with his man hands. I am not going to heaven. I jumped onto him, my legs around his waist and I kissed him. He kissed back. He tasted of mint. After about a minute he put me down and whispered,

“This should never happen again!”

And walked away. I had felt it, there was a bulge in his pants. This was definitely happening again if I had anything to do with it. I was hot I was bothered and he just had to send that SMS to ruin it,

“Please don’t forget your ID Number!”

It read.

“Never give anyone your ID!”

I said out loud. This was general knowledge and this man was Nigerian.

What to do now?

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