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YES 195

“What do you people want from me though? I do not know you and I have nothing to do with your business!”

I told her as I sat down. She had already sat down at this stage of which I had not offered her a place to sit. If Patrice comes to your house and there is a main sit that your father always sits on, would you give him that sit? People with power take what they want and don’t wait to be offered things.

“That’s impolite I would like to first introduce myself properly and make my offer before you can say no to anything!”

She said very casually. For the wife of a thug she was dressed so elegantly and corporate. She looked like half of the yuppies that work in Sandton; you see them in the morning coming out of the Gautrain walking like they fart oxygen.

“With all due respect, I think I should warn you that whether you tell me now or later the no will still come!”

I told trying to sound unafraid of her but truth be told my heart was beating so fast I am sure she could hear it from where she sat.

“Again you are being hasty. My husband wanted to come on his own but I told him that with the history the two of you have currently it would not be wise!”

She told me.

“We don’t have a history. Please stop trying to force for a relationship that does not exist or never existed. What do you want?”

I asked her.

“You are brave to talk to me like that knowing truly well who I am!”

She said very calmly but the coldness in her tone made it clear that she meant business. She was not playing around.

“Look I am going to say this once, I have so many problems in my life right now and if you want me dead then so be it! I am not scared of you!”

I warned her.

“I don’t want you dead otherwise I would not have bothered coming here but I am also not here on completely friendly terms!”

She started.

“For someone who is not even part of our world you have caused us major setbacks with your actions or rather the actions’ of one of your boyfriends!”

She explained.

“My actions? I don’t have a boyfriend!”

She told me.

“Well I would like to think otherwise. The cop, Mbilahelo has messed up our operations and it has to do with you! When those guys were arrested in Durban one of the guys who went down happened to be our cook!”

She said and I was totally lost.

“You came here because your chef was arrested? Are you kidding me right now? You can get another cook on the road any time if you can’t cook for your own husband!”

I told her surprised at her gall.

“It’s not that kind of cook. We supply happy cocktails to very powerful people and your boyfriends’ actions mean that it could affect the bottom line. I can tolerate your sharp tongue, in fact I admire it but when my husband loses money then it must be replaced by blood!”

This woman had been watching too much TV. This was not a mafia movie. She was acting like we were in the Sopranos talking about blood debts.

“I have no idea what you are talking about!”

I told her.

“Well that’s fine I will explain. We need a chemist to mix our snow! One of the guys arrested by your friend was our chemist and seeing that you played a part in that arrest we decided that you can come work his shifts!”

I honestly just sat there and stared at her for a moment. You know its funny how us South Africans, most of us the normal ones anyway never think outside the box. I was a bio chemist and mind you I know a lot of people with my degree sitting at home absolutely clueless as to what they can do with their degree. Here was an unhinged woman telling me that I could make possibly the worst drug in the world with that degree which many considered useless.

“I see you are a bit in shock, I understand I would be too so I will give you some time to decide this!”

She told me.

“Even if you do I think the answer is still no!”

I told her.

“Don’t be hasty. Tsitsi says hello by the way!”

She said and I stared at her blankly.

“Who the fuck is that?”

I asked her.

“Oh I never thought you would be that type of girl who would deny knowing people whenever she is in trouble but I will indulge you, Tsitsi is the prostitute sister of your other boyfriend. Before you say you don’t know him too his name is Simba.”

She said her last words dripping with sarcasm. Of course I had not forgotten his sister’s name but I had not expected her name to come out of this woman’s mouth hence why I had not picked it up.

“You know her?”

I asked her shocked.

“Of course I do. She is one of our guests. You will have her back when you cook what you said you must cook!”

She said smiling.

“Wait you mean you kidnapped her to use her against me as leverage? Are you fucken kidding me? I only met her once so I have no attachment to her whatsoever!”

I told her.

“I knew you would say that too but I am sure you will change your mind when I start sending you her fingers one by one. I wonder what that will do for her job holding dicks! Do you think you can give a hand job with just your palm?”

She said gesturing with her hand. This woman was a psychopath in corporate clothes. She could see the shock on my face and. I think that was the reaction she wanted.

“I am glad I caught your attention. You have two days to decide and I don’t know why you are showing off because I know you are unemployed. Hasn’t someone ever told you that ijob ijob?”

She said and chuckled then she walked out leaving me sitting there in disbelief. She had not even warned me not to go to the police but why would she. On the one hand they probably won’t believe me and on the other she expected me to do so and knowing her she already had a contingency plan. I tried to call Mbilahelo but his phone was off so I left a message saying he must call me back. I called Simba,

“You have been quiet the last couple of days I figured you need a bit of space …”

That’s how the conversation started. I was not going to entertain that part as I immediately asked him,

“Did you speak to Tsitsi like I begged you?”

He was a bit taken aback by the aggressiveness of how I asked that but he responded,

“I did as a matter of fact but I did not want to tell you because it had to be genuine. She was supposed to come see me yesterday but she is my sister and well you know what people like her are like, she did not show up! Before you ask I left several missed called and messages but it’s nothing new!”

He explained. Please if ever I have a brother he must not be like this one!

“Why didn’t you go look for her dude?”

I asked him annoyed.

“Even if I wanted to I would not have known where to start! I have made the first move and now it’s up to her to take the bite!”

He tried to explain himself out.

“Give me her number!”

I told him.


He asked me.

“Give me the fucken number Simba!”

I shouted at him.

“Ok then language young lady language!”

He said. He sent me the number.

“I will call you back!”

I told him and I hung up to dial the number. It rang and my heart leapt up.

“Lungi why are you predictable!”

A voice said on the other line.


I said out loud immediately.

“Of course but I am waiting for you to exhaust all the options you have of calling. Have you tried Mbilahelo? Please try him!”

She said,

“If you done anything to him I will find you and I swear I will…”

I started and she responded

“You will what? Don’t make threats on things you can’t fulfil. I came to you in peace asking for a favour one friend to another right? You are the hostile one here so please don’t turn me into an enemy!”

She said and she hung up the phone. Why was Mbilahelo not picking up? I was panicking. There was only one call I could call to ask for him and I dreaded it but I had to,


I said when he picked up the phone.

“Yes who is this?”

He asked me.

“It’s Lungi! Where is your brother?”

I asked him.

“Lungi Mbatha?”

He asked.

“Yes her! I asked you where your brother is.”

I asked him again.

“I don’t know where he is I am back in Thohoyandou. I have been meaning to call you. I have something very important to discuss with you!”

He told me. Why on earth would I want to hang out with that sleaze ball?

“Well I am here now so you can tell me!”

I told him.

“Something’s are not meant for the phone unfortunately and this is incredibly important!”

He said and even his voice had the serious tone to match.

“Dude if you honestly think I am going to come sit with you in a room or otherwise you have lost your mind completely!”

I told him.

“Say what you want to say here or don’t say it at all. Either way I don’t give a fuck what you do!”

I told him angrily.

“Ok please calm down. I really wanted to tell you in person but…”

I cut him off shouting,

“Get out with it already! I don’t have all day!”

This guy just annoyed me. I did not have anything nice to him at all so he actually made my blood boil without even trying.

“I went to the doctor last week and they did some tests…”

All the anger in me disappeared immediately replaced by a profound sense of fear.

“I am going to be frank with you Lungi, I didn’t know but you need to get tested too!”

He said. He did not even say what it is that was wrong with him but I knew! Before I could even respond there was a loud knock on the door,

“Don’t you dare hang up? What did the tests say?”

I asked him.

“Lungi open up!”

It was my sister’s voice and she sounded frantic.

“What is it?”

I said opening for her.

“I am HIV positive!”

Azwindini said and I just stood there, door open looking at my sister whilst the hand holding on my phone was shaking.

I was pregnant.

Now what!

**********The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Best writer in South Africa by far hands down Mr. Maphoto sir! You really underestimate your talent because your name should be on every readers list. Please publish all your books and grow your brand.

Hey guys. I am 27 years old and I have been dating two guys for the last two years but have only slept with one. My boyfriend (The one I sleep with) lives in Pretoria where I live. He is a typical Pretoria guy, drives a Polo and wants to hang out with his friends ko kasi every weekend to drink and braai meat. His routine is Friday after work he goes to his boys, Saturday he picks me up during the day to hang with his boys I sleep over we have sex, Sunday we go church with his parents then he goes drinking with his boys. Normally by the third week of the month he is broke and borrowing money from me! Note he will never give me money unless he is buying something for me directly. It’s like the cash will melt in my hands. Guy number two is a bit older. I met him at a conference and he has a good post and all. He works in Mafikeng and I only see him when he comes to town. We have never had sex but we have kissed and more. He sends me money, gifts, flowers etc every week. In fact some of the money I give my boyfriend comes from that. He never pushes for sex but I think it’s because he is ashamed as he is a bit fat. We talk a lot and we actually get along very well. I think I have fallen for him but my boyfriend (the one I sleep with) and I have been together since high school. Our lives are so intertwined I can’t see myself breaking up with him. Mafikeng guy just got a very very high post in Pretoria. He is moving here and I now don’t know what to do. Note Mafikeng guy got my best friend and my sister jobs all the way from there what more can he do now that he is here. My boyfriend is a fuckboy no matter how much I praise him or love him. He is stuck in this cycle of Pretoria guys that think they are so cool yet are going nowhere slowly but I love him. What do I do guys?

Please advise

Cheating Girl

19 thoughts on “YES 195

  1. I think Lungi should just go Thwasa for now, as the break will atleast help her breath a bit form her everyday life Drama. Cheating Girl, i think you should just leave the fuckboy alone you and him dont have a future, most guys if they are serious about a girl they will never take her clubbing every week or let alone drink alcohol every weekend. there is no future in your relationship and the only time you will see that is if He actually impregnate you and leave you alone with a baby. i would rather you focus on the Mafikeng guy and get to know him better before taking things serious.

    1. I know Pretoria culture and that’s how they live and you will be surprised that he could actually be in love with her. Going partying with your girlfriend does not mean you are loved less come on now this is not the 80s. The guy likes partying and commend him for doing it with his woman. They even go to church together for crying out loud why didn’t you mention that to start with. Don’t just advocate for break ups

  2. Cheating girl please ask Mafikeng to get me a job as well, it’s tough out here. I feel over qualified and under experienced.

    But as for who to choose…one day you’ll come to the realisation that love don’talways pay the bills and if you can live with that then you’re good

  3. Thanks Team… I agree with the other readers, Lungi must just go esigodlweni, ayothwasa. This is too much for one person bakithi, #sekwanele….
    @Cheating girl – intertwinned or not, shiya phansi lomhlola, here is a man being handed to you on a silver platter, and you don’t know what to do?!? When he is in Pta, he can join ‘weighless’ as well…

    1. You know… They can start jogging and boot camps together. Some girls glorify love and their useless boyfriends, years in a relationship mean jack! You need someone who will uplift you in every way. He asks money from you but never pays you back, girl are you serious??? Get out while you still can and while you don’t have a child with this man boy of yours 😕

  4. lol, I always ask myself why don’t I get girls like cheating girl, I mean she’ll give me money all the time. Anyway from a guy’s (at least me) you need to wake your boyfriend up that he needs to grow up. Some of this wisdom as guys we are not born with it, we need to be guided to see it. As for my homeboy (Maftown guy) ausi this is really an old cliché we as guys do all those things while we are courting till the honeymoon face and then we reveal ourselves later, so nje all in all I am saying if u dump ur PTA guy let it be for your reasons, not because there’s new blesser in town. So that you dnt have to always compare the new guy (be it the Mafikeng guy or any other guy) with your pta dude.
    My 2cents.

  5. Cheating girl nhe😂😂
    The MFK guy is being all nice because he hasn’t slept with her…2 years is a long time kodwa I feel like after he gets pussy he will start acting PTA has influence e ngata yhuuu. She should date them both and see how it goes. Pta F’boy ge aka find out amo dump, he is a dead end. If brothes gets the cookie and is still the same then she should move in naye😂😂

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