Majuba 80

Have you ever been caught cheating? If you haven’t then you will never understand what internal panic is. You want to

run away and hide so that if the person who caught you wants to make a scene there will be no one to hear. It does not matter whether these people are strangers or not it is still humiliating. Naledi’s father however was different because he was not mad and in fact was happy to see me. He was congratulating me on what I really hope he would not say out loud. The problem with bad news is that it travels fast but fake news, now that’s the secret, fake news travels faster! Think of gossip, whenever there is gossip everyone knows all about it even before the victim of the gossip finds out.

“Thank you I suppose!”

I told him standing up. I needed him to go but how?

“I see you on a …in a meeting! Introductions please…”

He said loudly so that she could hear him. Was he about to make his play to ask what’s going on?

“Oh I am Ezile. We are old school friends. We went to high school and I am also his doctor!”

She said cheerfully. Doctors love announcing what they do! If you have ever been out and sat next to a doctor he will pick up his phone and start talking medical stuff just so everyone can hear what he does. I call it apartheid conditioning which made them so revered and the top of our food chain.

“Oh nice to meet you, I am …”

His phone rang suddenly and he picked it up before he finished his sentence.

“Sorry I need to get this… Yes I have been trying to get hold of you all day. You were supposed to get back to me!”

He said angrily on the phone. His mood just changed in moments. It was remarkable actually.

“Where are you now?”

He asked whoever he was talking to.

“Ok then. Don’t move from there! I am on my way there and you better have answers for me!”

He said on the phone. I think I heard the person on the phone say,

“Yes sir!”

But I was not sure.

“Dr. Ezile it was a pleasure to meet you. Vusi I better run there is something I have to take care of. I have to go!”

He said and just like that he left.

“Ok that was weird!”

I said as we watched him walk away.

“What was he congratulating you on?”

She asked me.

“I am not sure hey. He never said and you could see that I was confused when he did that!”

I told her.

“I mean I have seen this guy three or four times this week alone so I am not sure exactly what he is talking about!”

I told her. It was not all true but I am very sure I knew what he was talking about. When I left Londiwe had told Naledi that she had a plan and this had to be it. Had Naledi told this crazy man that she was pregnant with my child? Had she told her worse that she wanted to marry me? I had expected him to want to kill me so the only thing she could have said that he would have liked was that I had proposed to marry her.

“Is everything ok?”

Ezile asked me. I think she could see on my face that I was worried.

“Yes I am ok. I am just curious now what he was talking about. Maybe I won the lotto and I have not been told yet!”

I said jokingly and she laughed. Lunch was not the same to be honest after that but I tried my best to keep my composure.

“Thank you for today. You know when I called you I was not sure I would get you but now that I did, I had an amazing time I would like to do this again!”

She said as I walked her to her car. She drove a decent car too. Strong independent women, not many of those actually exist to be honest but don’t tell them that.

“Yes we should!”

I told her. I had to go back home! That was all that was on my mind. I can’t keep on doing this. My mother called me but I did not answer. I waited for it to finish before I called Londiwe. She did not pick up the phone. I drove home then because that’s where I had left them but they were not there. That was when she called back.

“Sorry I missed your call, what’s up?”

She asked me when she picked up.

“Where are you?”

I asked her.

“I am at Naledi’s place! I saw that you needed your space after our discussions so I am sleeping there!”

She told there.

“I am coming over!”

I told her.

“It’s not my place you need to ask Naledi!”

She told me.

“Ok put her on the phone.”

She came to the phone.

“Can I come to your place we all need to talk this has gone too far!”

I told her. I really don’t think I was going to take no for an answer no matter how polite I was. These people’s silliness was starting to mess up my life and I was the one who was allowing it. I was weak and needed to step up.

“No thank you! Stay there! My father told me that he bumped into you today, who was that you were having lunch with?”

She asked me. Goodness that man is a parrot. When had he even spoken to her to report that?

“I have friends you know and there is no law against that!”

I told her,

“Didn’t the two of you geniuses say that I can’t eat at home until I choose a wife?”

I asked reminding her of this morning.

“I made a plan and I ate!”

I told her.

“I can’t believe this guy. Londiwe did you hear that, he said because we denied him food he took another woman for lunch!”

Naledi reported unnecessarily.

“Vusi you are so insensitive! How could you say that?”

Londiwe said and I could hear the hurt in her voice.

“I am not, I am honest. I did nothing wrong. I live in a place where I sleep on the couch and I am denied food in the house! Tell me that I am insensitive?”

I challenged her. There was silence for a while before Naledi said,

“Ok come let’s talk!”

She said. I had the permission I needed now I needed to make sure that this was the last time we were having this conversation. I drove her there as fast as I could. As soon as I was allowed in the room I burst out,

“What did you tell your father about us?”

I asked her.

“I told him that I was pregnant with your child and we were talking marriage!”

She told me without hesitation. I could see her hand was shaking a bit as she held a glass of water. I had seen this before.

“Whose idea was it?”

I asked her.

“It was our idea. We are a team remember!”

She said proudly turning to look at Londiwe.

“Why would you do that though? I never agreed to such a thing. Londiwe this game you are playing is dangerous. Do you know who her father is? Naledi does she know who your father is?”

I asked them both.

“Yes she knows and she knows that he will kill anyone who will break my heart. Are you about to break the heart of his pregnant only daughter?”

Naledi asked me. Who was being played here though? Londiwe if she was not careful was going to wake up and find herself alone in the bed having been overthrown by Naledi. She really was underestimating Naledi.

“Naledi we are not going down that road. What do you have to gain by being in such a marriage? Come on, be realistic!”

I asked her.

“You don’t know the first thing about me and you don’t know what I am capable of!”

She said slowly losing her temper…

“That’s the whole point, you are right I don’t know about you yet you are ready to get married and start family!”

I asked her.

“I hate it when you try act like you know me when you don’t! Stop it I am warning you!”

She said angrily and her voice was raised now.

“Sweetie calm down!”

Londiwe advised her.

“Or else what Naledi? You are the one who said we must talk so I am here!”

I told her. I could see that something was happening, she was getting angry.

“Naledi are you ok? When last did you take your meds?”

I asked her.

“What meds?”

Londiwe asked. I ignored her and asked Naledi again,

“Where do you keep the meds so I can give you?”

I asked her. She stared at me blankly then she responded.

“I really can’t believe you. For you to play that card that is very low. Yes I take meds but I am angry because you went to see another woman when you have two at home waiting for you to fix problems!”

She said coldly.

“Guys no one is answering my question! What medication are you talking about?”

Londiwe asked again.

“Stop fucking asking the same question!”

She said hitting the counter so hard it took Londiwe by surprise she jumped up in fright.

“Geez sorry!”

Londiwe said and I saw her step away from her friend and move closer to me. Naledi had surprised her indeed and she was now a bit anxious of her. I could see the thoughts going through her head as she tried t figure out what was going on.

“Naledi if you don’t take your pills right now we are leaving!”

I warned her. This could be the break that I needed because I have no doubt whatsoever that this was one situation Londiwe would not be able to handle.

“I can’t believe you!”

Naledi said and burst into tears.

“Vusi what’s going on?”

Londiwe asked me. I ignored her.

“Naledi its ok, I am here don’t cry!”

I said moving closer to her. I was not sure what she was going to do next but fortunately when I got closer she stepped into my arms and I held her.

“I am so sorry! I did not mean to lose my temper like that. I am so scared I don’t know what’s going to happen!”

She cried.

“Its ok Naledi don’t cry we are right here!”

I reassured her. There was no ‘we’ though because Londiwe was not coming anywhere near us. She was too scared. I went to her medicine cabinet. They were a lot but one I knew well, it was a sleeping tablet.

“Please drink this it will make you sleep!”

I advised her.

“I don’t want to sleep!”

She said angrily and from out of nowhere she was holding a knife.

“Naledi what are you doing? Put the knife down!”

I advised her.

“Why must I put it down? No one wants my happiness!”

She said and she was now visibly shaking.

“I want your happiness!”

I told her.

“Liar! You are a liar! Your crazy fiancé is the one who is forcing you to want me too! Everyone I love rejects me! I love you and I am carrying your baby! I am even willing to be your second wife which will humiliate me in front of the world but you don’t even see that!”

She cried. This was getting serious.

“Naledi put the knife down. I never rejected you. I told you both this is not something you jump into with discussing it thoroughly!”

I told her.


She screamed.

“I am here aint I? I am here still trying to talk! Does that sound like someone who is not interested…”

I asked her but I did not finish the sentence because she screamed,

“You are all fucken liars!”

With the knife in her she lunged at me!

Londiwe screamed.

I was in her direct line and I was slow!

I was too slow…

**********The End ***********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

Thank you so much for your time and good morning to all the readers.

I am a student and I am 23. I grew up with both my parents but it was not a happy home. My father was very abusive (verbally) and he used to cheat on my mother openly. She was the joke of the community and at some point some men came to beat up my father in front of her after he had been caught dating a 17 year old girl from the community. Do you have any idea how humiliating that was? We were all there, it was a Sunday evening and seeing your father being beat up for cheating scars you! My mother refused to leave him and she stuck by him. About two years ago my father was in an accident and I don’t know what he saw in his concussion but he changed totally. He stopped drinking, cheating everything. When RAF paid out he gave every penny to my mother and told her that this was his way of saying sorry for everything that he had ever done to her. He bought her a car, renovated the house. My mother never got too excited about all this because I think she was expecting him to change. He did not. I hate the man so much I can’t even look at him. I have moved to my grandmothers even just to avoid seeing him. My mother called me and said they had gone to consult at a sangoma and that I had to come home because there was a ceremony they needed to do on me as I was the one with bad spirits! I was so angry! My father was the abusive one yet I was the one with bad spirits! Must I suffer the indignity of this ceremony just because my father turned over a new leaf? I can’t forgive this man but now he is turning me against my mother because she is so disappointing in my eyes now.

Am I wrong? Is he worth it?

Thank You


9 thoughts on “Majuba 80

  1. Tjooo Naledi wenzeni? Thank you Bhut’Mike and team
    Mpumalanga, you need to forgive your father. It is for your own sanity. Forgiving others is beneficial to you, it frees you from all the anger, hate, resentment and all other unnecessary emotions. It may not be easy but leave the past where it belongs and look forward to a brighter future. You don’t want your unforgiveness to come haunt you one day, when you realize that you’ve wasted precious time being angry and resentful just because your father’s actions once embarrassed you. think about it, get professional help if you have to. I don’t know about the sangoma thing but good luck hey

  2. I know that you are hurting at the moment and you hate your dad, but taba tsa batho ba babedi. Marriage involves 2 people only. Even if you see her as a loser for choosing this man, buy it is her choice.

  3. Mike
    Why ending the story so soon? It was starting to be hotter and crazier.

    As it has been said, dont try to be part of two lovers’ fight. You will always be the wrong one who is causing all troubles, so dont try to fight for your mom but support her decisions no matter how stupid they may look. Isn’t what you will expect her to do to your (future) stupid boyfriend after she told you thousand times that she doesn’t like him?

    On the other hand, hate only kills you. Not the person you are hating as you are the one who is always angry.

  4. Forgiveness is hard but you have to do it for your own good. At least your father changed others don’t. Your mother has a better future ahead of her and there is no more chances of embarrassment for both you and your family. The wrongs of the past can never be corrected but you can at least move on with your life without holding on to hate and anger which will only destroy you. As a Christian I personally don’t condone appeasing ancestors . I don’t know what you believe in but you are not forced to entertain that just like you are not forced to go to church or any other place that deals with the spiritual. Its your decision to make. From a Christian’s perspective I advise you to find a good church you will learn a lot about forgiveness which is what you are struggling with.

  5. Vusi dead 🤦🏾‍♀️Maybe he should die kkkkk his problems have no way out without major damage @ mpumalanga im not one to preach forgiveness though it it necessary and important. I feel your pain.

  6. Aweeeeh… and then…. Eish Mike, thanks Team – wonderful work as always. Can’t wait for Monday to see who got hurt, I hope it’s not Naledi – b’coz her Dad will kill everyone in that family.
    @Mpumalanga – don’t know what to say, can’t even imagine the hurt, anger, betrayal and all the resentful emotions you are feeling… maybe going for counselling might help. Good luck.

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