Origins of a Slay

ORIGINS Chapter Twenty Four

Never chase after men no matter how rich or hot they are. Well that’s what we tell ourselves as women but the truth is we do whatever it takes to get the men we want. No one wants a deadbeat and no one wants someone who does not seem like he is going places. When you do however fail to get the person that you want there is no shame in walking away. I was not going to fight Zamo. As far as I was concerned they deserved each other. This girl had thrown herself at him and was rejected. Even tried to commit suicide and now here she was showing up at his doorstep. There was no way she could have gone there had he not invited because If I remember correctly he had not invited her to his lace the first time yet now she knew where he stayed. I am not that stupid,

“I was not going to drink today but with all this happening I feel like drinking now! Does this make me a drunkard?”

I told the girls and they laughed.

“I think I am fine with being a drunkard as long as I am a functional drunk! Don’t want to end up throwing up wasting like some kids we know!”

Zethu said teasing Nthabiseng, we had her back but she had to call her parents first. We came up with a plan where she would say her phone was stolen that’s why she had not been in contact. Everyone and everything else will fall in place eventually. She used Zethu’s phone to call them and things got so heated one of them dropped the phone on the other. I am sure it was her mother who dropped for the phone because truth be told had she done that she might as well have died.

“Guys we need to go on holiday. I just want to go out of town for a while and have fun. I cant even swim but I want a place where I can wear a bikini and just have fun.”

Nthabiseng said when she walked back in. It was like she was not in that fight just now the way she was so casual in how she said that.

“See, I told you this a few weeks ago that we should go somewhere as long as its not Durban. I live there so it will not be fun for me. Maybe Cape Town. We can fly out on a Thursday evening and be back Sunday night. That could be nice hey guys!”

Zethu said with a hint of excitement in her voice,

“Guys I have never been on a flight and I don’t think I am ready for that yet. What if I don’t like it or I faint or something? Nope my feet are good on the ground!”

I told them and everyone laughed. I had always wanted to fly but I was also scared of it. I really wanted to have drinks though because when you are stressed you drank.

“Are you going to church tomorrow?”

Zethu asked me. I had a lot to repent for this week but I did not feel like going. Last week my phone had ended up being stolen coming from there and I also did not want a possibility of bumping into Abisola. I was done with Nigerian guys for one day.

“Nope meaning we can go drinking. I want to go to a chilled area with just students none of these bottles and getting over dressed for nothing.

“I cant drink tonight guys after last night I think I have quit drinking!”

Nthabiseng said and again we laughed because well when it comes to drinking, quitting is actually not as easy as it sounds on paper.

“If you not drinking you are staying behind. Guys I need a massage. Can one of you massage me because my body is so stiff!”

Zethu said suddenly.

“Nope I am not doing it. I am to tired and I need to bath. I am getting into the shower even and I told you the last time if you need a massage you must go to spa. What is with you and massages though?”

Nthabiseng asked already taking off her dress to go bath. These girls were so comfortable with nudity I just could not get it.

“That lives you then. Please sweet Samke may you give me a massage! Nthabi I told you that at the spa you pay money to a stranger for something your friend can do for you!”

She said in a sweet voice. She went to her cupboard and came with scented oil.

“I don’t know how to do it.”

I told her and it true I did not. I am sure there was a spa somewhere in Mooi River but those things we consider them for white people. Imagine paying money for someone to touch your back? What kind of rich people nonsense was this? The things I could do with that money I cant even begin to think straight.

“You put the oil on your hands and then you rub them together so that they are actually warm because I hate it cold. The oils will guide your hands!”

She told me.

“Zethu how about you do her first then she can see what you want. You complicate small things really. Its faster, she learns and she gets to enjoy it too the same way you enjoy it!”

Nthabiseng again intervened. She seemed to really get Zethu and Zethu seemed to respect whatever she had to say.

“Ok then, Samke strip!”

She said standing up to lay fresh towels on the bed.

“You joking right? Like strip naked?”

I asked her. She burst out laughing and said,

“I am not, Nthabiseng is right that I do you then you can do me! Are you shy of me all of a sudden?”

She asked me.

“No of course not. I am not shy.”

I told her and I took of my top living me with a bra and the shorts I was wearing.

“Bra needs to go too!”

She said and I took it off.

“Goodness Samke you are actually this hot underneath all those clothes. I wish I had boobs like yours, mine I feel like I have to stuff my underwear in for the bra just to sit right!!”

She said and we all laughed be it me a bit uncomfortable. I had never considered myself hot but lately I had been getting a lot of stares.

“I don’t think she see’s it. This girl could turn girls lesbian if she wanted too but she is too busy hiding behind the fact that she is from a tollgate!”

They laughed. I wanted to defend Mooi River again but I realized it was a joke so I laughed with them. Now down to just my thongs I lay on the bed.

“One full body massage coming up. Just close your eyes and let your body feel!”

She said. I heard her squirt the oil into her hand and rub her hands together then she touched me. This time I was not dreaming. She started with my neck. It actually felt so good. She took her time too and it felt like I had electricity go through my body. I was on a bed of clouds and I was drifting off. She did my back and then I felt her hands on my butt. I wanted to ask her to stop but I was so relaxed at this stage the words would not come out. I had even forgotten that Nthabiseng was in the room still talking above the shower.

“Do you like that?”

She asked me.


I think that’s the sound that came out when I intended to say yes. Thank fully I had my underwear on because the way this was making me feel.

“Guys I just got a text. Some of my friends from home are chilling at 86 Public, its as good a place to go right?”

She said. 86 Public was were went the first time and mercifully her walking saved me from embarrassment.

“You were not supposed to switch on your phone remember!”

Zethu said standing up to remonstrate with her. I wanted to cry. She had left me lying there and I was not even sure whether I should get up or not. I felt a slap on my ass,

“Let’s go moghel, this one won’t be getting a massage today we are behind time!”

Nthabiseng said of which Zethu immediately said,

“No, I am the one who wanted one to start with!”

But Nthabiseng would not have it.

“I promise I will give you one don’t worry. Look what you have done to Samke, she cannot even think straight!”

She said and laughed making me actually blush. I got up and since I still did not have clothes I had to wear some of Zethu’s. 86 Public was a blast and it was good clean fun. This is what I preferred. We came back at 3 in morning and still spent the day at Neighborgoods. This was what student life was meant to be like. Nthabiseng was actually more fun than I had first given her credit for but she seemed to always get Zethu’s attention. By evening I had to go back to residence. This was probably one of my best weekends ever. I was that boring. I was tired and I just wanted to sleep. This had been a long taxingly fun weekend. I just got into my room and I dropped myself on the bed. There was a knock on the door and when I opened it was the two girls who had been at the hearing the other day.

“Is Katlego also here because we need her too!”

The taller one said. I actually did not know their names even though during orientation they insisted we know their names like we were children.

“No she is not back yet!”

I told her.

“We have been looking for you since Friday so I take it you went home!”

She said which was neither here nor there. What did she want? This could not be good and I know when people are coming to deliver bad news.

“Ok then do we give only her then?”

The one house com member said to the other.

“Yes I am tired of coming here all the time. It’s the forth time and the lift is not working!”

She said as though she was doing me a favour. I promise you education institution elected students act like security guards at a boom gate when they know you have something they can only provide, to open the gate. They genuinely think they will get a big job for being in house comm when usually they are actually part of the very same people that oppress you.

“Please give this to Katlego and this one is yours!”

She said to me handing me to brown envelopes with our names on them. No one enjoys power than people in schools or universities. From prefects to SRC members. The power they have on campus forgetting they are nobodies out there. I remember an SRC member telling a whole president to fuck off. Its amazing how many liberties we have and yet we say the country is oppressive.

“Ok shap!”

I said and shut the door in their faces.


I heard one of them say from the other side of the door. Immediately opened it again and said,

“Say that to my face. I dare you!”

To both of them and not one of them spoke.

“The one who said bitch I said say it again so I can show you what a real bitch is?”

I said this time stepping out of my door to show them I meant business. They left without another word. I was tired of being nice to people who kept on taking things from me. Why should I be grateful or nice to my executioner? Its like when your parents after giving you a hiding asking you to say thank you. What kind of sadistic bullshit is that? I took Katlego’s letter and put it on her pillow before I went to my own bed and put mine down. I took a deep breathe before I opened it. Sometimes we delay the inevitable.

“Attention Samkelisiwe Hlatshwayo. You have been expelled as violence is not tolerated. You have SEVEN Days to vacate your room. Signed House Matron!”

And just like that I was homeless. I did not even have the energy for it. Wow, just like that!

****THE END******

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