Majuba 72

This is something new I have noticed; lately a lot of people are starting to appreciate their African traditions.

It’s almost as though the Black Lives Matter also came with if you dint appreciate traditions then you are fake. Let’s be honest, most Africans are embarrassed of their traditions and would rather follow a culture they saw on TV. That’s just the history of our lives. My mother talking about going to speak to graves was something worthy of noticing. She was that Sunday best mother and she only attended new age churches because they made her feel young. I wonder what her pastors would think now if they knew she acknowledged that her people had a history and a past.

“Mum I am not sure this is a good idea. You know those people don’t like you at all and I don’t want us to be chased out of the village!”

I reminded her of a memory she had clearly forgotten.

“Don’t put it like that but I can’t run from my demons and those demons forever. I am going to call your aunty and even if she refuses we are going anyway!”

She told me. She was serious about this and I guess there was not talking her out of it.

“I didn’t even know you have her number for the record!”

I told.

“I have her number and have been sending the witch money every month! She even asked for her daughter to come stay with us because she is running around with taxi drivers there!”

She said and honestly my mother was full of surprises.


I asked her.



“The last time I saw her she was 4 or 5 how old is she now?”

I asked her.

“She is 21. I have said that she can come. When we go we are going to come back with her! See, you have nothing to be scared of!”

She said to me. I was being tricked here. My mother had already planned this out and I think there they had to see me that’s why she wanted to go with me.

“So let me guess, we are going to do a large shopping for them?”

I asked her.

“Yup, it’s January and I know everyone is broke in January. They will appreciate it even more!”

She explained. We were bribing them with food and I guess that works too.

“There is something else I need to talk to you about…”

She said.

“I am here, do talk!”

I told her.

“It’s about Londiwe and you but let’s do that later. I need to take a bath and get out of these clothes!”

She said standing up and she just walked out. She never wanted to talk about Londiwe now what was this about. I was going to wait to find out I had things to do. I did not sit long as Tumi called me.

“Dude come through to my place we need to talk!”

He said to me. I had also not seen him as well in a few days and I thought it had something to do with the contract.

“I will be right there!”

I told him. I left without telling my mother and I reckoned she would tell me about Londiwe when I came back. There was a lot of traffic meaning by the time I got to his place I was annoyed.

“This driving in the rain business does not work for me hey.”

I told him as soon as I entered the door.

“Stop being a coward.”

He said handing me a beer immediately. I was not in the mood for getting drunk but I accepted it.

“I am sorry about your job man!”

He told me.

“Its life it was bound to happen with all that’s going on! I am just glad no one else is affected by it yet!”

I did not want anyone else getting into trouble the way I did because it would cause problems down the line.

“I am probably going to look for a job in one of these fly by night colleges and end up on TV when the Minister comes to expose it that it’s fake!”

I said and we laughed. Every year the minister comes and every year the colleges come back. It’s like a game of cat and mouse and the mister is losing. If South Africans knew how to make money in South Africa the way foreign people d we would be the richest Africans by far. The problem is we do not and sit back and marvel at the ingenious way these guys do it. Imagine faking a whole college guys? A whole college ah, that takes balls of another level!

“I know hey and it’s always I.T. why is our industry so shady! You would think a kid in matric with Ds and Es would know that he did not pass well enough for it but he comes along thinking this is some kind of practical!’

He said and we laughed.

“So Mr. Man why am I here? You never call me over and offer me a drink if something is not on your mind!”

I asked him.

“Ah dude come on why would you even think that. We have a solid friendship here so I can call you anytime!”

He said laughing.

“I know we are friends but what gave you away was that in all the years I have known you, in January you do not offer anyone drinks! That’s how broke you are after all your baby mamas have demanded school fees!”

I told him and this time I was the only who laughed because I had touched a raw nerve.

“The leeches! I swear these bitches lie about school fees! What kind of crèche for example is r2500 a month! Imagine for a crèche in the township at that!”

He said angrily.

“My friend I don’t mean to be insensitive but have you ever heard of these little rubber balloons called condoms?”

I asked him sarcastically. Tumi had kids everywhere and much as he was complaining I do not feel sorry for him. Those kids needed someone to take care of them so if he laid the bed then he had to lie in it.

“Oh now you are funny! When you are in the moment condoms are the last thing that comes to mind. Most of the times I am drunk anyway!”

He mentioned.

“I still think you need to DNA Test some of these kids. I have been telling you for a long time but you always seem to avoid it!”

I reminded him.

“Its not that I don’t want I just don’t know where to go. I wish I did because I would have done it. Also I can’t show up at the mother’s house and ask for the kids because they live with their parents and the first thing they will demand is damages!”

And at that I laughed. He really was in a predicament because it’s true usually parents of the baby mama are even stricter than their dumb daughter who got pregnant to a loser like Tumi. They all would want damages at the expense of the child not getting to know its father.

“Enough with the jokes I wanted to talk to you about something!”

He said and by the tone he used I could sense that he was also a bit hesitant to talk about it.

“This must be serious for you to call me all this way! Why couldn’t we do it over the phone?”

I asked him.

“Nah some things are better done in person man to man!”

He said.

“Mate stop right there I am not going to give you money if that’s what you are going to ask for! I just need you to know that!”

I told him and he laughed,

“No, I did not ask for money. I don’t want money right now! It’s about Londiwe!”

He said and my spirit sank.

“Even my mother asked me about Londiwe just before I came! What has she done this time?”

I asked him.

“She came to see me and I would like you to hear me out if that’s ok. You can tell me when to stop and I will ok!”

He started but I gave him the go ahead. I had come all this way in the first place so I might as well.

“She came to see me about your relationship. I told her I did not want to get involved but she was at my gate what could I do. I know she has messed up in the past but I know a person who loves you when I see one. She loves you to the point where she is willing to come to my house go on her knees and beg me to talk to you for her. I was very humbled by that experience!”

He said. Tumi was hardly ever the serious type but as he said this I could see that he was not joking.

“Londiwe and I are complicated and you know me I do not like complicated things!”

I reminded him.

“Yes I know this but you have had exes before how many came back begging like this. You need to consider that in a world where you cannot afford to trust someone better the devil you know than one you don’t!”

He said and I now just wanted to get out of there. I really did not want to talk about Londiwe because I was trying to forget her but she seemed to keep popping up.

“Thank you for the concern but I have got it under control.”

I told him. He did not say much about it after that because his job was done I suppose it was now up to me. My phone rang and it was Naledi’s father.

“We need to meet. Don’t come to the house because I am worried that we could be being watched!”

He said and that was rather dramatic.


I asked him.

“You were not joking about your boss! He has taken us to task and the department. This is bad and I don’t want this to hit the news otherwise we will have more problems!”

He said and I could sense the worry in his voice.

“Where can we meet?”

I asked him.

“I will send you the details!”

He said.

“Tumi we have to go for a meeting. I told you that contract was going to lead us in trouble now look!”

I said very annoyed.

“28.270.S 23.418.E”

That’s the message I got.

“The fuck…”

I said out loud and I showed Tumi.

“This dude is weird. Who gives you coordinates? You will end up in a body bag. I am not going!”

He said immediately taking off his shoes.

“Dude come on!”

I pleaded with him.

“I also know how dangerous that guy is and I value my life!”

He added. I was not comfortable with this too.

What now?

******The End******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

The last time I wrote a letter here was in 2014 and I am proud of you honestly to still be writing this long. Greetings to all.

I was married to my ex husband for 8 years. He was abusive and a drunkard most of that time. I was no saint either because I cheated most of our marriage. It was hard not to when I had a man who disappeared for days and when he was around was always shouting. During that time however I used his work benefits to get myself an education and now I am in a very good job. As soon as the job came through I asked for a divorce packed my bags and left. I am 34 now and I have two kids with my ex husband. When he lost me he turned his life around and when I drop off the kids he is a saint. The problem is he has a new girlfriend now which I wouldn’t care about if it was not my younger sister! I am not talking about a relative I am talking about the 3rd born in my family me being the 1st. Our parents died and we only have each other the 3 of us and for her to have done this I am so angry. I don’t know what to do. The kids were the first to tell me that she was always there and when I confronted her she reminded me of all the times I had cheated on him and actually called it karma. I am so hurt and I hate my ex husband for this but why am I failing to hate my sister too? She is the one who is blood and betrayed me. I feel like killing him and I have thought about this so often now I am now struggling to keep myself sane.

What can I do to stop this relationship?

Thank You


14 thoughts on “Majuba 72

  1. I take it I’m not the only one who Googled the coordinates…………………….lol

    Bhut’Mike this is starting to feel like I’m reading MTBM (Memmoirs of a Tired Black Man).
    The suspense is great but its dragging on a bit manje.

  2. Why do I get a feeling that your husband and your sister have been doing the nasty behind your back all along! I mean where does this sudden romance come from all of a sudden.

  3. Betrayed, I have a feeling that your husband did not love you much or regretted marrying you. Why else would he be a drunkard and abuse and when you leave that changes all of a sudden? What they are doing to you is witchcraft, what does your sister do? maybe she/they are also jealous of your success (you studied and have a good job). I don’t know how to advise you; this is sick nje.

  4. Thanks Team…
    Your sister and ex deserve each other – both cut from the same cloth! Just let it go, forgive, accept and move on with your life.

  5. Problem is they are doing this for your attention.

    Ex knows how to keep hurting you.
    This is a low blow

    Try the talking to your sister approach, I mean over and over again till she understands your concerns.

    If all fails then let them be.

    None are worth a jail sentence

  6. a mining town in the Northen Cape, i smell trouble.
    @ Betrayed let your ex husband have your sister at least she will take care of your children

  7. Hi Mike and fellow DOAZG addicts

    I’ve noticed that this blog raises a lot of interesting topics at the start of each chapter. I’d like to hear your opinions. here’s a quote from this chapter.

    “This is something new I have noticed; lately a lot of people are starting to appreciate their African traditions.
    It’s almost as though the Black Lives Matter also came with if you dint appreciate traditions then you are fake. Let’s be honest, most Africans are embarrassed of their traditions”

    I’m not embarrassed its just that these traditions are mostly outdated. that’s what black people did because it seemed to work at the time regardless of the long term effects. TV teaches us a new and better way of thinking and doing things. I’m talking about spanking children and domestic abuse. Never listening to children when they’re being scolded instead you not supposed to talk back. there’s also the topic of lobola, it delays the marriage process. During negotiations the adults are usually more concerned about benefitting financially rather that helping the couple establish themselves. After you pay lobola as a man you must also pay for the traditional ceremony, white wedding and the rings. Another hot topic is of black tax, as an African you are responsible for the upkeep of your parents, siblings and their children since you “made it” in life. I think it is unfair on the individual who worked hard to accomplish something so they can be able to support themselves and their children. Currently slay queens are so focused on looking good and attracting rich men, fast forward 5 or 10 years later they’re plan didn’t work. they now have 2,3 or 4 fatherless children who are now supposed to be the brothers or sister who secured their future’s responsibility. Even our parents they didn’t work hard to be financially independent (otherwise there wouldn’t be older people we work with in our respective fields) are we now to assume responsibility for their lack of ambition? the cycle continues boys are chasing swagg and girls are chasing rich men… fast forward 20 years their children start working and must now support their parents. Mara why???? Compared to white people who buy their children cars by 18 years and houses by 21 years hence fulfilling the role of parenting which is to provide, nurture and support.

    I would really like to hear opinions from everyone. Parents, single mothers, family providers, brother at the street corners what is your view? how do we find common ground? which parts of tradition should we take forward and which should be left behind? Another thing is why should we be proud to be black if we have so much burdens or parasite mentalities?

    Please forgive me if I’ve hurt your feelings. Your thoughts?

  8. Belara!!!! I applaud you. That’s a handful, I wanna read it over and over again. all I can say is the vicious clycle is getting worse we aint improving at all, from sugar daddies to blessers, now we have slay queens, whats uplifting about that?

  9. Belara, I agree wholeheartedly with you! I’m a fan of the saying “my choices, my decisions, my consequences” and I try live my life by that. I do not want to be a burden to anybody hence why I live my life in such a way that I can only ever add info other people’s lives instead of take away.

    We must all bear the consequences of our choices in life whatever it may be. If you’re a slay queen and you go out and get infected, that’s your cross to bear. You cannot come home and burden Gogo with a dying self and still refuse to take ARVs or find a low paying job that can help with the pension at home because it’s beneath you.

    We as black people survive, we do not live. Planning for the future and saving, budgeting, saying no to parasitic family members, are all ways in which we can improve our lives. Ubuntu is sadly being taken for granted because If we are all for each other then how come only some people keep giving and others keep taking?

    It is a vicious cycle indeed especially when it comes to how our families are structured. Just because Gogo was a single mother doesn’t mean that the following 5 generations need to follow that example. Children don’t have to be born out of wedlock. That’s why we are unable to respect a family. That’s why young men think it’s ok not to be there for their kids cos mom was a single parent. That’s why girls don’t know how to be loved because they don’t know what to expect from a man. We need to fix this.!

    Men need to learn to be responsible. You are not entitled to sex and reproducing. You need to set good examples for your families because ultimately that’s what it boils down to

    We need to do better as a people. It starts with self reflection. We are so proud of our cultures but we don’t uphold its moral and ethical values. We like the beautiful prints but we do not like the teachings that come with our culture.

    We need to do better.

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