Majuba 84

Of all the times that you could ever wish to be caught with your pants down this is definitely the last one. Imagine

in my girlfriends house by my father in law with a woman who is not his daughter! This man was the type to carry a gun around because I am sure he had many enemies. In this situation he would definitely shoot first and ask questions later. This was a disaster of sorts and there is no way he would not shoot me on sight especially considering that in his head it would be just me and Naledi for now. Things could not be any worse. He knocked loudly again which made me startle a bit.

“Naledi open up I know you are in there we need to talk!”

He shouted from outside.

“Baby who is it?”

Londiwe whispered to me seeing that I was frozen as he knocked at the door. She was wrapped in a towel at this stage.

“Its Naledi’s father and if he sees us like this he will flip out!”

I told her. She put her hand on her mouth and nodded in agreement. Often people forget that what’s good for them the world might not necessarily agree and that was us right now.

“Yeah definitely. Let’s go sit in the bathroom please!”

She said. At that moment I heard,

“Daddy what are you doing here?”

It was Naledi’s voice!

“Shit what if she opens the door?”

I whispered to Londiwe.

“She better not because he will not be happy that’s for sure!”

She responded scared.

“I needed to see you to talk! It’s important!”

Her father responded.

“I told you never to show up at my place without telling me first and you keep doing that dad.”

She complained.

“I am sorry, it’s important and I could not call ahead!”

Her father explained.

“Are you going to invite me in, we are not going to talk outside like this!”

This was the moment of truth.

“No we are not going to go in my place because you were uninvited. Let’s go talk in the car!”

Naledi said and I could hear her immediately walk away.

“This is silly Naledi why would we talk in the car when we are already at your door!”

Her father protested.

“Daddy it’s my way or you can leave! Do you know how violating it is for someone to just rock up like this? You promised you would never do that yet here we are again!”

Naledi said. I could hear she was further away from the door than before. He walked away with her and I was relieved.

“That was close!”

I exclaimed.

“Yeah too close for my liking! We need to tell these people as soon as possible because I am sure the reason why you did not want him to see us was that he would think you are cheating on Naledi!”

Londiwe said thoughtfully. I was expecting a tantrum from her but she did not give one. Instead she went back into the bathroom and got back into her clothes.

“When Naledi comes back we are leaving for our place. I need clothes and I also need my own space!”

She told me.

“Ok I agree there. There is something I need to tell you!”

I told her.

“Yeah what is it?”

She asked me.

“My boss was shot and killed today.”

I told her and she froze. I think it had just dawned on me that the thing which she was holding over me had no power anymore. She could not rat me out to him as she had thought she would.

“Wow! Shot? By who? Why?”

She asked me.

“I obviously don’t know answers to such questions come now love! I am sure the police will come with something! I heard it on the radio!”

I told her.

“As long as they don’t come looking for you!”

She said as she sat down shocked.

“Why would they look for me?”

I asked her.

“He just fired you and even I know that’s motive enough. Vusi what have you gotten us into? You used to be this boring man who never did anything now you are getting fired and people around you dying?”

She asked me.

“First only one person died so don’t be dramatic and it has nothing to do with me!”

I advised her.

“I saw what’s on those files you want from me and it’s enough to get someone killed. Vusi please tell me this is not the reason he died and you all of a sudden in a rush to marry Naledi!”

She asked me looking me straight in the eye.

“Londiwe drop it. Forget this topic and I won’t threaten you but you need to get rid of those files because they have consequences!”

I warned her.

“The fact that you are not even trying to hide it shows this is serious. I should have known. You really do love me don’t and you are doing all this to protect me?”

She said and suddenly a smile beamed on a face. Honestly a woman being told she is loved can sometimes mean the world to her no matter how much bullshit you put her through. All she wanted to hear was that she was loved.

“Of course I love you Londiwe please stop asking questions…”

And as I said that she ran up and hugged me!

“Thank you! I have been wanting to hear you say that and mean it for a while! Thank you so much!”

She said. I should have said these three little words earlier maybe all these problems would have gone away. I heard the key get inserted in the door and I walked in Naledi.

“Geez guys that was close! My dad has a key to my place imagine if he had walked in on you two!”

She said as she put shopping bags down.

“Why would you give your father your keys though that is crazy?”

I asked her.

“Well if I am alone and get sick someone needs to check up on me. You know it’s not safe for a girl to leave alone right!”

She said as she busied herself.

“What was so urgent through because we could hear him insist?”

Londiwe asked.

“I don’t know actually because all he wanted was for me to invite Vusi for dinner just the three of us. He says he wants to get to know you better!”

She explained.


I asked her.

“It was weird though. I ended up insisting that your mother must come too so can we please make it tonight?”

She asked. It was already late afternoon but because I wanted everything out of the way,

“Yes sure we can!”

I said.

“Ahem ahem!”

Londiwe cleared her throat behind me!

“I am not trying to sound petty but we had plans tonight and I am left out of yours yet you two say we are a threesome and are in this together?”

She asked annoyed. We had totally left her out of the conversation and if we indeed moved on with this thing this was something we would have to work on.

“I am sorry it’s not like that!”

Naledi said.

“I could not justify why you should come and I did not bring it up. You can come with if you want and we will just see how thing go once we are all together!”

She offered.

“No it’s cool. I was not worthy of remembering when it mattered. Please take me home guys and besides Vusi needs a suit!”

Londiwe said standing up.

“I can’t go with you I have to get ready now but I will see you later I promise!”

Naledi said. This was the first time we were able to leave Naledi and have her not throw a tantrum. The drive home was quiet and I know when this one is mad.

“Baby please talk to me?”

I asked her.

She ignored.

“It’s not something I planned I am sorry. I don’t know how to make it up to you but I promise I will!”

I told her. I looked over at her and she was crying. I think truth be told if I were in her shoes I would cry too!”

We drove home in silence and I prepared in silence. She was curled up on the bed sobbing quietly.

“Love I can stay and not go. We will make another plan!”

I told because honestly sobbing the way she was is tantamount to emotional blackmail. It was working on sucking the soul out of me.

“No please don’t. I need to get this out of my system and I can’t d tat without crying. I am not going to lose ever again so I will cry if I have to get over something I do not like!”

In my head I felt like those men who emotionally blackmail their partners. She was here because of love others she did not want to be here at all. That’s the story of most abused women who stay in relationships. My phone rang and it was Naledi.

“I hope you are on your way back because my father does not like to be kept waiting. Did you remember to call your mother?”

She asked me.

“No I did not shit!”

I told her. My mother was supposed to come too but because I had been caught up with all this emotional stuff I had totally forgotten about her.

“Call her now dwee!”

She told me.

I called my mother and she was about to leave the office.

“This is short notice I need to go home and change!”

She told me.

“No mum there is no time! Please just come the way you are!”

I told her. My mother was one of those women who overdressed for work anyway so I am certain she looked nice.

“Londiwe I am out!”

I told her and she just nodded her head. I could not get into an argument with her right now so I avoided one altogether by just walking out. This thing were doing was going to be a disaster. I drove as fast as I could to Naledi’s place. As I waited for her downstairs in the car I got a phone call.

“Hello may I talking to Vusi?”

An authoritative voice said.

“Yes you are who is this?”

I asked.

“This Detective Inspector Mazondo, is this a good time to speak?”

He asked me.

“Not really I am on my way out! What is this about?”

I asked him.

“I think you already know what this is about! Can you please come in for questioning tomorrow morning 8am sharp?”

He said.

“Come in where?”

I asked him. He gave me details and so on. The way he spoke was friendly but firm.

I was definitely a suspect.

Now what?

*********The End************

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Hello to all the readers.

After being married for 10 years, last December I got the shock of my life. Found out hubby had been cheating for 2 years. We were at my in laws at the time, I packed my bags and told him to expect divorce papers by the time we got back to CPT. He immediately called a family meeting (his parents and his elders), he confessed everything, said it was a mistake and he was really sorry, started crying and all. Said he had tried numerous times to break it of but girl had threatened to kill us all (including the kids) family decided he should cut all ties and get a restraining order he agreed. Jan we came back to Jhb, he suddenly had a change of heart with regards to the restraining order, he said we should not give power to a stranger because she wants the attention. We should rather focus our energies on working on ourselves and I must give him a chance to prove himself and gain my trust again. Friends, I can’t help but smell a rat here something or maybe he wants this to die down then they will resume. So I contacted the lady recently told her I want to meet, initially she said no so I let it go. Today she called and agreed. Over the phone she told me that hubby said she would be the 2nd wife, he is just waiting for the right time to tell me. My hubby is born again, he’s whole family is. He has strong beliefs against such. So now I don’t know whether she was trying to hurt me or hubby indeed did say that. What do I say to her when we meet? Should I tell my hubby or not that I’m meeting her? Or should I make him part of the meeting (he did agree at some point when I suggested it) I want to fight for my marriage but really have no strength

Thank You


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  1. Anon: Your hubby should be part of the meeting, but don’t tell him before hand because he will either not show up or tell the other lady what to say to you when u guys meet… I would suggest you take him by surprise the day of the meeting or when you get to the place of the meeting ask him to come meet you there so that nobody has the chance to narrate their stories before the meeting, that way you will know who’s lying or telling the truth. GUDLUCK

  2. i dont recommend meeting with abomakhwapheni or even talking to them, you are just hurting yourself. Stay away from her and dont make space for her in your life.

  3. hey AnoAno! you are married for ten (10) years, but you entertain bomakhwapheni? You don’t trust your husband anymore?
    work on your marriage dear, both of you. engage each other. communicate on what’s boring you now in your relationship.
    please Ano, don’t put all your energy on side chicks. ten years in marriage, and more years again in a relationship, surely that’s a milestone. you know each other very well. look for that spark again.
    NB, play him CeCe Winans I Promise.

    1. Ronald “TRUST”? That was definitely lost when she found out he was cheating…… This man is bullshittibg her and all u say is she must turn a blind eye…. The world we live in

  4. Im pretty sure if she had said she cheated on her hubby ya’ll will be telling her what a slut she is and how she deserves a divorce.
    Our society is fucked up, these Men lie, Cheat, bring diseases into the family, bring Side chick drama tearing their Families apart and women have to carry the burden of trying to make it work. Work on urself and making your marriage work, ignore the sidechicks and work on winning back hur man. If this is the life we are creating then we are doomed. Men cheat my foot, they cheat because we let them get away with all these in the name of having a family. Why fight to keep a man who doesn’t wanna be kept?
    This is fucked up and unless we stand up and fight against it we are doomed and so are the nest generations.

  5. Hi Anonymous ,
    I would suggest that you cut all ties with the Makhwapheni , because what you are doing you’re acknowledging her as part your marriage cut this triangle immediately .
    deal with your husband and also involve a marriage counsellor NOT FROM CHURCH .

  6. My sister if you stay you are rewarding his two years of cheating with a new wife. Read Bra Mike’s story and it’s exactly what’s happening with Windows. love yourself first and things will go well for you. He does not deserve you

  7. My hubby was also having an affair and going away to endless conferences and workshops and serminars you name it most of the time to see the side chick and deposit money to her and calling her more than he calling me as a wife. I investigated and gether all information I wanted and put my plan into action.
    My Comment is based on my experience: As you already called the side chick to meet with you here is what I did as well
    I asked my hubby to go out with me to the restuarent and invite her there gives her the 30 min late time (13:30 for 14:00) when she shows up I invite her to our table and the hubby tries to stop me but he was late. we sit down and I started “because I can see that you love her very much in such a way that you are prepared to loose 15yrs of our marriege, So lets do this Lady you have to go with me to health centre to check for HIV. if you are negative you will contiou with your affair with my hubby if you are positive I will sue you for infecting me deliberatly. BUT she is not allowed to have another man in her life and NO kids because I already have kids for this man she is NOT going to be taken as a second wife because I am his wife. If she find someone she has to leave my man and be out of our lifes. I told the huby that he has to report to me if he is going to visit her and I am not going to divorce him for that affair I say all that in front of my him and he was shocked because he did not expect that and he was not aware that I know about his affair and the details of the side chick. Tell you what he used to go away three time a week but after that meeting he gradually redused his trips to her and endup stopping altogheter. that is the power of woman’s mind because I give him what he wanted in silver tray and he was unable to enjoy it as it was on the table and the side chick fills suffocated by my rules and she couldn’t take it and they seperated. as for my hubby its been 8 years after that incident and he is never cheated again.

  8. Londiwe should stick to her decision to abort and move on. She will heal and find a man that will treat her as no 1.
    Vusi deserves Naledi and her controlling father.
    He’s such a hypocrite:
    1. He accuses londiwe of cheating, he cheats and impregnates another lady
    2. Feels insecure about londiwe chatting to her ex, he hates lunch with the Dr ezile.
    3. He hates the idea of marrying londiwe, now he’s reminding her of how he played night in shining armour.
    4. He told his mom Naledi is good for sex only, now he’s marrying her.
    5. Hated the fact that his mom got londiwe a job, loved the fact that she was a good ol’ house wife, praises Naledi for her buffed English and profession.
    Oh the hypocrisy!!
    Now he wants to marry 2 ladies that he doesn’t even love …
    Londiwe is so much better, even with her low communication skills, she’s genuine!

  9. I am mean what justification for u have for wanting to meet this girl… I’m soooo lost. You are not in a relationship with this girl and what do u expect her to tell you, mmm how much your man doesn’t love her or value her n he loves you more. Well news flash that won’t happen. Focus on ur marriage if u want to fix it n leave the side chick alone… Hahi

  10. Anon, your man is a pathological liar and he’s taking you for a fool. He still gonna shock you in future; this is just the beginning. Even his family/elders knew that he was bullshiting you with those tears and story but obviously they wouldn’t tell you that.

    Gatwe “fight for your marriage”! Hehehehe, fight to stay married to someone who plays and insult your intelligence like that? Ka nnete we are doomed. 10 or 20 years of marriage…so what? Does your life depend on being in a marriage or such a marriage?

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