Majuba 93

Let’s be honest no one wants to be treated like shit. It does not matter how

wealthy you are and how poor the other person on the other side is. It’s not about race or social status it’s a simple matter of respect. If there is one flaw to black people it’s that when we are in a position of power, we are arrogant rude and tend to want to belittle those without it. Mind you it doesn’t matter whether its friend colleague fore or just a normal stranger on the street. Power and wealth make us sadistic and boisterous and that’s the flaw. Londiwe’s mother was right, my mother was a shit person and the school of humility had skipped her

“I am sorry my love, ngiyaxolisa sthandwa se nhliziyo yam!”

I said turning to Londiwe. She turned wide eyed clearly surprised and asked me

“Why are you sorry?”

I understand why she had asked me that and it was because thinking about this made me realize a lot of things

“I’ve never protected you from my mother even when you complained to me for a long time she has never accommodated you, acknowledged you nor treated you like the love of my life.”

I saw a tear drop roll down her chick but she did not respond.

“I know you think I’m only saying this because my mother is in jail and your mother is the only one who can rescue her but that’s not the case. Umama wakho uyangihlonipha and vele uyangithanda and look how I repaid her?”

It was slightly drizzling outside and my windscreen was misting up. Londiwe reached over to the air conditioner to demystify it

“Can we just go home please?”

Was her response. She mentioned absolutely nothing about what I had just said but continued to cry silently. There are times when a simple apology is not enough and feels like hashing over a problem so at this moment I would not be surprised if this is what Londiwe was thinking. It was late, I was tired I just wanted to get home but I still had one more call to make. I had to call the lawyer and the only lawyer I knew was the one that Naledi’s father had given me. I looked at the time, 11pm but had to risk it

“Vusi my man how you doing bru”

He said when he picked up the phone. I am very certain these was one of those guys who say i am not racist because I have black clients

“Sorry to call you so late, can we talk!”

I asked him

“Yes sure bru a lawyers job never finishes don’t you know that our best clients operate at night”

He said and laughed in. What was clearly a joke meaning criminals operate at night? I was humbled because now he was saying my mother was a criminal and by me asking him for help I was acknowledging it. At this rate we will never get the land back. This idiot was so smug but what could I do.

“My mother has been arrested and I need your help!”

I told him

“Oh that’s bad I’m sorry to hear that what’s the charge?”

I hesitated before I responded attempted murder I could hear a pin drop before he responded the whistle

“Whoa bru that’s hectic are you serious?”

He asked me again I can’t even blame him for the shock because you don’t expect a mother to be associated with such. Even now the thought of it made me angry. My mother was too temperamental and she needed to act her age.

“Its embarrassing I know but she is my mother I don’t even know where to start!”


“Is it going to be on your own charge or to the account I have with your boss.”

I wanted to scream out that he was not my boss but father in-law but sitting next to Londiwe with everything that had happened it would’ve been unwise

“No this is a private matter which stays between you and me and it must not go back to my boss”.

I said to him thinking of the further consequences of where this could go.

“How do you charge?”

I asked him and without hesitation as though this was breathing R5000 upfront for consultation and R2500 for every hour over and above that consultation.”

I honestly swallowed spit and I said to him let me consult my bank and I will get back to you he responded no problem bru I will hear from you tomorrow then”

Our facebook cousins would understand this analogy better, have you ever gone into a shop with no price tags and asked for the price of something so nice only to be given a fee so high you want to scream ‘msunu yenu yonke’ but you politely say I’ll come back tomorrow knowing truly well that’s the last time you will use that route out of shame of your poverty.

“Why do you do that?”

Londiwe asked me

“I don’t understand what you mean”

I responded.

“You deliberately make decisions without consulting me yet I’m sitting right here next to you”

She asked me with an undisguised angry tone in her voice I almost said here we go again but know when to pick your fights. With baited breath I responded,

“Baby I took no decision I consulted a lawyer to hear how much it would cost to get my mother out since your mother says she won’t drop the charges.”

I was not going to fight with her I was not going to raise my voice but just now she had been ignoring me. When and how would I have consulted her?

“Its fine ke you do you and I’ll do me!”

This was the Londiwe of old who I had gotten fed up with. Right now in my eyes I had done nothing wrong in trying to call a lawyer for my mother but to her I had chosen a side. Who in the world would want to leave their mother in jail really?

“Londiwe please let’s not do this. We have a lot of problems right now and adding to them will not build us at all. We need to be bringing families together not apart!”

I told her and she looked at me and rolled her eyes,

“Yeah just because it’s your family now you want to bring us together? Do you know how transparent you are right now?”

She asked me. I was being genuine with her yet she was convinced I was toying with. I was not but there was no way of convincing her. When we got into the house she went straight to the shower and started bathing. I sat on the couch which had become my de facto bed as I was always relegated to it whenever it suited her. I decided to take the bull by the horns.

“Do you mind if I shower with you?”

I asked her when I opened the door.

“It’s a free country!”

She responded. That was her way of saying now but I was not going to make it happen. I took off my clothes and I stepped in behind her. The water was warm at the touch as I stepped in.

I kissed her on the neck and she flinched but did not stop me. I kissed her with the water coming into my eyes but at no point did I close them so that I could block any clap that could come my way. I could feel her breathe get shorter and shorter as I put my hands on her breasts and gave my hands the liberty to explore her once more. It had been so long since I slept with Londiwe and touching her like this made me feel like a virgin again. Her body responded to my touch and even now with the water pressure I could feel her shiver as the electric current from my touch aroused her.


She whispered but I did not respond. With one hand she balanced on the wall and with the other she took my roaming hand and guided it lower and lower.

“Do you want me to touch you there?”

I whispered in her ear and she mumbled,


Which was a yes,

“Then put my hand were you want it?”

I told her. She slid me right to the jackpot without hesitation. She was not playing around.

“Please rub!”

She said. Londiwe had never liked the fingering foreplay. She preferred me to rub her and she also never really liked being muffed. Yeah sometimes she wanted it but I noticed she was more willing for her to go down on me than for me to go down on her.

“Ok baby!”

I said as I rubbed with the one hand pinched her nipples with the other. This was turning me on to know bounds.

“Baby I don’t want a long foreplay please put it in!”

She asked me.

I did not need an obliging.

She wiggled her ass as she put herself in the right position to receive me.

I don’t know how to quite describe what it feels like for the man the moment those petals open and he gets sucked but I will try. It’s like you enter a preheated soft moist oven that literally pulls you in. Her muscles tightened immediately gripping my girth and mind of matter immediately set in. I wanted to make it last as long as possible.

“Oh baby…”

She mourned out loud.

The rest is history!

***********The End***********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you so much for your time and thank you for reading my letter. Hello to you and to all the readers.

I am a married woman and have been married for 22 years. I am 45 years old and have a child in university and two other kids. My husband and I have had our fair share of problems especially from his cheating and drinking. He even has a child younger than our first born so its not been the easiest marriage. I have only ever slept with one man and the last time I slept with my husband was last year I think May even. Anyway guys I am getting hit on by a 27 year old. He is just a boy to me but I have never actually been pursued like this. I am old enough to be dead and there is this young boy awakening feelings in me I can’t even remember having. I have never ever cheated but right now I am so tempted. I can’t even tell my friends because they will never stop judging me so I brought it here. This young man I am certain does not want to date me and neither do I. We are not colleagues so I don’t even have to see him again. I have thought all this through but much as I want to feel alive again I am so scared!

Ladies what do I do? Why am I feeling naughty like this when I should be in menopause?

Help me decide.

Thank You

Lustful Wife

79 thoughts on “Majuba 93

  1. Kanti magogo doesn’t have money of her own. Confused. Vusi’s problem all come from the stupid thought people have that “opposite attracts “. In science yes but in humans different people eventually fall out.

  2. Lustful wife go on and get your groove back,,,, guys someone here sent me “my marraige almost broke” pdf, gosh am addicted, what a good read

  3. Thanks Team…
    @Lustful Wife – what is the reason of your last shag being in May 2017? Is your husband late? If he is late, then you are free to date or shag whoever you want, but if he is still alive and still married to you then it’s a problem. Maybe you need to address the issues you have at home first, because there will always be someone promising to rock your world out there, but pls do not be tempted. Buy a toy or something, and sort out things with your husband. ‘Through thick and thin, …’ just remember those words. It is easier sad than done, but it is possible. One more thing, you are beautiful as you are, precious, woman of virtue – you don’t need a 27year old to remind you that. Being hit on and getting compliments is wonderful, but akugcine lapho! Leave it on words my sister.

  4. Thank you Bhut Mike…always a great read from you 🙂

    Eish lustful wife….I have no words shame 🙁

  5. Almost a year.. wow. Dt cant b easy, id advise u not to gv it to da 27 yr old considering uve only had 1d**k in u yo whole life. Eish ma, boys can f*ck langaphandle nd m afraid shud u try this 1 ull go crasey n lose all foxus of ever fixing yo marriage. Talk to your husband dear. Fix your marriage cos hey i swear once u try smone elses thing, at your age, ull never go bck. Ull hv adolescent part 2. Pls share the book with me also pls

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