Majuba 90

What is it about the opposite sex that makes them see you as more attractive when

you are I a relationship with someone else? I promise you when you are single the opposite sex does not find you attractive and when you hit on them they don’t even want you. Now get into a relationship and all of a sudden you are attractive even to people who did not even know that you were in a relationship in the first place. It’s like we excrete something from our paws that make them like us. Before I dated Londiwe I had been single for a while and mind you this is even when I had a car. I simply refused to scrape the barrel and date school kids and girls in university for the simple reason that I had self respect. Most of my friends the moment they got that first job and car they slept with every dusty girl in sight especially university girls. TUT is always the University of Choice because those girls like things and seem to take shit because my friends are not really the type that are a beacon of hope. Now here I was looking at a naked woman who I think was most certainly hitting on me knowing I was married.

“What happened?”

I asked her as I helped her up. I know in movies men look the other way to show how much of gentlemen they are but I am not that man. I did not want to slip and fall looking aside.

“I slipped please help me up!”

She asked me. I think she had twisted something and she was in pain so no, me looking at her was not sexual at all it was concern.

“Yes yes can you stand on your foot?”

I asked her as soon as she was upright. She placed her foot on the ground and went like,


As she winced in pain. It was so bad actually because I could actually see it swell.

“You twisted your ankle!”

I told her.

“You think I don’t know that! Pass me a towel please!”

She said. This woman was completely naked and she had not thought once to cover herself up until now.

“Yes sure!”

I turned around to check the bathroom to see where it was.

“Behind the door!”

She said and I went and got it for. She lifted her hands so I could wrap it around her which was awkward enough as is.

“Please lift me up to the couch I can’t balance at all!”

She said. I didn’t even carry Londiwe not because I did not want to but she always said Zulu girls don’t like to be lifted, something about it being against tradition. I lifted her up and she put her arms around me. I lifted her and placed her on the couch.

“I am going to get you some ice; do you have any in your fridge?”

I asked her.

“Not really but I do have frozen vegetables!”

She offered.

“That will do!”

I told her. It’s something we always see in movies after someone is punched or punched someone they use frozen vegetables. When I open her fridge,


I said out loud.

“Yeah I know I know, alcoholic!”

She said waving guiltily.

“Forgive me I really have to ask, do Nigerians get a special discount on Moet?”

I asked her and she loved. There were at least ten bottles of the shit champagne in her fridge. She laughed.

“I used to think so too. I don’t know where my man gets them and sometimes I just don’t ask because the less you know the better!”

She said. I was not even sure what she had just said but she had kind of insinuated that it could not all be legal.

“Yah neh, I am not a champagne person myself because I have never understood it but you do you!”

I told her and she laughed.

“The vegetables please!”

She asked and I brought them to her.

“I think you need a doctor for this because it does not look good!”

I told her. She did not seem too concerned though even though I could see her pain.

“No no no! Don’t do that! I am a big girl and I have had enough UDI’s before so I will survive!”

She said dismissively.

“What’s a UDI and what are you saying no to?”

I asked her.

“Unidentified Drunken Injury and no to you acting like you care for me. I got hurt I will be fine!”

She said so dismissively. I called the locksmith guys again.

“We are almost there probably ten minutes?”

The guy said. He was a white guy and those people are always on time.

“The locksmith is almost here so I must go wait for them outside. Do you need anything else?”

I asked her. I was not being suggestive or anything creepy like that but she asked me,

“Like what?”

In a very suspicious tone.

“No man I mean like clothes for example because when I am gone you will have to hop around on your own!”

I told her.

“Nah I will be fine. Please send Londiwe over to help me if she is back!”

She told me.

“Hell no! If I send her she will know I was here. You have her number so please call her yourself. Please don’t tell her I was here let alone that you were naked when I was here!”

I asked her nicely. I had done nothing wrong but there is no way Londiwe would trust me enough to believe that.

“Chill dude you not my type and besides why would I put the only gay guy I know in trouble!”


“Why am I gay now?”

I asked her.

“Dude you did not even flinch when I was naked. Other guys would even try to touch extras and you did not. Either you are very loyal to Londiwe, which I know for a fact is not true or you prefer the same sex!”

She said cheekily. I was touched but I was not going to be drawn into an unnecessary argument.

“Keep telling yourself that!”

I told her and I stood up and left. She has actually annoyed me the ungrateful bitch! Crap did I say that? What else would you call a woman who out rightly throws herself at you knowing you are with someone and so is she. I waited only two minutes outside before the locksmith arrived.


A white guy said stepping out of the van.

“Yes sir! This way please I broke my key in the lock can you help?”

I asked him taking him to the door.

“No problem this happens a lot. Tshepo, door…”

He said instructing a black guy he had come with. The black guy is the one who fixed it and it him under ten minutes to fix the door and R450 later he was driving out.

“White people know how to make money hey!”

I told Londiwe who arrived as they drove out.

“What white people?”

She asked me.

“I broke the key in the lock and the locksmith came with a black guy who did all the work and I paid the white guy!”

I told her. It truly is an exploitative situation and in most of these jobs it’s the blacks that do the job and the white guy drives the car and counts the money.

“You should learn to fix things by yourself this way in future you don’t waste money unnecessarily!”

She said and from the tone in her voice I knew she was not happy with me.

“Is this still about the door?”

I asked her.

“No its not. You know what you did!”

She said to me.

“I don’t know what I did, that’s my story and I am sticking to it!”

I knew exactly what she was talking about but entertaining her now would mean an argument so for now I had to brush it off.

“Imagine I broke the key trying to open the door. I always said we must fix the door but always we found an excuse not to! Imagine if it was at night and. calling a locksmith they would charge you double that are for sure!”

I told her making sure I did not give her a chance.

“Oh so now you want to talk to me after leaving me there stuck with my mother! I see what you are doing Vusi and it’s not funny!”

She said angrily.

“I had to leave. That was a matter you guys had to discuss alone so I am sorry love but I have no regrets!”

I told her.

“You are so mean!”

She said punching me on the shoulder.

“Ouch love come on that actually hurt but ok, I am sorry I left you but no matter what I should never have been put in that position in the first place. That was a conversation you had to have with your mother without me being there before they could then talk to me about it!”

I told her.

“Yes well it’s too late now and my mother is not happy at all. She says that two wives are so difficult to have because they will fight a lot. ”

She explained.

“I think we established that and we said we are doing it anyway. You know why we need to keep Naledi on our side right and besides there will be benefits to this to both of us!”

I told her.

“No there will not. You just want to fuck too women freely!”

She said cheekily.

“Language Londiwe language geez come on!”

I told her.

“It doesn’t matter anyway we need to go to the doctor tomorrow. I was spotting earlier on and I just need to go see if everything is ok!”

She told me. I don’t even know what spotting is.

“Ok cool no problem. We will go did you make an appointment?”

I asked her.

“No I did not but I am sure someone will see us. I need to be 100% because Monday at work I don’t want any drama!”

She said as a matter of fact.

“I am lost, job? What job?”

I asked her.

“If you had been paying attention to me these last couple of days you would have known that I got the job that your mother hooked me up with. I start on Tuesday!”

She said and she walked into the bathroom.

I could not even congratulate her at that moment the way I had been so negligent of her lately.

How times had changed though? She was employed and I was not!

*********The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Hello Mike and Family.

I need advice/references on who to consult about my problem. My baby sis passed her grade 12 with poor marks last year (higher certificate) and knowing she won’t be admitted even for an extended program, I contacted a guy I met through a friend, who has connections (or so he makes people believe), in hopes that he’d help my sister register in Vaal University of Technology

We arranged to meet, i hadn’t asked him how much is he going to charge, when we met, the friend whom I had met him through was also present, she also needed his help with something, and so we both paid him (he charged me R5000), which somehow made me believe he’ll do the task. He insisted that he wants the money upfront because he also has to bribe his way up, i ignored that little voice that spoke some sense in me and gave him

Now after registrations, i find out the guy didn’t even pull any connections, he followed normal procedure (which I would have done it myself), and as expected, her application was rejected. He refuses to pay back the money. We agreed that should it be unsuccessful, he’ll refund me. Good people, what do i do?

I know what i did was an unwise thing, I just need advice on what to do from here, advice only my people, no judgments and lectures lol.

Thanks in advance


14 thoughts on “Majuba 90

  1. Yazi FET colleges would have admitted her, why does she want to go to Vaal is it a status thing because the qualification si almost the same… and its cheaper…

  2. Report him to the police when she was committing fraud herself?@Mi_Casa

    @Vaal these things happen, consider yourself conned and move on. Unless you wanna hire people to beat the shit out of him to give your money back but that’s more money you have to pay. So let go.

  3. Ngubani na lo wathi Universities are the only option after matric. Your sister must go to a TVET college and study engineering, that is if she did math and physics. The registrations start in April fro a new term. On the R5000, count your losses and move on, someday, he’ll be caught. I work at a university, I have helped many people for free.

  4. nice one Mikisto.

    Well, Vaal, heeheeheehee, did you seriously thought that your sis will be accepted, and if yes, she will perform well? ok Ronald, don’t be funny here dude, people are not the same hey, she was going to excel.
    I suggest that you register her to a college so that she can rewrite or upgrade her subjects. if she pass with Diploma, please contact me, and I will bribe the management at UCT. I will need only R8000.

  5. Q&A honestly speaking I do not believe you should force the issue of trying to get your sister into a university with her marks, in varsity she will be required to pass each and every module with 50% in order to pass; you will just be setting her up for failure. As Impondokazi said university is NOT the only option and frankly speaking it is NOT for everyone. Sit down with your sister and actually find out what it is that she wants to do with her future, not everyone is an academic, maybe she wants to learn a skill/trade, go to art/design school; our destinies are not the same and not everyone’s success lies in obtaining a university degree. Maybe she needs to repeat matric and improve her marks.

    As for the R5000.00 you got scammed, maybe it is a sign that this is not meant to be, right now.

  6. Women dont believe that men sometimes dont have appetite. Yes we do love food but on other occassions, there is no appetite at all.

    Just to get a good picture of your original intention with R5k, you were paying it so that you can lose another R25k (res , books and school) during the year? Or was it because of free education. I will keep thinking. As others say, consider it your school fees as in udliwe (you are the corruptor as he is a corruptee as in Zuma vs Shaik).

    As others have said, there are several FETs (which free higher education pays for most of the time) but I can also add artisan training centers the one I once visited is the one in Kempton Park. Google them, and you will see that if she register now, before everyone learn to say listeriosis correct she will be looking for a job.

    Good luck ; the ~it we go int go into for our siblings.

  7. @Vaal you should’ve just gotten your sister to improve her marks. What were you even thinking? So if she was accepted did you think she’ll perform well or were you planning to bribe all the way up to the qualification?

  8. Vaal u just reminded me of this guy who conned me last year.😅😅 i guess it servres us ryt. This guy said he works at multichoice nd can bridge my mothers access acc to premium and i must pay him 800. He took all my details as the acc is registered under my name🙈 only to find out that he called multichoice on my behalf nd asked 4 my package to b increased hahaha. My mum was so happy to b watchng the latest isibaya bt aftr 2weeks i owed multichoice 680 nd worse decoder was suspended. I had to axcpt dt ive been robbed nd move on. Wat was i going to tell the police. U need to move on too. Whats sad tho is dt the guy is still conning ada ppl nd is getting away with it

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