Majuba 91

I think I grew up in a household that taught me that to be unemployed was to be

undignified. My parents have always worked and with them there was no excuse why not I could not work if I was educated. It’s something that was instilled in me and seeing others wake up in the morning and me stay in bed was something that I could not fathom. I needed to find a job as soon as possible and fortunately I had a lot of contacts in this regard. Jobs in my field are harder for people with no experience and I had that and more.

“I am proud of you. Do you have clothes for work because you can’t be showing up in jeans and takkies?”

I laughed teasing her. She laughed back with me and said,

“I do love but can I please get an outfit or two! I can take them on account now that I can afford to pay and it will help me with my credit score right!”

She said. I immediately said,

“No, no clothing accounts!”

She knew my policy on these devils and I was surprised she thought I would even agree to such entrapment.

“Ah baby that was emphatic!”

She said taken aback.

“I know and I am saying this so that you understand that we don’t play with those things. To build your credit score go get a credit card worth around r2000 and that’s it. Use that r2000 and you will be paying installments on that. It will be small installments and you won’t exceed because that’s the limit of the card. It’s that simple. Don’t do anything else stupid because with Edcon they don’t put a limit and once you start buying you won’t stop!”

I advised her. She was nodding her head showing that she was listening.

“Ok cool that’s sound advice. It’s amazing how you know so much, thank you baby!”

She said hugging me.

“It’s ok!”

I told her. Her phone rang,

“It’s Nobuhle!”

She said casually.

“Hey girl!”

She said on the phone. Shit! Should I tell her what happened or are some things meant to be unsaid?

“Crap that’s bad I am on my way now!”

She said without even dropping the phone! I was not looking for an argument tonight that’s for sure so sat and patiently waited for her to come back not knowing what to expect. She was back in about 45 minutes and in that time I had managed to bath again maybe so she could not smell the scent of another woman on me.

“Baby why didn’t you tell me that she hurt herself badly?”

She asked me.

“It slipped my mind. Please dress up I am taking my beauty lady out for dinner!”

I told her. I could see she wanted to argue on the first fight but calling her ‘beautiful lady’ and ‘dinner’ changed the game around. She actually started smiling.

“Are you serious?”

She asked me smiling from ear to ass!

“Yes I am! How often does my baby get a new job like this?”

I asked and she was even blushing.

“OK. Is it ok if I take a shower though because I don’t want to take too much time?”

She asked and I nodded and said,

“You are the lady of the moment so of course you can take a shower!”

I told her. Every woman I am sure even in the bible wants to be treated like a lady and Londiwe was no different. She practically skipped to the bathroom to shower.

“I dodged a bullet!”

I told myself out loud. She did deserve this though even though the job came through my mother. She also did need clothes though so I now I had to make a budget for that. I had money aside but with me unemployed like this I also had to be careful I did not over indulge. Something told me I should call Naledi, instinct perhaps.

“Hey babe!”

She said as she picked up the phone. She sounded cheerful at least so I could at least be free.

“Hey love how are you?”

I asked her.

“I am good. Am I coming over tonight because I have things I need to catch up on but if you say I should come I will!”

She said making all this sound so normal. It was practically amazing actually the she was so casual about this.

“No love I am taking Londiwe to dinner. She just got a new job and frankly speaking I need to say thank you to her for having been so understanding with all that’s been going on!”

I told her.

“Yeah you are right and tell her congratulations from me or no wait, don’t, she is my sister now so I will congratulate her myself. That will mean more and will not sound jealous or pretentious!”

She said. I had forgotten that sometimes wives compete and I could see that in Londiwe not so much so in Naledi.

“Ok my dear let me prepare but I will keep you updated on everything!”

I told her thoughtfully. I can’t believe I had actually become this man though. Life I tell you, if you are open minded enough you can completely reinvent yourself and here I was reinvented.

“Is everything sorted that side!”

Tumi asked me. He was starting to become annoying now.

“Yes everything is sorted for now!”

I told him.

“Ok thank you so much for that news. I was so worried that we were going to go to jail!”

He said and he laughed.

“Tumi what you are doing is not fair. I am the one always in the frontline and instead of coming to back me up you runaway!”

I told him unable to hide it now. I was not kidding because it felt like he was not being a friend.

“Nah mate don’t worry I got your back!”

He said. People who say I got your back are often the first to runaway when problems come. Do not allow yourself to be blinded by people because they. You nice things like this. He did not want to be part of troubles yet he definitely wanted to be part of the money. I don’t like this at all.

“Mate I will but you a drink and we can sit down and sit about this properly!”

He offered and I laughed.

“You never pay for drinks and every time we go out I pay!”

I told him and he laughed,

“This time it will be different and be reassured!”

He told me of which I did not believe him at all. .

“Ok then we shall see. Let me take my wife to dinner!”

I told him.

“Ah see that’s what I love to here. A young man whipped and captured!”

He said laughing and just nodded my head as I hung up.

“Babe I am ready!”

She said and when she came out she looked really good.

“Wow my love you look amazing?”

I told her.

“Thank you!”

As soon as we got to dinner and after we had made our order I told her what was on my chest.

“I love you and your mother is right that I have done you wrong. For that I am sorry”

I told her. She smiled so much I swear my heart was smiling too. When you love someone the right way then all is at peace with the world.

“Thank you. I think you gave me bheka mina wedwa the way I keep running to you!”

She said and we laughed.

“No I am serious. I don’t think any other woman would have accepted what’s going the way you are and for that I honestly respect you!”

I told her. Dinner was the most wonderful experience as we laughed and joked like our old selves. When we got home I was in such a good mood but I was tired.

“Thank you baby for the most wonderful time.”

She said as soon as we got into the house.

“You have earned it!”

I told her as I went into the bathroom. I was actually so tired but dates like these have to end up with sex otherwise there would have been no dessert. I was not feeling like it but I don’t think she would understand.

“Baby what’s taking so long?”

She called out from the other room.

“I am coming love!”

I told her. When I got back into the room there she was already in underwear.

“I thought you would like to take off the rest for yourself. With her baby bump already showing she did not have that fit body of hers anymore. Pregnant women have a glow about them and Londiwe was no different.

“Yes maam I would love to!”

I told my sexy woman.

“Good because this lady needs to get some! It’s been way too log without her man!”

She said. I walked towards her and then my pone blasted soundly.

“I won’t answer it!”

I told her immediately. It had already taken the moment.

“Switch it off please today it’s you and me!”

She pleaded with me.

“I am going to put it on silent because we haven’t called Naledi yet!”

I told her trying to sound responsible.

“Ok cool call her then and come to me!”

She said. As soon as I got to the phone my TruCaller app showed that the number as Police Station.

“It’s the police calling I have to answer this!”

I told her.

“Ah really?”

She asked.

“Yes baby let me hear what they want!”

I told her. I was getting ready to shout at them because I assumed it was those that wanted me to snitch.

“This is the police!”

The person on the other side said. I can’t believe this these people were not letting go even though my lawyer had sorted this out.

“I told you guys that you need to speak through my lawyer not directly to me!”

I immediately said.

“No sir I don’t what you think this is but it’s not. Your mother gave us this number to call you. She has been arrested for attempted murder!”

He said calmly.

“Attempted murder? Are you crazy? That’s my mother you are talking about she would never hurt her hurt a fly!”

I told him immediately.

“Sir I am just doing her a favor!”

He said.

I sat there and stared at the phone.

************The End********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Good day Abuti Mike and fellow readers
Mike, thank you for the phenomenal writing day in and day out, you are not celebrated enough, but may God richly bless you.
Mine is a long one and this is certainly not the right platform, but please humour me. We (especially blacks) grow up being told that education is one of the surest paths to success and true to form I chose this path for myself. Allow me to start at the beginning, I am 23 years old and currently pursuing my honours degree in economics and risk management at the North West University, having obtained my undergraduate degree in economics at the same institution in November 2017, cum laude.
I am not clever by any standards, just hard work, accompanied by countless sleepless nights, and through this I ranked number 2 overall amongst all my fellow students. Here comes my dilemma, corporate South Africans kante how does the system in South Africa work? I am astonished, having received an email yesterday that my bursary application with the National Research Foundation has been rejected, on what grounds? I don’t understand.
Many of my fellow students got the bursary (and as happy as I am for them, I feel like the system has let me down), students with academic averages of 60’s and 65’s, and me with one of 79%, dololo. No one in this world is entitled to anything, but right now I feel like all the hard work was in vein. I am left wondering how life really works and demotivated, but as my late mother once said ‘as an African child, the only choice one truly ever has is to soldier on’.
Abuti Mike, readers, I appeal to anyone with the means to help a girl child in any way, shape or form to pay my fees. Attached please find my proof of registration for 2018, my academic record and my student account. Thank you.
Kind regards

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  1. Attempted murder???

    Bongi, I also feel that the system as failed you when you really need it, how it works? I ask myself. but I wish you get financial assistance, tweet your plea as well it might reach a God sent. I’m a part time student myself behind with fees but will get there.

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