Realities – Chapter Thirty Eight

Every woman wants a man who can defend you and himself. We want a man who is not bullied by other men because if he is, how then is he a man. West African men are popular not because of their of their money, which frankly speaking if you ask me I don’t think they have, but because of their physical size. Something about knowing that my man can handle his business just make a woman all soft and moist. That assuredness of knowing in a fight he will fight to the end and be the last one standing. This however does not count if you see your man fighting on behalf of another woman. No! Don’t get it twisted! What if he get stabbed fighting for her then what? The sex appeal only goes as far as he is defending you and only you mxim. We don’t want a man who is a brawler and always fighting. That not dignified. Why was Sizwe punching the sugar daddy?

“Do you know how old she is?”

My husband asked angrily.

“Stop it you not my father!”

Nelisa screamed which got a her a hard klap from the mother. I swear I felt her body vibrate from the impact. She was stunned! He was stunned! I was stunned!

“This is what you ran away from home for? To be used by old men really Nelisa! This what I raised you for?”

The mother cried. I could feel her pain. No one raises their child to be a scuftin. This kids don’t realize this at all so long as they have their weaves!

“I didn’t come because of that! That woman would have killed me?”

She said in her defense!

“Of course she would have killed you! I would have killed you too for sleeping with my husband!”


“Don’t you have a wife?”

My husband asked Rodney on the ground whose nose was bleeding now. Rodney did not say anything but he stood up and walked away into his car. For a moment there I thought my husband would hulk up and smash because he thought he was the hero right! This was so embarrassing though. No, it’s not because I am uppity but your husband brawling in public as though he was a common drunk. The security of the place arrived at that moment to ask what the commotion was about. We said everything was fine.

“Nelisa take us to your room now so Sizwe can clean up!”

Her mother said. She was still holding her cheek where the klap had landed. I don’t know if it was because she feared her mother, which I doubt or if it was out of respect but she complied and led the way. In the lift it was tense and no one said anything. We followed her to her room and she opened.

“Where is your flatmate?”

I asked her just to break the tension and she responded saying she had gone to see a friend of hers called Ayanda in Braam so she might be sleeping there. Could not help but wonder if Ayanda was a guy because I had half expected her to say that big Nigerian man. Is that not what this world is about now? Young girls and sugardaddies and there is no more shame in it anymore. If you a parent and you send you child to UJ and Wits what do you expect is going to happen? You reap what you sow.

“Who is that man Nelisa?”

Her mother asked her. I wanted to tell my husband that we should leave and it was not our place to be part of this conversation but this was his child too.

“He is my boyfriend mum and yes he is married. He treats me well and gives me money. I love him!”

She said. I don’t think she was saying it defiantly. She genuinely meant it! These fucken delusional young girls think they have it all figured out!

“Are you not even ashamed to say that! You are a smart girl why do you insist on doing such things?”

The mother asked. I actually felt sorry for her. You can’t change these girls minds once they think the money starts coming from the sugar.

“You know how I left home and am not coming back. Am going to school so that’s all that matters!”

She said and sat down.

“If it’s about money don’t worry I will pay for you for everything you need!”

My husband said offering his 2c. Say what? He wanted to pay for this little whore that goes on her knees to suck old people dicks was he crazy! Over my dead body. Yho shem that day my ancestors will walk out of their graves naked and cause havoc. I almost burst out and said it but she said for me,

“I am not a whore! I don’t do things for money. I like the man and you can’t stop me! I know my rights!”

Do you know how many kids like using that line? What rights do you know about if I am still giving you pocket money. I smiled inwardly as I thought at least my child was in a child prison as I called it. What a messed up gene my husband had though ah! One daughter a deliquent the second a glorified prostitute. Imagine that. He must be so proud of waving his toy around because it surely knew how to cause havoc. If he had a son I am sure that boy would be in prison.

“I don’t need your money. If you don’t accept then you don’t accept me. He pays for my place so I don’t need you. You were not there in any case for me nor for Nozipho so what do you want? Why do you want to pretend to be a father? Who the hell do you think you are arriving like this making promises!”

She said standing up angrily. This was I was not going to enter it. He is the one who wanted the daughter so much now he had her!

“It was not by choice! These things happen!”

He said sheepishly. What a stupid moron? If all these abandoned single mother raised kids confronted their dead beat father’s what do you think they would say to him? It can’t be pretty that’s for sure!

“If it was not by choice what was it then? Why did you leave your daughters Sizwe?”

I asked him which startled everyone because hitherto I had been so quiet! I had been curious about this since these girls entered our lives. There was just a darkness about this girl which seemed to cause problems when she was around.

“Baby now is not the time for such a discussion!”

My husband said. He had not called me baby in such a long time even I was shocked. Now he remembered me? I wanted to know!

“Come on Sizwe it’s a simple question which I am sure all the females in this room want to know! Where were you when she needed you? You always teach Lintle about responsibilities so answer!”

I said also getting angry. Men who abandon their kids irritate me a lot. If I could have things my way they should all be sterilised! He was my husband yes but he does not get to be forgiven by me on this one! No! He must answer my question otherwise I will not recognise him as a man.

“You want the truth?”

He said straightening himself up of which I nodded in agreement and folded my arms across my chest. He cleared his throat and turned,

“Because she married another man. I loved her so much it hurt. She chose another! How could you do that?”

He said looking at her lovingly!

Why had I even asked? He clearly still loved her!

What now?

*****The End****


Hey Family

I’m a 30 year old independent lady with a good job and a single beautiful
dark lady;single mom to a 6 year old beautiful daughter! To cut the story
short ; Meet this good guy ; oh wait pretended to be a good guy. He was not
working at that time sponsored him now and again even the job that he has
now the money for Petrol to attend that interview got it from Me. He’s a
single parent his ex girlfriend who is working in China or something oh
wait the daughter is supposedly now his but his niece recently decided to
Dig into his past which I don’t Regret doing it 1. Recently Found out he’s
married to the mother of his kids but he’s denying it I’ve even created a
fb account to stalk him he is indeed married.
2.the niece is actually his biological daughter but he’s denying it even
now that it’s his daughter who does that?
3. He owes me a lot of money but now he’s turning my fiends against me
saying that he wanted to break things off with me and now I claim that he
owes me money and I recorded him admitting that indeed he owes me money
4. I know that he doesn’t deserve me but I Love this looser so much
5. I’ve meet this wonderful doctor at work but I’m not interested in him
cause I Love my married LOOSER so much.
6. I want to teach this looser a hard lesson. Do u guys think I should let
Him Go!

I know that revenge can be bitter sweet but if u sit back and watch karma
can be pure entertainment. Do u think guys I should sit back and watch


30 thoughts on “Realities – Chapter Thirty Eight

  1. Mandilicious, sit back and ask yourself what is it that you need in life in order to be happy, be a good mother and a role model to your daughter. It’s your life, make the most out of it while you still can.

  2. Thanks Mike.
    Shame… Talk about opening a can of worms. ask no questions hear no lies.

    I wish ur story was better explained not written in numbering. So your man is keeping secrets and you’ve turned detective? What do you do when you find the truth? Stay n confront him n he denies… he will never come out and confirm it if u still have the truth but waiting on him to confirm it.

    The problem here is not these men, its you. Why are you willing to sacrifice so much for love? At some point you have to say enough and put yourself and child first before she learns its OK to be a doormat from mommy. Your man is not treating you right, you are not treating yourself right…(only psycho chicks investigate but still stay with the guy). Be fair to yourself, its not working out, its not what you want…put on your big girl panties and let go. Think about what you deserve and are willing to put up with before jumping into another relationships.

  3. Brilliant read Mike. Your stories are just getting better. I hope people see that.


    So you are a stalker! You deliberately stalking him and you wonder why things are so fucked up. You are a grown woman, a mother at that and you sit in corners skulking to see what he does next? Where is your maturity? You say he is married so why are you there? What do you achieve wasting your time and now also on this loser? You are in love with a married man, a makhwapeni which is no fault of your own but as long as you stay and play your games you become complicit. Work hard on getting your money back and go to the good doctor and let him give you some of his good medicine. You don’t need this drama at all!

  4. @Mandy
    Accept that the looser was too good,he played you very well that you didn’t see it coming,even when he was going you didn’t realize it,revenge is a waste of time,energy and money,and you will hurt innocent ppl further….I understand that you are innocent in these equation as you were played but dear move on,disconnect from him,it’s not easy but it’s for own good,don’t delay yourself with something that ain’t yours,you are closing for something that’s is yours…..fighting for the money will keep him close and you need him ale far away….leave him,it’s You who need to heal,karma takes forever,I chose to forget it ever happened,karma strikes when you have forgot,as long as you still think revenge,karma,it shall not happen,you need help to deal with what you feel inside,once you have courage to deal with your pain,doors will open,you not yet in a right space for a serious relationship aka doctor at work,deal with Mandy first

  5. Mandilicious dear we all have made mistakes in the past, this guy is your mistake learn from this . You are beautiful, hold your head up high, forgive the guy please let him go, he is toxic. Do some introspection, look yourself in the mirror and ask these question: do you want to live in the shadow of another woman for the rest of your life? Are you a role model for your daughter, that is ok to settle for second best? Is this guy wortht it? What do you want out of a relationship? List them all. What is the foundation of a relationship? Is it not love, honesty, trust, openness and peace of mind?

  6. The 30 yr old independent lady’s writing skills though haaaiii I can’t deal. Tse dinyaka Jackzorro

    Thanks bra Mike for the daily dose

  7. Thank you Mike, but iam a little bit confused now.. But that can be cleared by two things. That is if Nelisas mom lied when she was at Sizwes house by saying she didnt know where Nelisa stayed because from confessions of a sugarbaby she was there with Sizwe and Sizwes wife was not there. So its either Sizwe and Nelisas mom are acting to fool Sizwes wife or you didnt keep in touch.

  8. Thank you Mike for yet another daily dose.

    In an much as I love how you are bringing the stories together but it get to be a little confusing because we are not really sure at what stage did each of the events taking place in one story come in line with events taking place on the other story. I will give a few examples: the one mentioned by Maxiwell above: Nelisa’s dad and mom have been to Nelisa’s place and Rodney is apparently nemesis with Nelisa’s dad. Secondly on Missteps Mtho was last in hospital but in Realities he has visited Sizwe and Linda in their home. Even Mxo was last stabbed on Memoirs but he is investigating the PI’s death! So if we can get a bit of clarity of the times of events.

    I hope what I am trying to say is clear!!

    Thank you Mike!!!

    1. Remember this stories are told from each persons` point of view… From Confessions’ point she might have decided to leave out the step mama saga…That was Memoirs from Mxos` point of view which is finished, and this is from Nothabos` diary, they don’t clash at all. its just that they are told in different times.
      Its like you telling a story today while I choose to tell the very same story tomorrow, and we tell it differently but they are linked.

  9. thanx mikey

    all i saw on the letter is The writer is beautiful but dating someelse’s Deadbeat husband knowingly,Really woman,are we that desperate?his MARRIED godsake kanty what is wrong with us

    1. Quite desperado if you are willing to be the side chick just because me makes you feel loved.

      its actually quite funny if u ask me, no man would dare accept having to share a woman, but women will even jump at the chance.

      the problem is because are emotional beings, you really find it hard to think with your brains.

      our modern day society is really becoming messed up i must say, from a growing number of fatherless kids to women who are willing to be the other lady

      know your worth.

  10. Thanks Mike
    Hi sister I was once in the same situation a looser my late baby daddy fed him clothe him and he started to abuse me and also cheated. He left me in so much debt school fees, accounts I became homeless for a while leaved in a shack but I survived it was tough but I made it,so can you. My son is now doing his 3rd Year at UJ I’m doing my best to make him a better man. Move on and Love will find a way you will find Mr right.

  11. Mike u r confusing me now, around Oct 2014 Neliswa’s mom went to the flat with her father to introduce him to neliswa and she was staying with nizopho that time that’s wen nozipho wanted to stab him with a knife and that day wen neliswas parents left Rodney came asking about neliswas father that’s when Rodney kicked nozipho out bcaus neliswas father n Rodney knew ichada in the past n they wer business partners or sumthng bt nw u write like they don’t know ichada of which is not wat u said on the confessions of the suger baby m confuse now

  12. thanx Mike
    ccstar let it go karma will deal with him.And by letting go ur doing urself a favour u dnt want to carry anger 4 the rest of ur life.LET IT Go

  13. To the ppl who are confused about the stories and what not, I suggest you all let Mike do his job, you didn’t know he was going to bring the stories together and you don’t know now what he’s gonna type for the next story, I just think if he clears ur confusion then you gonna know what happens, just keep on reading I think the guy knows what he’s doing.
    Just trying to help

  14. So happy I got my copy of DOAZG…
    Let me enjoy some great reading.
    Talk about life time investment!
    Thanks alot Mr. Maphoto

  15. Evoque the stories do gel together in this chapter dis scene was potrayed in confessions jst dat dis time its told from nothabo’s point of view as dis is her diary and as for how mtho landed up on nothabo’s doorstep if u read dis past weekend chapters of missteps den you would understand how dey landed der as Mike covered dat and for Mxo ayi nami im still confused shame

  16. Nelisa will never change Sizwe,ha go padile ntate a mogodisitseng wena o nagana k mang?lol dis girl mare
    Tnx team

  17. Thanks Mike

    Guys JackZ could dead cause life is happening out there.QnA we man want to rock out side so u a victim . move on,ladies a trick is never give it up with in 4 weeks if he waits maybe he will respect u . If a man does not play a role of a man then he is not worth it. F…. I hope the TUT students do read this comment lol

  18. Let me tell u my girl karma is a bitch .Granny use to say”just look n see”.Dat is not a man n really men don’t lie,deny the kids n except women to support them.Move on nana and leave that sorry …. Aa of man.Just move on so that u can have a peace of mind n give yourself time before u date again.maybe the Dr really love u just give him a chance whn u healed.Good luck

  19. Ya nothabo, this can of worms you opened yourself, enjoy the knowing that your man still loves another woman. shem!

    AnQ-he is married, the supposed to be niece is his daughter! what else do you want? There is a Doc who genuinely wants to be with you and you still held up on a man who lied to you from the very moment he met you? hai

    Thanks team

  20. Ta Adv Cmndr Maphoto.
    Q&A: While UR contemplating revenge, make sho all yo policies R up to date. Revenge is like starting a WAR. Any1 including yoself cud be a casualty. W don’t want yo kid 2suffer in case d worst happens 2U.
    A lion that grows 2become a family head is 1that choses its battles. Watch 50/50 or animal planet if U have DStv. There is NO POINT in fighting a losing battle! Dust yoself & move on. – PapaG

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