Majuba 92

There are phone calls you never want to receive and one of them is one from the

police saying someone that you know has been arrested let alone a family member. Why was my mother in jail now? Who had she tried to kill?

“We have to go!”

I told Londiwe.

“Go where?”

She asked me.

“My mother has been arrested!”

I told her. She looked at me in disbelief and yeah I don’t blame her I was in disbelief too. This was stupid and it had to be some kind of joke.

“Did they say who or why?”

She asked me and I shrugged my shoulders in the negative. I was just as blank as she was and for the second time in a few days I was heading to a police station.

“This is crazy though? Why would your mum want to kill anyone? She is not always a nice person I know but this is not her way!”

Londiwe asked me as we drove there. It was a good question and I truly wished and prayed that it was Naledi’s father she had tried to kill or so help me God we would all be in trouble now.

“She was not fighting with anyone last I checked and you and her have peace so yah it can’t be you!”

I said and I actually managed to find a chuckle as I finished that part. She playfully punched me.

“This is serious love and actually for you to make that joke it means you too have to recognize that this hatred your mother has for me is not natural!”

She reminded me. We had not had this conversation in a long time actually and maybe now she was allowing me to ask what I have been dying to ask,

“Oh come on Londiwe lately you and my mother seem to have bonded nicely.”

I reminded her.

“You call her telling me what to do and me agreeing to everything she says is a nice thing?”

She asked me.

“What do you mean?”

I asked her.

“Your mother has been liking me that’s true but how long can people keep up appearances before their true colors come out?”

She asked me.

“Ok good question!”

I concluded.

“Do you know that my mother when she came back from her holiday she asked me to fix things between the two of us and get married?”

I asked her. I was trying to see her reaction as for a long time I had suspected that these two were conspiring together.

“You are joking right? Is that the reason why you suddenly became nice to me? You came after me because your mother said so?”

She asked me and by the tone in her voice she was getting angry.

“Of course not! So you did not know anything about this?”

I asked her.

“Of course I did not know! When will have communicated with your mother since she was out of the country?”

She asked me. She had a point there which left me in limbo though. I absolutely had no idea why my mother had suddenly changed her tune because she really did not like Londiwe.

“I don’t know!”

I told her. The rest of the trip was driven in silence as I could not for the life of me come up with answers. When we got to the police station we went in together. It was late and after buying coke they allowed me to see my mother.

“You have ten minutes only!”

The officer said. My mother was brought to us and she looked like she had been crying.

“Mum what happened?”

I asked her immediately as I sat down in front of her. She took one look at Londiwe and immediately lost it,

“Why did you bring her here?”

My mother asked me angrily. I was taken aback by that question because by the looks of it they had become best friends recently and I actually still had no idea why or how that had come about.

“I don’t understand! Did I do something wrong?”

Londiwe asked taken aback just like me by that obvious attack.

“Your mother is the one who put me here! She came to my house and accused me of bewitching you and she said I tried to run her over with my car and called the police!”

Sometimes you just want to hide in shame when your parents do this because even now as I looked at my mother I just wanted to bury my head in the sand.

“You did what?”

I asked her.

“You obviously don’t believe that I tried to run that crazy woman over come on! She came to my house, accused me of such ridiculousness and I told her she was crazy. She slapped me! Imagine a grown woman slapping me! What kind of backwardness is that? I was so mad!”

My mother explained to us. Londiwe and I were both stunned and as we sat there looking at her.

“Mom you are joking right? You tried to run her over with a car?”

I asked her.

“No. That’s not what happened. She came to the house before I got there. I didn’t even have a chance to leave the car before she was calling me a witch. What’s this she was telling about you marrying two wives? She thought I would actually plan that and approve it just to spite her daughter. I mean Londiwe we have our differences but polygamy come on! That is filthy and disgusting my son will never do such I told her but no, she still attacked me!”

My mother said and I could hear that she was about to lose it.

“Your ten minutes is up!”

The cop said.

“Mum I will send a lawyer to get you out in the morning. I can’t do it now it’s late.”

I told her.

“I know I know. I will be fine don’t worry. I am actually in an empty cell ad you know that doesn’t come cheap!”

She told me. She was implying that she had bribed someone for it. This is how the system works. Everything is rotten to the core and I swear a time is coming were we will be bribing the water department to open the taps for us. It’s already happening in the rural areas of Limpopo next it will be small towns.

“Thank you my son. I know I can rely on you. Londiwe I am sorry I attacked you. It’s just been a crazy day and look where I have ended up!”

She said to her.

“Its ok just be safe!”

Londiwe said walking out. I know her when she is annoyed and right now she was annoyed.

“Your mother tried my mother over with a car!”

Londiwe said angrily at me as soon as we had left the cells. I honestly did not know what to say.

“Come on I think it was a misunderstanding!”

I reassured her.

“Are you saying my mother would lie about such a thing though?”

She asked me. This conversation was not going to end well.

“I never said she would lie but you know my mother. Evil as she is she. Has boundaries and I am very certain that is one boundary she will not cross!”

I explained to her.

“She was angry and she said as much!”

Londiwe went on. She picked her phone and dialed her mother. I knew whom she was dialing because at this stage and under the circumstances it was obvious.


She said as soon as her mother picked up on the other said.

“Yes my dear how are you?”

The mother said cheerfully.

“Are you ok? Are you hurt?”

Londiwe asked her mother.

“I am fine I was a little shaken earlier but I have never been better to be honest!”

She said. She sounded really happy. The TV was full blast in the background.

“Mama lower the TV so we can talk, can’t you hear that I am worried!”

Londiwe said to her mother.

“Wena why do you phone when TV is so nice! Next time don’t call this time!”

Her mother said as she lowered the TV. This woman was unbelievable.

“Mama you opened a case of attempted murder against Vusi’s mother why would you do that if you are fine like this? Why would you do this to me?”

Londiwe asked her mother in utter disbelief and even now right now with the way I was annoyed I wanted to scream at her.

“You don’t even ask me if she tried to kill me or not! You just go on the attack like that! Whose daughter are you?”

She asked her child.

“Mama I am talking to you right now and you are having a good time whilst my fiancé’s mother is in jail with thugs because of you? How is that right to you?”

Londiwe asked her mother getting angry.

“Well again you still have not asked if she tried to kill me or not but its fine my child that woman bewitched you not to love your own mother. It’s not you. Tomorrow I am going to KZN where I am going to find a Sangoma to make you vomit whatever she gave you because this is not the daughter I raise who allows herself to be treated like a Popeye like this by a man!”

Her mother stated her intentions.

“And when you do that then what?”

Londiwe asked her mother.

“And after that I would find you a husband who loves you and you alone. This time you are the one who will give him bheka mina ngedwa not the other way around! I lost all my respect for Vusi so I don’t think I can ever look at him the same!”

She said to her daughter.

“Mom please don’t do such silly things. I know what I want, I have always known what I want and I want Vusi! You are killing what I am building here by talking such things!”

She defended herself.

“By even using the word silly talking to me shows me that this is not the daughter I raised. My Londiwe had respect, a true Zulu girl now look what’s left behind, this disrespectful little girl who is a pushover! Ah never shem, I will rather die before I allow you to be an abuse victim!”

Her mother kept on the attack.

“But mama that woman is in jail where she can even be hurt, how is that right?”

Londiwe protested defeated.

“She deserves to be there! She has too much pride! She always treated us like shit and you know it! Let her learn humility and maybe it will teach her how to treat others like human beings. Leave me be let me watch my Nigerian movies!”

She said and she hung up immediately. Londiwe just stared at her phone and started crying.

I stared at her in disbelief.

This was my fault.

**********The End***********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I am sure by now you know everyone’s problems the way we keep writing to you. Sometimes I wonder how you have stayed so patient with our drama. Thank you for this and the safe platform you have created.

I was never a good child growing up. I got my first sugar daddy when I was in grade 11 and the guy was 36 and married. He even had two kids. We were not from the same neighborhood so I never knew his wife. By the time I went to university I had moved on from him to bigger fish. I was cheating on my then boyfriend with a very rich politician businessman. We would go for trips together and as I came from a good family my boyfriend always thought it was family trips. I would shop for him and bring him things. My friends kept my secret and because I was at school my family never knew when I was out of the country. All was well until my boyfriend’s brother bumped into me at the airport on my way back. I did not see him and my sugar daddy has his end on my bum. My boyfriends brother confronted me and because the sugar didn’t know I had a boyfriend dumped me soon after. My boyfriend was so hurt. He cried when he asked me why I was prostituting myself. I was young, I was 22 and still wanted to see the world something which neither my boyfriend nor I could afford to give me. As soon as it came out what had happened my friends the ones who had encouraged my cheating laughed at me behind my back and things started to filter back. One of the so called friends tried to date my ex sugar daddy but he sent me a text asking me to lose my number and that my friends should stop trying to get into his pants. He sent me the messages my friend had been sending him, consoling him saying how bad I was. She offered to come help him heal and the likes. I shared this in our group of friends and in the end that group of people broke up as friends because we did not trust each other. When I graduated I had no friends to take pictures with, share the memories with I was alone. My boyfriend got a job before me and I went home. That was two years ago. A month ago I got I was at work when this rich looking woman came to the office where I work. She introduced herself as my ex sugar daddy’s wife. She older so she could not have beaten me up but I was so ashamed. She told me she was not angry at me but angry at herself for getting old. She told me that one day I will be her and I will know what it feels like to be betrayed by a man she devoted her life to. She put r20 on my desk and told me that this was for the services I had provided her husband and left. I was so terrified I remember staring at that money feeling so cheap.

Guys I just wanted to share my story. I was so humiliated in front of my colleagues and even today some just look at me funny. Take whatever you want from the story but for me I ruined another woman’s life.

Thank You


10 thoughts on “Majuba 92

  1. Wow, thanks Mike and thanks Slay for sharing. Forgive yourself, pray for forgiveness and move on, whats done is done. I applaud you for realizing and learning from your mistakes.

  2. Slay it was not you who ruined another womans life but the husband… if it wasnt you he was being a sugar too it would have been another young woman… so as i say IT WAS NOT YOU.

    1. Just because she didnt know the wife, it does not mean she didnt know OF the wife. Lets stop acting like its ok as long as you do not know the person On the other side, it makes it okay. They (slay and the ex sugar dzaddy) ruined that woman’s life.

  3. Two years later she rocks up? She’s simply looking for attention nje. Or he set you up to hide his current sugar baby. Forgive yourself and keep it going dear.

  4. Glad you saw that your actions were wrong and decided to learn and move on. Everyone deserves a second, third , fourth…million chances. Don’t leave in fear. Forgive yourself and ask God to forgive you and live (enjoy) your life that’s all you can do.

  5. She was slowly researching her and waited for a prefect moment… she waited for that day for so long that I bet she celebrated afterwards. she had you where she wanted, R20 was to add the salt to the wound on how cheap she thinks you’re. Thanks for sharing the story, our deeds indeed catches up with us when we least expect.

  6. I know you didn’t ask for advice but hey, sesilapha. Forgive yourself . What is done is done. You didn’t know better then, now you do. You owe yourself your forgiveness. Also, you never made promises or made vows to that women. You are not her husband’s actions. You are your own. Also, our feelings are not a reality sometimes, because they mainly pull from our past and the people we used to be. We should ve weary of validating them. The reality at this present moment is how you go about your life inspite of all the humiliation you’re feeling. Don’t be so much in your head.

  7. Slay, you made a mistake and you have learned from it. Keep your head up. There is no point in biting yourself up, what’s done is done…….

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