Growing Up Relevant

Growing Up – Chapter 67

I have never been a violent person, yes I have had a few fights here and there, but I’ve never been a violent person. I never go to a place ready for a fight, I’m a peaceful person but people like to provoke me. Like my aunt, why in the hell did she want to treat me like a piece of property that will be given to the highest bidder? I am a woman, a real African woman with faults, but I still deserved to be treated like a human being.

I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know whether I was supposed to call an ambulance or carry her to the car. Okay I wasn’t going to be able to carry her to the car, so the only option I had was to call the ambulance. Before I could call an ambulance, I wanted to check whether she was alive, because if she wasn’t, I was going to have to come up with another plan. As I walked slowly towards her body, I prayed silently and asked God to make sure that she was okay. I didn’t care about my aunt, I wouldn’t even care if she dies, but I didn’t want to be the cause of her death. When I got to her body, I knelt down and I kept on saying “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

As I was saying this, someone clapped me and said “You bitch, you might not respect me but I am still your elder. Help me stand up, why did you push me? ”

It was my aunt, she didn’t collapse, she just acted like it because she wanted to see my reaction. That is how twisted and crazy my aunt was.

“You want to kill me or make me land in hospital ne? I can see what you are trying to do, you want to get rid of me so that I don’t get a percentage of your lobola ne? Well ke I’m the only aunt you have and whether you like it or not I will be part of your lobola and the money is going to come to me and I’m going to extend my house and go on holiday with the money.” She said

“In case you didn’t know, lobola money is suppose to help pay for the wedding,” I told her, “But I don’t care what you do with the money because I don’t need it. My hubby has already paid for the wedding, so you can take the lobola money.”

She looked at me for a moment, then she said “What wedding is he paying for because the families haven’t met, we haven’t even decided on the wedding date.”

I told her that my wedding was going to be sooner than she thought, I didn’t want to give her any further details because she could mess things up for me. After I was certain that she was fine, I left and went to meet Miss Vinny.

“Hey darling, I’m so sorry for being late. I was with my man and he didn’t want me to leave.” Miss Vinny said as soon as he arrived at the wedding venue.

I had waited for him for almost an hour but because of the kind of person he was, it was impossible for me to be angry at him. It is just impossible to be angry at fabulosity. Miss Vinny was just that, a very fabulous person. But aren’t all gay guys fabulous? I think they are amazing in everything they do. They are fabulous friends, they have good work ethic and they just always go for what they want. I was really happy that Miss Vinny was going to be a part of my life since she was related to hubby, I was going to make sure that he becomes my second best friend.

“It doesn’t matter sweety, I didn’t wait that long.”

I lied only because I didn’t want him to feel guilty about being late. Only when I stood up to hug him, did I notice that the clothes he was wearing. A long white shirt, blue shorts and a stunning stiletto, a 6 inch stiletto. They way he was rocking that stiletto!!!! Then you find some ladies who can’t walk in kitten heels, but here is a black guy, yes he is gay, but he is a guy and he can walk in a stiletto.

“Girl, I have a bit of an issue. I asked my man to marry me and he said no. We have been together for 2 years and it has been a very healthy relationship. We have spoken about a future together and having our own little family.”

“A Family? But how?” I exclaimed!

“Don’t be stupid Hlengiwe, we are obviously going to adopt. Anyway I don’t understand why he doesn’t want us to get married because he has always wanted it. We argued so many hours and I still don’t understand why he doesn’t want us to tie the knot. So I need advice girl, how did you get Thulani to propose to you and to be part of the wedding planning?”

I don’t know how I did it, actually didn’t do anything. So I just told Miss Vinny that he needs to be patient and understanding. I told him that he must sit down and talk to his man because the poor guy might have deep marriage fears. After speaking to him I realised that all that I failed to do what I just told him to do, I failed to do it with Philani. When we were done with the venue, we went to the florist, bakery, and caterers. I was very impressed with everything so far, it seemed like Miss Vinny had a great sense of style.

When we were done, I went to sit in my car and after much debate with myself, I decided to go and buy some lingerie, then go and surprise my man. He hadn’t been answering my calls since the incident that occurred at my house. His silence worried me alot. He was going to pay lobola in few days and I didn’t want him to change his mind about the lobola. So buying lingerie and surprising him was going to give me an indication of whether he was still mine or not.

The assistant at the shop was probably in her mid-thirties and she was in great shape.

“You look very young to be worried about wearing these things to impress a man.” She said as I was walking around and checking out the options I had.

“Excuse me?”

She repeated what she said. As a shop assistant, instead of discouraging me and telling me about my age, isn’t she supposed to encourage me to buy more than I had initially intended to buy? She clearly didn’t know her job description because if she did, she was not going to be saying all of this to me.

“So you mean I shouldn’t come to this store because I am young? Does this store perhaps have an age restriction, because if it does I will leave immediately?” I asked her.

She looked at me, clearly shocked then said, “Why are you being rude? I was actually complimenting you. What I mean is that you are beautiful and you have an amazing body, so I don’t think you need all of this to turn your man on.”

I know that she was lying, she actually meant the opposite. But because I wasn’t in the mood to argue with her, I apologised to her. I found something I liked then I left. Before going to Apostle Bae’s house, I went home, took a bath, and wore my lingerie underneath a coat.

When I got there, his car was not in the garage so I waited for him, inside the house…..I had the keys now because I was the Madam of the house. When I heard his car drive in, I quickly fixed myself mthen played some music softly. I laid seductively on top of the kitchen counter so that he could see me as soon as he walked in.

“No matter how much they, you must give them. We are the Zungu family and we must show them that money is not an issue to us.” he said as he was opening the door.

I thought he was talking on the phone but I got the shock of my life when I heard him call my name. He was standing at the door, not alone, he was with his father, other old men and 2 young guys.

My father in-law just saw me practically naked.

“Who is this slut Thulani?” 1 of the old men said.

I was embarrassed, not only because I was naked, but because this old man just called me a slut!


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  1. Lol she’s forward shem. Thanks kanyi ☺.kodwa I have an ask
    we get 2 chapters and sometimes it’s 3… kanti how many chapters are we supposed to get? Mike and Khanyi hoping to get ur response.


  2. Hlengy is all over the place. Please sis make the story belieavable.

    Besides, all these men sleeping with her, one of them has to reject her.

    I wonder what Apostle bae will say or do later. i dont it sat well with him that she was seen by all the family members naked

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