A letter from Jonah

Dear Daddy

Its my birthday today and i have just turned five. You know how every boy wants to grow up just to be like their daddy big strong and superman. You know how we all want to talk like you, walk like you and smile like you? You know how we all want to go fishing with you, go to the theme park and do a lot of our firsts with you. I am no different daddy for i am a little boy growing up too but why are things so different with us. You left mama to raise me all by herself is this how it is done? When i grow up should i abandon my kids to the wolves like you did with me. I am told that growing up we learn by example and the example you have taught me is that its ok to make a woman pregnant and leave her to fend for herself whilst you go and sleep with other women.

Dear daddy today i was hiding behind the door and i saw mommy take out her purse to count the coins in her purse. She looked worried but when i walked in she looked up and smiled and hugged me saying, dont worry Jonah everything will be fine. But later on i heard her crying in her room and i knew everything was not ok. She called you, i know she did for i heard her say your name, Michael asking you to bring us the basics sugar salt and cooking oil but you must have said no for i could hear the desperation in her voice when she asked you, how am i supposed to feed your son? When i become a man daddy after i make children is it ok for me to leave them starving like you do with me? I dont know what a man is so i can only learn from you

Dear daddy today nana came over with groceries. She gave me sweets and a big hug and told me to go play outside whilst she was talking to mama. But you know me i like things i went and listened from under the window. She asked mama how she was holding up and mama broke down and started crying. I have never seen mama cry so much which was very sad indeed for i started crying too. Mama asked nana why a man could be so cruel and abandon her own child and nana said come here my child, hugging her and told her all men are the same. I am confused daddy what does that mean? Is it our job to make woman cry the way you make mama cry? Is it our job to not be there for our children when we have them? If it is daddy then you are doing a marvelous job

Dear daddy today mamas best friend aunty Mary came to the house. She was crying and she had her bags with her. She looked like she had been in a brawl. Her face was fine but you could see that she was heavily bruised. I could see the belt marks on her arms and shoulders. Aunt Mary is beautiful daddy and i like her but today she looked like she had last smiled years ago. She told mama that her husband had beaten her up because she had burnt the pot. Daddy if you see her you would think he beat her up because she had stolen something or cheated. She also told mommy that he had been angry with her because she had found lipstick stains on his shirt and confronted him. She told mama that he told her she has no respect for him and must learn her place as a woman. Daddy, what is the position of a woman? Am i allowed to beat my wife one day in future because it seems that is what real man do? Please tell me daddy because i felt so sad seeing mama and aunty Mary crying. Oh i forgot her husband came to pick her up later and gave her flowers and a chocolate, i thought that was sweet!

Dear daddy today mama came home with a new man and she said one day i should call him daddy. I was confused because i know he is not you. He is so kind and makes mama happy. When he is around she is always happy and we never go hungry. They are having a big ceremony and they say i can carry the ring. When i heard the door knock i was shocked at what i saw. It was you and you were angry at mama calling her names i am ashamed to repeat. You told her no man can raise your child but even me without nana to explain it to me i wondered when you have ever raised me. You threatened to kill mamas new boyfriend because she belonged to you. Mama was crying and you said you would take care of her. Then you said you were leaving and took out a big stack of money and pulled out r100 and told her to buy food and clothes for me! A r100? Is it ok then daddy to abandon my family for years then when they are just to be happy i come back to claim them as my own? I will be a daddy too some day so i must follow by your example or should i not?

Dear daddy the ceremony was huge and everybody came. You should have seen mommy she looked like an angel in white. I wore a black suit with a bowtie. You should have seen me, i looked like that guy on tv. I am sorry you couldnt come because i hear they put a restraining order against you. I don’t know what that is but i heard nana say if you were seen anywhere near us the police will come take you away. Then mama came to me and told me to call her new husband daddy. I just wanna ask you this daddy, are you not ashamed that i am about to call another man my father. Are you that useless?

Your loving son


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  1. I so wish all men can read this!!! Surely most sisters can relate to this…..Funny how at home we call all our Baby Daddies “Useless” cause surely they are….all talk but no action! Just loved the letter cause I can relate to it….”Thank You” for this beautiful piece…Keep them coming!

    1. This is truly sad. What is even more sad that we have been so used to it that it is now rear to find a child raised by both parents. We creating a future leaders who are so bitter.

  2. Wow…this made me very sad but its so true. We need to be careful as adults, the consequences of our actions will/might have a long term effect on our babies

  3. Wow! I believe a lot can relate with that. I know a few who can. It’s quite sad to read that. But hey some men have no self respect whatsoever. To all the brothers out there… Please do break the cycle. Thanx Mikey!

  4. Shooo,what a letter,hope those useless guys read this,it is so touching.we need lots of this encouraging letters to help our nation take note of what we are doing wrong and make it right by doing the right thing.wow thanx Mike

  5. Wow I nearly cried I had 2 stop da tears cos I’m at work,”… Tell me daddy, is it our job 2 make woman cry like u make mama cry?…I’m gonna be a father someday…” Eish life neh

  6. wooooooooow what a sad way to start a morning? well it seems to be the way life is this days and unfortunately nothing us woman can do to change/stop it. if you are to be abused by the man you married to, whats to be certain about that the man you dating will after giving you a baby, stay and be part of that babys life?

  7. I come from a broken home, I’ve witnesses broken homes and still continue to, at the age of 10 I vowed against marriage because of this.. And still I’m yet to change my mind..

  8. Wow speechless! Mike u r too talented. Its a pity guys don’t knw dat they are creating huge wounds in the kids they leave and not care for! 🙁

  9. Most men deserve to read what the kids feel and see their mommies go through. Mike I love this and am touched cause am in the same boat. But things will be alright one day.

  10. I wish my bby daddy could read this. This touched me n opened up wounds dat I thought had heald. You have taken me back to all da drama I went through with my boy.
    I love him to bits n yes things will b better. Women r the strongest ppl I know…. When we say “WHAT DONT KILL U MAKES U STRONGER” it was ment for woman by woman..

    MEN wake up n realize what kind of pain we are facing. Ur kids n bby mamas r in pain.

    Dnt start somthing u won’t finish!!!!

  11. Wow! Is for these kind of reasons some of us are scared to give birth,the same reasons we don’t trust man to raise their own kids. I grew up as that child n to imagine my own kids go thru the same is just torture enough.let’s educate each other. Thank u

  12. This letter really hit home so badly,my father is no different and my muMmy used to complain about his statics all the time. He never did much for him and I used to want him to come home but when my dearest mother passed away because of him I despised him,never wanted him around me or my siblings,he gave us R50-100 for a year thinking it was gonna sustain and he just made me more angry. Now that we finished with school and gonna make it in life he is starting to be the so called caring dad,demanding we buy him a car one day

  13. It is because of my father not being part of my life that i don’t trust any guy but my siblings and cousin,it because of him that I don’t see myself getting married one day and it is man like him that make women think all guys are the same,I was my father can read this,I suffered because of him,I lost the one person I trusted with all my life!my mummy,I’m 18 now and I need her more than ever but because of my father’s irresponsibility,she is no more while he moved on with his life. I will never forgive him fir this and for abandoning us at a young age

    1. I feel your pain but don’t despair and don’t let a loser like him and how he treated your family dictate how you live and relate with other people. Be positive and strong and above all have faith that things will improve. Hope is what will get you through all this.

      all the best nana.

  14. So sad! No child deserves to grow up without another parent! I wonder how some people sleep at night not knowing if their child had eaten or has a roof over their head

  15. OMG Mike! Dis is so sad, I still have tears in my eyes. Its sad coz our sons grow up seeing these things n chances are they are gonna grow up to be the same men their fathers n uncles are cz yes for the most part kids do learn from actions n not what we say . If only all Men could just love respect n care for their women the way they should *sigh*

  16. Wow thanks Mike. Amazing as always.

    This brought tears to my eyes. My son is 19 and I parted ways with his dad when he was 4 after a very abusive relationship whose scars I still carry. Reading this just brings back the pain. Since then he has never cared for his son as punishment to me and even though he knows where we are he does not care. The boy tried to strike a relationship when he was 10 it failed.

    But as the Lord has his way of fixing things the kid is amazing and nothing like his dad. He has someone who loves and treats him like his own and as the story above we have been blessed with a wonderful life .

    So if one is going through tough times just know that it wont last forever and your day will come such that when you look back u will wonder how you made it. At times when one door closes another opens and that’s where your happiness will be.

    Thanks again rra for this

  17. I’m a single a mother of a boy ,the boy who made me prag left while I was prag ‘n didn’t have anything ,no job ,no house,no food but heavily prag staying with friends on shacks ,I had to coz I was scared of my family so I run away but God blessed me with a permnnt job ,ur letter touched me coz I’ve bn there as I had to sell every clothes I had that time to make sure I had all the neccessary things to come out of hospital ,I was left with I black dress ‘n floppys ,as the first day out of hospital hungry as ever I had to go to home affairs for birth certificate ‘n straight to the hall to que for the grant coz I didn’t know how will survive from that day ,ccoming from there my son was just a day old ,I had to find my own shack ,’n went home to still a blanket ,1 pot ,1 spoon ,everthing neccessary 1 each that’s how my boys journey start ,today his 11 ‘n I’m very sexy working proud mam (if I may say so) ‘n now that men will do anything to get our attention ,this letter brought back all those memories but in a positive way ,its where I’ve come from ‘n I’m going strong ,thank you very much *still crying*

  18. I wishy all the fathers that fail to raise their kids would just read this…. For a second I felt like sending this to my baby daddy…. As he is sooo useless…

  19. dis is so touchy and ma bbyboy says dese tngs 2 me at tymz…he was diagnosed wt asthma and while he was lying in his hospital cot asked “mommy y daddy dnt even cum chk me nw dat m so sick” culdnt answer dat i just tuk a walk and i cried cuz i ddnt tnk he can c ol dese tngs , thot hes happy nd hes nt noticing ol dese bad tngs abt his daddy….

  20. Wow…this is so touching hey, I wish men can just grow up and realize that they are hurting kids by abandoning them, they will one day grow up and do the same thing as it was done to them, then the generation will be made up of single mothers and broken families…not a pretty sight neh

  21. Wow, this has me in tears right now. Parents make so many bad decissions and poor judgements without thinking of how the children will be affected. And those bad decissions the children have to live with for the rest of their lives. Its very sad. I hope that this letter touches men out there and that they realise that they are role models for their children and should be a father that their sons can look up to.

  22. Eish I’m in tears really so deep as I have two boys dat I am raising on my own as one day thy will have to call someone daddy,someone who will make me happy not make cry everytime he’s asking when is daddy going to visit me I always tell him a lie dis is to much for me alone**sharing tears**

  23. Mara at times we don’t have 2 blame all da fathers, what would u do if u find ur partner cheating on u, not respecting doing wat is not good for ur family.
    Yes we can blame men but we don’t always have to, but this is a sad n touching story both men n women we have to pick something out of this story

      1. I agree with you Ndazwa, I always tell the guy who got me pregnant that I will never deny you the right to see the baby even though we broke up. The baby is innocent in this, why should we be selfish and include him or her in our own fight. It has not been an easy pregnancy and he has done alot of bad things to me but if he is willing to be good to his son who am I to deny him the right

    1. Sometimes it doenst work between parents and the man still have to support his child. You’ll find situations whereby the mother is so bitter that she wont allow the man near the child, even refusing his money. Who is to blame thn, not all men are dogs or abandon their kids

  24. Tjo u are so gud Nkululeko u understand every situation very well this is real life story u really are blessed thank u so much for a suprise treat on Suterday

  25. thank u Mike i wish my daddy cld read this latter. Maybe he will be touched. U knw sometimes we dnt need their money but we jst need the moral support from a father, we jst need a relationship with our fathers. Is that 2much to ask for??? I pray n wish that one day when i become a mother my kids wont have to grow what i have went throu gh as a child.

  26. Heavy stuff Jonah very touching and sad, i hope all those men who abandoned their children can read this and see how the kids are hurting and what they teaching them to become. these things are happening everyday of our life.

  27. As Mikes letter wasn’t sad enough,your comments just made me cry non-stop,it made me realised how lucky some of us are to have partners who support their children,God Nomtha,at least its all in the past now,nothing stays the same,God be with you and ur son.

  28. Mike can i clon u man plz? @Jobe this is nt abt u n ur patner, its abt the child, 2 b ther 4 him even if u no longer 2geter wth his mom. He doesnt hv 2 suffer bcz u guys r no longer an item

  29. OMG some deep sh*t right there. oh how i wish i can go back and do things differrently, like chosing a man to father my baby. but hey uzoziphendulela ukuba why was he not pert of her life and it wont be because your mother didnt want a retionship with me.

    Thanks Mike

  30. Atleast my bby daddy,takes care of his son n I. Although we are still in university,it feels lyk we’ve known eachotha 4 a life time. Bt ts been 6yrz nw,n we have a 4yr old son.
    I wish he would neva leave us,we make a gr8 team(the 3 of us).
    I also wish all men out the cud read this,cz children are hurting more especially wen they r still alive(the fathers) bt do not tyk care of them.
    Y have sex n make babies bt u dnt wna tyk care of em,y?

  31. All I can say my life on the spot, only diff is I’m still single and not planning to ever date again. Go thata… Mike thank u le ha letsatsi laka le senyegile *crying#. Wish I read this in the evening…

  32. Damn! The depth in this letter though wow it’s very touching. I pray that one day all men would take responsibility for their actions ey infact a man who abondens his own child doesnt even deserve the title man or father. No child deserves to suffer bcos of the actions of his/her parents. Let us all be responsble adults and parents that our children can one day be proud of! Thank you mike for this touchin,emotional but yet eye opening letter. We need more men like you in this world. Stay blessed

  33. Ow wow touchy touchy, it really touches at home. And no one men or women should go through such, especially the kids. Let’s love one another and be more considerate to each other

  34. The relation I’m having with that letter is beyond words. As my baby daddy rejected me when I 1st told him abt the nana. And now that I’m happy 3years later he wants to come back. Its time to men up gentle man

  35. Eh w0w what a surprise! Uhm gOod one,_uhm we women live in a different world,a world where we hv a choice to change our future,to all the women please empower yourselfs nothing is worse than depending on a man who doesn’t wanna grow or take responsiblity.


  36. Thank you Mike for enabling us to face up with our immediate demons and by faith we shall be relieved from this convenant, no weapon set against us shall prosper.
    My daughter waited for hours for her dad to pick her up for their first holiday to Cape Town. It was their first bonding time ever, after 6 years of absence, I tried to develop a formidable and respectable connection between the two, but it was not meant to be nor I was looking for him to faulter but it just happened. I saw my little princess eyes streming with tears without uttering any word, my motherly instinct kicked in, I rushed to her and hugged her so hard , my worse fear ever had came into play, it was like I was stabbed right into the heart. Yet I was hurting, I had to compose myself for her and shed away my excrutiating pain. I called him just for my little princess sanity. You promised to be here for her no matter what, her bag is full of clothes and hopes of building a healthy relationship with you, why you have not called and give us a sign or a strength to deal with this in an appropriate manner. He just said said, I’m sorry I could nt come, my brother went to Mpumalanga, he is the one who was supposed to pick up my daughter, then he bailed out on him. For my sanity and my daughters wellbeing I stopped the relationship between the two, before it got out of hand. I have a obligation to protect her emotionally, physically and mentally, he is not allowed to mess up with her head in such a delicate age. Thank you Mike

  37. I’m one of those children that didn’t get the love from her dad, but I was blessed with a wonderful mother, she use 2 work 7 days a week leave home 4:30 had to walk to the rank in winter is pitch black outside I use to stand desperately outside looking at her as she walk away scared that I might not see her again (get killed in that dark) other day I couldn’t watch her I would 2 scared then I would walk with her as my dad is sleeping in the house unemployed not worried about her safety, when I come back ill praying 2 God to keep me safe until I get home, with the grace of God my mom retired this year in May after walking in that dark for 20 she’s safe now. My dad passed away 2008 I didn’t shed a tear, I still carry that anger with me everyday for over 25 years.

    I wish and pray to at least be a half of the women my mom is to my baby he’s my life and his blessed coz God gave him the dad I wish I had as a little girl and he’s an amazing husband to me I thank God for that. I always cry when I think of what my mom had to put up with when use to ask her why are u still here, she would say for you I want you to know your family and have a place 2 call home, now that I have a son I know what she meant.

    From : (sad)
    Mabhayi uVundle

  38. Ncooooaw so sad n touching *teary eyes* MIKE u a a HEAVEN sEnt bhut wam n tnk u very much 4 teaching us soooo much, ts much appreciated

  39. What a sad but beautiful letter.I am a mother of three and I’m proud to say I’m doing a good job raising them. After reading this letter I’m wondering how am I going to teach my sons to be good men without their father. I hope this touches some men if not all and helps them takes their responsibility serious.

  40. What a sad but beautiful letter.I am a mother of three and I’m proud to say I’m doing a good job raising them. After reading this letter I’m wondering how am I going to teach my sons to be good men without their father. I hope this touches some men if not all and helps them takes their responsibility serious. As for me, I have decided not to focus on the why’s and regrets but rather on how I can gives my children the best possible to enable them to be what God intended them to be.

    I urge all the single mothers to focus their energy on the children as one day it’ll be worth it. Big ups to all the fathers that are loving and caring for their children.

    Thank you Mike for a beautiful read and eye opener.

  41. Ao hle, the sadness that is this letter.

    if anyone is buddies le Motheo Abut’Madlesa Mahlatji wa Flora, please send him this link so that he can read this, maybe he will come to his senses and send his family to mine so that he can start being a part of his childs life.

    thanking u in advance. thanks for the letter Mike.

  42. wow i jst started crying and cant stop i was raised by a step Dad and i still consider myself lucky cos i love him like my own and he had never made me feel like his nt my dad. Now that im expecting my own child i pray daily dat da father will b there even if we were to break up, my baby shouldnt pay for our sins…thnx Mike jst made me appreciate what i have more keep it up…

  43. Oh what a touching story, i wonder how do men feel. Having 2 live a life knowing dat u hav a child n u dont play a part u r supposed 2 play in a child s lyf. Big up 2 real fathers in da world…..”teary eyes”

  44. This is SAD…what kind of a father who left so long ago and come to claim these people are owned by him….whats worst he gave the poor woman a R100 to do what with it,he should have not bother to come see them. Its sad how JONAH thinks what his father is doing is an amazing job. *tears in the eye*

  45. aah Jonah my kind
    #huge sigh
    If only u could understand that i want u to become a better man than ur father,consider him as my sperm donor coz he wsnt man enough 2 do wht is ryt for u, instead he ws a coward and walked awy from the bundle of joy u ar,even though u saw my tears it doesnt mean ur 2 blame,u ar perfect da way u are.
    Dont repeat the same mistakes ur ”father” did,he is but jst a boy and im raising u 2 be a man,a man with dignity,pride,respect & self controll,i want u 2 be ur own man,value urslf soo much more than he ever valued u,ur precious to me.

    Dont waist ur life on petty issues that wont serve u with no good,forgive him coz that is the only way 4 u to be free,forgiveness is the best revenge!

    I love u my child even though i cant give evrythng dat money can buy my love 4 u is soo much more than life itself,ur the reason i wake up every morning,the reason why i am a better person…

    With love

  46. This is indeed a touchy letter, but did a five year old really write this letter???
    The father will eventually regret abandoning his child this is too much to handle for a five year old.

  47. Wow this is so sad n true,men hurt their kids too much,don’t do anything that ur father did look 4 ada options little man. I know how it feels.

  48. This is so sad really! We grew up without our father and till this day its still happening our kids also grow up without theirs…I don’t have a child and this is one of the reasons as written on the letter, I’m afraid of having a fatherless child 🙁

  49. This is too sad cos thou I am a woman its questions wish I cud ask my dad. N funny enuff I can also hear my dawta asking her dad.

  50. Wow Mike is touching!I wil like to thank men like my dad!he rise us his five kids n never left us until he past last year!he even help with grandkids n they even call him dad!Dat was the true dad!He never rise his hand on my mum or rise his Voice in front of us!he respected her n love her so much!My mum left us with him for four years n he talk care of us n never complained!I love n respect This man so much!He help me n sisters rise our kids n take care of them mentally,physically n financially !He become father for our kids even though theirs was alive n kicking!I praise n thank men like dat !!!!Brravo to them all!

  51. My heart almost stopped.. Sorry Mike, some context should come with warning, this is completely breaking me up! #salute to all us, single mummys!!

  52. Sho really wish my father could read this. I’ve got 2 girls now n though me and their dad are no longer together we try to b civil with each other for their sake. It also bcos of their dad’s family supporting me and encouraging him to do right by his kids. Mothers and families also play a big role in raising kids, if your son is not responsible u as the grandparents are supposed to step in and show him the right way. With my own dad it was a different story all together, he did not take responsibility and his family was also not bothered. Its funny how a woman’s family gets so involved in the raising of kids. Surely if all these runnaway dadds family were to step in and b against their sons wrongs about abondaning their own blood the will be some difference in the world. If you have a son make it ur business that he does not shy away from his responsibilities. Tomorrow your daughter might go through the same thing.

  53. Its so sad that the only positive growth our children will get is not from their fathers but other men who were willing to accept a lady in desperate need of love! I wish every man would read this and realise what an impact they have on their childrens lives, I wish for a nation where true love does exist and men and women can work thru their problems without having to get “help”! We need to be more South African and less Western!

  54. I’m touched, moved and swift…..Jonah has all de right question to daddy, dts if he deserves to be called daddy. In a real life situation a daddy is nt only by blood bt de man who raised u and taught you how to be a civilised citizen. *teary*

  55. Shame man poor jonah, hope he finds everlasting hapiness wit da new daddy n his mama as 4 his biological dad hope he never finds peace in his life nxa

  56. Its really sad indeed, am going thru d same thing bt neva though how painful dis is for my son…. I jst wish his dad cud read dis though….

  57. It takes nothing for a man to just up and abandon his responsibilities. It’s painful to see the amount of single mothers in society. But then again these days every comes in doubles. Some men have it just aas bad with women who chose to walk away and they raise kids on their own. Nothing beats prayer. Asking God to strengthen single parents that they may raise their children well. Not to become repeats of the mistakes of the past. Jonah already sounds like he’ll be the opposite of his “selfish” father.

  58. So sad but all true! It’s weird how thse fathers run away from their responsibility yet raise kids that they are not their own! I bet that’s life hey, I just wish kids grew up and never hv to look back to what happened to their selfish dads, one of the reasons why I hate Khumbulekhaya! Damn!

  59. Every man can make a baby but not every man can be a father.

    That letter is too deep. BigUps to all the men taking care of their own.

  60. “I just wanna ask you this daddy, are you not ashamed that i am about to call another man my father. Are you that useless?” I also wanna ask my dad dat I’m in a private skul now ol fanx ta my step dad he 1s asked how much are my fees I told him n he asked hu pays 4 em wen I told him tis my step dad ol he saed was “hmmmmmm” I don’t my kids to go through such I don’t want my kids ta b raised by my parents or a step dad I want to raise them with their father I want their father to b like my step dad he’s my hero

  61. Wow!nkulie I just wish that all those man who left their kids out there to ready this,this is massive.its pains me to ready this letter cause its reminds me of the father of my son,the tym we meet is was fun n beautiful but came the day I told him I’m pregnant iyoh!the guy went crazy he was swearing at me.

    1. Duz, i would like to understand why u said that? because this man is /was not there for his child, who is to be blamed? it does not matter how the relationship ended or how b*tchy the mother is/was, why abondon your own flesh and blood? the innocent child didnt do anything wrong, why must he suffer because of the differences between the mother and the child?

  62. Yoh this is deep! I guess there is just something especially with the guys named Michael lot of them whom I know have abandoned their kids and it’s sad nt that they cnt afford but to rather prove a point that they can do whatever they want with women.

  63. in most cases, it is the woman who is left to raise a child. Yes, there are men who r doing great at raising their kids; this letter, however, is about the males who leave their kids to be single-handedly raised by their mothers. So, of course @dus, the male is to blame!!
    Not for breaking up with the mother, but for abandoning the child. It is as simple as that!!
    @Lydia, of course a 5yr old did not write the letter! But a grown up who remembers how they felt when they were 5 could. A 5yr old does not have the vocabulary….., you and I do.
    Thanks Mike

  64. Wat z sad z dt d way u grew up alwys follow u. If u r a boy n yo father beat yo mother when u r old u do d same beat yo women. There r Few boys who dnt follow their fathers footsteps. We cn only pray dt ds lettr ibone ngotata abaninzi kwaye ichukumise intliziyo zabo n ds word cn b a better place

  65. i started reading this on wednesday. Mind you am in matric wrytng my trials. Am a 17 year old never dated and secretly never romantically kissed a male. This book is sooooo educational its on a level of its own. I am frm P.E i want to go stay in Jhb next year and i would like to say to Ta Mike Thank you for sharing your views about our beautiful Africa and its ppl…… I’ve got a massive crush on Phython Godz forbbido i loooouve this African Igwe 🙂 nice work

  66. Really sad bt i can relate im 20 nd my mom is gettn married next month as 4 my father all he does is hurt me nd my mom nd da sad thing is i really do miss him i wish he was thr i wish he could hold my hand n tell me how mch he loves me bt my mom raised a beautiful strong women in me nd i thnk her daily 4 dat. Thnx mike truley touchn nd True #crying#

  67. Wow Mike 🙁 thank you for speaking on behalf of the voiceless. That letter speaks about so many betrayals that abandoned children experience. That hits so close to home coz I have been a victim myself *teary eyed*

  68. So sad but Jonah is asking relavent questions Daddy must answer, i hope step-daddy treats him way better and continues to make his mommy Happy.

  69. Wt a touching letter(I cn relate to it well).
    Its so sad to c hw much this stupid behaviour has become a norm in our society. Da reason y we have such a broken n corrupt society is most of us south africans never gt da chance to experience da love n comfort of hvng 2 lvng parents.wish more men cn read ds letter n learn frm it.#sad#

  70. Iam touched, as parents we do things not realising the effects it has on our kids,it is true a child grw to be who u mold them to be,fathers plz be there fr urll’s kids***

  71. *Its very painful to have a father and not a daddy.

    A father is a father because he made your mama pregnant, contributed to your gender and your genes.

    A daddy is not only a father but HE is part of your life always there to comfort you,protect you, and watch you growup,enjoy good times,grieved the sad moments wth you.

    Up to then usukhulile but akazi ukuth ulala udleni,ugqokan someone who fails to pay your school fees for @least one year.

    Mybe its betta if you know ukuth wintandane kunokuba nabazali abangenandaba nje nawe. He’s good as dead anyway.

    Its just not of HUMAN NATURE!!! *

    Wow Mike thank you man I know its happening out there and I can relate.

  72. I realize just how blessed I am, My Superhero stayed around, moreover For showing me just how a man should be, he just wonderful. Love him to bits

  73. I used to worry that my child would feel this pain one day. Luckily like jonah, my family has been so supportive. When her father died last year i ddnt know how to tell her but when i did, my brave sweet child (who was 3 at the time) said she didnt even know him so she doesn’t care! This really made me sad as she will grow up without having known her father but at the same time later on in life i can explain to her that he passed away when she asks about him instead of the sad truth

  74. Wow I can also relate!

    I’m sad that I grew up like that, nd now my daughter is growing up like that.
    I tried believe me I tried to make sure that I do things differently, nd not fall in the same trap my mum fell into. But I’ve now came to a conclusion that from the moment a woman becomes pregnant, she become a mother. But man choose to either take up the role of a father or just a sperm donor.

    But as long as I have breath, ill make sure my daughter lives like a princess she is.

    Nd BIG UP to all the fathers out there. Continue doing the great job that ur doing.

  75. Yeah ne! True story! I’m going through de same exact thing! I remember calling him asking him t buy ‘our’ son sum pampers coz his ran out. He told me t call him bck wen I’m serious abt life! And den he heard dat I’m dating again and he started calling me again wanting me bck claiming t luv me. Even wanted t start supporting his son! I told him dat I got a job and I got a man who luvs his son and supports his son he need not worry abt our finincial we’ll being! My son and I finally belong t a luving family and hv de best Man in our lives! A man whom my son now calls papa with so much happiness and such pride! I’m not angry at my baby daddy instead I feel sry fr him I pray dat h also finds peace of mind 1day! I pray dat he also finds happiness fr if it was not fr him I wld not b dis happy,and content in lyf!

  76. Yeah ne! True story! I’m going through de same exact thing! I remember calling him asking him t buy ‘our’ son sum pampers coz his ran out. He told me t call him bck wen I’m serious abt life! And den he heard dat I’m dating again and he started calling me again wanting me bck claiming t luv me. Even wanted t start supporting his son! I told him dat I got a job and I got a man who luvs his son and supports his son he need not worry abt our finincial we’ll being! My son and I finally belong t a luving family and hv de best Man in our lives! A man whom my son now calls papa with so much happiness and such pride! I’m not angry at my baby daddy instead I feel sry fr him I pray dat h also finds peace of mind 1day! I pray dat he also finds happiness fr if it was not fr him I wld not b dis happy,and content in lyf! Behind every dark cloud ders always a silver lining !

  77. deep stuff broe…..true…….evry child deserves a father,be t a boi or girl……..bt sometimes d mothers too make t hard for d guys to be there,,xpecialy if u r broke,,..,,..they deny us our god given ryt to be there…..money is nt evrythng, even though it a huge factor,,,every child should hv a present father broke or rich……….thankx broe this was an eye opener………

  78. Yho Mike this is hella deep! I’m so grateful to have a father in my life! I feel so bad for all the Jonah’s out there though… Mike u are a true inspiration and you were blessed with so much intellect I sometimes wonder if you studied psychology; please don’t stop posting I love this blog its amazing!!!!!!!! <3

  79. Stori of mi lyf he left wen I was preg came bck wen I had the baby bt antshokodisa wen mi son was 3 God blesd me with a GR8 man he paid lobola wen my son was 5 n we had a daugter 2geter n now ka dec we r getn married da bustard wen he hears of my hapines he cals r o batla ngwanage mi ans is omo feng cz u onli donated me ur sperm

  80. Wow, I can relate. I remember some days thinking he will come and rescue me and explain what had happened and I would tell him its ok and that I loved him and that never happened. When I was old enough to look for him myself, he had passed away.

  81. Dis is deep indeed, cant he feel da pain of da child? Some men are really stupid shem…..
    He must liv da poor mom nd bby in peace coz he failed them

  82. Dear Jonah

    I hope your daddy is hanging his head in shame. He knows, even though he won’t admit it that the best thing that ever happened to him is your mom and you. He will never have it that good again. I pray you grow up to be the best gentle brother ever. Love always… aunt Lady K

  83. Gr8 and sad piece, it is a pity people(men) who are supposed to read it don’t read. I bet they wont read it even if it was placed on the Sports column in the newspaper, they will just toss the paper in a bin.

    Most of us (women) can relate to this story. My son is now 15 and has requested that he want to change his surname to mine because he thinks he does not belong to his father’s name. He does not want his father’s surname on his ID.

  84. I can so relate to this, my baby dad left me when my baby was 6mths old and he promised to take care of him and never did , even today. Funny thing though it that everytime when things are not going well in his life he would come back and demand his “family” back. And the scary thing is that my little man doesn’t want anything to do with him. He says things like “ha se papaka and ha ke morate cause he doesn’t do anything for me”. I’m scared what kind of a man he’ll grow up to be.

  85. Hi.just read the letter.its so sad.many can relate.my question though,what if mummy went after a married man?what if mom got impregnated by a married man just after 2 months of knowing the dad?must he leave hs family?I encourage him to support the child yet at the same time I must protect mine.he is wrong for cheating on me.but how as a woman,u dnt use contraception just after two months of meeting a man.she knew that he is married with two kids but u still went ahead.what kind of life do u plan for ur child?dd the mummy honestly think that the poor child can be used to nab daddy?my point is I know when we in love,we dnt think clearly but can we try to leave innocent children wherever they are?I also blame hubby but y do u go for something that’s already taken.ladies,let’s also respect other ppl’marriages.

  86. Yho Mike I’m one of those women who is raising a boy child alone, my boy is 5 this yr and his father never bothered to ask how is he doing he just doesn’t care. When I told him I was pregnant it was the end of his love for me and his child, he never ever asked if he can come and visit, he does n’t know how he looks like, the funny thing he looks like him.
    One day when they meet he will be so surprise to see his photo when he sees him. But we are fine by the grace of God we will continue being fine.

    Jonah’s letter made me to think of usana lwam.

  87. the sad part is these men think that for some unknown selfish and stupid reason they are spiting you for whatever, not realising that they are actually spiting their kids. i last saw my baby daddy when i was 2 months preggies his son has just turned 7; they have never seen each other – daddy’s choice. i told him even if he doesnt support him financially i’ll never keep him away from his son even then he just was and still is not interested – i have his number for one reason only – when my son is old enough and wants to meet with him i’ll try my best to arrange that meeting. i’ve forgiven him and have moved on coz life waits for no one.

  88. So sad yet so true. Its a norm. Pity the men doing this are not gonna read this. To all the single mothers, hold your heads high and raise better men. I know that’s what I’m gonna do

  89. Wow! For the 1st time in my life I am speechless. It is sad what is going on out there-some baby daddy’s not taking care of their young ones. I’ve been blessed in the sense that my baby daddy is taking care of our child from head to toe. #sigh#

  90. growing up use to call my dad a sperm donor because that what he was. when I got preg I had a long pray to God that my baby doesn’t suffer like I did n I even told my boyfriend what I think about dad who are sperm donors he promised he wont be one, but it look like he wont be able to keep his promise. he was suppose to visit babyboy but instead went out clubbing with his mate it hurt so much that even now still hurt.

  91. Eish Mike you really do know how to go deep into the mind of a woman.. I have two little ones that I am having to raise on my own. Its funny how guys forget they are fathers and have a responsibility towards their kids the minute you dump them.

    Through God I have found the strength to look after them, as hard as it is with the cost of living being so high, I still find myself smiling when they call me Mamma,

  92. my babygal is 2yrs 7months already calling another man daddy coz that man was her father from when i was 3 months pregnant, ive never wanted things to b like this but they are. her biological father told me to my ears he doesnt want anithing to do with us now im married for two years n he suddenly wants to play a role in my babies life? my husband loves our baby and he said so himself no one will take away his baby gal*in tears*

  93. OMG, you really touched me as i can relate. my baby daddy wants nothing to do with hi son and my son is so rebellious as he comes and promises lies and he never comes comes to see him. Am really torn to see what my son is under going @ the age of 9yrs.
    But I believe that God is with us all the way and he’ll make it all right.

  94. Its one thing that it didnt work out with the mama mara dont punish your kid. Kids see these things even if you are no longer together but it means a lot when you support them (financially and otherwise)

  95. If you are a man and have read this and still think a child is only a child and knows nothing,then you seriously have a huge problem.

  96. Yoh! Mike yoh… Deep. How I wish men cn read this, its sad bt so true. Most men abndon thr kids & women hv 2 care for those kids. I’m starting 2 think men enjoy seeing women suffer bt it becomes worse whn kids are deprived of their own father. If men knew ukuthi yibo abenza ukuthi abantwana babo babe nenzondo ngabe abenzi kanje. We nid women 2 b strong lyk Jonahz mama & raise their kids no matter da circumstance. I’m a young mama as well & I’m glad dat my son knws dat I luv hm 2 bits bt truth is he nids he’s daddy as much as he nids mama. Ngingakhuluma kushone ilanga mina u knw da things u write abwt Mike ziyangithinta kodwa 2day u wnt deep, deeper, deepest! *morethantouched*
    Thanx a million Mike, FANTASTIC wrk!

  97. What a sad letter,i like to appologies for all us men,those who leave their kids to be raised by single mums,and biggup for those men who became the true dads raising other lens children…..you are greate man that will change the society…..thanks Mike…thats an eye opener to all man

  98. *teardrop* this is just too sad.. And yet, they say kids dnt really knw wats goin on around them. They take note of alles!!

  99. Oh how I love Jonah’s letter, truth hurts but yeah my kids have also fallen into the same hands a useless father who would much rather raise some other man’s child instead of his own, its funny how he used senseless excuses to see me at fault but forgot that his pride is his kids his flesh and blood. I laugh at him today coz he stooped so low as to calling me names. But who’s the bigger fool for I stood my ground, never gave up on God and kept my pride that being my kids. And him leaving me was not a curse but a blessing for now I’ve landed in the hands of a new meaning to love to which we have a beautiful understanding and he and my kids have a beautiful understanding too. Man like Jonah’s daddy need to understand that every bad situation opens doors for new and better then before situations even though I was the laugh of the stoke…..there came my silver lining. I donno how man think that today is all that exist forgetting that tomoro is always a better place. It buffles me.

  100. oh wow, one learns to live this type of life without really dealing with the situation and then reading this… really hits the spot (story of my life)!!! but im proud to say i forgave!!!

  101. Hey Mike ty i think a lot of sistas cn relate 2 dis ey..well i cn relate,i ws abandoned by de man i loved,he neva calld me whn i ws preg nd plus i found out tht he made anoder gal preg @ de same tym,rght nawh he’s dead nd im raising our 7mnths old daughter alone its sad bt he got his karma…men r cruel i dnt knw y we even lov dem soo much coz we better witout dem!

  102. to think I also have a son but his father couldn’t be bothered whether he was born, if he’s alive. he doesn’t know when he was born, what his name is, or what he even looks like… sad part is he was able brag to the world about he got me pregnant, and wants to call himself a man…

    some guys are a pathetic excuse for human beings!!!!

  103. Wooow im soo touched this is sad, i wish all the irresponsible guys can see the hurt they cause to their own blood!!!

    Thanks mike

  104. Unfortunately Jonah is one of many children growing up without the support & love of both parents. Alot of fathers tend to be absent in their childrens lives and gets angry when the mother finds someone to balance the equation of a healthy family structure. Hope Jonah grows up not to be like his foolish maternal father but to be like his adoptive father…
    This is really sad indeed

  105. thats so touchin.i wish fathers can read nd they will knw wat they are doing to our kids is wrong and hurting them.stop neglecting our kids they are not one of the donation you can just drop nd go.

  106. This letter took me back(crying),it all started in 1998 being left by the one person who took ur virginity and promised 2 always be by ur side bt mnths later he relocated 2 another province without glancing back to check hw his son is doing,not even a phone-call…my son always had questions about his daddy of which i had no answers to,how to do you explain 2 a 5yr old boy why other kids @creche have daddies and he doesnt,i used 2 cry myself 2 sleep bt today my son is all grown up(15yrz) n he can make hs choices and in one way more than one God has always provided,uThixo akakuniki umthwalo ongaphezu kwamandla n what doesnt kill you makes you stronger…#intears

  107. sad…jst wish evryone who was raised by a single parent cud hv de same mind set lik johan…his words cn heal many scars left by ppl who claim to love us

  108. Iyho! What a chilling story! Every male child MUST read this story! My 15yr old son will definitely read this! Big up to us single mothers raising REAL men! Men who are GOd fearing and who respect women and human life in general ! God bless your new dad Jonah!

  109. Wow so sad!
    This letter really teaches us biological facts don’t make you a mother or father. These titles are earned.

  110. Touchy… hope he rots in hell!!! And My daughter is 2yrs!!! #SingleMom# thnx Mike 4 reminding them d@ they hv kids out there who r looking for their fathers…

  111. Yes wht jonah is facing it similer to wht my baby lives at I ask my self y man are so cruel thy only think 4 thm selfs I’m sorry to say I hate man.

  112. Hee Abuti Mike,congratulations hey,u got me crying as I was reading this letter by Jonah!The sad part,n yet crippling truth about this letter is that:it is the story of most black woman!It is my prayer that boys/men read this letter!I hav done my part by sharing the link with my Facebook friends!!Change needs 2 seriously take place!*crying*

  113. Funny how 1 can relate 2 such stories, u sometimes end up thinking ur da only one that goes thru the pain that men r likely 2 cause. After reading this I started crying thinkin wat I went thru. I wish all the men could read this n c how much pain n trauma some of them cause in 1s life. Thank u so much 2 who eva wrote this….

  114. This is so sad how do man live with themselves knwing thy hv kids n dnt care to knw hw thy r n what they eat,ths is da reason y woman wnt nothing to do wt baby ddy as thy dnt shw any responsibility

  115. This takes me back to the day I used to be in Jonah’s shoes my father never raised me even through I knew him. He chose to raise someone elses child and even to this day I so wished he was present in my life hoping I would have had the prevelege of being raised by two people even if they were no longer with each other.

    I remember in 2008 when I fell pregnant( 20), my mother called him n told him what had happened, He didnt have a nerve telling her that she didnt raise me ryt for I turned out like this. This broke her so bad I started crying and re assured her that she should not listen to what he is saying, she had done and excellent and oustanding Job raising me, gave up her dreams to take care of me, that man has never even instilled values in me, he has no right to me and you should not blame yourself for any of this.

    Apart form our spoilt relationship, I got to know him when I was in high school, I was 15 at the tym. my mother tried so hard for me to give him a chance but warned me how he was, he on the other hand was telling me all about my mother not wanting him to c me, and I asked him ” since you have paying maintence at court y did u not ask for permission to c me” ryt there cought him in the lie….

    at times women try so hard to make/ build relationships between the child and the father, my personnal veiws, its not the responsibility to do so but they do it anyway and most times are there to comfort their children when rejected.


  116. I was in tears when i read this. Its a brilliant letter, yet so sad. The son is confused at a tender age and has no father to look up too. To men , if you are reading this please find it in your heart’s to be a father to your kids you will not lose anything.

  117. sad and touching indeed, is it real? A six or five year old can write such words he talks like a man, i was crying while reading this letter.

  118. that’s so TRUE ,it’s a reality..
    Happens everywhere at all times..what a shame! How do men sleep knowing he just left his own blood to live not knowing how the kid is doing?really it’s not about the money dad,but,yo love,yo presence…
    If U only knew how much pain yo child goes thru?
    God forgive U if it’s bcoz U didn’t carry the baby for nine months n have no breast to feed them…sad.

  119. Wow *in tears*so touching as I was in an abusive relationship b4 and m raising my son by myself just gt d man who lvs mi dearly and d bastard btd him up claiming he stole his wyf

  120. Tearz rolling down!!!!! Crying, crying n crying….. To some of us Single Mum’s let’s continue do da good Job n raise our Sons n Daughterz teach them to be a real man(Husband) and a Women(Wife) regardless of wat we went tru in lyf. Tell them all da good things abt being a man/women….Mike, Mike Aiy aiy u r building a nation here, Aluta continua, Thank u my Brotha

  121. In the wild or nature,,females don’t reproduce with juvenile(useless) males,they identify alpha(top) males to reproduce and propegate the species,…but in the human race you find us women allowing deadbeat useless, juiceless males to reproduce with us then when they fail to be good fathers its a shocker?! that’s what juvenile males do,they drop their seed and split they are not responsible,they are bottom of the barrel, they won’t marry you-even if they do they’ll cheat,they won’t take care of your children or you –why are women having children with such men in the first instance? Meanwhile good men are struggling to find good women because they are unhappily managing a situation with a useless man…by the time most of them get out of these entanglements they think all men are dogs because they laid with a dog and caught flees and rabies in the act.
    Jonah is not just a victim of this deadbeat idiot of a father but also a mother who brought him into the world via a foolish man,having a child for an irresponsible man won’t suddenly make him responsible if anything you have added an innocent child to the equation,who will be taught how to be a man by a sad excuse of a man.
    This syndrome of fatherless children will be resolved when we women start being picky with these men seriously,juvenile males should end up with retired prostitutes and whatever women are left over after the good men have married,so boys can have real men teaching them how to be men…when these juvenile males know they won’t get tail they’ll step up to the league of responsible men they’ll grow up,adapt or die out.
    Atleast Jonah’s situation had a happy ending he found a father figure…but we all know its not always the case some women hop from one deadbeat to the next looking for a father figure to rectify the situation,having more babies with these different daddies all the way and at the end of the day all these children have rejection and daddy issues.
    When men start to see women first as wives then mothers and women start to see men first as husbands then fathers we will have less Jonah’s running around.

  122. I wish men can read this so they can know what they put us and their kids thru,I also wish I can have such a happy ending,coz 4 me rite now,all men are the same,thank u again Mike u r awesome

  123. A good man, is worth the name father, any boy can make a baby, but it takes a real man to step up, be faithful & be a daddy… And this mama right here is an outstanding & strong woman & Jonah, is just a brave lil’ soldier…

  124. Oh my gosh bhut’Mike you such an amazing writer to say the least! I definitely can relate to this letter.I have many different books in my book shelf but this diary is one of a kind.May God continues to bless you.

  125. Yoooh eish so touching, kids suffer out thr jus imagine staying wit a loving man hu u col a daddy for 25 yrs nt known he’s nt ur biological yah neh

  126. So touching, can’t this be part of the ‘no Violence against women n children campaign in December ?! Where you bombard all TV station/ talk show hosts, radio and news presenters to make it part of their shows so that it can be broadcasted to everyone . It can be nice to have the president read it out live on SABC and share that clip on all social sites including you utube, as a Special message on Advising fathers to play their part in their children’s lives. 🙂

  127. So touching, can’t this be part of the ‘no Violence against women n children campaign in December ?! Where you bombard all TV station/ talk show hosts, radio and news presenters to make it part of their shows so that it can be broadcasted to everyone . It can be nice to have the president read it out live on SABC and share that clip on all social sites including you utube, as a Special message on Advising fathers to play their part in their children’s lives. 🙂
    #just thinking*

  128. How i wish i could write a similar letter from an abandoned daughter’s perspective…#sad# i guess such is the world we live in

  129. So inlove and related with this especial the one of count corns, Mike I so wish all man can read this, ngempela umuntu wesilisa angazi usuke ethi uzohlangasa ini nani ukuze ukhulise ingane and kunzima ngempela to this world

  130. This is sad but @ times we must not blame men as the females trap men by falling pregnant. Yes the father must take care of the child and be part of the childs life, but that doesn’t mean he must get married to her

  131. mike I cant stop the tears falling down my chicks. woow this is so touching. I hope more man can read this and understand the hurt that we as children go tru because they decided to leave us.

  132. Wow wow wow!!! I am thoroughly impressed took me only a couple of days to finish one hundred chapters bcos i couldnt put it down lol. You are an amazing and refreshing writer. I found myself nodding and laughing at all the similarities in my life to thandeka’s. I honestly connected with the character and got alot of advice that il carry with me in future. Im sadden that this is the end bcos it has become an addiction in my everyday life lol. Good work and congratulations Mike really well done.

  133. Funny that i read this today,after my son’S Bday on the 2nd of October,his Dad has not supported him for the past few months, We had to call him to wish his son a HBD.Can someone help me understand why men do this to thier kids? *Women bear too much this days,and you wonder why we so bitter*

  134. Hi Mike I’m a mother of 2 beautiful girls age 12 and 9 I’ve been raising them on my own since my first born was 3 and my last 1 month old I’m deeply touch by this letter cos my kids don’t know they father & I’m sure they neva wil as a parent I don’t knw how it feels like not hav ur father around too…

  135. *In tears*, imagine giving the mother of your four children R100 after four months, I mean even u cannot survive ka R100!!Its really Sad shem. Putting your burdens on your kids shoulders!!Ey*sigh*

  136. a womans deep poetry is aconfession of love misunderstood to break down a mans world.i am a woman and i need a man to listen and not contest nor contemplate my ideas.i have the willpower and let my poetry be heard.i have drained and absorbed the worlds sorrows,carried its worries and fears on my tired and sore back.i deserve to be heard and let my poetry be a song of disguies.soothing a thousand souls.i am woman wether black indian white italian german or mexican,i am strong willed and patient.i am poetry

  137. If you are man enough to make it then you should be man enough to take care of it .

    Men need to stop making babies and leaving them and thinking that its ok and its the mom’s responsibility to raise their kids . We both made this child so now why is it my burden to carry alone ? Stop being a damn coward and own up and face reality .

    Its not only about the money , it takes ..love , patience , time and lots of energy to raise a child . I am a single mom and I would like to Salute my fellow single moms out there , its not easy .

    Guys wake up , and put a condom on if you do not want to deal with being a dad

  138. I can’t help but cry while reading this. It really hits home. Our father’s are failing us. Too sad they don’t look at it like that.

  139. I’m a single mother of two beautiful girls. Lyf is hard bt my mother showed me luv n gave me ol da best she had. Wen I look at my kids I cry everyday bt no matter how I’m strugglin wit dem. God wil not liv me. Its hard bt dey wil grow up 2 b strong women. To all daddies out der pls look afta yo kids n to all mommies everythng wil b okay

  140. mh…mh…mh, just speechless….. iyoh Mike my brother! you put us on edge you make us cry, you make us laugh, you make us thing all in all you put us in our toes. i was also raised by my mother and also have more than one father although mine was not physically abusive, but abusive all the same.at times i think physical/ assault is better than emotional abuse cause the scars NEVER heal emotionally, not that I’m condoning abuse i don’t cause i was also a victim of different forms of abuse. but as it is said at the end of the tunnel there’s light, i’m just sorry for those who did not meet that light. back to your letter i also wrote a poem ” MY DADDY, MY FATHER” i had so many questions even before i came face to face with him, i was an adult by then. you know when i gave him the poem to read so he can understand how i felt before i confronted him, he cried and thought i was still bitter. later i made him understand the context of the poem well that’s old news but the poem is still here to serve as a reminder of what i went through and helping others who are facing the same dilemma. all nje we have to forgive in order to heal ourselves and learn from their mistakes.

    loving your staff

  141. ncoooo what a sad letter.i am still in tears even now.how can you leave a child of your own? How? Men must read this and see how we their kids struggle.even if they left us at a young age we will still love them no matter what.reading this letters i found myself in them.i felt as though i was the little boy writting to my daddy who is just happy that amm doing matric this year 2014 but his not willing to take responsibility.even though he left us at a very young age i still love my father

  142. wow this is just a wonderfull piece its a sad reality though theese things do happen and this is sad but wow this is jus remarkable

  143. I went through this letters a couple of times and everytime I read I get so sad, after my moms funeral me and my sisters where raised by our father and he did a great job I just wish fathers can play thier part

  144. Reading this made me think about my baby and her father. “are you not ashamed that i am about to call another man my father. Are you that useless?” – Yoh!

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