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YES 196

I know people say finding out that you are HIV positive is no longer a death sentence. I know there have been

advancements in medicine, treatment and generally people’s attitudes towards the disease. Let’s face it bafethu, HIV is AIDS to a black person no matter how healthy you look and as long as people find out you are treated differently. It’s a scary thought and no amount of education or open mindedness can change that it does feel like a death sentence. I felt my mouth getting dry and my body start to sweat. Of all the shits in the world I had to pick Azwindini. How many bad decisions can one make in a lifetime really? I feared this disease and my generation grew up watching our backs because of it. The irony is today almost every sextape you see has people having sex with no condoms. Morning after pills are the new Astros as girls are popping them like sweets. We have dropped the ball on this and I am afraid to say that I could have dropped the ball too. My baby…

“Lungile what’s wrong?”

My sister asked me as I stood there with my face blank and mouth open.

“I need to be alone right now!”

I told her I think my voice full of shock and monotone. My sister has a tendency of wanting to fix things were she stands no matter how you push her away.

“You know I can help right?”

She asked me touching my shoulder.

“I need to be alone please which part of that did you not hear!”

I asked her again. I did not want to argue and fortunately she was not in that mood.

“Ok then but will call you!”

She said and she left. I was alone.

“Didn’t you use a condom?”

That was the thing running through my mind and although I know I had there are creeps out there who temper with them and I would not put Azwindini past it. I heard a story of one of one of these fuck boys ba se Jozi who bragged to his friends that every girl he sleeps with one night stand he wears a condom which is tempered with to teach them a lesson not to cheat on their boyfriends. This is a true story and all these girls don’t even know how to track him down if they got pregnant from the experience. Usually a girl if she sleeps with a guy in a condom she will not take morning after worse if she is cheating because it makes feel dirtier let alone it being a one night stand. Had he done that to me?

I called him back.

“Azwindini please say what you said again? Did we not use a condom when we slept together?”

I asked him.

“We did I think but anything could have happened. I am sorry to put this at your feet but I thought you needed to know. Just check because you could even be pregnant and don’t know about it!”

He said. I had not told him I was pregnant obviously but why would he make the suggestion.

“Pregnant? If you were wearing a condom how could you even think of pregnancy? Did the condom break that night because I don’t recall?”

I asked him. I tried to think back and the more I did the more I realized my mistake, well the mistake of all women. When we have sex with a guy, how many of us check to see if there was no accident with the condom. It’s awkward enough as it is that he has to stand up and go take it off so why would I bother running after him. It’s only a woman who understands this guys don’t.

“You probably are not at risk please just find out before you start shouting at me I am really sorry!”

She told me.

“Have you told Rudzani?”

I asked him.

“No. I don’t know how to bring it up with her. I messed up I know and I can’t fix this!”

He explained.

“I regret the day I met you. What was I thinking really? You are such bad news I should never have allowed you to come home with me!”

I said tears rolling down my cheeks. Some things never go unpunished. I recall Rudzani saying what goes around comes around and look at me. I had come full circle.

“I deserve that. Take care!”

He said and he hung up the phone to leave me to my thoughts. I needed Google. I typed,

“How long does it take HIV to show up?”

I clearly was not the first person to be curious on this as many suggestions popped up. The answer just killed me even further,

“Almost all people develop antibodies within 2 to 12 weeks but it can even take up to 6 months!”

I had been tested the day I got sick and Ezile discovered I was pregnant I am certain of it. I was not going to rest only my laurels however so I decided that I am going to book an appointment with her.

“Hey Lungi!”

She said cheerfully when she picked up my phone.

“How are you?”

She asked. She sounded very happy as we spoke.

“I am good thanks how goes 2018?”

I asked her.

“Its good so far but judging from you calling me I take it something is wrong because you only seem to call me when something is wrong!”

I wanted to hide in embarrassment because I only called her when I needed something. She was not my friend but it was hard again not to consider her as one.

“I am sorry to disappoint hey because I was calling to say let’s hang out. Let’s have dinner or something!”

I told her.

She was surprised and guess what, I was surprised too because I had not intended to say that to her. I was actually not going to her anymore for testing because much as I wanted to know, she knew my circle and some secrets I would like to keep to myself.

“Are you serious? I was just teasing you don’t have to make it up to me you know!”

She said and I could sense how awkward she must be feeling right now because I was feeling it too.

“Ok then name the time and place, I am off until tomorrow evening when I go on call!”

She said cheerfully. I needed someone to talk to so I guess it had to be now.

“Let’s do a late lunch then!”

I told her trying to sound excited.

“I was lazy to cook yes please let’s! Where would you like to meet up?”

She asked me.

“There is this place I have been trying to check out. It’s called Great Burger Company it’s in Illovo Corner Corlet and Oxford. Is that doable?”

I asked her.

“Yes sure no problem.”

We set up a time and next thing I was in the shower getting ready to go on a date with this girl who was not my friend but thought she was. If there is one thing girls are good at its pretending.

Another knock on my door.

“Where are you going I need to talk to you?”

My sister asked.

“I am going to the doctor. Is this an emergency?”

I asked her.

“I am not sure yet but I got a call that I should go visit mama at the cemetery. It was the caretaker so I am not sure what’s going on!”

She told me.

“I can cancel the doctor and come with you!”

I offered.

“No don’t. I will call you. Just make sure you are fine first and besides we still need to discuss this!”

She said pointing at my pregnancy. We really did need to discuss it but now was maybe too soon with all that was happening.

“Ok then!”

I told her as she left. I wonder what the caretaker wanted though.

“I am leaving now, see you soon!”

That was the text I received from Ezile. She was on her way already. I was not even ready. I ended up rushing myself for this.

I have eaten burgers before but these people just ruined my entire childhood. What’s the biggest burger you can think of, double it?

“I can’t finish this

“I wanted to ask you something. You can judge me if you want but just hear me out!”

She told me.

“Ok is everything ok?”

I asked her.

“I don’t know hey. I have a crush on a guy!”

She said and she was blushing.

“Ok that’s a good thing right so why would I judge you for that?”

I asked a bit surprised then it dawned on me,

“Wait is it Mbuso?”

I asked her.

“No no I moved on from him long ago. I could not compete with you hey!”

She said in what came out as an unfunny joke actually.

“I never fully apologized for that did I?”

I said rhetorically.

“I am sorry regardless!”

I went on to say.

“It’s ok. So the guy I am crushing is someone I knew from high school. We never dated back then but I met him by accident when he came to consult the other day!”

She explained.

“I still don’t get the regret?”

I told her.

“His name is Vusi and he is in a relationship. From what I am told by mutual friends they are separated. When he came he came with her and she was pregnant!”

She explained.

“Uhm that’s wrong Ezile though his wife is your patient!”

I told her.

“Don’t you think I know that?”

She protested. I could see she had so much regret in her eyes as she said that and was embarrassed. She needed a friend not someone to judge her. You see, that’s why I don’t have other girls as my friends. She clearly was making a dumb emotional decision which was unethical and wrong but as her friend I had to back her up. Sometimes people don’t think.

“Ok let me ask you this, does he like you back?”

I asked her.

“I don’t know but Lungi I have always been that girl who waits for a guy to notice her. That’s me and look where it has taken me! I need to go get me a man even if it means I risk karma by taking him from someone else but at least I would have gone for who I want when I want!”

She explained and she was right.

“Ok what’s your plan at getting him?”

I asked her.

“I don’t have any but I remember you once said you have a friend who knows how to do this.”

I was lost.

“The one who got married…”

She said asking me or telling me I am not sure.

“You mean Miriam?”

I asked her.

“Yeah I think that’s her name. Please ask her what I need to do? I can’t always be the girl waiting to be picked!”

She said and I honestly was humbled by her.

“Lungi, you had better come here!”

My sister said her voice filled with shock.

“What’s wrong?”

I asked her.

“I don’t even know how to say this but someone dug up mama’s grave!”

She said.

“I beg your pardon?”

I asked her.

“Lungi please come I don’t know what to do!”

My sister said and she was literally shaking through the phone. She was confused and scared.

So was I?

What kind of witchcraft was this really?

********The End********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for reading my letter.

My sister and I were orphaned when we were 16 and 9 with me being the elder of the two. We were raised by my uncle who is my father’s younger brother. He was already married and had two kids of his own. He did a wonderful job and we never felt abandoned or unwanted. I went to school and now I am 22 and my sister is 15. Three weeks ago I discovered that my younger sister is pregnant. She is a very naughty rude teenager and the person who made her pregnant is 15 as well. She told me this herself on the day. I was angry and reminded her that much as we are loved by my aunt and uncle we are orphans and this would hurt that relationship. The extended family which already does not like my aunt will blame her for this. I then called for a family meeting with my aunt and uncle to discuss this. They were disappointed but like me we decided that she should get an abortion. She freaked out and said if we force her she will tell everyone that it was my uncle who made her pregnant. Guys I was so ashamed and this has actually caused a rift between my aunt and uncle. What kind of a person would say that? They raised us like princesses in spite of not having a lot of money and my aunt was there for us every second since we moved in. I know who the baby daddy is because she told me but to my aunt and anyone else who she will tell this will create doubt. I am so scared they are going to kick her out after this. She is refusing the abortion and holding all of us ransom.

Please help


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  1. Yeah I cannot wait for Azile and Vusi, I’m so excited. Your sister is the little devil shem, advice your aunt to chase her out of the house, you cannot allow a fifteen year old to blackmail u guys like This, she will end up controlling u, let her go ahead and tell every1 that ur uncle made her pregnant, at least u guys know she will be lying, and you can back ur uncle up, then after the baby is born, they can do DNA to check if he is really the father and then ur uncle’s name will be cleared. Or get her to confess her dirty ugly plan on whatsapp or record her then it will be easy to prove that she is just doing it to spike everyone

  2. Advise your uncle to kick her out so that she can go and become the adult that she clearly wants to be. When she slept with that guy she knew exactly what would happen and she clearly thinks she is ready to be an adult and take responsibility. They should take her out of school and let her go and be an adult. Its one thing to be remorseful and at least try and negotiate with your family to help and support you through the pregnancy. Its not ok for you guys to force her to abort but the way she is handling it as well is also not agreeable therefore she needs to be treated like an adult. She will come back when she has learned her lesson.

  3. Prisca, its okay to leave the little ungrateful shithead on the street. kante she thinks she’s grown? Let her go to her Babby Daddy

  4. Let her see how cruel the world can be. Tell her to go mxxm! Do you know how manybothervorphans would pray for supportive family and she is busy being a butch to even blackmail the same uncle who took her out of the cold?

  5. Pack all her things and go drop her off at the baby daddy’s house. Ke serious. Young girls think they can play games these days with not consequences. She’s being supported lovingly by her family because they’re looking out for her future and the little brat wants to make such claims. Mxm

  6. I knew it that day when Vusi was speaking to Fezile that it might be her from YES Wow Bra Mike you are so gud….Eish more Drama for poor Lungi.. this world is upside down serious, digging graves open and not letting the dead rest in peace keng mara….im leaving Satafrika straight

  7. @Prisca, have you ever thought of the possibility of this being true(I mean your uncle being the father of your younger sister’s child?). I see everyone is saying the poor girl should be as her sister did you sit down with her(sister to sister) and reason with her before calling the meeting and suggesting abortion.

    i will not be suprised if the baby is truly your uncle’s. there are so many people who can notice when one is pregnant but cant notice when one is being abused. Why haven’t you investigated what let your sister to become this rude naughty child?

    1. Reading that letter she mentioned that her sister told her who made her pregnant, and the boy his 15 too. The little brat is retaliating by wanting to say its the uncle coz they forcing her to have an abortion. At 15 that behaviour is expected.

  8. This booking is quickly becaming the dairy of a young wife, with endless drama, it kinda to much!! Akuna direction nje manje!!

  9. Oh yes… Azile please take Vusi from that Londiwe, mthathe girl! You can even leave Joburg after you take her. I am so over Londiwe and Vusi being made the stupid ass.

  10. Ezile, please rescue Vusi he is surrounded by vultures, Londiwe, his mom and that Naledi chick.

    Lungi, go and thwasa girl, put your house in order and leave maybe even without telling anyone. When you return everyone would have forgotten about you. You will probably be a proud mom then. Your is too busy for 1 person.

    at the moment everything you touch turns bad

  11. Lungile should change her name to Kubhedile , inamabhadi nantsi intombazana! hayikhona maan!
    Prisca , first and most importantly you and your uncles & aunt have no right to decide for your little sister. She is the one who has to live with the emotional & psychological scars in the aftermath of the abortion. I am pretty sure she felt cornered and alienated and her only way out was to try and blackmail you to back off! ALL of you adults should be ashamed of yourselves. There could have been better ways to deal with this!
    That being said, your sister has no right to come between your guardians and if you don’t deal with this blackmail issue she will use it to no end. She will use it to get her way whenever she wants something. Your uncle needs to nip it in the bud. He can ask your sister to do a DNA test now before the child is born to prove his innocence. Your sister needs to understand that she is practically accusing your uncle of rape and false accusation is illegal and immoral! So based on this , your uncle has a right to force her to do the DNA test. However, the test is risky to the unborn as it may increase chances of miscarriage. Kicking her out is not going to help the situation, instead her entire future will be destroyed even further. You all should think about this with clear heads and with the child’s future in mind not your feelings and reputations.
    Meet with the boyfriend’s family and arrange for the caring and support of the child and the financial implications thereof. Why are you acting like she is the 1st 15 year old to get pregnant?! !

  12. hi Prisca i know you and your family have your sisters best interests at hearl ko8dwa should you be forcing her to have an abortion , is there not another option of maybe adoption or letting her have the baby than you as a family will help her out and hope and pray she learns her lesson and does not do it again

  13. @Jane you made my day can’t stop laughing

    @Pearl and Lazyzee and Toto

    Valid points right there.

    We have enough kids kicked out in the name of discipline.

    Let’s so better
    Let’s find better solution.

    Let us be the change.

  14. Yooh Lesedi is a hard core criminal , mama Sgebengu. Hai Lungi her life is a big drama. When is she going to get a break Mara. I thought Mbilayelo was going to marry Lungi and put a stop to this madness

  15. Thanks mike
    been lazy to read who is Lungi’s baby daddy?
    Guys y would a 15yr old say her uncle is potential baby daddy….🤔😐 what if he sexualy abused her n they pinning it on the young man.The world is a mess guys.i suggest you investigate this,but abortion i dangerous emotionally draining and could cause depression for her.The mother sold decide but she say how she is planning to rise her child.Its best she move to he bf house then.

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