Realities – Chapter Twenty Six

Have you ever the story about some Limpopo MEC or was it a premier who was caught with over two million rand in his house. The story goes that the police arrived at his house and found him trying to burn or flash the money. It’s probably not a true story though because you know Hellen Zille would have grown feathers at the time and made it a huge deal. Point is, why would you want to burn or destroy so much money. It’s crazy right. Unless you are Indian, normal people don’t keep such a large sums of money in the house. You will be too scared that someone wants to rob you or be suspected of crime. The irony is, there is no law that forces you to keep your money in the bank that I know of. If it were there that would be cohesion between government and private sector and I believe unconstitutional. You have the right to choose I believe. With that said, police arriving at my house now, with so much money there plus a cell phone that belonged to the deceased this just felt like a smoking gun.

The lead officer walked into the house and went to the room were his colleague had called him. We obviously also went because stand there would have been even more suspicious. When we got into the room the bag was open with the phone on top.

“That’s the phone sir and it’s sitting on a lot of money!”

He explained.

“Mqikela, tell the other officers to go outside. Don’t say anything about what you see here and come back here. Tell them to go to the station!”

He said calmly. Mqikela was the one who had discovered the money. He did as was told and left the room. I tried to open my mouth to explain but he put his finger on his mouth a signal to shut up. In my head I was thinking that this was definitely going to be a shake down. They were about to steal the money or something. I heard the officers leave the house by the bootsteps and the door shut. Mqikela came back in.

“Here is my theory, you hired someone to go kill Joseph Rakgatla and he had to bring you the phone as evidence that it is done. When he did you then went to withdraw if that’s even possible all this money so that you can go pay him for his job!”

He said pulling himself a chair to sit down. Funny enough we all had out backs to the door facing inward as we thought we were alone. Where was my brother?

“Officer that is not true. What kind of dumb criminals would we be if we made such an amateur mistake and brought home such a massive piece of evidence into our home?”

My husband spoke out. He was right too. I know there are dumb criminals in this country, like those idiots that robbed the SABC crew but for him to think that lowly of our mental capacity that would be crazy. Another thing that was bugging me was that I know that police were advancing slowly but surely and could possibly track the phone like they had done. However, everyone knows how slow their response time was and Joseph had died this morning and already they were here? Really? Not South African Police! This was a set up by Mthobisi that much I did not doubt. I was not going to jail for that bastard and I would rather die before I too became a criminal. My father will do what ever it takes to protect me and he feared no one.

“Officer I will tell you the truth!”

I said. My husband immediately saidd no and asked me if I had lost my mind. I told him to shut up because this was all his fault we were in this predicament in the first place. He told me to think of Lintle and I told him that it was too late for that because he too had not thought of that. I was doing this for her and I would be damned if I did not try. I told the police everything including who had come to drop this off, the providence of the money, everything. They listened attentively. I was probably going to be killed, ok that’s dramatic but at the very lease Mthobisi was probably going to try to kill me but I had accepted that. I refused to live in fear, watching your back every second! He called the police on us so now he must suffer for it.

When I was done he said he did not believe me! He said it sounded like a convenient story to try and get out of a jam. He told us that we were both looking at at least 25 years.

“That’s what you tell your other people. I am not the black man that hires a lawyer, I am the black man that hires a legal team so get over it with your threats!”

I told him. This took everyone by surprise but why lie. Black people have this thing of saying that they go to jail because the law is racist and I don’t believe that. You go to jail because you cannot afford a legal team that has merit and are not willing to spend money to defend yourself. How is it racist if the judge in front of you is black? Get over yourself. The treatment you get a free clinic will never be the same with you get at private hospital just like how law works.

“You can arrest us now but you wwill have one hell of a fight on…”

Out of the blue I felt hotness on my cheek! My husband slapped me so hard I fell down,

“Shut up!”

He screamed! I was stunned but he did not even look at me and the cops did not even move.

“Officers forgive my wife she has no manners. What can we do about this? Surely we can resolve this somehow before it leaves this room!”

He was so casual and even smiling as he did this something which made me realize that he was familiar with bribing. As a tender person, I am certain that some of the contracts he had won he had greased a few hands here and there. That’s the South African way is it not. I lifted myself off the ground as I was too scared to speak.

“Before we would have taken it but your fancy wife here seemed to think being in court is a joke now we must punish her!”

He said coldly. I immediately stepped forward to the bag and said,

“Here, Please take it! I am sorry. I did not know that this would make it all go away!”

Mqikela just looked on. I saw a small light out of the corner of my eye behind the curtains by the massive vases we had in the room. The detective moved forward and said,

“We don’t want all of it, Mqikela, take five bundles each and let’s go. Take that phone too and destroy it.”

He commanded th other guy. I estimated each bundle was worth about r20000 rand meaning each would leave with a r100 000. Wow, must be nice! My husband went and took a plastic bag and gave them. They put the money in.

“Madam, next time don’t run your mouth like that otherwise we will not be this nice!”

He said and they walked out. Nice, nice? Really.

My husband had hit me? Sizwe had hit me?

The curtains moved and out stepped my brother.

“Ska wara sisi I caught everything on tape as evidence if they had arrested you. I also sent it to two of my friends to make sure that we have copies!”

My blood literally froze!


I screamed!

My husband came running.

“Tell him what you did!”

I said hyperventilating! This stupid stupid boy! I was so angry! He told him the story but had a confused look on his face.

“This is going to go viral if it comes out and it will now that you have shared it. Why would you even do that? We have to get those phones now!”

He said to my brother!

“What is viral?”

My husband did not answer but he was right!

“I am so screwed Sizwe! I am the one who offered them the money and handed it over! I am the one who mentioned Lesedi and Mthobisi by name.”

I said out loud. I was not screwed,

I was dead!

*****The End******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

Hi mike..

I have been dating this guy for 10 months now , i am just going to put it out there, he doesn’t make me cum.. i don’t remember sleeping with him and actually having an orgasm..February i relocated to Jhb i met this guy, we have been spending quite a lot of time together and one day we were fooling around he fingered me and i came..from just being finger fucked nje..i love my main nigga.. he calls me 3times a day everyday since i have met him and i have met his family also..i swear i love him i just don’t know how to make our sex life spicy shem..but i also like my side nigga and I have fantasies about fucking him and i feel like I am gonna give in eventually. i feel like if me and my main can fix our sex life then i wouldn’t even look at other guys apart from can I teach my man to make me cum without offending him???

Thank You


PS Are there other girls with the same problem with their men?

27 thoughts on “Realities – Chapter Twenty Six

  1. Dear JHB
    It is not a man’s job to make you cum. Do you ever touch yourself, Play with yourself? How do you guys do it with your bf? Ai motho just get to know your body

  2. Thank for the chapter Mike.
    Jhb correct me if I’m wrong but I think you have never told to shown your main nigga how he can make you come. If you don’t tell or show him he will not know. It’s important as a female to know and understand your body. I’m sure you know where you want to be touched in order to come so show him. It’s very easy to come when someone is finger funking you because some guys have fingers that are longer than dicks(forgive the language) which makes it easier to hit the spot. It’s also very easy to direct the finger in different positions as compared to the di**. If you want to save your relationship,show your man how he can make you come.
    Masturbation also helps when you are trying to find a spot that makes you come. You can even do it in front of your main nigga.

  3. Yoooh! m speechless Mike.
    A&Q I think it’s better to discuss this with your man, tell him how u want it. M sure that will help. #communicate

  4. Jhb I have the same problem with mine too. Yes I have tried showing him how and where to touch me but andiyaz kuse kuthini. He gets it for a while then ndingayaz kuphinde kwathini. He goes about it the very wrong painful way I end up telling him to finish olready. The only time I reach an orgasm is if I become selfish n make it about me and when I am on top.. ndizomfundisa kude kubenini ninani?

  5. Yhooooo, you can’t mess with Mtho’s family and expect to live a normal life.
    Hahahaha, I love how you used “Mqikela” Thozama’s surname our beloved Misstep writer.

    QnA, Most girls are in that struggle, I wish somebody could open a sex school and school these man on sex it’s really frustrating and sizofundisa kude kubenini maa?

  6. Thanks Mike for the great read.

    Honey you got it real bad. There could be a lot of reasons why you don’t have orgasms with your man.
    1. It could be that he finished quicker than you, which is natural, it takes longer for a woman to orgasm about 20 minutes longer according to sexologists. So that’s where foreplay comes in. Fingering, muffing, teasing etc. Do you guys do that? This helps bridge the gap, by the time he penetrates you’re already halfway there or at least had one orgasm.

    2. It could be that you’re not turned on by him. It happens. You love him with your whole heart but you’re not sexually attracted to him.

    3. Do you know what makes you cum? Do you know what turns you on or off? This is one problem for women, especially black women. We don’t know our own bodies. Masturbation is good for you. It is good for your health, for your skin, for your brain and for your sexuality. Play with yourself, touch yourself. Let your imagination put you in situations, you will discover your kink and funk!
    Through this I learned that I love rough sex,(not BDSM) I love the hair pulling the strangulation, the nipple pinching the mishandling. It turns me on and when I discovered that I spoke to my hubby and we tried it.
    4. It is not your man’s responsibility to make you cum, but yours. He is there for your pleasure, use him to pleasure yourself. If you know which spot to hit, direct him there. Show him how to please you and you will have explosions. One mistake we make as women is to fake orgasms. If you do that you’re teaching that man how to rob you. If you’re screaming and moaning, the poor guy thinks he’s hit the jackpot and he won’t change that because he knows no better.

    5. Be creative and imaginative. There’s more to sex than just penetration and positions. Try sex toys, try role playing. I love handcuffing my husband and make him watch me masturbate or f*k myself with a dildo, it makes me feel powerful and sexy. I like sucking him and teasing him. I literally get an orgasm by sucking him while he pulls my hair.

    These things you discover about yourself if you spend time with yourself and imagine yourself doing it, your punani will tell you the answers.

    Good luck dear and I hope your sex life improves.

  7. Hahahahaha yhu Smartphone era! Catch it on camera & forward the video to another person just to make sure the evidence is safe. hahahahahaha how old is this brother again? Higher grade foolishness. Thanks Mike, ubosso 🙂

    Jhb, talk my dear to your main man my dear. You know what you want him to do and if you can’t get yourself to tell or show him what makes your river flow then I advise you review the entire relationship.
    Fresh reasons for ukufeba please.

  8. Chezz is spot on. The most important thing is to be able to make urself come first! I’m a “clit girl”, and I told my bf before we even had our first time. Maybe its different with me cause I gave my virginity away at 23 so I was used to making myself come. If u don’t stimulate my clitoris right you are wasting ur time and I won’t even pretend to be enjoying it. I tell him when to be gentle (when I’m still a bit dry) and when to be harder (when I’m about to come) and he should know this. So he knows to use his fingers well. When the position doesn’t allow him to stimulate my clit while inside me then I help him, I know how to rub my own clot right. So all I’m trying to say is if u know ur own body, it shouldn’t be hard to tell him. Find out what makes u come on ur own.

  9. From a very very dramatic scene at the Dr’s house to a very kinky letter…. What a chooseday yho! Thanks Mikeesto, very interesting chapter my guy.

    A2Q, I have a question for you, do you masturbate? Coz if you do, you know exactly where you want your man to touch, and position his mshini to your liking… Putting other peoples middle finger in your thingy down there isn’t, how do I put this,#revolutionary. That’s like your man getting a blowjob from some random body nje, it aint right sisi. Besides, some dudes think going for hours is the best way to please… The answer is communication. 8months is still a baby nyana, talk to the man, tell him how to do you, tell him to beat it up the way you wanna be driven.. don’t just lay there like. some sdumbu.

    Your cheating tendencies can’t be made right because you don’t reach heaven, some people can single handedly take you there, some need help, like your guy. So stop these horny fantasies of yours and focus on teaching your man kamasutra, yaz usile wena lol.


  10. I had the same problem with my man. he made me come from just screwing me, but I wanted to be muffed and all. So, I starting watching porn with him to make the conversation I wanted to have with him easier. There’s gentle porn that’s inticing when you watch it, that’s the kind we watched, then I said how about we try some of the moves and four play, we did and it made a difference in our relationship. Then he would ask me to mastubate while he watches and I would open my legs and I would ask him to mastubate while looking at it. We are married for 5 years now and have 2 kids. We go to the sexpo together, we role play and stuff. Point is most men are up to trying anything when it comes to sex, they are just waiting for your cue to show them how far you want things to go. Explore things together without involving a 3rd party.

  11. LOL… Death by ska wara sisi sentence and what is Viral… Abuti o ompheditse klaar.

    Thanks Mikey for an amazing chapter… Great work!

  12. Jozi girl, please tell me you kidding! Get on top of that man,position your self in a way that you will feel his manhood touch your G spot. When you ride him, you will definitely cum. Just know your body n you will be sorted

  13. 1st time commenting… Been following ur blog 2013, an I must admit, its been a great read.. Keep up the good work guys…

    QnA: JHB ur man ontse ale sgela shame… Take @Chezz’s advice, It will do u good I tell ya..

  14. There is 16 year olds on this blog. But please allow us to comment.

    QnA. You want to come? Get into and ride that man. At your own pace, you will usually orgasm. Also iincorporate stimulation and excessive foreplay. Most importantly, that nigga better go down on you beforehand. Bite, lick,suck! The works!

    Sorry for the crude language. Lol

  15. Ta Adv Cmndr Maphoto U neva disappoint!
    @Chezzy UR spot on. Its so easy to blame the other party, know yo own story & if yo better half is getting lost in the mumble jumble of the action then lend a hand. Foreplay does it!
    Only someone who knows can help the other! BE THE TRAFFIC COP, DIRECT THE TRAFFIC WHERE IT SHUD GO! Dont just sit there like UR watching “Generators” trying 2figure out the story.
    @Raibow, LOL. “… fresh reasons for Febarism” U got me on that one! –

  16. yho such foolishness, copied and sent to friends so there is proof lol shem o padile that brother# pal straight. Corruption neh so sad but I guess if It was me in that situation i’d have probably done the same thing.

    thanks readers for sex lessons.

    Thanks Team

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