Origins of a Slay

ORIGINS Chapter Twenty

A lot of people say that there is a bit of lesbian in every girl. They reach this conclusion because we touch, hug, some even kiss to greet, share clothes, baths, and a whole lot more together. This was even worse at university because all of a sudden every girl becomes a liberal. I was often told to ask any girl who was in residence and the honest ones will tell you that they had something with another girl. I don’t know how much that is true though because back home we had lesbians but even then it was something whispered about not celebrated. I am not a lesbian. I like men and in particular, I liked Abedi whom I knew deep down could never be mine. What was going on here? Even in the dark, I am sure the confusion was written all over my face. I have already said from the moment Zethu saw me the first night with Beloved and others she has taken a liking to me. Now my confusion was on whether or not she saw me as a friend or as a target. Oh my goodness, did I give off lesbian signals? In spite of all this, I was tipsy, horny and I needed to get off. Why was I not in my bed mara?

“Yes you can?”

I whispered back even though I could barely hear myself with the way my heart was beating so loudly and so fast. Goodness, I just sounded like Obama. She moved in closer and even in the dark I could feel her mouth get closer to mine. She put her hand on my face and our lips touched for the first time. Hers were soft, slightly moist, and very warm and inviting. I had kissed boys before but this was different. She nibbled my bottom lip with her lip. I wanted her to stop but I didn’t want to. Instead, my body took over and did something I didn’t expect it to. I went on top of her one thigh on either side of her body. From this position, I was in full control. The cloud covering the moon must have moved because now the moonlight lit the room and I could see her clearly. I stopped to look at her and immediately she whispered,

“Please don’t stop!”

I was not intending on it but the problem is I did not know what to do next. I had never done this before.

“You lead!”

I whispered and in moments positions had shifted. She was now the one on top. Her thighs were warm but there was something even warmer which I could feel emanating from in between her thighs on top of my pelvis.

“What are you doing?”

I asked myself but at that point, I could not even encourage myself to stop. At this moment I imagined Abedi. Could he make me feel this way? Zethu started kissing me on the neck and I let out a soft involuntary moan to release some of the pressure. My neck is extremely sensitive and at every point, her warm thick juicy lips made contact with my skin I could feel pins and needles all over my body. It was like my body was having an orgasm without actually having. She moved her lips to my full B Cups and when she put her lips around my nipple I knew I was lost. I needed to take control back so I started moving my hand down her spine, cupping her ass when it got there. She was still wearing her thong, which formed sexy whale tail shape men find so sexy. Speaking of men, I couldn’t help but wonder how cold Abedi’s bed was tonight?

She shifted position such that now she was not on top of me but was lying on her side facing me. She kissed me again on the lips and took my hand and guided it down to in between her thighs. Without removing the lip lock she guided her hand to in between my thighs. I needed that. I needed that so badly as she rubbed me from the top of a thin layer that was the cloth of my underwear.


She called my name.


She called it again. I wanted to scream ‘what’ as she was ruining the moment as I was almost there.

“Mfethu wake up!”

With a bit more urgency. Did she really have to call me mfethu at this moment though? I opened my eyes and she was standing over my hands on her waist. The sun was out and it was morning. I blushed immediately. I had been dreaming.

“Yes, I was dreaming Zethu why did you wake me up!”

I asked her very annoyed. The incident with Katlego had taught me that when caught having a wet dream act like its natural and a matter of fact.

“Well, you can dream later. It’s after 10 now and we said we were going to Zoo Lake remember.”

She told me.

“I don’t remember that.”

I told her.

“Yeah, how could you, you passed out in the cab after we dropped off Nthabiseng. I had to drag you up to bed.”

She said laughing.

“You lie!”

I told her as I could not believe it. Was it all a dream? I immediately blushed.

“Didn’t I tell you that Abedi gave me money last night?”

I asked her and by her response clearly I had not.

“He gave you money. Are you for real? When? Why?”

She asked me and came to sit down next to me.

“When we were leaving the club. He said it was from Ada.”

I confided in her and she asked the obvious question,

“How much?”

I had not counted by virtue of the fact that clearly, I had passed out and more,

“It’s in my jean front pocket!”

I told her and without hesitation, she went to my pocket and took it out. It seemed like a lot but the money clip and all looked familiar.


I said out loud and Zethu asked,

“I thought you didn’t count it?”

I did not have to. Zethu did not get it so she counted it note by note and it was indeed as I thought.

“You not giving it back this time. That would be childish!”

She immediately said. Perhaps she could see that I was already debating with myself over it.

“If he wants to splash money all over you then let him. It’s not like you have led him on now is it!”

She said standing up.

“You must wake up we must get ready and I want breakfast. We are going to make it ourselves. Tell me do you eat pork?”

She asked me.

“What kind of a question is that of course, I do?”

I asked her.

“A lot of do not even my parents. They say religious reasons but can never quite prove it to me!”

She said and we both laughed.

“Imagine refusing nice food on account of a verse you do not even know?”

I asked rhetorically getting out of bed. I was only in my underwear. Why couldn’t I remember taking off my jeans though? my jeans were tricky to come out of. Had Zethu taken them off for me. I blushed at the thought. I looked at her. Zethu was wearing a T-shirt only and it made her look so sexy. Her skin looked so soft. I had a problem. Last night in the club I was busy seducing Abedi yet my dream had not been about him but about Zethu. It was crazy.

“What were you dreaming about?”

She asked me suddenly and I blushed and she laughed at me.

“That guy turns you on that much I see. Are you going to fuck him?”

With the way this girl cursed I really wondered how she had managed to become a medical student. She had concluded it was about Abedi so it made sense to keep it that way.

“No I am not going to but I want him so badly!”

I confessed embarrassed at how easily that had come out of me.

“I just picture him doing things to me it’s crazy and truth be told I don’t think I could survive if they left us in a room together!”

I told her and she laughed.

“We are going to have to shower together because my geyser does not hold a lot of water and besides, I need someone to wash my back!”

She said as she took the breakfast things out. What was this girl doing? Zethu had a way of speaking that was so suggestive without actually saying it. Instinct told me to run as far away from her as possible because she was getting my emotions all tangled up. I did not want to be a lesbian. On this one, even my sweet mother would disown me. Imagine mom finding out ukuthi ngidliwa yintombazane hawema!

“Dude are you coming?”

She said as she headed for rye bathroom. When we got in the shower she was so focused on bathing and our bodies kept on touching as space was not so big. Thankfully, she did not ask me to wash her back. I don’t think I would have survived at all. My eyes kept on wanting to look at her but I controlled myself.

“Breakfast is served”

She said some 30 minutes later after the bath. She was very efficient in how she did things and not like Katlego who took time with everything.

“Zamo can I ask you a question and please I beg you do not take it the wrong way if I do I just want to know!”

I asked her as we were eating. She looked at me sceptically and responded,

“Ok shoot!”

She said.

“I don’t believe I am actually going to ask another girl this, I have never asked anyone in fact…”

I started and she cut me off,

“Mfethu stop being weird ask your question?”

She said.

“Ok, Zamo are you bi?”

I asked her. For a second she looked at me confused and I think upon the realization of what I had just asked it clicked.

“Oh hell no! No no no, no offense to anyone but to me all that is nasty. What would make you think that of me? Nope! Not me!”

She said defensively. I really had misread this girl and now I had egg on my face.

“Are you bi? Is that what you are trying to tell me because mfethu that would be so awkward!”

She said and burst out laughing. I don’t know why she laughed because this was not actually a funny moment.

“No, I am not. I just wanted to make sure because I have a feeling Abedi thinks we are. What is he going to tell Ada?”

I lied trying to change the subject. She just rolled her eyes and responded,

“He won’t tell him anything because that would mean he would be telling his friend that he was perving over you. Don’t worry about that!”

She said taking her plate to the kitchen. She was wearing denim bum shorts and I could see her ass cheeks. My heart started beating faster. What was going on with me?

******THE END*******

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