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YES 205

I don’t like receiving bad news. I don’t think anyone does to be fair but I felt like every morning I woke up

something new and bad would have happened. I don’t even want to go to bed at night anymore because I know how my life always is in the morning. I was stunned.

“He was fine when I left!”

I told him.

“I know he was. The doctors said his heart gave out on him. They tried to revive him but they failed!”

He explained in such a sombre toe I felt that he was going to scream at any second,


But he did not.

“Mbilahelo this can’t be right. Please tell me that you are joking! When I spoke to him he was fine! I even left you talking to him!”

I reminded him.

“And you left. He asked for you before I left and when I came to look for you my mother said you had left!”

He explained. Why was I doing this to him though? He had just lost his brother and here I was giving him grief over other things when I am sure he needed to be somewhere else.

“I have a few things to do but I will come to you as soon as I am done!”

I told him.

“Thank you so much for that. I really do appreciate it!”

He said. I did not know why I had offered to go to him because I really did not want to be surrounded by sadness.

“Lungi what’s wrong?”

My sister asked me. She actually startled me because I had forgotten she was here.

“Azwindini passed away last night!”

I told her. She stood there in shock and then said,

“This is not good at all. Two people in one day!”

She said shaking her head,

“I am very sorry. Those were your people and you have to mourn them right!”

She advised me. Who was I going to mourn more though because as far as I was concerned the real victim in this was Rudzani as opposed to Azwindini?

“I know. It’s just so odd how the things happened and how fast too!”

I confided in my sister as she sat on the bed next to me.

“You need to go console Mbilahelo. As well because right now I doubt very much he is coping. It’s a little too much and what’s worse was that there was hope to start with then that hope got snatched like this.”

My sister said. Last night I had told her how Azwindini had woken up and was on the road to recovery so I understood what she was talking about.

“Do you think I am bad luck?”

I asked her.

“No why?”

“I just feel like lately everything I touch is falling apart. People I get close to something seems to befall them. I have a long list of things that have happened in the last couple of months!”

O told her shaking my head. The list was long and somewhere somehow I was always the constant in all these people stories.

“I love you Lungi and no matter what just know that I will always have your back. You might feel like things are falling apart but don’t worry you will always have me!”

She reassured me. My sister and I did not always get along but one thing was constant and that is I loved her. I don’t think I would be able to survive losing her.

“So whose funeral do I attend?”

I asked her.

“His funeral of course. That murderer does not deserve your presence at her wedding. She caused all this so she must be buried by her family sies!”

My sister said standing up. She obviously did not know the full story but even if she did I strongly doubt that would have changed her mind.

“I am going to make you breakfast. You need to eat and since you are pregnant you need to rest as well. You can’t keep on going up and down like this it’s bad for the baby!”

She explained.


I corrected her.

“What do you mean?”

She asked.

“You said baby and its babies!”

I told her trying not to sound too excited and calm.

“No you lie! What?”

She said screaming jumping up and down with joy. The melancholy in this moment though. Two people had died and two people were about to be given life.

“Yes the doctor told me I am getting twins yesterday!”

I told her.

“Thank you Jesus. Mummy do you hear that? You are going to be grandmother to twins and I am going to be an aunt to twins!”

She said cheerfully. She then burst into tears and came to hug me.

“Thank you Lungi! Thank you so much for this!”

She said. I don’t even know what I was being thanked for but I hugged her back. She walked away ad left me alone as she went to make breakfast. She was singing gospel songs the same way my mother always did. She took her phone and started playing Sfiso Ncwane’s ‘Kulungile” and I found myself singing alone. I got out of bed and I went to her,

“You are so happy about this neh?”

I asked her. She took one look at me and said,

“In the words of the Urban Poet Kendrik Lamar, It’s alright; we are going to be alright!’

I burst out laughing because she even did the ministers voice in that.

“Yes we shall!”

I told her.

“I am going to bath because I have so much to do today I think!’

I told her. I was not too sure of my schedule as yet but I just got that impression.

“No Lungi sit down and breathe. You are going to eat first then you will bath. Besides I switched on the geyser a bit late so you can’t bath with cold water!”

She told me.

“Ah dude you switched it off last night?”

I asked her.

“Yes I did. No need to waste electricity so trust me you will thank me later.”

She told me confidently. Where I live I don’t switch off the geyser because I forget to switch it on again and then when I want to bath it becomes a mission.

“I thought I told you that once the geyser is off, switching it on again consumes just as much electricity as it does when it’s on the whole day!”

I explained to her. It’s a theory which I had even though I had never tested it.

“I know what you said Lungi but this gives me peace of mind. Please Lungi, no fighting today. Sit down and relax for once. Whatever your busy schedule is its not more important than the two babies you carrying for me in there!”

She told me and we laughed. Every woman loves twins to be honest. It almost makes a woman look better than others because it’s unique. This works better if they are identical because now you will truly by special and oh they better not be ugly. Goodness imagine having two ugly kids at once and you have to live with them your whole life!

“Ok then doctor! I am going to lie down now not because I am tired but because I am lazy!”

I told ad we both laughed. I was not happy because of the deaths but I could still laugh right. I went to my room and I opened my emails. This was the first time I had checked my mail in a long time. For some reason I had never actually linked my notification to my phone because at some point they got too many so I did not want that. One email was from Simba and actually from last night.

“I have been trying to get hold of you, please forward your CV to Palesa. She works for one of the big five. I talked you up so she wants to see if you are the real deal. I will call you in the morning. I also left you a voice message!”

He wrote. I listened to his voice note and it was basically the same message so I called him back.


I said to him on the phone.

“Goodness you have been such a stranger!”

I told him.

“Yeah I know and I am sorry but like I said before we need to keep a bit of distance because your old company is gunning for you!”

He reminded me.

That was the reason we had stopped talking in the first place. He explained to me about my CV and which member of the Big Five this was. It meant for the next hour at least I was found updating my CV for the first time in a very long time. My sister’s breakfast was quite enjoyable actually and I managed to forward the CV.

It was only 3 hours later that I found myself at the hospital again and talking to Mbilahelo. He looked a shell of himself even though I had seen him a few hours ago. We had been talking for a bit since I got back but what caught my attention was when he said this,

“I have lost my brother now! I am the last one left. Three kids and I am the only one left!”

He said to me with so much sadness I felt even worse.

“You said three, who is the other one?”

I asked him.

“My brother was a twin. Our sister Tshililo died when they were about 13.”

He told me. I was stuck on the twins’ part.

“Goodness that’s sad. Was she sick?”

I asked him. I don’t know why I asked him it just felt right to do so!

“It was so bizarre. They went on a school trip and she must have eaten something that did not agree with her because she died on the way back from the trip! I was 16 at the time and I remember how my mother cried for her! It broke my heart then and this one she won’t survive it!”

He lamented and as I had not healed from my own mother yet I knew exactly what the pain felt like.

“Wow I can’t believe he was a twin.”

I whispered out loud. He was not meant to hear that part but he did.

“Yes twins!”

He said as he walked away to greet some people who had just arrived. I suppose it was relatives.

I was confused though!

The statistics of twins is such only 3% of pregnancies result in twins in South Africa that’s why we all don’t have them wish as we might.


I said to myself out loud as I was standing alone.

Azwindini could not be the father of my child but Mbilahelo did say twins now didn’t he?


I said again covering my mouth with my hand.

Lungile Mbatha why could you just keep your legs shut!


I was more confused than ever!

*********The End**********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)


I hope this finds you and the readers well.

I am a 42 year old woman and I was married for 14 years. My husband and I had two children both in late high school. My husband was not the best husband in the world because sometimes he drank and became verbally abusive but he was good at loving his family. He provided and worked hard for us. I am a teacher and he was a manager in a firm. Three weeks ago my husband was killed in a car accident. I was devastated but only for a moment. He did not die alone. He died with a 19 year old girl in his car and from evidence on his phone they had been sleeping together for over a year. How could I not have seen this? The girl is only a few years older than our daughter! I was so humiliated and what’s worse I could not even confront him! I was supposed to mourn him but I felt so betrayed I could not. As I went through his phone I discovered that he was not just cheating on her with the kid but also one of the women from our neighbourhood. She is married and our children go to school together! He got this woman a job at the firm he worked and seemingly that’s how the affair started. I am one of those women who don’t believe in checking their husband’s phone but now I feel like a fool. When someone dies all the secrets come out and a lot of people knew of his affairs but I guess I was never good enough to tell.

I need to move on from this evil man but I don’t know how. I don’t have it in me to mourn for him because all I see is the betrayal. The kids are not coping at all and some girls laughed at my daughter at school because of her father’s infidelity!

Please advise me please.

Thank You


24 thoughts on “YES 205

  1. Let Lungile do a partenity test before Azwindini is burried please. This waiting will kill all of us even before the kids are born. We have to know once and for all.

      1. @Mbe so hypothetically speaking if Lungi were to sleep with Mbilahelo she can claim that he is the father and DNA would agree?

        1. The test can prove Mbilahelo is the uncle, not the father. Percentage difference will be small enough to prove he’s related but not small enough to say he’s the father

  2. Eish lungi but atleast if it’s azwindini’s babies then they can pass off as mbilahelo’s. looking alike and all. But only if he agrees to love you regardless of your febing spree 😂😂😂😂😂.
    @betrayed that jerk is dead move on. Forgive yourself it wasn’t your fault.

  3. masterpiece as always Mikisto! heeheeheehee, quoting musicians nearly became a trend neh! I really wished to hear Mbalula’s quote, but eish, the Zuma-hour reshuffle happened hey.
    Betrayed, you are really a woman of substance. you never doubted your husband, and again, you didn’t even question things that seemed to be suspicious. unfortunately, your trust didn’t yield fruits, and phephi mme (sorry).
    I suggest that you move your children to the other schools to avoid bullying. it won’t be easy, but I strongly believe that a social worker’s letter will convince the schools to make an exception.
    please look for cancelling for you and the children. it will be more helpful for you, so that you won’t hate all men and crucify all the boys.
    at work, please look for EAP. it is very helpful and you will see the world positively.
    my sister, it is ok to cry.

  4. Its all pointing to Mbilahelo & Lungi becoming a couple. I wish Lungi could just stay away from the other guys and jus stick with Mbilahelo.

    Betrayed, you are not at fault and believe me

    1. Yim lowo Lucy can they just be happy with Mbilahelo as I don’t see Simba being all forgiving & playing step dad to the twins

  5. The time delays of this story vs reality is confusing. I feel like Lungi slept with Azwindini last of last year that’s why I can’t wrap it around my head that he’s the father of her fresh pregnancy but oh well… cos cos ngantsomi

    1. Impela miss Beamz & didn’t they use protection kanti with Azwindini which Chapter was it vele,someone help?

    2. I have been following this blog since its inception and lenna ke deurmekaar!

    3. But guys it as mentioned somewhere in the story that we ladies do not check if the condom broke or not. Even Azwindini did say that Lungi might be pregnant before he was told.

  6. Could Lungi’s twins be Azwindini’s? then her Gogo will twasa her with open heart. Ohhh my Sfiso bakithi!

    1. I don’t remember much about her and Azwindini, I know she used a condom with Sifiso, and the person she didnt use a condom with is Mbuso, but he didnt cum moes because the wine bottle broke?

  7. You need not beat yourself up for his infidelity, it was a chose that he made and it had nothing to do with you. Do not doubt your worth focus on yourself and your kids as they need you.

  8. Can Lungi just know already who’s the father of her kids, it’s been a minute now going around in circles and this guessing makes her look very very bad.

  9. I wish the twins were Azwindini. That way the Mbilahelo can raise them as his. Sfiso and Lungi used a condom and Mbuso did not come inside as the bottle fell

    1. She also used a condominium with Azwindini, I don’t know anymore. At any given time, whoever features in the story seems like a possible father.

  10. Thanks Team as always… can Lungi pls know the paternity of her kids. I have a strong feeling that it might just be that very rare case of twins with different fathers! That could take the term ‘sfebenteen’ to another level!
    @Betrayed – mmmh, this is so sad. You have to mourn the passing of your husband yet you have to deal with his infidelities…! Sorry sisi, I cannot even begin to imagine what you and your children are going through. Pray to the Almighty for His divine intervention, trust Him and just call His name everyday and minute. I would probably go mad if I were in your shoes. Also try going for counselling, you need to talk about this, let it all out, vent, cry, curse – you name it! But try and get it out your system, before this destroys you as the family from the inside. I wish you all the luck and strength that you and your children need!

  11. Sfiso is the father of lungi’s twins, remember sfiso’s weird dreams, remember how sfiso’s wife died and lungi’s aunt said the ancesstors have removed the obstacle. I am 110% sure that sfiso is the father. @the widow, you have every right to be angry at your dead husband, he was evil and his deeds killed him. Stand up, dust yourself and get counselling for yourself and children, then move on. I dont want to see tears on your cheeks, because he doens’t deserve even a single tear drop from you. After the funeral live your life to the fullest and your children love. Dont forget to claim RAF, life policies cuz you are going to need that money to fund your trip to dubai to distress my dear. Enjoy your life, its not your fault that his life ended while whoring. Moipolai ga a llelwe so who are you to cry for someone who died during the cuz of ferbing with mickey mouse. Monna o bolawa ke se a se jeleng.

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