Young Employed and Single

YES 212

I am someone who has always kept an open mind about how people make their money

because I am after all what you call liberal minded. Education removes stigmas and barriers to enjoying your life fully and only church folk feel inclined to judge and try limiting your hedonistic side. With that said knowing that I had struggled and worked hard for my degree and salary knowing that a person can make that much money from selling themselves really hurt my soul.

“You are joking right?”

I asked her.

“Joking about what?”

She asked me back.

“That you make that much money a day?”

I asked her.

“Of course we do. Remember this is Sandton and it’s the easiest thing to do. During the day I dress up nice and go to the mall. Have you even seen how many girls walk randomly in Sandton City? Not all of them are shoppers.”

She said and I think she was trying to shock me but with the money she had mentioned I was immune now.

“Then why do you end up at the street corner?’

I asked her.

“When you have someone who takes your money away from you every night then you need the extra. You find yourself on drugs because you need to stay awake and before long the drugs you take become stronger and in no time they are part of your life!”

She explained to me.

“That’s terrible but you can go to rehab. Your brother can afford that I am sure!”

I told her.

“My brother!”

She laughed after saying that.

“That ship sailed a long time ago. The only thing we share now is DNA but it’s not his fault, its mine. Did you know I went to Wits on an academic scholarship in my first year? I was smart. Look at me now; I fuck dirty men cheating on their wives for a living! I thought I was so smart!”

She said and then just like that she shut down. She looked outside the window as we drove on the freeway. She was lost in her thoughts and I thought it best that I don’t say anything because goodness imagine a story like that especially if you are the one to blame for your condition.

“I take it this is my brother’s new house?”

She said as we drove into his estate. At the gate they called in and he was in. Why was my phone not going through though? Had he blocked me?

“Yes its estate! Didn’t he stay here before?”

I asked him.

“Nope and I suppose him not telling me about this place was meant to keep me away!”

She said. I got into his driveway and there he was standing there arms folded.

“Stay here!”

I told her as I got out of the car to confront him.

“I have brought your sister here for you since you are nowhere to be seen!”

I told him. He actually laughed and shook his head,

“If I didn’t like you this much I would be mad but I do and your feistiness really makes you amazing!”

He said shaking his head.

“This is no joke. Your sister needs you and I expect you both at my house at 8pm for supper. If you don’t bring her please lose my number!”

I told him.

“I beg your pardon?”

He said in shock.

“You will find that I don’t bluff. She is your fucken sister, man up and do the right thing!”

I told him and I walked to the car and opened the door on her side of the door!

“He will see you now! You have my number call me if you need anything!”

I told her. She got out of the car rather apprehensively and she walked slowly to her brother. I folder my arms as I looked at him and he could see what I was not playing. I closed her door, went to my side and drove away.

I called my sister.

“Where are you?”

I asked her.

“I am in town doing something but am done!”

I asked her.

“What’s up?”

She asked me.

“Can I come pick you up? Don’t want to go home to be alone!”

I told her.

“Its ok but I can’t stay too long I have …”

She posed and I didn’t push.

“I am coming to get you!”

I told her.

“Ok then!”

She told me where she was. I went to pick her up and she was carrying curtains.

“Dude why do you need new curtains?”

I asked her.

“No don’t answer I don’t want to know!”

I already knew what the answer was. Her stupid fake husband. I was not going to spoil this for her. He will do that for her.

“Thank you!”

She told me.

“I just want to stop by the garage. I need to see someone!”

I told as we drove. I had not thanked the guy who had given me advice and emotionally I must say it had helped me a lot. I actually felt better about Azwindini and Rudzani for now.

“Did you hear me?”

I asked her.

“No what?”

She had been looking out the car at something so I was not surprised that’s why I asked twice.

“I said I just need to stop at the garage I need something!”

I told my sister.

“Oh ok that’s fine. I also need Soda water I have been feeling bloated the whole day! Maybe it will make me burp!”

She said casually.

“Sies man why do you always do that!”

I asked her.

“Do what? There is nothing wrong with burping! Its natural and also makes your body feel comfortable!”

She said laughing. Even as kids my sister thought burping and farting was funny. I remember my mother wants beating her up for it after she did that when we having church people over on a Wednesday night. It was not even polite enough to acknowledge we had Mfundisi in the house because it smelt so much we had to open the window. My mother forgot all about God as soon as she ushered out the last Cell person, threw forgiveness out of the window and moer’d her proper for being disrespectful.

“Just don’t do it in the car!”

I warned her.

“I won’t relax!”

She told me. When we got to the garage by coincidence I parked where I had parked the previous day. I isolated one of the attendants and said,

“Hi I am looking for Monde!”

I told the attendant. He was wearing a red t-shirt written trainee.

“Monde, I am not sure if there is a Monde here but I am new and I only started yesterday. Let me ask someone else for you!”

He said and with that he walked away. He came back moments later with an older guy who I guess had worked here longer,

“Yes maam how can I help you?”

He asked me.

“I am looking for Monde, did he not tell you?”

I asked him meaning the trainee who I had sent to him. It just seemed redundant that’s all.


He paused for a second.

“Is anything wrong?”

I asked him.

“Yes I suppose. Monde passed away over 6 months ago unless there is another Monde who has worked here that I don’t know!”

He said and the funny part was that he was actually so serous and sincere.

“Nah it can’t be, I was here yesterday, I parked right here and he came to me and spoke to me!”

The guy looked at me quite perplexed then said,

“Maybe we talking about different people hey, please come this way I want to show you something!”

He said. He took me to where they sit on the wall was a picture frame and I immediately jumped up and pointed,

“Yeah that’s him! I spoke to him yesterday and I only met him yesterday for the first time!”

I told him. I read on,

“In Memory of a Soldier, One of Us. Management! Mondekhaya Gambuza”

That is what was written at the bottom. I stood there and looked really stupid.

“I …”

I stammered.

“I don’t know what to say!”

I told him as I walked out losing balance even.

“Lungi what’s wrong?”

My sister said to me when I stepped out of that little office. I was quite shaken,

“Madam don’t worry these thing happen!”

The attendant said to me but I could see in his head he was saying,

“Uyahlanya lo ntombozana!”

I walked away murmuring my thank you to him as I walked away. That was the last thing I had expected and now I was more confused than ever. What the hell had just happened?

“Lungi when you get like this I worry hey. What’s up? Talk to me!”

My sister said when we got to the car.

“I am not sure. Please drive!”

I told her.


She asked me shocked. I don’t blame her it’s just that my sister used to be a police woman and those people drive as though they want to rub it in that it’s not them that pay for the damage they do to their cars because of bad driving. My sister was just as bad.

“Wow finally you let me drive. Something must really have spooked you for us to reach this stage!”

She said with glee. She liked driving my car because it was automatic I guess I don’t know. As we drove out she asked,

“I am not letting you off the hook what happened?”

She asked me again.

I told her the whole story and I half expected her to freak out but she laughed at the end before saying again with so much sincerity,

“That happens a lot and I know a lot of people who have experienced such weird things. I had a friend who told me that she used to walk to the train station every morning in the wee hours. Train was the cheapest option as by taxi she would be forced to take two. Anyway because it was still dark she would bump into a man who would walk her everyday or rather walk in her direction every day without saying much to her. This happened for about a month or two and it was winter so you know the sun comes out late. One day in August or September she couldn’t quite recall the sun came out and early and she realized that her companion did not have a shadow! She never ever saw him again and obviously she never took the train again!” *

She explained. I just looked at her blank, how was that supposed to help. She was freaking me out even more to be honest. What a weak ass Sangoma I was for sure!

“Moral of the story is that these things happen we just choose not recognize or talk about them that’s all!”

She said. I did not respond to her because I now wanted to figure out what I had missed when I spoke to the guy. I did say it was a bit cold but that was about it.

“I am going to Thohoyandou with you!”

I told her suddenly.

“Aowa its far I don’t want to!”

My sister protested.

“I am not asking. I can’t go alone and after what happened do you really think I will feel comfortable driving alone that distance?”

I asked her.

“Ok fine but I have to cancel a few things first. I had plans too you know!”

She said but I did not acknowledge her nor her plans. I was scared because needless to say, this was crazy. The sound of my phone blasted through the car as it was connected to the car speaker. I picked up.

“This is Mthobisi’s wife! I am on my way to your place and I am expecting an answer. Be there in an hour!”

The voice was so direct if not threatening. It was Lesedi asking me to come cook drugs for her.

This life.

*********The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Hey Guys

This is the last chapter for the week. We will pick this up again on Tuesday when Easter is done. Have a safe extra long weekend and for those traveling stay safe and blessed.

Have a good Easter.

Thank You


Dear Friends

I am writing a TV series and as you know I like to keep things as authentic as possible. I am looking for unfortunately people who have experienced some form of sexual harassment at high school, in the work place especially those who had no choice but to give in. I am also including those who grew up under step fathers who were abusive. With the stepfathers I will also include body shaming and mothers who did not care how these men treated their daughters in particular. I am also looking to speak to ladies whose were traumatized by these things and ended up making bad decisions that ruined their lives or influenced decisions detrimental to them and their families in future. If you are married now that would be very helpful. I have a few questions to ask you as I build up my series. My whatsapp is 0793765767 and my email is Please step up for me and refer anyone willing to have a chat with me.

Thank You


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      1. Hi Mike could you you please get hold of me regarding a book we bought online which still hasn’t arrived yet and still have no response after all the emails we have sent and online store number not working

  1. nice one Mikisto.
    Let’s enjoy our Passover, Easter or any form of religious holidays in peace. let’s not drink and drive folks, and please remember not to misuse your hard earned money as many of us we will be remunerated tomorrow.

  2. If i was Lungi, i wouldn’t go to my house, just make a u-turn go to your moms house. if you had money, you would even leave for Limpopo and wait for the people to come for the funeral.

    Lungi must go thwasa before the babies are due. Am sure after the thwasaing, things will get better.
    Her life is going in circles and, break loose from all this.

  3. Not to throw shade but i love how real this story is compared to the obvious fiction of the stories on Facebook. I can never praise your work enough shem!

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