Majuba 73

To make money in South Africa some short cuts have to be taken. It’s not for everyone though because some people are

hard core like that and are willing to break crimes. The real rich people have bodies underneath their feet we just chose not to accept it. Say what you want, love who you want even but Marikana did not happen because there was no money involved it happened because the money involved was meant for other uses and sharing is definitely not being one of them. Where are the people who gave the commands today? Imagine for a second if the Guptas had been the ones calling the shots at Marikana where would be today? Atul won’t be president that’s for sure! This man trying to meet me in the bush was definitely cause to worry. I had not expected this at all because who gives you coordinates for a meeting point. It’s one of those things you never expect because like I said no one does that. Tumi felt the same way too.

“Dude are you mad though? Did you even check where those coordinates go?”

Tumi asked me amazed by my willingness to go. So far I had not disappointed Naledi’s father because every time he called I had gone.

“Of course not I have not checked them yet! You are standing there and you will have seen me check!”

I threw it back at him frustrated and stressed at the same time. That was the obvious response because he should know better.

“Ok then let’s check ke!”

He said grabbing my phone and putting them into his.

“Northern Cape!”

He said in disbelief. He even sat down to exaggerate his shock. This man can be dramatic.

“You are joking right?”

I asked him.

“Why would I joke about such a thing? Here try them again if you don’t believe me!”

He said putting his hands on his head to show the amount of stress he was in. I did not believe him but I decided check for myself and indeed it said Northern Cape.

“I see it too but do you really think that he wants to kill us? Come on you have been watching too much TV!”

I said to him. People don’t just kill people come on. We had a business disagreement if I can call it that and through no fault of my own.

“I did not say that but all this mystery baffles me. You can’t go on a ship if you can’t swim! Think about that!”

He said to me rather unnecessarily. All this plotting was giving me a headache and I really did not need one.

“So what do you think should happen now?”

I asked him also sitting down defeated.

“The man is a big tender guy and most tender guys are criminals. Someone as big as him has blood on his hands and you would be very naïve if you thought that this is not true!”

He warned me and I guess he had a point.

“Ok then I am not going there!”

I told him.

“You were actually considering driving five hours? Sometimes I wonder how naïve you really are! Had I not been with you right now you would be on the road!”

He said to me.

“I am calling him now.”

I told him as I took out my phone.

“No don’t use your number. I have another line which I use to…never mind… I have another number that’s all you need to know!”

He told me.

“Ok then!”

I responded to him. He might not have told me but I knew what it was. Tumi was those guys who if you dumped him would stalk you and the fact that he knew I.T. Meant that you could not block him. I am not proud at this moment to say he is my friend but oh well he is.

“Sir it’s me Vusi!”

I said after dialling that number and he picked up.

“Why are you calling me and whose number is this?”

He asked me and I ignored that part because it was not necessary.

“I can’t make it to Northern Cape. We can find another place to meet that is not so far!”

I told him. I am not sure if he could sense that I was not comfortable defying him though.

“I like to avoid the press by any means necessary and right now they are on us. We have to be careful and who in their right mind would choose there?”

He said to me in almost a humours tone.

“Regardless sir we need to be realistic. We must find a place to meet that is convenient for everyone.”

I told him. He was paranoid I get it but no one goes to the Northern Cape voluntarily who is not from there. Its far, it’s hot and it’s dry.

“Ok then you choose a location then.”

He asked me.

“Somewhere with no cameras please because these people when they track you down these things come out!”

He told me like I did not already know.

“It’s not the cameras you should worry about it’s the phones. If they can track our phones in the same area you could end up having the Saxonworld situation but I doubt very much that we are that important!”

I told him because he was behaving as though we were the Guptas were someone would allocate so many resources to find us guilty of a crime.

“Ok then so are you suggesting we leave our phones at home.”

He asked me.


My response,

“So how are we going to communicate when we are there?”

He asked me.

“Look let’s not meet today. Let’s get burner phones. Go to any Indian shop and get a phone that is not an android. From there get a r2 sim card and that’s it. No one will track it. Your other phone has this number so you will be able to track me down. Simple!”

I told him. Every system can be beaten you just have to put your mind to it. He hung up on me and I am not sure if it was network or what but I was not about to call him to find out. I needed to talk to my mum about this man she had introduced in our lives so I left.

“You are back! Why did you leave without finishing our talk?”

She asked me.

“Mum there was no talk and besides I am not going to discuss Londiwe with you because we already both know how you feel about her!”

I told her.

“I suppose you would say that but it’s not true. That’s not what I wanted to talk about!”

She said snapping back. Her annoyance with what I had said was actually quite palpable.

“Its ok but I want to talk about this tender we are working on. Things have gotten complicated. My boss found out that I was doubling up and has gone to the authorities!”

I told her.

“Ok he is just a sore loser I don’t see what the big deal is. We won fair and square so he must just move on!”

She said dismissively.

“Mum we paid bribes to win that meaning we could all go to jail for it!”

I told her.

“Nonsense there are people that will clean up any mess. My son you need to know that I will never put you in harm’s way. I have this covered.”

She told me. My mother had a tendency of trusting other people to do things for her. She was outspoken and strong head on the one hand but had a tendency on the other to be naïve.

“You are not listening to me. Even Naledi’s father is worried. He called me in a panic and he wanted us to meet in the Northern Cape imagine!”

I told her.

“He what?”

She asked surprised.

“Yes you heard me right. He sent me coordinates and I refused to go because it’s ridiculous right?”

I asked her.

“Yes and no. He has a big farm there so I think maybe that’s where he is! Stop turning everything into a conspiracy because it will come out like that!”

She explained and when she said that for a moment there I was stumped. I never even considered that fact for some reason.

“Anyway I really think we should talk about Londiwe!”

She said again.

“Ok what about her?”

I asked her.

“I can’t believe I am saying this and I have given this much thought!”

She started.

“Given what much thought?”

I asked.

“I think the two of you should get back together and I think you must get married as soon as possible. I will even pay for the wedding if I must!”

She said and she stood there looking at me look at her with bewilderment in my eyes.

“I am lost!”

I said to her.

“Then find yourself. Marry Londiwe!”

She said again and walked out.

This was some kind of joke. First it was Tumi now my mother. What the hell was going on?

********* The End**********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for reading my letter and hi guys!

Guys I am in trouble. The sins of December are starting to catch up with me. On the 23rd of December I found out that my boyfriend had cheated on me twice with a friend of his best friend’s girlfriend. She is the one who hooked them up and even he the best friend knew. Shap on the 26th armed with this information we went out for a party picnic my boyfriend and I, his best friend and his girlfriend. They all didn’t know I know. I then proceeded to seduce the best friend and slept with him in the car whilst those two were taking care of the picnic spot. After that I denied my boyfriend the nookie when he wanted it that night. New Years eve the girl that my boyfriend cheated on me with came out with us with her boyfriend. I slept with him too that very night. I started chatting to them via whatsapp. I deliberately made them talk of our one night stand and the best friend trying to get seconds told me via text that he hates sex with his girlfriend and I am the best he ever had. He is probably lying but on whatsapp with such evidence I then opened a whatsapp group with all these lovely people and I confessed and shared some of the texts I had shared with these guys. Everyone is angry. The problem is that the best friend beat up his girlfriend rather badly and now it’s a police case and I have to go give evidence. I don’t want to. What should I do? They all saying it’s my fault but I did exactly what they did to me. I dumped my boyfriend by the way even though he is begging for forgiveness

Thank You


28 thoughts on “Majuba 73

  1. Revenge let me get this straight…you slept around with random people to prove a point????Aneva!!!!!
    I don’t care much about whose fault it is…wena nje u-DOM….DOM …..DOMKOP FULLSTOP!!!

  2. If ya’ll don’t stop trying to police this girl’s vagina. SMH. Revenge, you didn’t make that man beat up his girlfriend. Go and testify and he must answer for his own short comings the fuck.
    Londiwe is blackmailing all these people, Tumi being #teamLondiwe I get but not his mother.

  3. ok Revenge, you slept around with your body, your cooky and everything with the sole purpose of avenging? well, you are intelligently stupid sweetheart.

  4. You could have just walked away from the situation when you found out what happened. No revenge is worth compromising yourself over, see now you slept with two guys you don’t love and for what? Was it revenge on you or them? Some things just aren’t worth it, as for the guy beating up his girlfriend is not your fault. You didn’t ask him to do it, it’s all on him. Nothing justifies being beaten, and he was just being a hypocrite coz i mean he also slept with you. Nothing good will ever come out of this. I hope you never stoop this low again coz you’re worth more than this.

  5. All the people surrounding you Vusi are taking you for the biggest fool!! Something very dodgy is happening here and the sad thing it is done by the people you hold close to your heart, Tumi and your mother!

  6. Revenge LOL o balaile shame and i hope you used protection. You did not make that guy to beat up his girlfriend no one has the right to beat up anyone. Go and give evidence the guy needs to learn the consequences of his actions.

  7. hahaha! Vusi is in for it! poor thing doesnt know whether he’s coming or going.
    Hai Revenge, you played yourself wena! You could have just reveled that you know what they did and dump your boyfriend without adding on milage for yourself mtakabawo.

  8. Revenge, firsly how old are you coz you seem like you still a teenager, if you are oh well then I guess its date YOLO age, but if older than that like u need Jesus, Allah, badimo or something. You were played so bad, by everyone including you. Hope u used proteection

  9. Sex police though! Moghel I hope you were residing in orgasmville in all these intersextions and that you were and are doubling up with a contreceptive and condoms. Play safe always. Give evidence, you did what you thought was best for YOU at the time and got what you wanted, revenge. Now take responsibility and give evidence so that man can be punished for his abusive ways. Be responsible for your actions yes, but do not carry on your shoulders the burden of guilt for this man’s actions. You are not the reason he beat that girl up, his fragile masculinity is and you are accountable for your actions and your actions alone. So give evidence and move on. It’s not that deep.

    Yazi people are weird. You watched Brooke having a liberal sex life all your life and love Sex and the city so much for it’s juicy sex scandals and Carrie’s road to Big which was full of one night stands and unknown men. But no, if it’s black and has a vagina, their love for themselves is connected to their vagina!? Wow! Like just Wow! Sex guys, we’re all here as a result of sex and we’re still policing women about who they can have sex with and under what circumstances. Siphi?

    1. Hau Vuyo. Bold and the Beautiful, Sex and the City both ficticious with ficticious Brooke and Carrie. ‘Revenge’ on the other hand very real, I’d like to believe making these characters and ‘Revenge’ incomparable. Just saying…

      1. laughable comparison hahahaha and when did WE sex Police advocate for Brooke and Carrie? There is HOEisLife and then there is this…sheer stupidity! Would she have slept with all of these people if she wasn’t feeling hurt…chances are not…But ke…lead them wena Revenge you are THEIR leadership…the so called liberals hahhahahaha

  10. Yeah Revenge yes👏👏👏 You took that friendship and threw it in the shredder. Don’t mind the double standards. I hope you used a condom. 😂😂😂

  11. Ta bradaman Mikie.
    Sex-revenge queen, clap once!
    Don’t forget to record yo veejay millage.
    Come next guy & he cheats on U & U will do the same until U decide to abstain or turn lesby. Even lesbies cheat too, so prepare yo veejay for a marathon of revenges. Claps again. Go and give evidence, finish what U started.

  12. I think Mike must bring the blog to an end in a dignified way. I have been reading since my second year in varsity (2013) so this is my fifth year reading. Every writer needs a break. Finish the blogs and take a break or move on forever. Hope we meet on the bookshelves.

  13. I can’t shake the feeling that Londiwe is blackmailing tumi, vusi’s mum and vusi just because she has infomation about the tender. Londiwe is a snake and she is manupulative as well. Wow *claps once*

  14. I also think that Lindiwe is blackmailing both Tumi n Vusi’ s mother,y else would they vouch for her now suddenly

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