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Growing Up – Chapter 68

My whole life, up until I started being a little hoe, no one had ever seen me naked. I wanted things to be that way because that is what we are taught at church. We are taught that we must keep our bodies pure so that our future husbands can be satisfied with us. I failed in keeping my body pure for my husband, and that’s probably the reason why he said we were not going to have a honey-moon. I had managed to stay pure for 22 years of my life, but within a few months I have managed to sleep with 4 guys i.e Philani, Apostle Bae, Mdu and Mr Nhlapo. They were also the only guys that had seen me naked, up until this particular day. Now my father in-law and other men I don’t know have seen my body, they all know my sexy body.

“No Uncle this isn’t a slut, this is my fiancé. Hlengiwe Zulu, the woman who is going to make my house a home.” Apostle Bae said and that made me blush.

They were all still standing at the door, staring at me like vultures. I didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t even cover my body because I didn’t have anything next to me.

One of the young guys said “Hai Big brother, I am proud of you, you have outdone yourself this time.”

“That’s true man phela this woman is way more beautiful than your 1st wife. Yoh we have a huge challenge now, were are we going to get girls that are going to match your wife’s standards?” the other guy said in agreement.

Apostle Bae laughed, then said “You 2 shut up, you are making my baby shy. Can you please all go to the patio, I will find you there.”

After saying that he walked straight to me, gave me a hug and kissed me. The way he was touching me, got me so wet. I wanted him right there and then, but just when things were getting heated, he stopped kissing me.

“You are so sexy and I want you baby but we can’t do anything right now because of my family. Go to the room and get dressed so that you can leave.” Apostle bae said. I tried to sulk and beg him to let me sleep over but he just said

“I want you too baby, but if you want my family to respect you, you shouldn’t sleep over.”

What did he mean if I wanted them to respect me, I shouldn’t sleep over? How will sleeping over my man’s house make them lose respect for me? I just don’t understand how that works. I didn’t know how his family operated so I didn’t argue with him. I didn’t even go to announce my departure to his family because I was still embarrassed.

When I arrived home, I found Sihle asleep. I didn’t know what to do, so I logged on facebook. I found an inbox from Mdu wishing me luck for my lobola. I decided to ask him where he was, he told me he was at his house, so I told him that I wanted to talk to him. I was lying though I didn’t want to talk to him, I wanted some action. Before you judge me guys, remember that I wanted to get laid but I was denied that opportunity. So I was going to get what I want, whether it’s from my man or another man.

I was still wearing my lingerie, so I just drove to his house. When I got there, he looked worried and asked me what was wrong. I just laughed and took of my coat, he tried to look away but I went to sit on top of him.

“Why are you doing this Hlengiwe?”

“Because I want you to have my cookie tonight, it might be last time you will get to chow me and I am giving it to you. Tonight I am all yours.” I said and that surprised him.

He carried me to his bedroom, we kissed then he went down on me. Oh my it was total heaven…..when he put his erect penis in my very wet cookie, it felt really refreshing. You know that feeling you get if you had been thirsty all day and you finally get a glass of water at the end of the day? Yes that ‘ahhh’ feeling, that is what I was feeling in that moment. The 1st time we had sex, I didn’t remember anything, but now I was experiencing a great sex-a-thon with him. He was really good, and he fed my appetite. I honestly didn’t even feel guilty, why should I feel guilty for having such great sex? I was never going to have sex with another man ever again except my husband ever again, so this was worth it.

In the morning I felt while he was sleeping, I was not in the mood for any awkward moments. Nothing interesting happened in the next following days and before I knew it, it was Saturday, my mini big day, the Lobola day! It was a mini big day because the big day was obviously going to be the wedding day. I was so excited, this was it….the beginning of the rest of my life with my man. Never in my life had I thought that I would get married to an Apostle. After the lobola and wedding day, I was officially going to be the 1st lady, the Pastors wife. I have always knew that God wanted to use me for His Kingdom, so this was probably his way to make sure that I will always be His servant. I was going to be an important person in people’s lives, some were going to look up to me, some were going to come to me for advice, so for financial assistance but I was ready. I had been through alot in my life, so I was more than ready for this new phase in my life, which was going to start soon after the wedding.

Sihle and I cleaned the house, then made breakfast.

“Hlengi are you sure that you want to spend the rest of your life with this guy? Is he the type of man you want to wake up next to for the rest of your life? Do you want him to be the father of your children?” Sihle asked.

“I can’t believe you are even asking me this question. Of course I want to spend the rest of my life with him and I know we will make cute babies because he is super fine and I’m totally beautiful. Waking up next to him won’t be a problem because he is good looking. Don’t worry friend, I can fill it in my spirit that he is the one for me.”

“Okay girl, I just want you to be sure about this, because after today you might not be able to change your mind.” She said. I assured her that I was not going to change my mind and that Apostle Bae and I loved each other to the core.

When we were done having breakfast, we drove to my aunt’s place because that is where the negotiations were going to take place.

“Hlengiwe still has a home and it is very beautiful when compared to your house. The lobola negotiations must be held there sisi.” My uncle once told her one day when I was at her house, but she still insisted that they be held at her house because she is ‘like a mom to me’- her words. My aunt was a bully of note, she bullied her brothers, her husband and her kids. So they ended up agreeing with her because she was not going to back down.

Some of you are probably wondering why I was taking Sihle along because lobola negotiations are a private family thing. Well Sihle has become more than a friend to me, she is a sister. I write her name as my next of kin, her name is on speed dial and it is also saved as my in case of emergency. That is how much she meant to me, I loved her and appreciated her presence in my life. Unlike Tsiamo, she has always been there for me and vice versa.

When we arrived at my aunt’s place, she was busy cooking and singing, and she looked very happy.

“Why are you cooking aunt?” I asked her as soon as we had settled in the house.

“Well Hlengi, after the negotiations we have to serve your in laws food. But I am not cooking anything serious, I am just making salads and your cousins will braai the meat.” She told me.

I just nodded and went to greet the people who were in the lounge. I didn’t believe my eyes, I saw my mother’s cousins who I last saw at her funeral. They didn’t even come to my sister’s funeral because they didn’t stand to gain anything with her death. When I entered the room , they all a ululated.

“You have grown up Hlengiwe, last time we saw you, you were younger. Now you are grown woman about to start her own family. Your mother would be proud of you.” One of them said, I forgot their names because we were never close.

I just nodded and left them there. I went to sit with Sihle and my cousin in the other room. My in-laws were going to arrive at 9, it was already 8:30. I was panicking but my aunt seemed very cool and told me to relax. It was 8:45 when my uncles arrived, but they didn’t arrive alone.

They arrived with the guy I had sex with a few days ago Mdu, and 2 of his family elders.

What if he told them about our night?

My aunt was smiling like she just won the lottery. They were really going to auction me and give me to the highest bidder.

Before I knew it, I took the biggest object next to me and threw it at my aunt!

47 thoughts on “Growing Up – Chapter 68

  1. I honestly do not feel this plot at all. I believe I am very matured to be following such content. I can’t.

    1. I feel you in that regard. I guess its supposed to be immature but on the other hand some things just don’t add up. All the characters have no substance or actual personality. There is no real reason for their actions. I’m not sure what to think of this storyline anymore

    2. If the music is too loud maybe you’re too old. I think the Target is early to late 20s…. Some of us really enjoy this story unlike that YES one during the week.

      1. i beg to differ i am in my early 20’s and i feel that she is losing the plot, i use to like it but i feel that some of the things are far fetched, especially the 2 chapters from this weekend

  2. Hlengiwe is so ghetto lol. *Claps Once *
    Can’t wait to see how the negotiations will go that’s if she didn’t kill her aunt ofcourse.

  3. The story line is stupid. Especially the way Thulani’s family reacted to seeing Hlengy naked. Hlengy’s character just seems so unbelievable and her actions make no sense. I was really hoping this blog would improve but I was wrong. Looks like I’ll have find something else to read on Sundays.

  4. I agree the plot doesnt make sense it feels like it was written by a 16year old who is fascinated by sex and violence. The decisions Hlengiwe makes dont make sense, how can your inlaws find you naked and laugh about it? Please find another writer.

  5. Hayi Khanyi, u’ve lost the plot cc, lecharacter kaHlengy is all over the place, skingathi sifunda ezidiary zomakhwapheni ngoku, your story line is just not polished

  6. I couldn’t agree more with the comments…I too don’t seem to get the plot nor the storyline.

  7. 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴
    Wake me up when it’s over!

  8. But thts y its called growing up thou…it will obviously take an ” immature ” angle…asazj njalo.

  9. Thanx sis Khanyi but yes your storyline is just not polished…..hlengy is such an idiot instead of stopping Mdu to bid for her she gave him honey pot and yet uyazi leliqola elu aunt wakhe alidlali mnxi!

  10. Ay ngeke shame thina we are used to well written stories.This one ay ay👎👎👎it not boring but ay ngeke it needs someone older to handle it.
    Cc I say please read any of the diaries za Bhut Mike maybe u”ll see what we are complaining about.Yes we know that people have dfferent writing styles but your storyline is not real. I do feel like it was written buy a 16 yera old girl fascinated bu SEX. We did not come to this blog just to read about sex; rather we want able to be able to have the picture of tje charactersn our minds.Here th router characters are all ovr ay ngeke.
    Pleass I tried by all means not to be negative but the was no way of saying it

  11. if u don’t like the story u must read something else dont ask Mike for another story… yes something is missing here bt il keep reading the story till the end and hopefully there will be some improvements, thank you

  12. I’ve been a total fool for love but I like this….This story not even my gullible friends act s stupidly.

  13. With so many readers (comments more than blogs during the week) we should have a better story Mike. This is really not for your audience in thia blog. Soon you’ll have advertisers pulling out cos we will stop clicking, this is too childish

  14. I did marketing… theres what we call market segmentation…. this blog targets a specific market so Not all of you will like this blog…. I’m surprised you keep complaining but You still reading…. there are plenty of blogs that you can read you guys, stop being harsh hawu.

  15. great work Khanyi, writing a blog is no child’s play. anyone who feels like they need a good read go buy yourself a book, le tlogele gore bhora mo

  16. Mxm complaints nje, if u don’t wanna read anymore go n find something better,next time dnt be harsh, just comment politely. Ja it might need improvement but not kanje guys… Qhubeka Kanyi silalele. Hlengiwe y ungabuzanga u pastor bae nge first wife, I ddnt know kut wake waba nayo… Or imina ngazange ngifunde kahle?

  17. I’m sure kutsi all of u who posted ur comments have gown and u alrdy kno wer u r nd hv dne al that shidd n what not… as u can see its clld growing up.. wht more are u asking for? anekele uKhanyi sha and go read ama story lahambisana nale level enikuyo..
    js bcz 1person posted abt hw immature it is nd y’al r following tht… futsi ninjalo nje y’all gonna read again on sunday. if u dnt enjy it dnt bore us with ur coments js stop reading it nd go fo ur mature novels.

  18. This story is perfectly fine that’s y it’s called growing up.. Hlengi is still growing up n all her actions is that of a girl growing up without proper guidance if you bored by the storyline stop reading. As for Khanyi u go gal bt please give us more lessons n less sex

  19. Wait,..i thought hlengy met apostle father at her sister ‘s funeral…i thought the pastor’s father was their mother ex boyfriend…,this is very stupid…you need to understand your story before we can understand it

  20. Good work writer.if you can pay attention in positioning your characters in terms of their direct intensions.its apromising blog.followers we need to give comstructive critisim not the under rated comments if we want progress in the writers

  21. I was enjoying your blog Khanyi even though Hlengy was outrangeously stupid at times. Well done by giving us a taste of your writting skills. Was hoping the plot was gona take a different turn. I enjoyed it a lot. In this walk of life not everyone is gona clap for for you, but if you knw you’ve done the best you could do, there is really no need to shake. Keep on ….God bless you

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