Majuba 74

I think some people are put into this world to test you. I know it sounds so cliché but my mother and Londiwe must

have been in the ‘do not resuscitate’ section of the womb. What they were doing to me was wrong! They thought I was come of popeye they could jerk around at will. Well I was not.

“Mum don’t even go there! I am not getting back with her nor am I going to listen to you on my relationships ever again!”

I warned her. I don’t think she was listening to me though because she immediately said,

“I have a wedding to plan which is the right of every mother yet you are denying me that simple pleasure in life! Do you want me to die wondering what it could feel like?”

She asked me clearly thinking that I was going to buy her obvious emotional blackmail.

“No no no mother that’s not going to happen so forget about about it!”

I told her again. She started crying immediately. She was not even just sniffling she was mourning as though someone had died.

“Mum what are you doing?”

I asked her with immediate concern. I know that cry was fake to be honest but when a woman cries and cries that loud it affects you.

“You want to kill me wena vele! What is it that I have ever done to you to hurt you? I carried you for nine months and you betray me like this really? Is this how you treat your mother Vusi? Is this how I raised you?”

She asked me.

My mother was good with words.

“Mum I am going to give you time to yourself. You clearly have things that you want to resolve.”

I told her. I felt like a douche leaving my mother wailing like that but at that moment if I tried consoling her I would end up doing what she wanted. All the important decisions in life almost always are made in a single moment and I hoped this moment was mine.

“Are you really going to leave though?”

She asked me. I was not hearing any part of that. I simply stood up, took my wallet and keys and I walked out. She did follow me thank heavens because I would not have managed.

“I am going to my flat!”

I told myself. I had overstayed my welcome in any case and now that my mother was back I did not have to house sit. I drove to my apartment; I had not been here for weeks. As soon as I got to the flat parking lot I was greeted by a happy,

“Hey Mr Vusi, my brother!”

It was the big Nigerian from my complex. He was with his beautiful wife Nobuhle.

“Hi guys how are you?”

I asked them. The big guy had already covered the ground between him and me and next thing big hug!

I was annoyed.

Men don’t hug men. It’s very uncomfortable.

“Put him down you idiot you are crushing him!”

Nobuhle said when I am sure she could see the tears in my eyes. That man’s grip was on some other level and I was not ready for that.

“We haven’t seen you around in a while, welcome home!”

She said and she too gave me a hug. With her this was different. This woman was beautiful and had the boyfriend not been here I would have held on longer! Ok no that’s creepy but a man can wish right?

“Thank you! I feel like everyone knows I was away even the security didn’t recognize me!”

I told her.

“Yeah, Londiwe said you had gone overseas how was it?”

She asked me

“Is that what she said?”

I asked her dumbly.

“Yeah. I had drinks with her yesterday. I am sure you are going to give her the surprise of her life because she was saying that she did not know when you are coming back!”

She told me.

“Oh is she here right now?”

I asked her and my heart sank. I should not have come here but with them standing there I did not have a choice but to walk in. I didn’t even reach the door before it opened and Londiwe peaked out,

“Oh baby!”

She screamed and ran towards me as though I was a long lost lover. I could hear Nobuhle go like,


Because to her this was a sweet moment. Was I about to embarrass Londiwe in front of her friends? Much as I disliked her I could not so I opened my arms and let her jump right in.

“Baby I missed you!”

She said so excited. She had told them I was away so as not to let them know that I had left her. She kissed me as though this was a romantic movie.

“Ah see that’s what you should do with me when I get back from work!”

The big Nigerian said to Nobuhle and at that moment I wanted to laugh. He did not work this dude and if being a bouncer was work then I don’t know.

“How do you expect me to jump that high though?”

Nobuhle teased him.

“Ah you guys he is back at last. Now I don’t have to be your plus one!”

Londiwe said to them big grin on her face.

“Dude you shouldn’t leave for so long next time. She would have survived the British winter with you just fine! Leaving her here alone was unfair don’t you know that black girls must travel!”

Nobuhle added. Oh so I was in England! How many lies had Londiwe told them to make them so convinced and with this much detail though.

“I won’t hey. She will go with me next time. Now my good friends let me catch up on what I missed out on!”

I told them and they both laughed.

“Yeah finally my friend!”

Nobuhle said as they walked away laughing. They assumed I meant catch up on sex obviously but I meant something totally different. I meant catch up on the lies this woman told. We entered the house and immediately Londiwe said,

“I am so sorry about that. They kept asking where you were and the best I could come out with was that you were out of the country!”

She told me.

“Well you are good at lying so what’s new!”

I said sourly.

“That was uncalled for!”

She said and I could see the joy out of her face drained immediately.

“I am sorry that was not to come out like that!”

I told her.

“I don’t like this person you are becoming Vusi. You never used to say abusive things to anyone. Now every time you speak it’s like your intention is to hurt the next person. What has gotten into you?”

I wanted to fight back but I paused because she immediately asked,

“How far with you getting us a date? I don’t think I can hold out any longer because I am starting to think you were just buying time!”

She told me.

“Is it not something that we should talk about? Don’t you want a white wedding, the proper way?”

I asked her.

“Of course I want that, every girl wants that but, we can have it after we do the court thing which is faster and more convenient. It’s cheaper too!”

She reminded me. She was not buying my excuses clearly.

“Ok then. I had not booked thinking we will do a white wedding so I have to go book!’

I told her.

“Nah don’t worry I already have that covered my dear. I have made the booking myself this way we won’t show up on the wrong date.”

She explained standing up. She stood up and went to the kitchen counter were she came back with an envelope.

“What’s this?”

I asked her.

“Open it!”

I did as asked and in it was her booking confirmation. I was getting married in three weeks time.


I said deflated.

“You should sound more excited. There is also a man that came to see me. He was looking for you as well!”

She said.

“What did he want?”

I asked her.

“I refused to speak to him but he left his card too, it’s in the bedroom let me go take it!”

She said as I looked at that date on the court papers. I had to get out of this and I did not know how.

“Here is the card!”

She said. I looked at it and it said,

“Paledi Machaka, Hawks Financial Crimes Department”

This was bad for me and I could see by the look on her face she knew she had me where she wanted.

“We must go pick out outfits for the vows!”

I said weakly.

“Yes we must!”

She said calmly and stood up and went to the kitchen.

“And today you sleep at home with your wife, no more games!”

She said as she took out pots to cook.


*********The End********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

How are you sir and hello to all the other readers?

I am 26 and I have been looking for a job for three years. I have even trended on social media before after I had a board asking for help. I have unfortunately failed to find work. In October I approached a white business owner in my area. He has a very big company and even though it’s not in my field I was willing to do anything. He told me that he had no jobs but could create one if I slept with him. At first I wanted to cause a scene but I have a child to feed so I agreed. We had sex in his office and the following day I was hired. I noticed that he had a lot of black female workers and most private companies I know hire white. One day someone let it slip that all of us had slept with him. I felt cheap and dirty BUT I could not help notice that he treats his workers very well. All of us got bonuses and with me because I had been out of the workforce (never entered) he enrolled me into UNISA for further education. This is all on the company’s expense. All this does not feel right though. I have a daughter and I feel like I might have done what I needed to do the job but I feel cheap. I lost my pride and every time I get my pay check I feel like a prostitute. He has never slept with me again but from the girls at work it seems he is sleeping with many of them. If I report this man I lose a job and they lose a job. If I do not he continues abusing his power.

What do I do?

Thank You


23 thoughts on “Majuba 74

  1. Hey Thandi your boss ke bosso straight ahahaha, I can just conclude that his bedroom game is whack ne? Ahahaha!!! Thandi why do you want to report him cause those are his T`s and C`s and the kid needs to eat maan? Lol, kidding, no really I am kidding relax hun.
    I think one can go to labour department and seek help there regarding this issue, I am sure they have people there whom they can send to conduct one on one interviews with the employees there by your company, maybe you together with the other girls might even take over his company and change the company name to Orejele Consulting…

  2. Thandi doll, kununu udliwa mahala manje uzokhalelela loku awume kancani assemblief. Mina ngikhathele ukuhlupheka at this point i will suck any dig for a paycheck. I know this sounds twisted but then if u been to bed hungry woke up n had no soap to wash with u will do anything for paycheck.

  3. Vusi just marry and live miserably ever after. @thando awume sisi. Your baby daddy did you for free and left you w a responsibility now you’re crying you got a well paying job via one day thing. You gotta do what you have to do. Think for your baby. What is she going to eat when you lose that job. It’s not right but it had to be done. Let it go and do your thing at work and stay away from your boss.

  4. Thandi Thandi Thandi you ve been giving it for free now you got a job. Yes what this man is doing is wrong but boo a girl z got to do what a girl’s gotta to do. Chin up and enjoy your work

  5. i will do anything for my kids how many people have we slept with for nothing others even gave us more than sex,you have a job that provide for your kid and your education. Udliwe udliwe move on.

  6. Forgive yourself gain the experience and skill and move on.

    Poverty got you in this mess, but wisdom will get you out.

  7. Thandi,
    The minute you agreed to this deal you sealed it, you had a choice to say no and walk away and you took the easy way out. That is a bed you made, now you must lie on it. Harsh but true. If it disgusts you to receive your salary then resign from the job. Unfortunately your self righteousness will see more people unemployed and more families starving, trust me, that feeling will be more than the disgust of your salary. You are caught between a rock and a hard place but do not act selfishly in your decision. The second harsh truth is that Mr White Boss can black list you and make sure that you never get work with most white owned private companies. Another possible situation is that you could report him, all the other ladies deny your allegations and then you are left with egg on your face, get fired, get a bad reference from the company which makes it worse for jobseekers. Or even worse, Mr Boss turns around and says you are blackmailing him for more money or a promotion. 1. You have no evidence of the sex that happened 2. You consented to it. 3. You have no concrete evidence that the ladies did in fact sleep with him and no guarantee that they would come out and support you if it went to court. Think Moghele, Think!

  8. Thandi sisi make peace with it. It is too late now to be righteous. Sometimes we do things because of desperation .Forgive yourself my dear. At least something good came out of this bad situation. U don’t need to punish other people because of your guilt. How long is Vusi going to play this game . He is in trouble.

  9. please Vusi just hire a hitman.
    Mathandis, heeeeheeeeheeeeheeee, did the white guy expropriate your assets without compensation? I don’t think so dear. the guy didn’t play white monopoly capital on you because you are still benefiting even now.

  10. Awe Mike

    GAL its too late to cry now just hustle for another job.U didn’t say much about u dating or bf…we all know most good looking ladies who a lazy to study end up opening there legs its life we can have it all shame.

  11. Truth be told you are in a fucked up situation. The good news is we live in a fucked up world. You have 2 options, report him and hope he isnt able to pay off anyone or just look for another job. The sad thing is you know how money works right.. All the best

  12. Let’s not take wrong thing and justify it so that it can suit us.what is going to be if you see your sister or close family been hired on the same company,u will know that he slept with them also and u managed to live with your child without the right thing please

  13. A former colleague who happens to be a partner at another company asked me to become his side chick and offered me a job there that would pay no less than 15000, a flat and buy me a car (cash) like he was ready to send me to his dealership. It was a tempting offer Yes, but I turned him down…because I don’t even know where to start touching him or kiss him if he ever asked, he is just not attractive or tasteful whatsoever. So up until last month I have been unemployed and recently got a job that’s only paying 2000. With my degree and all. So sometimes circumstances make us do stuff we will love to regret.

  14. ai meanie im with you there. can i also get the company name or contact please. ba tlao ja for sphatlho ka mo ntle ka mo lol.

  15. Yoohh hae Vusi🙆🙆

    Lol eish comments are lit

    Thandi girl hook me up with that guy tuuu i would do with a lekker paying job tuu

  16. Londiwe is really the boss at this moment.Vusi u are trapped indeed my man.Thank u Bra Like
    @Thandi you just have to accept n move on.It was a once off thing anyway,n ur benefiting mos.Let go n enjoy ur salary n bonus hao

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