Origins of a Slay

ORIGINS Chapter 28

How can I describe the sensations that swamped me when I was in his arms, his hands touching my bare bottom and my lips on his hard yet soft, dry yet moist lips? I don’t have a sweet tooth; I wish I did but I don’t but I can play with other taste buds so let’s see. Picture the sweetest juiciest peach you have ever tasted or as Katlego would always insist, a mango is better so let’s picture that. Now close your eyes and imagine your teeth sinking into its hard skin and the moment you enter its soft pulp its sweet juices gush out and the sweetness hits your taste sensory buds for the first time. There is a bombardment of sensations as first your tongue then your mouth as a whole awakens with the hallelujah of coming to life. Allow the juices to flow down either side of your mouth then with your tongue lick them back in… did I quite capture it? When he kissed me or did I kiss him I now can’t quite recall those are the sensations that went through me. I had kissed a guy or two before but this was different and for a good five minutes after he left I stood there in the doorway frozen. I have never taken chances in life yet there I was I had done that. The girls returned I finally closed the door behind him.

“The guy I know was not there. We found his roommate instead.”

Zethu said as soon as they walked. I was still dazed and confused, to be honest.

“Your eyes are glassy, what happened?”

Nthabiseng said pointing me out to Zethu who had not seen it.

“What happened?”

The latter asked as was always her aggressive way of enquiring.

“He kissed me!”

I told them. Sometimes being girls means that we do silly things when excited as girls. We all screamed in excitement at the same time and hugged each other as though we had won the lotto or something.

“I want details!”

One of them asked am not even sure who and I spared none right down to the feel of his hands in my ass.

“Goodness that just made me horny!”

Zethu declared of which Nthabiseng responded,

“Too bad Konky is probably drunk in corner somewhere!”

And we all laughed.

“I am dumping him. Other girls are in heaven whilst I am busy cleaning vomit!”

She said not that i was surprised at all. That relationship had been a nonstarter and i heard men who drink too much eventually cant get it up. That is fate i can never wish on another woman except Zamo. The way i was going to ruin this girl though, even my mouth salivated at the prospect.

“Your place is very nice hey i love it. I see they got you a queen sized bed mmmm i wonder what’s stories these walls will tell?”

Zethu said and we all laughed. I think for the first time this week i had genuine happiness. We decided that i should go buy food to put in the fridge. The house even had cutlery but i could see it had never been used. I used the money that he had given me and thank heavens i had been with the girls i actually would have bought amasi and mealie meal if i was alone. At home shopping is done by my mother and all i am reduced to is the buying of bread at the tuckshop. My parents never actually gave me that much trust with money come to think of it. The girls helped me unpack everything and within a few hours my apartment was actually a home.

“There is something else i need to ask you guys about. He asked me for my ID Number?”

I told the girls.

“Who asked for it?”

Zethu asked.


I told them.

“I don’t see what’s the problem maybe its for the lease!”

Nthabiseng said when i mentioned his name.

“But i was told that the lease is in Ada’s name or at least that’s what he implied!”

I reminded them. They both went quiet before we started debating what he could need the ID for.

“You going to end up married wena ntombi?”

Nthabiseng said. For the first time no one commented. There was actually silence as we let that digest.

“I know what we do is all fun and fames but all this does not come without a price. Sex isn’t even the highest price you could end paying here!”

Zethu said.

“The thing is everything has happened so fast I don’t even know how to protect myself or if I should!”

I told them of which she responded,

“It’s not a matter of if Samke it’s definite that you should protect yourself. You can never trust anyone especially foreign guys, wow of Tumi could hear me now he would be celebrating but that’s my take on it. Don’t be too naive and do everything blindly without a thought!”

She added. I think that much I had established I was going to do the problem was this ID thing which was immediate.

“I am going to have to give him my ID number because if I look like I don’t trust him it won’t look good on the first day!”

I told them. We were all unsure and ultimately the girls concluded that this was a decision I needed to make on my own. They left in the early evening leaving me alone for the first time in my new place. I was actually scared and I felt I could hear every sound through the night. In the residence, there was a sense of comfort stemming from the fact that I knew every other room it was girls and only girls. I woke up around 5 am when I remembered that I needed to switch on the geyser. It was already on. I had an 8 o clock class so I decided it was best to get up. Back home we had to wake up at 5 am because we had to help my mother with the chores before school.

As soon as I got to school I switched off my phone. I made a mental note to call my mother because she had not called me yesterday and that was very much unlike her. I had a lot to do and I am sure lately the library missed me. I also made sure that I avoided the places I normally bump into Zethu because that girl had a way of making me forget myself. One of the test results came back and I had a 52 which was not good enough. I needed to pull up my socks. I did not even get a chance to eat lunch as I busied myself. I even managed to do a group assignment with some girls I normally work with from class. It was essentially a day well spent. Late afternoon I switched on my phone. Within a minute I had a phone call. This is why my phone had been off all day to prevent such things. You cannot be a student and act as though you work for a call centre in Durban. Come on now. It was Katlego.

“I tried to call you last night but your phone didn’t go through. Are you ok?”

She asked me. She did not sound worried as she usually does but actually sounded cheerful and in a good mood.

“All is fine. I actually managed to move into an apartment would you believe so I am fine I think. I still can’t believe how everything went down!”

I told her casually not to try and oversell it. I did not want her to say she was going to come and see it as now i would have a lot of things to explain as clearly she knew my parents could never afford such a place.

“Well, I was actually scared you were going to say that because I have some news!”

She said cheerfully.

“What are you talking about?”

I asked her.

“Yesterday I came back with my uncle’s colleague. She is friends with the House Mother so we went to see her. That was not even the deep part, she said we must come back because guess what? Zamo went and told them that she had overreacted and retracted the charge against us. Can you believe the nerve of that girl?”

She told me and I just stood there looking stupid. This had Abedi’s name written all over it.

“Does this mean I can come back to res?”

I asked her because I wanted her to actually say it explicitly.

“By the sounds of it yes you can and should. This is good news right?”

She said very excitedly.

“Yes, it is Katlego. Thank you very much!”

I told her excitedly but I was not being honest with her. I was not too excited.

“I am still busy at school and I have a test tomorrow. Can you come tomorrow so we can try and sort this out? I miss my roommate!

She said besides herself with excitement. When she hung up the phone my face went blank. Why was I not as excited? It was already after 3 pm and my day was done. My phone vibrated and I had a message come in,

“Hey, tried calling you. I am coming to see you today, say around 7 pm!”

It was from Ada.

Time to pay the piper.

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  1. Shame. She can’t go back to res, what if they kick her out again? Abd living in the same building as that terrible Zamo won’t be easy after tasting independence. Too many girls are getting chowed for free and dumped. Even married women must not pretend they’re better… same arrangement but now its “legal” and they’re miserable because often they settle for less.

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