Chapter Five

Look I am not a groupie or anything like that but here was a real life celeb in front of me. What’s a girl to do… Eish! I screamed ecstatically and hugged her. Poor girl didn’t know what hit her shem for she was quite startled at first but handled it gracefully. We took a few pictures, S was the camera man and didn’t seem too excited but I am an original Zulu girl woooo shem I didn’t give a fuck. As soon as she walked away I updated my FB, Twitter and Bbm status “At All White Hennessy Party chilling with my girl Barbs” put up our pic as my propic then ended with a BAM! I could feel my friends envy when they asked me via social networks where I was and what I was doing with Barbs. After calming myself down S pulled me to the side for a chat and said “We are not going to behave like groupies! Don’t act tjatjarag and stop screaming at celebs like a pregnant teen in labour”. She was so annoyed and walked away. What had I done now!?  She calmed down when we saw G and his crew. She was kissing him the moment she sat next to him. As she was sitting next to him I had no space and after he had touched my ass the previous night I preferred to sit as far away from him as possible.

I sat next to the guy who had driven us and because of his snake skin shoes I shall call him Python for he really was a slithery character. In his white pants white shirt open two buttons at the top with a gold chain he just looked sleek. He also had some form of a perm almost Didier Drogba like. If I was in Mooi River I would have called him disgusting but here there was just something sexy about him. His watch literally had bling for it kept on reflecting to the disco lights. P was on my case. He started talking me and kept on putting his hands on my legs as though he had nowhere else to place them.  I kept on removing them. He started telling me what he does for a living. P was in import and export specializing in designer clothing. He told me how he can contacts in the States and the Uk and even offered to take me abroad if I had a passport. I told him I didn’t have one and found myself laughing for back home a passport was a big thing. The furthest place I had ever been was Cape Town once and that had felt like going overseas. I had never even been on a plane so I listened eagerly. With the drinks starting to flow I was getting a bit tipsy and with all the promises this guy was making I started not minding where his hands were. There was a little dance floor and when my song played I felt like dancing. I dragged P to the dancefloor and for a muscular man I must say he moved fairly well. Only problem though was his favorite dance involved touching mys ass. I caught a glimpse of Barbs talking to someone that looked like Nonhle T but I was sure. Celebs were people after all but all that was forgotten when P kissed me. I won’t lie his lips were warm and welcoming and it just felt perfect even though I didn’t feel him that much. Jhb was magic! His phone rang and he asked me to go sit for a while because it was his business connection calling from France so it could take a while.

Now alone everyone seemingly engaged I started to take note of my surroundings. We have gay people back home but in this place it was a bit much. I had no gay friend and at that moment was not about to. How do you interact with them? They seem overly sensitive and are way too dramatic. I am girly I know but they were too much for me. They clearly loved attention but how they were so loud and in your face. S seemed to know half of them. One guy in particular was wearing some form of leggings and no offense to the gay community but a man has no business wearing leggings. I don’t think he was wearing underwear to be honest for there was an unsightly bulge on his nether area. I stared for a moment but I realized I was the only one deeply confused and disturbed by this as everyone seemed so content with it even the straight guys. There were a couple of greasy looking white guys one with so much gel in his hair it was nasty. They had these dark skinned bold headed girls with them skinny as fuck who looked like they had last eaten a year ago. Skinny is not sexy no matter what way you look at it. They looked like they were starving. I couldn’t help but imagine them pregnant and I immediately imagined a zit on my forehead eeeeuw!

This being a Henessy Party there really wasn’t much else on offer to eat or drink. When I figured I was getting drunk I stopped drinking because I was getting hungry that’s when I realized its been an hour since P had left. I could not find S anywhere but Gorilla was sitting on the couches with a group of people talking AFCON. Really!  Soccer at a party. P had a phonecall and had gone in the house for a quiet place. I decided that I needed to eat so I went after P to try and ask him to take me to go buy food. With all the kissing and touching he was my man (for the night at least)! The house of it was big and as we were sitting by the pool lapa areas I entered through the sliding door. It was bit confusing but I couldn’t see him for they were people everywhere. I didn’t know anyone and couldn’t ask if they had seen P. I realised I needed to P. I asked one of the Security people where I could go and he told me that this bathroom was full so I must go upstairs second door on the left. I really had to go for I could feel it coming. So I ran up the stairs and without thinking opened the door without knocking.

There in the corner was my man for the night, Python, fucking some poor girl mercilessly. The girls legs were spread eagled like a chicken and only when they turned to see who had opened the door did I see who the girl was… It was S!!!

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  1. Oh my word S n P aint friends u should be associating with coz I dnt think they would gv it a thot b4 they put the knife on that poor blinded back.

  2. Lol@”because of his snake skin shoes I shall call him Python for he really was a slithery character”.

    My oh My,i am impressed with your writing.Very Cohesive!

  3. “Don’t act tjatjarag and stop screaming at celebs like a pregnant teen in labour”

    OMG!!! Lol where have you ever ???????

  4. Kwaaaaa!!!! I repeat, this girl breathes life into me! ℓ☺ℓ and I’m not really shocked by S’s behaviour, somewhat predictable. However, P should take the fall. Women always get the sort end of the stick whilst guys get overlooked.

  5. Y dd i discover dis… Dis late at night (00:21) being a readaholic. I want to finish reading dis… Wow interesting *moving to da next chapter*

  6. man has no business wearing leggings. I don’t think he was wearing underwear to be honest for there was an unsightly bulge on his nether area>lol oh my shit S is a b…….

  7. S gud 4 nthng cuzn…..eeeeww…..she is such a whore…..nd dat Python thing…..dis name jus suits him perfectly…..cnt wait 4 another chapter!!!!!

  8. i wanna go to bed but i just cant stop reading…hawu kodwa S…usedkwe kuhle kwe chicken dust kwaaaaaaa

  9. this blog carries wisdom.you get some dingy characters out there .S is plain dodgy.i wish Zulu girl could end this friendship already.

  10. S is a slut indeed.isn’t the Gorilla enough for her. Ijo!
    We need this drama on Tv Mike.
    LMAO “stop screaming at celebs like a pregnant teen in labour”
    Flips 2 Nxt chaptr.

  11. “because of his snake skin shoes I shall call him Python for he really was a slithery character” LOL

    But S thou *claps once*

  12. Lol damn i though as much when S was no where to be seen nd P’s long phone call that they may be somewhere out there doing purnyako hahaha

  13. Excellent writting skills I should say. This I would love to see on screen. I’m very tired, should b sleeping but I’m off to the next chapter….

  14. Ooooh lala Pythoni bathong,doing it with S ijo this is getting intersting….I just love this story..WOW!!!

  15. hahaha as for “With all the kissing and touching he was my man (for the night at least)!” lol aowa S mara

  16. Wooooow I dnt believe dt gal was *S* arggg S is so bitchy n a fortune seeker jeeeez da gal is really bad! Othr wise da story is stil interestin…I cnt wait for da nxt chaptr

  17. Kkkwwwaaak cz of his snake skin shoes I’ll call him python. Funny indeed. S is a real slut dats nt ayoba. Moving on to chapter 6

  18. Wat???? S fucking yo man? isn’t she G’s gal, nooo dnt tell me she a prostitute!! I lyk the names of yo characters. Funny wat u name them after. hooked

  19. My Goodness!I told myself I was just going 2 take a gander @ this,I mean ‘what does a Pedi man know abt Zulu girls’ I thought,but here I am @ ch4,S reminds of a flatmate I had in Jhb who tried 2 pull me in2 this seedy world.Nigerians even called her Oluchi,I was so appalled when I turned arnd when things went quiet and saw her being fucked b4 my very eyes,Yho shem! this book should b published,turned into a series,movie etc.I love it.Tired of Intersexions & rehashings of tired ‘modernised’ shakespeare…this is real and fresh

  20. Lol…..chick u’re super Funny..”Spread edagled like a chicken”…I must say I’m enjoying this boook,Thankx 2 my bestfrnd Xolli!…

  21. I’m glad some1 introduced me this this writting I can’t put my phone down damn this is good..S I can’t believe it the girl is a real bitch sorry to say.I shall call him P for the snakes shoes hahahaha tjo let me read the next 1

  22. Don’t act tjatjarag and stop screaming at celebs like a pregnant teen in labour”..hahahaha S though

  23. Yoh! Now its getting worse! Mr P and Mr G are hitting on one Ms S. She’s so stupit. Let’s go on to the next chapter! Interesting. The narration is perfect. Big ups!!
    I care less abt the gramma and all that crap! After all I get the msg clearly

  24. I thought as much, P and S having… When a guy and a girl are friends , there should be boundaries, even the way they greet each other. There is a line that should never be crossed. I mean they greeted each other, one could tell they are sleeping together if not yet, thinking of doing it. I could imagine the look of our Zulu girl now,shame.

  25. Oh Lord..that Snake is really getting into my nerves now..she’s more like a prostitute..Hope da Zulu girl doesn’t end up being like her!:(

  26. Looool Hell on earth, S is recruiting prostitutes nd poor Mooi River girl is one of the target candidate. I dnt mnd grammar, for there is coherence. Loool lol I love ur writing style. Its a diary anyway.

  27. “Don’t act tjatjarag and stop screaming at celebs like a pregnant teen in labour”….wow this story is indeed intrestin…*impressed*

  28. With all the kissing and touching he was my man (for the night at least) yoh what a stupid decision you take

    Look what S, she’s doing behind your back
    shame poor girl

  29. Lmfao@ bcoz of his snake shoes I should call him python gal u killing m nd S & P getting it I wonder wat will G/should I say Teddy-bear
    do when he finds out of 2 chapter6

  30. Lol dnt scream @ celebs lyk a pregnant teen in labour kwwwwwwaaaaaaaaa. Nd as 4 P nd S sies man nxa

  31. Gosh wer hv u bn all dis tym gotta admit its been a wyl since i read a flippen gud book. #clicken 2 da nxt page#

  32. Wow okay means that the call was from s! Wow zuluGirl I think its time u fix a gal talk! Otherwise u be those sided gals! Haha dead by the toilet scene elaboration #tooDeep

  33. Tjo S mara?! But truth be spoken, G knows that P is smashing S ( and same applies for P). “… the girls legs were spread eagled like a chicken …”, lol the bigger the bullet, the more the bitch gon’ bang! #Rozy

  34. dammn gal! S has ur man…. no wonder the call was taking dic long… while the G guy is AFCON chatting….you give me more reasons to read

  35. OMG you lIa hawu!!!! S??? You sound smart I just hope it won’t get 2where I think it might go yooooooh cc anyway next!

  36. jah your man without proposing and how did you felt when you saw that is an S n P?

    P was a true pathon n S was a true suck

  37. hell to the No….how is that even possible .some ‘COUSINS ‘ tho.thats nasty of her………..tjo you moved too fast lweena A.A

  38. I love the story very interesting but the use of “for” in all places instead of “because of” is making me irk everytime, once in while its fine but in three times in two sentences is a bit too much

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