Majuba 76

My marriage was not a tomb, it was a prison. No matter how I looked at it there was always something up with this

woman. Now I was asking myself where she had gone and if she was ok? This is not what I had wanted but she had to know the truth and this truth was meant to have made her not want to stay with me. Her leaving the house therefore gave me hope that maybe my plan had worked but the longer I sat there the more I contemplated the consequences. This could backfire badly actually if she ends up doing the thing I did not want her doing in the place. She still had that information on me and everyone else. Her absence in the house meant I could look for computer and it’s exactly what I did. I searched everywhere possible but it was not there. I don’t even think it was in the house. It had to be at her sister then meaning I had to go see Nonjabulo as soon as possible. That’s the only other place I could think off. I looked at the time and it was getting late. Where was this woman?

“Londiwe where are you? Come back we need to talk!”

That’s all I could say in the voice message. What else was left for me to say?

“Please call me when you get this I am getting worried! I am sorry about how things came out and I really would want us to sit down and talk about this please!”

I told her in the voice note. I hate leaving them I always feel like they will be used against you eventually and you will regret them in future. Look at that kid that had to leave Mike a voice with her mother wa marethe! Now it’s gone viral and the kid is humiliated.

“Be calm Vusi!”

I told myself every few minutes to prevent myself from worrying. I did not have to sit alone for long because immediately after there was a knock on the door. I jumped up to go check whom it was. It could not be Londiwe though because realistically she did not have to knock to enter her own house.

“Nobuhle hi!”

I said to my neighbour but I froze too. This woman was dressed. So inappropriate for a second there I lost my words.


Was the thought that went through my mind at that moment? She was wearing those silk like gowns that barely covered her bum. That was not all because I could see underneath she was wearing what I can only describe as pyjama bum shorts and a bra top.


She said. I know as a man we are told that don’t comment on a woman’s clothing and if you look at her clothes no matter what they suggests you are a pervert an d very much belong in the all men are trash crowd.

“Hey Vusi where is your wife there is something I forgot to tell her!”

She said.

“She uhm..”

I lost concentration for a millisecond there as her boobs threatened to spill out of the probably one size too small bra thing whatever you call it.

“Vusi, eyes up!”

She said laughing which made me feel rather ashamed because I did not intend to look at her like that. I was not those men.

“Sorry, she left hey I think she went to her sisters I am not sure. She left in a rush!”

I told her.

“Oh bummer!”

She said twirling her foot. I am certain this woman was flirting but I could not tell for sure because women don’t normally flirt with me. I am not that guy yet again and to make matters worse why would she flirt with me. Her husband was a giant for crying out loud why would she want to end up with me a midget.

“Can I come in and wait for her it’s important? Besides I am home alone and I don’t want to sit by myself!”

She said and walked into my flat leaving me standing at the door looking confused.

“Nobuhle I don’t know when she is coming back she could be sleeping over there!”

I told her.

“Its ok, will give her 30 minutes then I will leave!”

She said to me. I stood a bit longer at the door before I closed it.

“I am sorry to budge into you like this because that was not my intention. I thought uLondiwe would be here I did not realize that you would be alone!”

She said.

“What’s nice on TV?”

She asked me oblivious of the fact that she was practically naked. If this was the devil tempting me right now he was doing a good job.

“Nobuhle I don’t think you should be here! This is inappropriate. If you want to sit with me please go dress up!”

I told her. At this time I could feel my loins stir and I was not doing it on purpose. I know it’s easy for women to highlight the weakness of men but sometimes the physical anatomy has a way of working it out for itself that the pheromones are coming from this direction.

“Oh I am sorry I did not realize that I was making you uncomfortable. Londiwe always says that you are incorruptible and I guess she was right! I was not trying to test you though!”

She said and she stood up. Why is it when a woman who is not yours is dressed in the same clothes your woman wears she looks sexier than the before mentioned. I am not making it up. I did not want this woman at all yet my body seemed to say otherwise.

“Its ok please leave! I will tell Londiwe that you were here!”

I told standing at the door already with it open. I had no time for these cheap tricks honestly.

“Ok then thanks!”

She said and she left. I did not look at her walk away because that would obviously have given her the satisfaction she wanted.

“What just happened?”

I asked myself as after I closed the door behind me. I waited for Londiwe and made several calls to her phone but it’s just rang. I was tempted to go to the police but that would just add more unnecessary drama. Wherever she went she will be back when she was ready? I went to the bedroom and got into my pyjamas but I could not sleep. I chose to read. Around midnight I had the key and the door open. I knew who it was, it was Londiwe.


She shouted from the door as she entered.


She shouted again.

“Why are you shouting? I am in bed what is it?”

I asked her angry.

“Ok so I went to fetch her!”

She said coldly.

“Fetch who?”

I asked her pretending to be uninterested. She was out of order as is she cannot come into the house shouting like this and I act as though that’s fine.

“Where have you been? Did you not see that I tried calling you and you did not bother answering?”

I asked her angrily.

“Oh that hurts you? When you were ignoring my calls since you left how did you think I felt? Did you think it was fun being blue ticked and your phone ringing until voice mail? You think it was nice for me?”

She asked me this barrage of questions angrily. Ok maybe I had asked the wrong question because she was not happy at all with what I had asked. It’s easy to play hurt when you ignore people but when they return the favour it’s not nice at all. I knew that now.

“Ok fine who did you go and get!”

I asked her changing the topic without answering her questions. They had hit home so I knew I would not win that one.

“Come see for yourself!”

She said. I woke up and put on my gown then headed to the sitting room. There on the couch sat Naledi. Naledi is light skinned and because of this I could see imprinted on her face a distinct shape of a hand. Londiwe had slapped and if that imprint was anything to go by she had slapped very hard.


I said as soon as I recognized that.

“Londiwe what have you done?”

I asked her.

“I went and spoke to your whore woman to woman and now we have an understanding right wena sfebe?”

Londiwe said angrily to Naledi.

“I said I am sorry isn’t?”

Naledi said. I could see that she was completely terrified of Londiwe and frankly speaking I was a little afraid of her too sometimes.

“Yes you did but I wanted him to see how pathetic you really are! Vusi this is what you left me for? A backbone less woman who will cheat on you the first time she gets!”

Londiwe said to me angrily. She went to the bathroom and I heard her running water leaving me with Naledi.

“Naledi I am so sorry!”

I told her. I did not whisper because I was not going to be scared of Londiwe.

“Don’t apologize, I deserved it. You told me you were married and I still went for you! I am the one who told her to hit me to get it out of her system! I didn’t think she actually would but guess I miscalculated!”

And now this? She had allowed herself to be hit and humiliated by another just so she can get her pound of flesh. That was creepy!

“Are you serious? What if she killed you in the process?”

I asked her.

“You are dramatic! Let her have her moment!”

Naledi said!

Now this was the true definition of a bad bitch. Londiwe walked back into the lounge with a towel which was steaming. She thrust it towards Naledi and said,

“Here, place it on your face so it won’t swell!”

It was not a kind gesture I think it was more to protect herself in case this one pressed charges.


Naledi said.

“So now that we have established dominance, Vusi the next step is yours. I am not going to ask you to choose between the two of us!”

Londiwe said as though it mattered to me.


I said.

“Naledi, I don’t hate you! You did nothing wrong. I have a proposal for you!”

Londiwe said,

“What’s the proposal?”

Naledi asked.

“I think Vusi should marry us both since we are both pregnant! No child deserves to grow up without a father!”

She said and I literally fell of my chair.

Uyahlanya lo ntombazana!

*********The End***********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I have always wanted to write a letter to you but I have always been too embarrassed to do so. Today here I am and I really hope you can help.

I am 24 and have lived at home all my life. I don’t think I have ever slept out of the house for more than two days. I lost my virginity at 17 but all the guys I have slept with (3) we have always had sex and I go home. I have a new man, we have been dating 3 months now and we have never slept together. He has booked us away for the weekend and I am ready to sleep with him. The problem is I don’t know what to tell my parents about where I am going. I have never been the child that sleeps out so guys please help me make up a lie. I want to go with this guy and oh it will also be my first time on a flight. We are going to Durban which also will be my first time. I don’t even know what to pack and the reason why I can’t ask my close friends for advice is because they might gossip. I don’t have a job so I can’t say it’s for work. I am doing my final year through UNISA and because my father helps me with my assignments he knows I have nothing due so I can’t even say it’s for studying. I feel so pathetic right now but come what may Durban I am going. Of the two my mother is the one I can tell but the problem is I risk her telling my father because my parents are best friends and don’t keep secrets.

I feel trapped guys please give me some advice.

Thank You


18 thoughts on “Majuba 76

  1. uyahlanya lo ntombazana for sure hahaha.. ay this gets better and better. Thanks Mike. Yoh Vusi is im demand now, so many women after his meat. Eish im loving this story 😍

  2. Haaaaa uyahlanya Londiwe n each day dus lady comes with pathetic desicions, Vusi needs to man up.
    Gal in watever u doing becareful

  3. Ta Mike thanks for not disappointing.

    Nervous how well do you know your current boyfriend?with the abduction of women and killing lately I wouldn’t risk going that far with anyone as yet..Worse part you are not working.What if he leaves you there stranded and with nowhere to go?I am not saying don’t go,but aren’t there any places nearby that you guys can go to if this is about sleeping with him?I am just scared for you hey.But your mind is made up anyway,I hope you will come up with your own lie.

  4. You know that phrase that goes like “dull and dangerous ” that’s Londiwe right there. Men when will you learn a dull woman will destroy you to the core. Ke masipa fela.
    @nervous if you have a relative you can trust who stays far, sister aunt or cousin just saying you’re sleeping over there and let them confirm your story.

  5. A clear evidence of Modimo ha a fe ka letsogo. Vusi is in a position where he chows outside and his gal says marry the side as well. Bea Mike can u get me a meeting with Bra Vusi when I grow up I wanna be jst like him

  6. @nervous at sum point u gonna run out of lies thrn what? Sum of us went through serious beatings for that freedom of sleeping out..i remember i used 2 sneak out b4 generations and come back the next morning and get isibhaxu but the next day i will do it again until my parents just gave sent mom 2 talk 2 me about contraceptives and condoms

  7. Hai uLondiwe ukwelinye nje inqanaba – let me leave it there
    Nervous – I understand why you would be nervous but I think you should at least tell your mum the truth, it is better for them to know where you are; people disappear these days what with all the human trafficking doing its rounds you never know (I’m not suggesting that your boyfriend is a human trafficker) but I’d feel safer knowing my parents know where I am and with who.

  8. @nervous, you are 24 sisi. At some point you need to have an open relationship with your parents (maybe your mom) regarding your relationships. Maybe now would be a good time to start. Making up a story might backfire in the long run so rather don’t.

  9. nervous i used to be in your situation the time i was at your age, what i will normally do, i will get one of my sisters to tell my mom that there is a catering event and they need extra hands, and i could do with the bit of extra cash.
    returning back home i will buy food at spar or PnP put it a takeaway container and tell them that, they are left overs from the event
    and your guy must give you cash when you return as proof of payment

  10. Nervous. whatever you do. don’t lie about the location. Just tell them you going with a friend of yours she won tickets or something. I know how u feel.. I also struggle with having an open Relationship with my mom.

  11. I’m 25 I understand your situation. I groomed my mom telling her I have a boyfriend and she is angry when I leave for a weekend to spend time with my boyfriend. The lies caught up with me and it’s really irratating hey

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