Confessions of a SugarBaby

Confessions – Chapter One

I think every girl knows when she is beautiful. By this I mean on the physical front. I was physically beautiful. Inner beauty is what the rest console themselves with when it comes to facing facts. We don’t spend ten hours in front of the mirror to try and properly put base on our inner beauty.  I don’t need anyone to tell me this. Its not being vein its fact. I don’t flaunt it nor do I climb a mountain and crow over it. Its simple and straight forward. I am beautiful and every other person who looks at me even when they find fault in me see it too. Even when I was in primary school older boys would comment how one day I would become a heartbreaker. I was not  sure  what it meant back then but now I do with devastating consequences. Am I sorry for having broken so many hearts, no am not, why should I be? By the time I was seventeen I was already rejecting men older than my father. I had even slowed down on visiting my friend’s houses because on more than one occasion I had caught their fathers stare at me. It’s hard to get comfortable with that but as a girl you learn to deal with it. At 17 I already knew that even at parties I should never get isolated from my friends because so many boys desired me. It’s sad but it’s true. Beauty is not all that it’s cut out to be for at times it comes with a curse. Trust me I know.

Was it not Jane Austen who said that it is a universally acknowledged fact that a good man in fortune should be in want of a wife. That was a long time ago, early 19th century to be exact but its relevance even today is quite profound. I was not always like this. In fact, I grew up in a good family with good moral values. My parents were not too strict nor where they less strict so to say.  I was allowed to date but within reason, the occasional party and movies with my friends. I was allowed sleep over’s at friends places and vice versa. I did not grow up with a single parent either, on the contrary, my parents were happily married and supportive. Why am I telling you all this? I want you to realise that I was neither rural nor from a township. I was a normal middle class girl. Even at school I would say I was an average student, mostly Bs and Cs nothing fancy. I spoke fluent English and unlike those other girls that speak like me, I actually passed it at school.

Dress code I wore like any other teen. Yes I had one or two short dresses but nothing scandalous. It was mostly skinnies and tops. We had enough money for the occasional Wednesday shopping but none of that platinum card business you see on TV. I wish. 

I don’t think I was a late bloomer but amongst most of the girls I knew I was considered one. I lost my virginity at 17. I knew a girl in my school who was already giving it up and she was only 14. I know a lot of people would want to say what a corrupt school but if you ask your little sisters and daughters, this is the norm of today. When I lost my virginity I was considered to be a late bloomer. Sex is nice yes but only in the moment of having it. There is always the drama of making sure the condom didn’t fall off and cuddle me nonsense that come afterwards. It’s weird but even as teenagers we know it’s one thing that people place way too much weight on. But that’s another story for this not what happened one Thursday evening after hockey practise. I have always dreamt to be a geologist, random neh, but true. Everyone else who lacks creativity and ambition wants to be a doctor, a lawyer and yes the heaven of South African students an Accountant! I think there are more Bcom Accounting students in this country than we have hobos! We just love numbers yet we not the smartest people to be honest.

I was with my friend Sibongile; we called her Cbowie for short. Practise had been hectic as usual and Ms Du Toit had just made us do yet another fitness drill because she said we looked lethargic in the last match. Guess what, we actually won it by a goal to nil. I was dating Thabo at the time. It was fun but Thabo was not dependable. He was a rugby player at school and like me lived on pocket money from parents. I am not saying I was dating him for money; on the contrary, he was possibly my first love. He broke my virginity even but that’s a story for another day. Thabo was unreliable in that he was always out with his friends. Whenever I wanted to hang with him he would be with his boys. I didn’t mind much but at times it got to me. We were schoolmates so I saw him every day. I spent most breaks with him problem came after school. I am a girl child so at home my freedom at home is not as easy to get as is his. I felt as though he would say let’s go out at times he knew it was impossible for us to go out. I always had he was out or he had been seen at places I could never have dreamt off. Once I heard he had kissed some girl from my school and I went ballistic. You know that playground drama were everyone wants to see a fight. Fortunately she backed down and apologized otherwise I am certain she would have kicked my ass. That’s why

I had gone with my hockey girls for the confrontation. We had each other’s back like that. Thabo there was hardly a saint but you know how back in high school you used to draw hearts in a book and cross out letters in your names to see how well you matched… That was me! He was my man, yeah; an 18 year old boy was old enough to be labelled a man. Deep I tell you.

Anyway on this particular late afternoon it looked as though it was about to rain. In fact there were a few drizzles as we walked home. Cbowie and I didn’t live too far apart but I was further than her by a few streets. We had missed our transport because we had gone to the hostel to pick up a book at one from our friends room. As we turned away from the school road a Jaguar stopped. Thabo liked cars so I knew my cars. It was a familiar very respectable person so it was nothing harmless. I knew him as Siyanda’s dad. Siyanda had been two years my senior and was now in varsity. We used to meet him at the mall and he would small chat with my parents. It’s not like they were friends or anything, just being neighbourly. So when he offered us a lift it was harmless for we knew him. My name is Nelisa by the way so that you don’t confuse yourself going forward. She stayed about a kilometre from me so she had to be dropped off first. Because she was getting off first she had chosen to sit in the back seat. I noticed he was a geologist and I was doing a research project on it which was giving me flames. I told him about this and he said I must ask my parents first whether or not he should help me with it. That was not an odd request I suppose. He gave me his card. We dropped off Sibongile and then me.

That evening I told my parents that I had been having problems with the project. My dad who is an accountant had already tried and failed to help me. I told him about Siyanda’s dad but did not mention that he had given us a ride. I also told him it was Sibongile and I whom would be getting help from him. My dad called him to ask if it was ok and he said it was no problem at all. 

I am ambitious I have to admit that. I am also impatient. I love things to happen. They don’t always happen as fast though. That night I dreamt of a Jaguar car. I am more a Mercedes Benz but something about it made me feel good. Girls at school get picked up by fancy cars but I wasn’t that girl. All I did was find it fascinating… for now!

130 thoughts on “Confessions – Chapter One

  1. Could this be N from the previous story? It would be so interesting if it were; getting to know her from her own perspective and all.

  2. you are a great writer and i love that you speak on issues that affect South Africans on a daily basis. More than anything i hope people young and old learn from yours stories.

  3. Well I must say, you have such an insight on girls. these are things I witnessed while at school and varsity and from a girls perspective but would never have put pen to paper about it like this. truly hope your talent pays off really, in your success and educating our younger siblings.

  4. Hi there,

    I’ve turned into one of those avid followers of your very popular blog. I’m a little disappointed here for various reasons.
    One: Thandeka’s story was abandoned haphazardly. I won’t be too harsh about that because being a writer myself, I unerstand how sometimes the story just stops flowing in your head. However, its a little frustrating since everything from the very beginning seems to have been going wrong for Thandeka, I understand the idea of taking liberties, but even in real life and soap operas, the characters experience some sort of happiness based on their motivation and part in the story. And no, I’m not talking about simplistic gratification of a “new weave” or “dick” type, I mean a sense of achievement in their chosen path. As such, Thandeka seems lost in some oblivion accessible only to your imagination. Kudos on an interesting story though.
    Two: This new “spin off” (I imagine it is) provides no new characters really, Nelisa is basically a younger version of Thandeka who has different ambitions (being a geologist instead of a lawyer) and her playing field is high school instead of university.
    Its become predictable even from this short “first excerpt” because Nelisa and Thandeka speak alike, they relate their thoughts the same way, they have the same convictions, basically, they are not mutually exclusive, so why write a second story about the same person years prior and expect us loyal readers to remain loyal when all you’ve done is change the aesthetics of the story so as to pass it off as “new and fresh”.

    With the 52 chapters I’ve read of Thandeka’s story, I find you have quite an imagination. Stretch it, I know you can. Give us a completely different girl, failing which, finish Thandeka’s story.


    1. OK Thato i get ur point..but i still find ths other story interesting will be helpfull for teenage girls in high skul trust me..we apretiate ur input it opened some of us who aren’t writers eyes but hey chill out a bit and enjoy the stories

    2. Thank you Thato, i am not a write or anything but i am an avid reader and i also find it abot odd that everything in Thandekas life is a disaster. i could do with a little happiness in the story. my 2cents worth.

    3. there’s a 53rd chpt now perhaps he’ll continue and end the story propery as u expect…i def need more

    1. i enjoyed ur earlier opinion there, yeah they do sound alike funny enuff, thnk it takes a lot of creativity to pull off diff characters by 1 writer.

      as 4 Nelisa she’s still in high school to my understanding. remember wen u apply 4 varsity, u get accepted 4 either 1st choice or 2nd choice ryt? she cud hav jus fallen in2 BCom instead of a BSc n thngs do change wen u get to varsity, changing courses n wot not. i do however fear th@ comments can sumhw sway th author’s initial/intended direction u i mus say kudos, am enjoying both blogs with sum reservations here and there.

    2. It is N. Rememba in the diary, there was a point where Thandeka almst gave away N’s name bt stopped halfway “Nel…..” She said, seems lyk Nelisa 2 me

  5. Your reads have got my friends reading and trust me when I say they never read, bit sum thing about the style of ur writing is addictive.

  6. Hi

    From what I’ve gathered reading the first chapter of confessions is that its a ‘spin of’f whereby N’s character is revived. It is also quiet clear that her character is gonna die in diary. I feel that if you gonna maintain 2 fictional stories, you are bound to get confused and blur the lines as a result the story becomes predictable.

    I love diary of a zulu girl, I think you should conclude the story first before creating another one. You are robbing us of so much because we want to see Thandeka mature and shape her life.
    Lastly, this characters of confessions needed new identity’s because mamny people I feel will not give this story the attention it deserves they feel N’s fate is already sealed in diary of a zulu girl.

    Thank you for such an amazing story. You are a very gifted writer.

    1. hey hey. Thank you for the very valid comment. It has gotten tricky post as fast as before because with publishers and networks on me have to be careful i dont pre empty the script. Diary has a long way to go though that much i can assure you. Who said anything about N dying out lol

      1. Hi

        I must say since my woman introduced me to reading the blog yesterday, i got so hooked i finished all the chapters in 1 day. I think the fascination was the fact that i have experienced that kind of life in high school and varsity and i must commend you for good story telling.
        However i do agree with some comments, give us the rest of the story before we get lost with a new one.

  7. Hahahaha, niyaphapha let the guy do his thing. Chill

    Hello Blogger, thank you so much for the fascinating read. Looking forward to more chapters of the Zulu Girl and Confessions 🙂

  8. There are some valid points made by the other writer, and he had some constructive criticism for you and i hope you take his pointers into consideration but with that said, i’m loving every bit of your writing and i’m looking forward to the new story although i’m scared i’ll also get addicted to it and i won’t get my daily fix cause now you have two stories to post… I’m so glad to hear that the Diary is far from over and i’m sure you have plans for all your characters so people musn’t rush your work.

    Keep up the good work and i’ll forever be a loyal reader 🙂

  9. Hello Blogger/Mike, thank you so much for the fascinating and inspiring read. Looking forward to more chapters of the Zulu Girl and Confessions!!

    You are a gifted story teller/ writer! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.


  10. hey,
    honestly im liking the spin off, its sort of the same kind of character as thandeka but its still enjoyable. if it is N, it will be understandable as to why the characters are similer cos they seem to have had the same abitions and love for the easy good life. your work is really gud, don’t let ppl box you and tell you how to write, you’re writting is diffrent with the spin off similar to a drama series, getting to observe the other characters and how they got to be the way they are outside “the diary” is intresting and creative.
    i love what you doing and think a lot of your other readers do too, it’s a double dose of guilty pleassure. keep it up.

  11. now im going to tell my girl to read this also, thank you for the reading..i used to love reading until i abandoned it..but since this i am hooked again…keep the good work

  12. I like the story and I must say yesterday I said to someone iam not gonna be surprised if u stopped the story until its published as a book, it makes sense and I tell you the book will sell like hot cakes, we waiting, tell whoever editors or whoever not to change it pleas e! As in leave the original form of your story telling skills….

  13. lets sit back and relax” i just think this one is here to keep us busy while hes juicing up zulugirl and on a positive note much as thandeka is having dissastrous turn of events shes still doing well in school and happy things usually happen at the end of most stories be it books/movies etc since i dont want this story to end let it rain on her haaaard”! ha haha

    Keep it coming

  14. I’m glad that someone finally has the courage to publish the real things that go on in our society… I read this blog up until chptr 45 and at each point its scary how I had a different girls in mind. I’m a 4th year UJ student, also from a small town in mpumalanga, from a strict background, and carried the same ambition thandeka did prior to her coming to JHB. I however never fell into ths immoral life. I’m doing my final year, have had 1 bf (also a student) for 4 years, neithr drink or party and have onli a handful of friends like myself. I know soo many thandekas, and s and n… And I see how sum complain about this blog, bt I admire the writer for putting it out there for this is something that should b spoken about. Taboo as it is, so many girls fall for this lifestyle when they come to JHB, like thandeka I get the same pocket money, and yes it doesn’t cover sooo much, and parents don’t understand that, although they do the best they can. I know amongst the friends I have only a few respect the relationship I have with my bf, sayin I’m pretty and could do so much better, in the sense that he should ATLEAST have a car or pay for my hair and things. And the point I am getting to is, not only do these girls live such a lifestyle but they glamorize it and make you feel inferior or stupid for not using sex and your looks as a means of power. And its so scary how I know soo many girls, that live such lives, not exactly dating nigerians (altho I knw 2 like that as well) but who date men cause of the money and status they bring. In my rez I only know of a handful of girls like me, who don’t drink, or party, and have 1 sexual partner… And yes in this world we are viewed as fools that might grow up to be like thandekas aunt (prior to chptr 46) , and we myt appear so foolish “oh my gosh shz only ever slept wit 1 persn” (cnt evn emphasize hw mani girls hv sd tht) or “omg he kud b cheating on u”… But I not only stay faithful and good for my bf, but I do it for me. Evn the dumbest of men know my value, and girls like me are a dying breed… Its so sad we are only 5 months into the year and iv already heard a dozen similar stories about 2013s first year group. JHB is producing more and more girls like s/n/t and the ayandas are far and few, and are laughed @. Its really sad. And I hope this story gets media attention and media coverage coz parents need to know, and 18yr old skul grls need to knw. I had an idea of varsity when I was in matric, but I neva knw I’d face so much temptation, peer pressure, drama, and freedom. I actually thank God for making me so strong willed (I’m not even a religious chic) and for ujs rez culture (altho nw dying) it limited us so much in 1st year, and would encourage so many parents to place thr 1st year kids in resez whr their activities are monitored. I was from a small town + poor background+strict religious parents (who think I’m a virgin and go to church every week)+love fashion, and I turned out pretty ok, so its possible. And we need to have a society that encourages more and more girls to be like the ayanda… There are so many demons we face on campus… And the writer has mentioned a handful, and I knw so many readers are shocked and judgemental. But it takes a lot to withstand what the characters in this story went through. Let’s stop judging and move forward as a country to deal with real issues like this one. Democracy is just a fairytale we tell ourselves, we are not free, not even remotely and this blog is just a glimpse of that.

    1. There are some comments that deserve special attention and this is one of them. Thank you so much for sharing and I wish you and your man the best. When you do get married i want an invitation please because you are what girls and yes guys should work to become. Thank you yet again

  15. Ohhhh Lisa babes…proud of u angel. As fr the other writers, concentrate on yo own writin n leave us domkoppe to enjoy ths. Write yo own staff n get us readin. Black pple r knwn fr nt likin books, see us nw…u sure wrote staff n y are’nt we glued to them huuuu?. Khaniyeke uzenza ooclever n waite fr the story to end thn conclude. Hope abakuphazamisi Mike…

  16. this is so interesting. i enjoy reading these blogs everyday and really looking forward to it. just started reading the confessions of sugarbaby and i must say it sounds really interesting. cannot wait to read further.

  17. I am enjoying the series, but you have been neglecting this one, when can we expect the third episode?

  18. Honestly, diary of a zulu girl is so fascinating and it talks to whats happening in society, and people always wanna hide these kinds of stories i dnt know why. Im (im)patiently waiting for the next chapers (56-onwards).

    Im also enjoying Confessions, ive entertained some of the thoughts Nelisiwe speaks about, a lot of girls have.

  19. 8ta I’m 27 year old my gf is 24 well I’m not even close to avid reader, before I got hooked to ur blog one would never see me with a book in my hand, weirdly as a guy I watch Romance movies, drama, sci-fi u name nd when I’m watching I focus so much that I would never hear any one speak but books I felt its a waist of time, well since gf introduced me to this blog I can’t do anything with out thinking she’s complaining bout it, thing my brother don’t let anyone change ur story line we watch so much drama serieses nd they end when least expect, I must say u turned into 1 avid reader now even my lady friends nd the boys that I am reading a book never in a million did I ever think this day would when I’m addicted to a book. I can relate to your stories 100% I have female friends like S, N, Thandeka nd Ayanda but most are working now nd some not its scary how I envy u writing skills c0s if had I would beat u to it. These things do not only in univerties but working invironment too, I started dating my gf from a call center we both work nd yeah call center gents are considered to broke nd she’s told me horrible stuff what other gals say bout CC guys, me included gals like bo S nd N tjena dating married man, hai boss keep it up u got my nd I so hooked to ur book well I in particular that’s the only conversation I think of when I’m with her, we even argued this morning nd she was saying that’s all I talk about lol, its good that u keep us in suspense on every chapter I once slept @ 2am reading your block till only 1 eye was open big ups guy u really killed it, I wish all the success u desire u got a skill right there no doubt!!! Ignore what they so call “Constructive criticism” nd what u planned some ppl are always snooping around for negativity then claim they being constructive do your thing boi nd your fans will follow I know am

  20. i have a feelin this is “N” frm dairy of a zulu girl…..not yet sure bt i think this sugababe….must b N…LOL nyc one once more again….

  21. Really now.. Can the other so called “writers” take a chill pill, there is a reason we are all so glued to his blogs, what have u guys ever written? Why ningaziwa. Nx! Black people cant just appreciate n leave it that, they always have to critise or offer “advice”. Mike take your time dude, I appreciate your blog, its fascinating. Even if I had to wait for a month for the next chapter okusalayo you deliver my nigga, its worth every second of waiting and its FREEEEEEE! To all the haters, FCUK OFF man!!.

  22. “Blacks dnt read”….. who came up with tht rubbish….??? Mike we love your working n we’ll keep looking forward to your next n next…….

    to other writers who bothered with their opinions which were’nt asked for, keep writing yo staf n c whoz gonna read it……then u say blacks dnt read….i fo one dnt read bullock…..the fact that people like myself n many others read this means its mind capturing and very nice to read……so please leave Mike alone, he is genuine, new writting style, and believe me hez gonna make LOADs of cash while u sit and write yo bore. Write your blogs and lets c how gud u r…..let your work speak for u n get a bubblegum so u can shut d fuck up!!!

    abantu banjani kanti…..y nithanda u one size fits all….mxxxxxm niadika mannnnn…..if u wanna take a year take it for as long as the nxt chapter still captures yo readerd….Aggggggg sis niyadika mannnn!!!

  23. Iv heard abt ur blog bt i never gave myslf a chance to follow bt after ur interview @ 3 talk i decided to give myslf tym to read al ur blog,damn i realy lyk ur style of writtin,ur thoughts.what cn i say frm FIFTY SHADES OF GREY TO THE DIARY OF A ZULU GIRL….

  24. Now dis must be true revelation on wat goes on young gals minds…n a certainly hv a feelin a lots 2go down wit Siyandas dad in the picture#hai#lekker lekker

  25. Okay, I guess your writing is okay. I am surprised though that you are a guy.

    When,you wrote about chicks that speak fluent english being dumb at school , that is a “stereotype” and you seem to be promoting it. But thank you for presenting all the “darkies” online.

    When is the next chapter.

  26. My brother your writing is very entertaining but educational aswell, I just hope that the youngsters reading this actually take a lesson from these pages, their parents aswell should use this as a way to initiate the tough conversations with their children

    Keep up the good work!

  27. Wow what a bomber i never thought i would read something like this . Its very educating to us young girls

  28. This is really interesting wish a lot of teen would read it, it will really help in writting English. There way she paints a picture so that you will feel as if you are there

  29. Mhhh! Very interesting, I am also an aspiring writer, got quite a few complete scripts. Procrastination and lack of confidence in my own work has led to them collecting dust and slowly moulding. Carry on my brother, its inspiring.

  30. Michael….I hate da fact dat u r a man. How do u knw us & imiqondo yethu so well? Damn!!!
    Or msybe u jst hav guys’ name. Mmh.

  31. I think Nelisa is N in ZuluGirl Goes to Jhb but I have read up to chapter 61 of it & I don’t know where people get this idea that N dies. Otherwise great blog Mr,I look forward to much more……and I know we’re anxious to read more but creativity should never be rushed or uzoy’bhuda! Take your sweet time & allow your creative juices to blend!

  32. People just read and enjoy the story understand the moral and the reason why. However girl hope to hear more about Neliswa and what are her intention and where shes going to finish. Job well done keep it up, i writer too and mostly true story and hope to publish one day. Good luck dear and all the best

  33. Dear ur grammar and such is of good quality. However, next time u start writing a story, rather refrain from an introduction of such great length emphhasizing ur beauty (which I’m sure is true) but it does not make for an interesting read.

  34. Dear ur grammar and such is of good quality. However, next time u start writing a story, rather refrain from an introduction of such great length emphhasizing ur beauty (which I’m sure exists). However, it does not make for an interesting read.. (Bear in mind that this is only a comment on ur intro, not the entire story).

  35. If you live in Joburg or Pretoria (like me), it is very easy to fall into these traps. I used to judge girls; those dating men for money, those have “friends with bebefits’,those wearing skimpy numbers,those dating married men etc…though Im still strongly against these “habits”,I dont judge anymore for at some point in my life I was one of these girls.I mean not as extreme as these two (no married men nd sex for money)…i am from PTA after all lol.Jus nje the clubbing in tiny outfits,being bought expensive drinks and riding in cars who’s names I cant remember. First years, this life is NOT as glamorous as it looks, and I know many girls who have become slaves to their habits.Thanx Mike for a great read.

    1. I’m also from a small town in the Eastern Cape though…but I assure you,we’re not as backward as TV will have most people believe.We are probably more conservative than these big city people thou

  36. you have to come up with 2 girl….this is nice and it is one hell of confections….gota love it……..

  37. Woow de story is so interesting…it also teaches other youth about what is happening in life… And da challenges especially people might face at varsities…this story it also guide someone not to fall on that trap! It’s so motivational.

  38. Mike u r a gift 4 the nation cald 2 opn nd enlightn our eyes,u r touchn tru incidents in society.I read de dairy of Z gal til last chptr,al u wrote about hav afectd me one way or another,i knw girls who are like T,N,S etc and hv met nd see guys like G,P’s even Uncles,of whom i lost a fiance 2,because money n glumar.I like 2 c dis been turn 2 a tv drama dat older ppl cn c wht is hapenng 2 deir kids.Keep up gud wrk,bra.I cnt wait 4 next chapter though. May God Bles u more.

  39. WOW WOW if at all I had never read this book myself I would not believe that a man wrote it. It is just too amazing. Please write a book so that we can go and read it in store and make real money out of it. Your book I can buy anytime

  40. What an interesting read, finished 63 chapters of Zulu girl in 7 hours while working in between. Make a book out of it and i’ll be first in line at Exclusive Books :-).

  41. hi blogger

    as you start reading the first chapter you already know wahats gonna happen next because of the diaryofazulugirl….i feel that these stories are similar…i agree with some readers that you should have started this one after you finished the other one….

  42. You must have hanged with interesting gals hey Mikey 😀

    U bring this gals to live! When I pass uj I would see where Thandeka charector was walking. As I introduce Nelisa to mind. #Sipping tea
    Flip next chapter please…!

  43. It wud b very interestin if this N ws the N in Zulu girl, we cud get to knw er stori n hw she bcme who she is n I thnk it is a possibility, young pple change eir minds all the tym fo one reason or the othr…its not unheard of fo a student in HS to aspire to work in a certain field bt thn end up doin smthn totally dft n unrelated in varsity…

  44. there is nothng wrong with 2 stories at d same tym, its generations and muvhango…. Know ur characters…

  45. Ohh my brother, I’m stuck in bed reading this, classical writting skills ddnt know u hv ths talent

  46. i printed dat zulu gal story, i have read it 5 times nd i just cant get over it. i for 1 have never thot of dating a non south african man especially, 1 from Africa thy just freak me out but reading dis book i just fell deep in love with python, the way u discribe him, nd i Imagen, i say to myself i wud really like to meet dis man. this book is funny and its touching its just like reality, i wud really like to is it in motion picture as a series or a film. mxah mxah exceptionally written

  47. It is very interesting u go girl lets see a hard copy at the book shops i love it realyyyyyyyyyyyy

  48. U r a best writer nd i think most writers can learn few things 4rm ur stories..i like de way u write abt things dat happin in our townships,kepp up the good work

  49. To n extent I agree with Thato but den I guess its a bit tricky for de same writer but m sure dat withTalent Mike cn stretch hhis creativity n lets giv him a chance , I am dis side now , finished 90 chapters of Thandeka, shame wen is she going to start smiling

  50. Now on2 Confessions, I thnk m slowly bcoming a book worm, or shud I say blog worm. lol I’m only on chapter 1 bt already m fascinated….ur truly amazing.

  51. My friend introduced me to this facinating novels and so far by tge first chapter I’m glued I wonder what’s going to happen once I get to chapter 10 or more.

  52. all am sayng is plz mke sure she swnds Xhosa coz she is Xhosa ryt or mna nzoku ”korrekisha”(correct) ke sana… 1st tym reading ths one hope its good as diary of a zulu girl.

  53. Hawu thina esithanda iconfessions senzenjani ke njengoba ungasa update nje. You have too many books manje and you losing focus. Zulu girl and confessions r you babies. Musa ukulooser ifocus

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