Origins of a Slay

ORIGINS Chapter Nineteen

A friend of mine when asked the question “Why Do Men Cheat” had aptly responded that “Men cheat because of opportunity”. His argument was that often women either feel they don’t have a choice or actively encourage their men to go out Friday evenings and Saturdays to hang out with their boys. Two things happen there, one she intended and knew of which is to drink whilst the second one is a consequence of what she does not want to acknowledge which is there will be females there. Whether men are drinking in a park or in a club, women will always be in the area. The opportunity, therefore, arises that opens the door to cheating. I am not a man and as far as I was concerned I was single but as Konky had put it I was seen as Ada’s girl.

“Nwa lewa!”

He said to me giving me a hug. When you have a crush on someone and they acknowledge you it feels like the most amazing moment on your life.

“It’s Samke”

I corrected him because it was creepy him calling me what Ada called me.

“We shall see!”

He said and laughed as we walked in. I always said I didn’t like going out because it was too loud but I think it is the vibe that gets you hooked. Everyone just seemed so happy. I did feel underdressed though even though I had thought I would be fine. The venue is small but even here there was a VIP where we were seated. There were two other guys that arrived with Nthabiseng. The guys mostly spoke amongst themselves but one thing I noticed was that Abedi kept on looking at me. On several occasions, our eyes met, and on every one of those, it sent a tingly sensation down my spine. I loved this man’s attention so much. Forgotten was the stress of the week and before long it was a full-blown party. Churchills closes at midnight. Zethu took us, girls, to the toilet and said,

“I still feel like dancing!”

She was not the only one because Nthabiseng and I told her that the feeling was more than just mutual.

“I will ask Konky to take us to a club then which we can make a just girls night out!”

She said which I doubted would work and I was right because the boys asked if they could come too. Clubbing hopping is a thing people with cars and money do so this again was a first for me. We went to Sandton; dint even know the name of the club and the party continued. Abedi attracted attention even here in the dark. I was getting jealous of watching all these girls try dancing with him. To him, it looked more like a game because every time he danced with a girl he would make sure he was looking at me. When the girl he even grabbed her ass whilst making eye contact with me. My mouth was dry at this time from all the swallowing of saliva I had done over this man. He was putting on a show for me.

“Go dance with him!”

Zethu told me.

“What? Why?”

I asked her.

“Mfethu its obvious there is an attraction there. We all see it. I am sure you even horny as fuck right now! That dude is literally mindfucking you with what he has been doing all evening.”

She said and she laughed. She cursed a lot this one and I was not really a fan of it. she was very tipsy though not drunk just like me.

“I am not dancing with him. He can dance with every girl in this room but he will not dance with me. You on the other hand can dance with me!”

I told her. Two can play that game. When girls dance together it can never be compared to a man and a woman dancing. We are naturally seductive and within minutes of dancing with Zethu, I could feel his eyes on me. Her soccer player like at the first party was already too drunk to care. Abedi on the other hand was sitting down watching us dance. Zethu was wearing an A-shaped dress. I made sure he could see my hands move over her body. The music was fast but our dance was slow, I put my hand under her dress on her thighs suggestively and I literally saw him open his mouth with can only be described as lust.

“Your turn…”

I whispered as loudly as I could and fortunately, she heard me as the music was indeed loud.

“I thought you would never ask!”

She said. I was wearing tight-fitting jeans and a boob tube. She ran her hands right over my body so much so that I could see that the man was starting to cross his legs watching us. We were clearly putting on a show. It was so funny seeing someone who made me feel powerless to look like they were about to risk it all.

“Look at how he is drooling over you!”

Zethu whispered in my ear. I would have thought that with all this noise I would not be able to hear her. I did not want to give him the satisfaction of eye contact so I chose not to. Two can play that game. I don’t think that men realize in whatever they think they can do it us women who can do it better. Men can cheat on you for example but if you look closer, when we cheat back on them we leave them bitter and destroyed. Even in this game of seduction, there is a reason why girls can literally get whomever they want if they put their minds to it and men cannot.

“It’s time to go home!”

I told Zethu.

“Say what?”

She asked confused. In all the time we were dancing I had forgotten that Zethu was not an unwitting pawn in all this. She too had seemed to thoroughly enjoy my body on hers. For her, it was clearly not about showing up Abedi or her once again useless date but about her. What was up with this girl.

“It’s time to go Zethu. I don’t want him to want to leave with us. We must take a cab home even.”

I told her. She was so shocked by this sudden turn of events but she did not fight me. I chose to explain though.

“Abedi cannot leave Konky alone. They have to make plans to get him to his place somehow. If Konky wakes up in this state he will demand to go home with you and I am almost certain you will be cleaning vomit in the morning!”

I warned her. That’s how drunk he was and although I did not know whether or not he was one of those guys who throw up when drunk my argument hit home with her.

“Yup it’s time to leave.”

She agreed with me. It is not attractive at all to clean someone’s vomit period!

“I need to tell him we are leaving!”

I told her. She just shook her head and laughed saying I was playing a dangerous game. Well, he had come tonight thinking he will be the Kevin Costner to my Whitney so I didn’t want him chasing after the plane well, in this case, the cab as he does in the movie. He did look like he can run though. I can even see the I Will Always Love You video in my head right now as Abedi chases me down.


I said to him when I got to him. He seemed startled by my sudden appearance as he was sending a WhatsApp.


He said and he smiled. I did not smile back facially but my other girl down there was even doing catapults as she clearly must have smiled too. I was so horny and there he was just sitting there looking like a slab of dark chocolate, his lips looking soft and hard at the same time and his body chiselled to fit my hands and my needs. I could just pull down his zip right now and…

“Samke what’s up?”

He asked getting me out of my fantasy. I blushed but thankfully it was dark in the club he would not have seen it.

“The girls and I are leaving!”

I told her of which he seemed surprised by it all.

“Leaving how? I am supposed to drop you guys off!”

He said standing up. He was tall. I think I reached just below his shoulder when he was at full gait. He was not too muscular like Jerry on the Queen who cannot even turn his neck but more toned and proportional. He was wearing a muscle top so and his jeans though not too tight betrayed another thing…

“Nkulunkulu wam ngiyaloxisa!”

Every girl knows what a dick print is and how to notice it. This guy did not need to wear grey sweatpants for it to show because even through his jeans I could see it was thick, long and I am sure full of…

“Samke let’s go!”

Zethu said snapping me out of it once again. Why could I never finish my fantasies?

“We can’t leave Konky here by himself and you know that. Only you know where he stays so we will take a cab. We are tired and we need our sleep.”

Nthabiseng was now standing behind Zethu. She was not drunk as us but she looked like she had the time of her life.


He cursed out loud.

“It’s ok. I will walk you outside but first I must give you this! Ada said I must give you!”

He took out a money clip and handed it to me. What was with Ada and money. I did not refuse because again I did not want to embarrass Ada.

“Ok thank you. Will thank him later!”

I told him. Other drunk people were being thrown out by the bouncers but Abedi spoke to one of his countrymen to look after Konky. There were cabs outside and the girls immediately went in. As he came for me it was me who had to hug me. I moved in on the hug. Something happened that had not happened before. He grabbed my ass with one hand. I am bootiful I know, I am not built like abo Karen.

“Abedi behave!”

I scolded him reluctantly and I am sure because of the tone i used it must also have sounded sexy i don’t know. This man just had a way of messing me up. He laughed, put me down and laughed as he walked away. I blushed and got into the front seat of the cab.

“I saw that!”

Zethu said and we all burst into laughter. We dropped off Nthabiseng first and finally, it was just me and Zethu. As we both don’t wear makeup there really was no struggle in getting into bed. Zethu took off clothes remaining only in her underwear and went into bed. The last time I was here I had come with my PJs and she had worn a long shirt. I could not even as for one so now I had to get into bed naked. The light was on. I decided to switch off the light first before I stripped but I realized the jeans I was wearing was a bit tricky so I needed the light on. I stripped off and I could sense she was looking at me. Ever since the cuddling comment Zethu had given off something, I am just not sure what. Eventually, I stripped off, switched off, and came into bed.

“That was fun hey. Konky has to go though. I can’t date a drunkard!”

She said but it was not place to agree with her. I did respond though and say,

“Something has to be done though!”

I told her in the dark. I had had my back towards her and I turned as I spoke because I had just remembered something,

“Abedi gave me money and it was from Ada…”

I stopped mid-sentence because for some reason as I turned my hand landed on the soft skin of her hip. I froze. Taking it off would be awkward and leaving it there would be suggestive. I heard her take a deep breath and then there was an awkward silence.

60 seconds later she whispered in that pitch-black bed. Her voice was a bit hoarse as though the words were struggling to come out.



I responded. Again my mouth felt dry. Super dry. It was like that time in the club just more intense. Something else was moist though.

“Can I please kiss you?”

She whispered still. Somewhere in a cemetery eMaphumulo my ancestors sat up and said out loud,


******THE END******

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