Realities – Chapter Thirty Nine

Everyone has that person they say that he is the one that got away, even women. At school or in life you had that one guy you really liked but for some reason or circumstance you just never ended up getting together. Imagine after so many years bumping into them and they looked even better than they did before. Chances of you getting with person, especially if he was available are so high. The same goes with women! Looking at my husband and her, something was so shady. Jhb is big people and this woman from the Free State had managed to find my house that easily. In her story she never got lost and unless she was a taxi driver there was no way this was her first time at my house. It was not balancing at all her story. I get lost here in Jhb and I have lived here for many years. She had used a taxi and she had known exactly where to ask to get off? Am I just being paranoid? I doing think so!

“Sizwe, is there something you are not telling me?”

I asked him in front of everyone. Something had not just went right in this.

“No there is nothing. It’s not what you are thinking, I am not still in love with her!”

He said! Men always think women only notice the matters of the heart. We don’t! I could shee her face had not flinched when she said this but this was not anything deep either.

“No I mean do you know Rodney. The way he looked at you? When you punched him, you saw him from the back but after you questioned him the way you looked at him and even he, it was shock but there was recognition there! I saw it!”

I said moving closer to him. I am not lying or exagerating. If there is one thing as true as can be, tender dudes all know each other somewhere somehow because they all suck the same dick to get throse tenders! I don’t think I had asked Nelisa what her sugar daddy did for a living but I was more than certain she would say construction. Fuck it, let me ask her,

“Nelisa what does your friend do for a living?”

I asked the poor child who I am sure was now confused by all the twist of events.

“He is a business man and does construction!”

She said. See! They bloody knew each other no wonder why had been so mad when he saw that she was with his daughter. The twists in this story! I could not handle.

“Sizwe what is she talking about?”

Her mother finally asked. Goodness the way this women was so slow! Typical of women who get things because of beauty.

“I know him ok! We have bumped into each other at briefings and we have never gotten along! That’s why you should stay away from him! I can’t believe that piece of shit is screwing my daughter! I am going to kill him!”

My husband said standing up and started pacing. He really did not like this guy but I think what hurt more was that his ego had been bruised. Imagine your rival now also having his way with a daughter that won’t even acknowledge you but she is busy calling him daddy! Much as I was angry at him I hated Rodney too.

“If you want to be my father, if you want me to listen to you and follow you for real, please let me and Rodney be together. I truly love him. It’s not a joke, it’s not a game and it’s not daddy issues!”

This kid was funny. I burst out laughing at the ‘daddy issues’ part but quickly recomposed myself. They all stared at me but eish funny is funny hey. How badly though did he want this relationship with his daugher? That’s were the matter fell to.

“Nelisa you can’t leave home and let not know your parents were you stay. It’s wrong no matter what! She had to come look for you at my house just to find you. I know you are angry at her or at them but no my child you can’t do that.”

I said but I was being cunning. She looked at me funny and the look on Sizwe and that woman’s face! She was about to answer when Sizwe immediately jumped in and said,

“It’s fine I will support you! I will support you but just know I don’t like him!”

So he had chosen his daughter over money. How noble! She jumped up and went to hug him saying that she would not disappoint him. She would work hard to make everything right. Young love…disgusting! I could not help but feel as though they had dodged a bullet somehow. What had she been about to say? I asked her to continue with what she was saying as soon as she let go of my husband.

“I was about to say it was my mistake. I am sorry mom. If I move I will tell you but I won’t because Rodney owns this place so everything is just perfect!”

She said. The way she said it though? It was as though she was warning her or them. It was like she was blackmailing them! Maybe it’s the paranoia but at the back of my head I could sense I had just been played and I could not prove it! The little bitch, whores knows how to cover for each other! Her mother was one!

“Sizwe it’s time to leave… now!”

I said walking towards the door. He did not protest so we walked out together!

“Sizwe I want you to be honest with me. If you are, this once, I will forgive you for what ever it is you are about to say. I will not be mad, nor will I cause a scene! Tell me the truth because if you don’t I will get paranoid and me paranoid is not good for us!”

I said as nicely as possible. I did not look at him as I said these words.

“Sure you can ask anything love!”

He said sweetly but concerned.

“When last did you see that woman and did you come see Nelisa together?”

I asked him.

“Really baby! No never!”

Men don’t know that they have tell tale signs, my husband only says “baby” when he wants something (sex) or he is in trouble and trying suck up to me! I was not going to make a scene. He had played me for a fool.

“Take me to the hospital please I need to pick up a few things.”

I asked him. He was very surprised by how casual i was when I said that because I think he had expected me to fight. Oh well, didn’t happen.

“It’s been a long time, tonight when we get home we must have sex!”

I said smiling. He smiled too the loser. I was on contraceptives, the loop to be exact. Everything else has too many side effects or too much labour.

As soon as I walked into the hospital I bumped into Richard and he was actually on his way out. I have mentioned him before. He is the one Zethu said had a thing for me and I had told her I don’t date colleagues. Speaking of Zethu I had not seen her in what felt like ages now.

“Doc I have not seen you in a while is everything ok?”

He asked me. I told him everything was fine but I was in a rush my husband was in the car.

“Come with me to my office!”

He followed me and we made small talk. He really did like me even his questions were personal but polite. I was wearing a maxi skirt, red, which went just above my ankles. When we got to my office I unlocked and we both went in. I locked the door behind me and said to him,

“This could be your only chance,”

I said and reached under my skirt, took off my thongs (grown women wear thongs too) and said,

“I want you to fuck me! Don’t ask any questions just do it!”

He seemed a bit confused but what man refuses the honeypot. Everything happened so fast. One second he was taking his pants off and the next he was in! Goodness he was so big and knew how to use it it. I am not the smallest woman but the way he lifted me and pushed me on the wall was just magnificent. This was lust at its best and he enjoyed every moment and so did I. Fifteen minutes later I was fulfilled and even achieved what my husband still had not given me in 16 years, an orgasm on the dick! Many women have sex and only get to orgasm when they touch themselves not when he is inside you? Why? Because we take longer to reach it than they take to cum. Simple biology really but today, I had achieved that. Maybe it was because of the naughtiness of the moment I don’t know but it was done. I had finally fucked another man not my husband for the first time in 16 years. I did not feel guilty. I know he had slept with Nelisa’s mother recently hence why the lies. I know my husband and no I was not going to divorce him, that will be spoiling him, I was going to punish him straight!

“You can go now we will talk on Monday I have to go back to my husband in the car!”

Richard was so confused but because he was still happy he complied and left. This could end up being a once in a lifetime thing for him so he did not want to fuck it up. I took the wet wipes in my office and cleaned my inner thighs. I took my credit card the one I kept in my desk. I was going to need it for the trip.

I walked back to the car feeling like a naughty nurse going to see her lover doctor! Yes there was a bit of guilt in me but at that point I had no regrets.

“You took so long!”

My husband complained.

“Sorry! I am horny now, let’s go park behind the hospital I know a spot!”

I told him.

“That’s crazy are you serious!”

He said laughing,

“You always say I am frigid and boring! Let’s do it!”

I said showing him the panties that moments before I had taken off for another man. I had not put them back on.

“Oh wow, that’s why you took so long to come back!”

He said with a huge smile!

“And this time… baby… you are going down on me!”

I said!

“Yes ma’am lead the way!”

He said!


*****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Hi Mike

I have a problem, I don’t party a lot but when I do I tend to over do it and I get blackouts. ..first incident was in 2013 I went to a colleagues party , I drank 3 quarters of sky vodka and I had to drive for 45 minutes using a gps I got arrested,when I was 5 minutes from my place , people always ask why didn’t I bribe or give the cop my number well thats kinda difficult if you throwing up instead of doing the breatheliser test, I spent the night there…It was very cold indeed. ..I got bailed out by my boyfriend I had been dating for 2 weeks at that time, it was really embarrassing and I never told my parents about this I stopped drinking for a few months and told myself I would never drink and drive again. .I was shocked the next time I drove back from my colleagues place that there were two toll gates I had passed that night. 2nd incident was in 2014 I visited my friend at res we were supposed to just chill a few minutes we ended up drinking 2 bottles of vodka and it was just 4 girls that night I remember bits of it I had pied on the floor of some boys room, I was screaming like a possessed woman saying I want my man (the one that bailed me out). I was calling him none stop to fetch me, I smashed peoples phones I guess that tired me out and I fell asleep, woke up in the morning very embarrassed again. 3rd time 2015 was with my friends we went out, we met some guy and he was asking me out, I ordered a bottle of vodka I drank 3 quarters of it by myself because my friends were already drunk when I had ordered it, this guy was supposed to drive us home I remember us dropping my friends off and nothing else I woke up in the morning, it was soo cold and we were still in his car, he was so mad at me and I didn’t know why, well he says I had cried the whole night screaming I want my man (bail guy) he couldn’t take it anymore he ended giving me his phone to call my man. .and the reason we were still in his car is because he was now scared to drive with me because I had jumped out of a moving car, I don’t remember all of this, and I thought he was lying but my man sent an sms on his phone saying he’s going to church which really shocked me and when I got to my place he asked me what was going on coz I was calling him at 3 in the morning crying, I said I don’t remember anything and that was that. 4th at a res party we were playing drinking games on my way to the bathroom I met a very old ex whom I dated for like 2 months in 2006 I was doing grade 10. ..that’s the only thing I remember I hear I was crying and asking y he broke my heart and and left me, I kept on pushing him and grabbing him with his t shirt, eventually he got away and I started kissing some ada guy, I don’t remember all of this I was told a week later which left me very embarrassed. 5th was on a double date my friend and her man came to pta to see us, we drank we started dancing my friend and I, I ended up calling some random guy to dance with me of course my man saw this and he didn’t like, the date became sour and he just wouldn’t cheer up so I left without saying goodbye, we had came in my car so I drove drunk again, my friends had to drop him off before they went to their hotel, another embarrassing incident the following day. 6th was this previous Sunday 19th July, we went to a shisa nyama I had invited a friend of mine and my man also invited his 2 friends, he bot us a bottle of vodka and him and his friends decided to go somewhere else and left me and my friend there by the time he came back it was too late, I just remember giving him money for the wors I wanted and that’s that. ..I remember throwing up while I was in the car, but he says I opened the door while the car was moving and got out to throw up, and after I had given him the money for the wors I started causing a scene there screaming and pushing him around saying I want my wors and he must go fetch it, when he didn’t I demanded my car keys and went in my car and passed out. .When I woke up in the morning there were whatsapps from a friend of mine asking about the night, I asked how she knew she said I had called her screaming I was drunk, well she wasn’t the only one I had called, another guy who I met a week back was mad bacuase I called him about 3 times saying he must come to where I was and when he eventually got there he tried to call me and my phone was off, I don’t remember all of this but the records are there on my phone, he’s the least of my worries. .During all these calls my man was present and when he asked me in the morning who was I calling so many times and in front of him I told him I don’t remember any of it , he didn’t ask any further but I know he hasn’t let it go. That’s the drunk part of my life, from 1 incident in 2013 and 2014 to 4 in 2015 and it’s only half way through. Am I now an alcoholic? Do I need help?


74 thoughts on “Realities – Chapter Thirty Nine

  1. careful now i have two friends with babies but they were on the loop when they conceived. awesome insert sizwe is really having his dish served now!

  2. Ai, this lady though…

    Ammy, by defination you are not an alchoholic, you just don’t handle vodka well! I am suprised you continue to indulge! Try something else shame, you and vodka aren’t friends

  3. Eeeeeewwww!!! LOL, you are heartless Doc!!
    #Ammy, I think you just ought to stick to ciders, Vodka aint loyal on you.

  4. Ammy you need to stop drinking Vodka! if u still want to drink, go for the lighter ciders instead. also look into therapy to establish why to drink to that extent, i dont think your an alcoholic because u dont drink on a daily basis

  5. Q&A: U are not an alcoholic, u just have a drinking problem or u get drunk easily. An alvoholic cant go a day without a drink and spend most of their time and energy finding ways to acquire the substance (alcohol).

  6. Ammy, Just stop drinking lovie. It is not for you. You will ended being raped and infected with STD’s be careful

  7. Now that’s revenge.


    You have a drinking problem and it’s getting worse. What’s bad about you is that you see that clearly drinking is not for you but you keep on doing it. The incidents are getting more and more severe in nature. If you going to drink stay away from hard stuff, do wine and so on until your body learns to respect alcohol. You are the worst kind of drunk in that you become uncontrollable. It’s dangerous for you and for those around you. Drinking is fun when it’s done in moderation. You driving drunk was both reckless and inconsiderate as now you put even strangers on the road at risk. Listen to advice please since you are the one that sought it. Take Care

  8. i NEVER respond negatively to anyone but this one i have to say Ammy you childish and boring yazi.You know what to do but you have the guts to write a full chapter which is even longer than the one yaka bra Mike. JST STOP drinking and STOP wasting our time you dont need help you NEED TO STOP DRINKING ALCOHOL AND FOCUS ON YOUR SCHOOL OR WORK AND STOP CAUSING SCENES AT RES
    ,i wonder how old are you?…..

  9. Thank you Mike and team 🙂

    Ammy …you need to stop drinking wena..Clearly alcohol is not for you. And no you are not an alcoholic..Alcoholics are people who cant stop drinking or they drink to “forget” their problems… You cannot handle your alcohol so just stop sweety before it causes dire consequences for you and your relationship… Drunk dialing is normal but you…hay you take it to another level hey.

    So stop drinking…I dont understand why you allowed it to happen 6 times.

    All the best


  10. Hehehehehe! Bona Mike, wa bona today gone you just made my morning. You’ve just revived the love for Realities. High 5 to Mrs Stuck up, Nothabo is boss vandag. Kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaks! Revenge really is a dish best served cold!
    @Ammy why are you still drinking vodka though? I mean really babe it has proven to be your nemesis and you still choose to indulge. I don’t think you’re an alcoholic just that you don’t know when to stop or know what works for you. Please try other alcoholic beverages or just don’t drink at all.

  11. Aaawwwaaahhh, Dr’s have sex without condoms as well – that high and mighty judgemental cow!!!
    A to Q: drink zulu beer, vodka is not for you!

  12. An alcoholic is someone who frequently drink alcohol and wena cc you drank once in 2013 and you caused a scene ,2014 you drank once you caused a scene ,2015 you drank once and caused a scene again .wena Ammy u said it yourself you not a party popper you just over do it when you get the chance ,simple change your mindset.

  13. Ammy you not an alcoholic,but since you can’t handle yourself well when drunk you’ll endup losing your friends and your boyfriend coz you embarass them…you’ll be left alone with your vodka and that’s when you’ll become and alcoholic….SHIYA PHANSI UGOLOGO OMHLOPHE SISI!!!

  14. Ammy hahahaha you and I have similar experiences ka vodka.only I had 2 incidents and I called it quits.I don’t drink it anymore try something else and stop embarrassing yourself and people around you. #knowwhentostop

  15. Ammy vodka is clearly not good for you. stick on ciders but if you cant drink without the hot stuff then try Whiskey. I know even myself i always vomit when i drink vodka so im good with whiskey.

    Good Luck and drink responsible

  16. STOP DRINKING QHA!!! geez if you were my girl i would have dumped you long time cc u can’t go around throwing unnecessary tantrums like that.

  17. Nice one DOAZG…Ammy dont you think you should stick to Coke or Water because clearly you cant handle Vodka and i really dont think you can handle any alcoholic drinks. Just quit alcohol love otherwise the next you wake up you will find yourself lying in a ditch or better yet in a mental facility because your actions make it seem like you have a loose screw…be careful

  18. Girl vodka is not for you. As for doc l cant believe you did not use protection just to get back at your hubby l mean really not SMART

  19. Thanx Bra Mike

    Aisuka wena Ammy you can’t drink vodka like you consuming OROS,you will always cause scenes if you continue taking it that way.

    Vodka is not for you sisi,stick to REDDS or Heineken.

  20. @Everjoy yea you are correct this lady is boring and childish! I mean she does know she’s not an alcoholic, unless she’s that slow, and she does know that what causes her problem is drinking the vodka. @Ammy sthandwa yeka ukus’moshela iskhathi, quit drinking the bloody vodka
    And another thing, do u know how boooring it is to deal with a drunk person, let alone having someone call u and waking u up at wee hours just to tell u they are drunk! God!!

  21. thank Mike!

    Ammy stop drinking Vodka, try ciders and if that does not work stop completely and get yourself some bavaria

  22. Yoh. You need to find out what the problem is. Is it only vodka or is it alcohol in general. Then stop drinking whatever is giving you problems. You are too old to be having these incidents. And shame this poor guy

  23. Nothabo :/ love how she’s taking charge!
    @Q&A girl, you don’t know how to handle alcohol (it could just be vodka). Your body, as does mine, might have low alcohol tolerance- hence why you get really drunk. Look, volume for hard liquor is different that those of light- you need to learn the difference! It seems like you drink vodka as if it’s water, liquor (esp. hard) is to be enjoyed…you need to take your time with it. Take small sips, enjoy getting on 2, get tipsy ( you’re faded, but still of sound mind so you made responsible choices). You just gobble it and by the time the booze kicks in, you’re drunk as a skunk. Your girls also need to be more attentive- not that you’re they’re responsibility, but one can always see when a person’s too drunk to be of sound mind! They should esp. never have let you leave with that man after dropping them off- anything could’ve happened. Kakho we’ve all wanted to drunk dial someone before- whether it’s an ex, current or potential person…this is where your circle comes in, they stop you cause you’ll end up feeling embarrassed once you’ve sobered up. Learn to enjoy alcohol and re-examine your friends- they might not have your best intentions at heart.

  24. Ammy, Alcoholic might be a bit of a strong word at the moment but you are a binge drinker and let in itself is a sign of alcoholism. With that said the definition of stupid is doing the same thing, over and over but expecting different results each time. Vodka aint your thing move to something lighter and know your limit.

    As a guy when your BF doesn’t inquire more his probable tired of your drinking and all.

  25. Thnx Mikey, Nice one Nothabo m just concerned on the sex without a condom though.

    Ammy my dear I feel u girl I have da same problem, I suggest you stay away from vodka or just stop drinking love. Thank your lucky stars nothing dat harmful to u has happened keep it dat way.

  26. ammy my dear u are not an alcoholic u just need to quit vodka a lot of ppl do strange thingz after they drink that thing let alone wen u drink bottles after bottles

    try something light a few glasses ofcourse

  27. Nice on Mike
    Shit this chapter, I will kill for my office admin lady to lock the door and say “Fuck Me”, 52yr old hot as fuck, MILF

  28. Kanti where did people get that nothabo didn’t use a condom?? Mike didn’t give us all the details about the shag but already people are assuming nje. A2Q sisi leave the vodka ALONE-O, I BEG-O

  29. I think you are playing at a dangerous game and you need to wake up and smell the smoke before everything catches on fire.
    Let me tell you a little tale about people like yourself, and do not take this as an aimed attack, this none of a sort,I just thought to share and advice.
    My partner of five years has somewhat of the same problem. This man is the kindest,caring,and loving companion I have come to know. However every time he drinks and does not set a limit he becomes a monster. Just what seems to be last weekend was his birthday,I threw his a surprise birthday party,we had so much fun and of course the drinks we flowing,I remember us walking the last of his friends out and the next thing I knew this man had me by my throat threatening that he word kill me,accusing me of cheating,saying such as his been suspecting all this time, just like that out of no where with no warning.
    This man that am talking about is the kind of man that will demand you stay in bed and do nothing,cook and makes sure he feeds you himself simply because you caught the flu. Greet me with a kiss everyday without failure and truck loads of laughter moments every possible opportunity he gets. But he told me that he would kill me and to show the authenticity in what he was saying he strangled me. For the kind of person he is I got so angry I told myself that for every other time that such similar had happened and him not remembered because of his drunken escapes this time I want him to remember,as he was on me with his hands tangled around my neck I bounced with so much spring and pushed him off with the might of a bull as at that moment the anger in me was uncontrollable. The fact that I was positioned on my back lying on a bed made this more effective then I could have ever imagined,no one touches me,no man will ever lay a finger on me,over my fucked dead body,bastard,that all I was thinking at the moment, he hit the wall on the side of the bed with such impact I could swear the entire compartment vibrated.
    My partner and I we don’t fight we have disagreements so there is never screaming or uncontrollable shouting,so I clicked my tongue at the sight of my achievement as he just lay there,initially I attributed it to the drunkenness so I let him lay there I had achieved I had intended I wanted him to lay there and suffer the consequence of his actions, I stood up went to the kitchen and poured myself some juice and sat there for what seem rd to be forever I even had time to go out for a smoke as I smoke when stress,don’t as me why, I went back to our bedroom as I was calmer thanks to my nicotine intake,he was still lying on the floor,I left him there fixed the bed as I thought he was being dramatic or maybe pulling one of his jokes as he had sobered up from the knock and fall and was feeling guilty,as soon as I was done I called out,baby,baby,love,love..
    Love tle,puntsu. .this I said moving toward him moving him simultaneously to get a response nothing, panic kicked in and I swang his around only then did I notice blood but even still I kept on calling baby baby as if that would take the blood away,I had no airtime,I had just thrown a surprise party, a week before payday so broke was an understatement,it was late people were drunk as I had invited the entire complex,panic. I remembered Vodacom night shift my friend is always calling me with this,I called my mom and just cried and started screaming my partner mom was here in what seemed to be seconds as I said am a very calm person I don’t do loud,when she got here she did not ask anything she just called and ambulance I was hysterical so everything from them on was a haze.
    Baby was in a coma for three months,as sit here writing this I can not stop crying,such a lovely day ending in such a grave manner,my life has never been the same,baby died of complications a year ago,I will be scared for life and the person I tried to teach a lesson is gone left me here with the void of having to deal with this alone.
    Ausi not only are you hurting yourself but you are hurting other people in turn,I took someone’s only son away from them,my only one true love and I don’t think I will ever be able to forgive myself..
    Please find a way,you are not a alcoholic yes but can you really limit yourself.

    Signed Concern

  30. Ammy sisi hlukana ne vodka iyakuxaka (stop drinking vodka u cnt handle it)…on second thoughts,u shud stop drinking alcohol period.

  31. Amy 1st of all i would like to say you are a disgrace to all the women out there who drink and yes that includes those who wake up naked at some corner ko Bree.Clearly Vodka aint for you but you persist meaning you like the attention you get when you causing havoc while drunk, I have been drinking since i was 14 now im 27(not something im proud of)what happened to you happened to me twice and the last it happened i woke up next to my boyfriend whom i did not even remember how he got der my memory of the previous day end at 5 pm and he says i called him at 1am to come get me,all this got me scared there is 8 hours i dont remember even though my friends assured me nothing really bad happened i was still scared.I soon realised that what caused my memory loss was because i switched ciders something i hardly do i drink 1 thang the whole night dont even drink shooters unless its shooters the whole night.Since then i never switch from this to that i stick to 1 thang.The solution to your problem is to stop drinking at all you are the worst beerginner off all time ,you make chicks who drink look bad.Try out bowling my non drinking friends claim its cool and maybe bungee jumping with the cord cut off.

  32. I really dont like Nothabo she has no heart at all!Yes she didnt cheat before this incident but akananhliziyo and she up there in her high horse. @Ammy, Mamy stop drinking or stop drinking Vodka.Awuycabangele nawe uyabona kuth ayizwani nawe!

  33. When i read comments from people i find out there are many Nothabos.. People who think they are perfect, people who think they are better than others. People who when you tell them about your problem and seeking advice they tell you how stupid you are. People who compare their lives to others and wonder why people cant be like them or see life the way they see it… A small problem to you might be hardest to me… When a person asks for advice, give your advice and if you have insults keep them to yourself.. Lets understand that what is a small problem to you which you can solve it with ease can actually be a very big problem to me.

    Try ciders Sesi, Vodka has that tendency to other people to make them do things they wont remember the following day. If your problem persist then you will have to quit because you have been getting away with this. It can get dangerous, you could be raped, you could lose friends and your boyfriend and people might start not wanting to be associated with you..Your boyfriend loves you… After all you did he is still around which to me says you are actually a good person..

  34. Sho big Mike
    Eish Sizwe sori broer ….if doctors do this then who are we? I mean I did not hear anything about protection and now she is going straight to her man.
    QnA uyalahla cc when drunk, just do yourself a favour and STOP drinking NO alcohol is better for u. Pls stop before you add on some statistics

  35. @Josh a ware Jackzorro is no more????? When was this,why don’t we know,what happened,,,,heeee maaannnn Josh wareng na????

  36. Hawu Nothabo, hayi suka man!

    Ammy, maybe alcohol specifically vodka is not for you! blacking out the first time because of it would have been the deal the breaker for me, but ke asifani! Like most people have said here, I don’t think you are an alcoholic, you just don’t handle alcohol/vodka well and maybe you have to stop drinking vodka and try Gin or whisky?

  37. @ Concern sad story, just imagine the guilt you’re feeling and yet u were only tryna protect yourself, askies cc

  38. Oh thanks Mike…I dnt knw Jackzoro bt I ws so hurt to hear of his passing,I even wanted to knw wat he looked lyk and what lead to his death…Josh sanudlala ngabantu przzzzzz

  39. Now this is what I call sweet revenge. You are boss Doc

    RE: Q&A


    It is the Vodka you are abusing hun, alcohol is meant to be enjoyed, you since to be over indulging You really don’t have to drink a full quarter alone. Poor lungs.

  40. mike don’t make that Sizwe Nigga go down on her, yet someone else cum is oozing out of her pussy.
    The thought is traumatic.

  41. Haibo whats this na ngoku about JackZorro…. He must come back now. I miss him 🙁 im sure alot of people do too.
    He and Kayvee have been playing hide and seek…okay we get it.. Game over now guys…hawuuu.

    Ohhh concerned…your story though *tearyeyed* I can imagine the pain and gulit you feeling my love…and there’s such douche bags out here you cant trust no one…This alcohol is a killer though kodwa.

    My Ex was like that….the sweetest guy when sober but yhooo makadibane neBhotile ,,,gooodness this monster erupts like a caged animal…but for me his jealousy and emotional abuse was just too much and I just called it quits for my sanity.

    I hope you learn to love again….mostly I hope you find the right man for you.

    All the best nana… im heartbroken


  42. Josh deserves impama evuthayo yazi!!! Had me feeling all emotional and all.
    @Mike please tell Jackzarro Ukuthi his absence is noticable.

  43. @Ammy, at the ‘4th incident’ I got bored and stopped reading. You have serious issues.
    Girl, get your life.

  44. @concern eyi im so so sorry sis it cnt b easy for you n ngenxe yotswala n sum1 not being able to handle they booze it had to boil down to dis eyi keep strong

  45. This is one crazy Dr. Thanks Mike
    @Ammy you’re not an alcoholic just stay away from Vodka before you mess up your life and loose that guy
    @Concern, life hey but you sound like a very strong woman. I hope you will get through this eventually and find a good man

  46. QA y do u keep on drinking?phela u cn see gore ha bo go batle,1day I’ll wake up naked with 5 guys around u nd u won’t b remembering a thing,da nxt thing I’ll cry rape!
    Nothabo u deserve a bells lmao
    Tnx team

  47. @ Ammy vodka it isn’t for you. You should be thankful that each time u black out u near ur friends or your boyfriend. Story of my life somewhere early this year. It was a long weekend of easter I went out to party I was pumping on vodka mixed it with cider.. The last time I saw my self I was on the dance floor with some dude we were chilling with, the next thing I woke up naked in the same room as him @ a guest house. How I got there I don’t know, the dude had had sex with me without me knowing, fortunately he said we had used protection which I’m still not convienced even today.he narrated the story to me in the morning.hehe and he topped it up by saing ” you were good baby” I vomitted right on the spot and I felt very sick. The guilt, regret and anger I had @ that time was overwhelming. It still hurts even now when I think about it, u don’t wanna end up being me. Believe me QUIT VODKA. This blackout shit is REAL!!!

  48. lol eish im not laughing at you neh ammy im just relieved im not the only one lol i do the craziest shit when im drunk especially by vodka, and i remember parts and pieces of what i was doing

  49. @Ammy. I can’t finish u r post. It’s too long hai n this incidents are beyond me . To be honest u know what to do. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out the solution to u r problem

  50. @Q and A: you got two option stop drinking, or stop drinking vodka. I personally drink, and I know myself. When I go out I do whiskeys/ciders,never both. I dont do anything at all that is clear in colour i.e vodka/gins. Wine is for home use only and shooters I limit. It seems you can’t handle your vodka, know your limits,drinking is not a race and dont aim to drop a bottle, cause you are going to get hurt. Re bo kreile mo bojalwa and re tlo bo sia.

    @Mike, I am bit confused. I thought Nothabo was highly pregnant or maybe I am confused.

  51. Nothabo sies maan! you talking about contraceptives and not HIV/AIDs you disgust me!

    Thanks Team

  52. Thanks Mike.

    QnA: Quit that Ish girla, u were not cut out for it. and for your sake I hope you read concern’s post.
    @concern, what happened to you is very sad. I pray ube right sisi.
    you must learn to forgive yourself love.

  53. Adv Cmndr Maphoto: Thanx 4the read.
    However Im a tiny bit disappointed bcz I think U missed an opportunity there when Nothabo asked her colleague 2do the deed. Even tho she is on contraceptive I was waiting to her U mention USE of a CONDOM. In this day & age mo than ever I think W still need 2 highlight the use of condom like “our daily prayer” Myb there is a reson why U avoided mentioning it???

    Ammy, UR allergic to Alcohol full stop Honestly there R ppl whose bodies, mind, blood can’t handle alcohol. Respect Alcohol & it will respect U!
    Don’t do alcohol, don’t do drugs!
    Stay cool, fresh & young! #CFY Youth! – PapaG

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