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*** Premium **** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Fifty One

The police officer looked at my husband, Mthobisi stared back at him with his eyes blazing and said to him “un-cuff her and don’t throw her in, let her go inside the damn van properly.” Hebana, there I was thinking that he was doing something to stop them from sending me to jail meanwhile the guy was worried about me hurting myself and falling all over the place because I would have no balance inside the van while it’s moving.

29 thoughts on “*** Premium **** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Fifty One

  1. Mike can we please get a bonus since you robbed us of chapter 150 its incomplete…. Its only fair please

  2. Mike isnt this pin supposed to open 2 chapters. Cos nw im tryin 2 open the second chapter and it says pin has expired.

  3. th emoment I sa wthe is no bonus I just laughed,someone commented last week that he/she only reads bonus chapters and still understands… lol I guess Mike wasnt pleased with that

  4. Mike I’m about to buy the pin ne! I enjoy your books so much that’s why I dnt have a problem with bying the pin, so ngiyakucela toe! I hope it works this time, cos ever since I started buying the pin it always gives me problems, and last week it ddnt work @ all and when I mentioned it here u still ddnt do anything and I feel that was not fair cos my money was deducted. Pls read the comments we make here so it will be easy for u to do something about the problems we encounter with this pin business. Thank you

  5. Not ur problem.
    Addicted to the book,
    Only buy data bundles never airtime so can’t afford to purchase the chapters.
    Guess will catch up once re employed.

    Miss my lee.

  6. Ohh well since some of us can’t afford to get pins will just bid farewell to missteps .just sad thou

  7. Lol! Lee has Nothabo tendencies! Since when does she have a problem with how Mtho sorts out problems? Mxim.

  8. yes so those who cant afford to buy episodes sivalelwe ngaphandle. Its good to know that this is what we get for our loyaltty and support

  9. No end to drama. Love this story, wish we could get chapters daily. Please don’t get demotivated keep them chapters coming.

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