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YES 215

It was Mthobisi and as to be expected Mbilahelo stood up immediately and reached

for his waist. I think he was reaching for his gun but he did not have it. I mean I would have seen it when he was sleeping. Imagine a big gun…on a man…on your couch? Must be the hormones.

“What do you want in my house? Are you not supposed to be with your wife?”

I asked him.

“I was with my wife. The accident was not that bad but wow I am so impressed by the little birds that whisper to you because I must say they move fast!”

He said his words full of irony.

“Jumbe get out of here? You are not welcome you are trespassing!”

Mbilahelo spoke up sternly.

“You are not even going to ask how is my wife?”

Mthobisi asked him condescendingly yet again.

“Dude why are you here?”

I asked him yet again.

“I am an honest man so I will tell you. I am not here for you…”

He said pointing to me,

“But I am here for your man here, Mbilahelo!”

He said clapping his hands in slow motion.

“You see for a long time I have had nothing on you Mr. Squeaky Clean and I must say with the police we have that on its own deserves and award. Anyway when I was visiting Lesedi, who is fine by the way, one my little birds told me that you were here!”

He said,

“I don’t follow!”

I immediately chirped in.

“So… I took the flowers meant for my dear wife, she hates flowers by the way and I brought them here. There is a guy taking pictures outside by the way so he not only took a picture of you entering he also has a picture of me entering!”

He said. He put the flowers on the counter.

“Next time I will stay for dinner!”

He said looking at the food then he just walked out as though wow, I am at a loss for words, as if he had entered a public toilet used it and left.

“What just happened?”

My sister finally found her voice. She is the one who had brought him here I was going to deal with her letter.

“If he is telling the truth about someone having taken pictures of me and him entering the same house then I am screwed!”

He said sitting down holding his head then standing up again

“How so?”

My sister asked again. How dumb was she though? I and she might be blood but sometimes she really irritated me.

“Remember Glen Agliotti?”

I asked her and the look on her face said a million things that pointed out to know. This woman was trained in the police mind you and she was like this. No wonder why it never lasted. All that marching in the sun had taught her nothing.

“When Jackie Selebi was Police Commissioner he was seen having lunch with Glen Agliotti a mafia boss! They sent him to jail for that and he died in disgrace!”

Mbilahelo said educating her. The annoying thing was that this story had been such big news for a long time, headlines etc and it was a well known case so how could she not know. I hate ignorance with a passion.

“Oh crap dude you really are screwed then. You have to go tell your bosses what happened now otherwise those pictures could end up with Daily Sun and you know how those headlines would read!”

She advised him.

“My sister might be an idiot but she is right!”

I told him.

“Hey who are you calling an idiot and who is that man anyway?”

She asked me.

“You! Why did you bring him here? How do you even know him?”

I asked her.

“I have met him a few times at the shops and he always talks nicely to me. He has never hit on me though they just talk to me!”

She explained.


“Yes him and his wife. She is very nice and reminds me a lot about you. All tough and always angry at something!”

She said.

“So they approached you out of the blue?”

I asked her.

“No obviously not. I saw him coming out of your door the other day when I was at Mbuso’s so when I bumped into the shops I greeted him and I introduced myself as your sister!”

Honestly if she was not my sister and I was not afraid of having my hair braided by Vicky Momberg for murdering my own sister.

“By the looks on your faces that was not the wisest idea I see but you still haven’t told me who he is!”

She complained.

“He is probably top 5 of the biggest gangsters in Johannesburg!”

I told her with a very somber voice. My sister looked at me and him then said with a chuckle,

“Come on guys, have you met that guy. He is fluent in English, clean and you can tell he is educated. That is not the blueprint of a gangster and you know it, Mbilahelo tell me you are joking!”

She asked.

“There are people you joke about and that guy is definitely not one of them. He is very educated and clever and those two things are only matched by his love for his wife and his ruthlessness.”

He told us and he picked up his jacket (part of the dry clean).

“I don’t think I can eat now because I have to go fix this mess. This is really bad because the entire case we have on him, everything I have on him has just been thrown into question by just one picture! This guy…”

He chuckled in disbelief looking at the flowers,

“This guy took flowers meant for his wife and brought them here. This then implies that this was a social call and most likely that he is having an affair with you. It will then look like I am a jealous boyfriend being vindictive so any evidence with my name on it looks vindictive! We have been played!”

He told us shaking his head. If Mbilahelo was right then even I with my lack of detective skills knew that Mthobisi was one slippery guy. To have planned such a thing and nailed it with such precision deserves credit! These are things we deserve to see on TV not more taxi people shooting each other fighting for roads!

“I know I caused this mess but my advice if you leave now to go and report you will probably fall into their hands as it is what they expect you do. Stay have your dinner and don’t look so rattled!”

My sister advised.

“I am leaving now and I am sorry!”

She said as she hightailed out of here.

“I am not done with you!”

I said angrily after her before turning to Mbilahelo. He was clearly shaken by this and who can blame him.

“She is right you know! You are in no state at all to rush of and report this!”

I told him. I obviously did not know the ins and outs of how police work but I knew logic and logically this was the wrong move.

“Yeah you are right and besides I am hungry.”

He said putting his jacket down. At least I had managed to convince him of this part but I could see that he was worried. With the death of his brother now this I could not help but feel like I was bad luck in his life. I was linked to both.

“This food was amazing. You should cook more often!”

He said to me when he was done.

“Thank you very much. You the only one to ever compliment my food so who will I cook for?”

I asked him.

“Me of course! I was not complimenting it for you to cook for someone else!”

He said laughing.

“Ok then we shall see!”

I said also smiling. Its weird how with all the storms happening in our lives Mbilahelo brought calmness to me. I felt like running into his arms but I was pregnant with twins of another man.

“I haven’t forgotten the advice I gave you. Before I go I want to tell you another story because again you need to protect yourself!”

He started as he stood up to take his plate to the kitchen.

“From criminals or ancestors?”

I asked him because I did need help on both after today.

“No don’t worry about the criminals; it’s the spiritual kind I am talking about!”

He explained.

“I knew a lady whose grandfather was a Sangoma. He used to have a brown bag which he kept his bones in but he died when she was young. When she grew up and started working she started by having dreams. She had a calling but refused to acknowledge much like you. Her grandparents kept visiting her in those dreams asking why she was not doing what she was supposed to do. One day whilst sleeping she dreamt of them asking her why she was not helping people. When she was woke up she saw a bone on her bed. The following day when she comes back from work she found a bone in her hand bag. Both times she ignored this. Things went on to fall apart for her when all she needed to do was acknowledge!”

He explained to me.

“I am not refusing I have already started the steps Mbilahelo you keep on talking as though I have refused!”

I told him.

“Oh I didn’t know. You did not tell me anything and I don’t see any beads on you so naturally I assumed that you had rejected it again!”

He told me looking rather embarrassed with himself because he really had jumped to conclusions.

“I am doing it with your mum even she was here to tell me what needs to be done the other day!”

I told him.

“Really? My mum agreed to do you?”

He asked me. Well I was not fully certain but as far as I was concerned she was going to do it.

“Yup, so I am in good hands!”

I told him. He just looked at me and then he said,

“You are a blessing to be around but I really have to go. So much still needs to be done still!”

He explained and he was right. I was not going to stop him.

“Its ok I understand!”

And with that he hugged me and he left. What did he mean by I was a blessing? I was more of a curse with everything that kept on happening in and around me. I was not done though I needed to shout at my sister so I called her over.

“Dude what are you doing at Mbuso’s place did you not say that you are getting back with your husband?”

I asked her, it did not make sense what was going on her and I was going to get to the bottom of this once and for all.

“I know I did but I can’t seem to stay away. Things are cool with hubby and me for now but I don’t feel him the same way as I used to. He is going all out to make me happy but something is missing! His new money isn’t changing anything!”

She explained.

“I am warning you this game you are playing is going to leave people hurt and there is a child involved. Do not confuse the child please it is not right!”

I warned her.

“This conversation is making me uncomfortable Lungi please let’s change topics!”

She said shifting uncomfortably.

“That’s not good enough. You have run back home to an abusive husband who was already abusing you when he did not have money and now he has it and you are cheating on him. What do you think will happen? Think please!”

I warned her. I don’t know looking back I wish I had said more, poured her with water, punched her awake I don’t know but I should have done more.

Abused women tend to always go back to abusers and things don’t get better often they get worse.

My sister…my poor sister, one day she would become a hash tag!

*********The End**********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

My letter is finally signed and sealed. It’s so intimidating to write to you for some reason yet it feels like I have to.

I am 28 and I have been married for a year now. I dated my husband for four years and we met in university. We have never been much of an outgoing couple since we started dating but lately my husband has started going out every weekend. I keep asking him what has changed and why he is drinking more now and he says I am the one who has changed and starting to nag. I am pregnant and I am not seeing things. Since the middle of January he has spent only two weekends in the house one of which was because my mother in law was around. He goes out on Friday around 7pm comes at midnight, weekends leaves around 11am comes back around 7pm every time. Is he cheating on me? I have gone through his phone, emails, whatsapp everything but there is absolutely no sign of it. I have even searched his car thinking maybe he has a second secret phone but nothing. What do I do guys? Am I seeing things were there is nothing? I have asked him if we are fine and he keeps saying am being paranoid. I am so scared of having this baby alone and I feel like I am heading there.

Please advise me before I lose my mind.

Thank You


6 thoughts on “YES 215

  1. Dear Anxious ,

    probably there’s nothing , I would suggest you start going out as well , you said he comes home at 7pm , then go to your friends and 18:30 and come back at 20:00 start socialising as well before the Baby arrives , then you won’t get grumpy and bored.

  2. Dear Anxious
    I hear your concerns and its only right that u sit him down and talk this through. I have no problem with ur husband going out im just concerned about the time he comes bacm at.i think when u got married he was matured thats y he devided to get married. If he is out at night leaving u at home alone pregnant worse case scenario u get attacked what will he tell ur parents. Tell ur husband to be a man a stop being a boyfriend. We get attacked in our homes daily does he not know this?

  3. When he goes out do the same go with Friends or Family. . Ur siblings, his siblings if you’re close to them especially his sisters…. Go visit his family for a weekend while hes also away.
    Clean up veey well ube Hoooot and Go out just dont cheat… Dont do anything wrong just have fun nje go watch movie yango 6-8pm then come home he will notice you and if hes upto no good he will stop. Dont nag do you and let him be…… Sometimes he just needs a wake up call nje

  4. There seems to be a switch with marriages lately as he puts a ring on it then it’s like the idiot switch is turned on and boys night out takes priority.

    Unfortunately mine had no happy ending he was the same as yours.

    I accepted never nagged and when he left I went to chill with my family.

    Am now a single parent as I guess he was the only one allowed to go out and let loose my job was to open my thighs at 2am when he returns.

    I communicated I involved his mum and sister and ended up with them encouraging him to go get Betty as Kim was not woman enough for him.

    Your man is probably freaked out about the baby and sadly it’s down hill from here.

    So get extra security lovie as that’s your new life from now onwards hopefully yours will have a happy ending.

  5. Anxious
    Men get freaked out wen the wife is pregnant. Especially the first child. I have no idea why but they do. I hope wen he goes out and comes back at 7pm its not the following day. Speak to him bout your concerns then sit back relax and watch . If theres no change do wat I did I packed my bag and went home and wen he came to get me a few weeks down the line I made sure he knew I was not a piece of furniture in the house n that I would leave for gud if he didn’t step up. By the way stressing isn’t gud for the baby

  6. Eish Mthobisi is a very annoying man. He must just die now he has been terrorizing people for a very long time its time for him to take a break.

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