Sies on JUNE 16 today!

June 16. I am even ashamed to mention this date. What is it we the youth of South Africa are celebrating? Do you remember how those of that fateful date put their lives on the line to fight for something just? They knew that life could be better, should be better and will be better even when the odds were so heavily stacked against them. Look at you today, all you care about is yellow bones, drinking, parties, nyaope, weaves, nails and shoes! You sit on your brain and when you can’t qualify academically you blame the government on your own failure to pass well enough to get the bursaries, scholarships and grants your want so much. Did you know that most parents who work and even in good jobs want their children to be on bursaries too? For twelve years they watched their child prosper in primary and high school but did not have the foresight to put something aside every month so that their child could attend university. Now you wonder why NSFAS has no money? You are angry at government for it? Really? Was it not meant to be for the poorest first going up? Our love for hand outs has taken out the fighting spirit of the Youth of 1976. Let me ask you a few questions…

I see people laughing at Sarafina the movie on Twitter today. It has become a joke as they do not even have an idea why year after year they show it on TV. Is this what they call ignorance? Are the events of that day a joke now? When last did you and me do something to better our communities, we the self entitled lazy and selfish modern youth? When last did you young men rise up and march up against the rape and abuse of our women? When last did you put your bottle down and say let me check if the kids at that orphanage down my street have eaten tonight? When last did you park your GTI and tell the school girls in your car that you were just giving them a lift and you have a girlfriend or wife at home whom you love very much and will not cheat on her? When last did you men discuss amongst yourselves since you act like you know it all that leaving this world littered with your unwanted children was incorrect? It’s so sad that just to make you pay maintenance they had to arrest you at roadblocks just to make you do the right thing. Have you no shame you women when you wear school uniform to work on June 15 to celebrate this great day when you know you are sleeping with your colleagues or another woman’s husband? Have you no pride when you are posting semi naked pictures on your instagram just to get followers? Are you that hungry to be famous that you now parade your skin for the whole world to see so that you can call yourself a tweleb? Is this what being youth stands for? What tragic thing happened that you suck a dick to get a weave, chase men both foreign and local with money just so you can sit in VIP? How many of you drank themselves into the ground last night because you were celebrating yet another holiday and worse it was pay day? Are you so blinded by ignorance that you blame everything on government especially employment? I will give you a true story, when the government stopped hiring white people on so called employment equity what did they do? They realized they had no choice but to make a plan. They went on create a massive private sector and guess what, because they did not sit and wait for handouts like you do, they did not toyi toyi with their 33 percents for NSFAS but instead they swallowed their pride and started using their brains to create something out of nothing. Is this not what the youth of 76 did? They dreamed of freedom and fair education and actually did something about it! You sit, complain, blame and have babies you can’t afford, drink and smoke when you have no money to start with, without making a plan. You then blame le kwerekwere who is working hard to irk out a living out of nothing, with no government grant, that he is taking your job? What job you lazy fool? Now I read to punish the white man more for using his brain a new BBBEEE law is coming to take that private sector he created, so that we can feel good about ourselves for not having a brain to be innovative. Your thought patterns are so linear, you don’t even realize that when you go school today your goal should not be to get a job but to create one! Your greatest achievement is getting a tender eish I am done! Look at you get incensed by what I am saying and again blame the government or wait… apartheid! You were born in 1994 dwee!

We are not the youth of 1976 but we are youth regardless. We need to have a vision, purpose and stand for something. We cannot keep on doing so little and expecting so much! I will put on my school uniform to remember yes but when I take it off I know I have so much to work on just to match their fighting spirit.

Happy June 16

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  1. Thanx Mikey well said, the youth of today most have no respect for anything. They only care about booze nje.

  2. Sir Mike.. Thank you! Thank you for taking the initiative to speak up about a subject so sensitive yet so relative. For taking a stand!! Rise youth of today, Rise.

  3. Well Mike what you saying might be true,but do not ever compare a black man’s succsess to a white man’s…to say a white man prospered in a private sector out of nothing is damn flat lie and if do not agree with that you are totaly in denial yourself or just straight blind…you can pull the lazy card on a black man and might be true for some of us but the fact of the matter is there are succsessful black men who realy did start from nothing and worked their ass off upwards…there is no fuckin white man who started from nothing UKWAZI KAHLE LOKHO SO UNGAZONGDINA LA!!!Happy 0616 to you too…your diaries are great by the way keep it up dude.

  4. @Mthoko I live in Pretoria North and I guarantee you there are white people that have nothing and started off with nothing. Capitalism has have and have not even amongst them. I have seen so many under 18 white boys who work as mechanics and all these blue collar jobs because they have nothing. They don’t qualify for most of these grants we blacks get because they are still considered to be white. True story. I don’t think abuthi Mike implied that they achieved it from zero but when all options were taken from them they still made a plan. My father has been a teacher for 23 years and he complains about the same things he complained about 15 years ago. When I ask him why he never opened a business in all those years to better the money he was earning it’s like I have slapped him in the face. That’s the truth abuthi Mthoko. We are content with what we have then are ready to complain because we both know it’s not enough

  5. Morning every 1. Happy June 16. Very true Abuti Mike, we r too relaxed. We r a spoiled nation. If we keep this up, we r still gonna b in this rubbish a in lot of years to come. And if we don’t do anything to fix this what will happen to our kids? We need to learn to want what’s best bad enough and teach that to our kids. NO HAND OUTS!!! PLS!!

  6. Hey mike that’s a good one. I’d like to say I’ve never blamed government for anyshitty thing happening coz I knew and I still know that I have to work hard. I’m not poor but I can’t afford varsity tution, but I remember when I lost my NSFAS funding bcoz apparently my parent were gettn paid just above the average that’s required… But bcoz I knew that I’m a straight A student @ UJ I didn’t go out and screemed how NSFAS failed me, I stood up and looked for plan B and It worked coz I know I’m a hard worker and no1 gets successfull by just sitting and getting handouts! The only thing that I’ve.learned from what u wrote is I’ve been working hard to get employed but I need to to work hard to be an employer. Thanks mike

  7. Lest we forget the principle of students seeking emancipation and bringing renaissance . Educated brothers & sisters, entrepreneurs, philosopher and writers go back home and nurture the would be barren soil before it’s too late. Teach black consciousness and be role model. That’s what the youth of today needs. Stop pointing fingers, role models are a rare commodity. Happy Youth Day ✊

  8. So true…
    Can we not forget the youth that is heading up households, the youth that still has no children although their peers are already by their 3rd pregnancy, the youth that has started their own businesses because they could no longer wait for hand outs from the government- from spaza shop to an events company or business consulting, they are too determined to live on grants, the youth a few months from graduation, the youth that is working in the corporate world, the youth that has made an impact not only in their families but to their communities as well, and possibly the country…
    Salute to the youth of born frees, who stood on the shoulders of our past heroes and utilised the opportunities given to them!

  9. Hit the nail in the head Mike.Ur words right there are the the song I’ve been singing for so long only to be labeled a sell out,a coconut, a white man’s whore and all horrid names under . but I don’t care, the truth is the truth even if ppl don’t like it.

  10. Wowu powerful and well said Mike! Youth wake up and smell the coffee! Life is not standing still or waiting for you…vuk’uzenzele!!!!! May you all remember what is important about this day. You started it Mike I just hope your challenging words spread and get well received.

  11. Its funny that you can write so much about what has gone wrong with the youth of 2015 and fail to include just one paragraph about the black youth that has worked damn hard to become successful from nothing, people from poor homes, from townships and rural areas who have strived against all odds. Yet you have the time to give credit to the white man, they had something to start with! Why do we only talk about the negative things? what do people learn from all the negative talk? All they get is “everyone is doing it, so I’m not the only failure”. No man, talk about the few that they can look up to, the few they can strive to be like. Tired of all this negativity as if we are all complete failures! Some of us worked hard from nothing!

  12. Niya… did you read this piece carefully? I know I have and I have shown for other people and now we debating it. He is negative because we can and must do better. So you are content that you succeeded as a single person whay about the community you are from and where you live in now? Has it succeeded too with you? 1976 was about selfless struggle and I believe when he said to create jobs he meant that. What is there to be positive about when the majority of us, myself included want jobs in government. Can they really employ all of us? He is negative because our positive contribution as a generation is undermined by the majority of us who are busy popping out babies without trying to better themselves. The example of the white man is appropriate because in the government department in work in here in Mafikeng there is not a single white man yet when I walk outside even the mechanics who service my car are white. It’s called alternative economy and they are doing it.

    1. He can be as negative as he wants, all I am saying is people will learn more from hearing him mention the few who are doing something, there is nothing to learn from all this negative stuff. If I was one of the people he was talking about I would get comfortable because all it means is everyone is in the same position as me so why should I bother. We learn from role models! Include just one paragraph about the youth doing something would go a long way!

    2. And for your information, at 23 I have achieved so much and have big plans for my community. I come from a deep rural area! But all this negative talk doesn’t encourage me, I don’t see how it would encourage a boy on nyaope or a sugarbabe.

  13. Hey Mike
    This is my first comment and I love your dairies,I read them everyday. Well the reason why I decided to comment today is because I’m honestly hurt by what you wrote today. Yes some of our youth do those things but you can’t say that y’all are not proud of us,some of us are working our asses off very single day study and juggling a part time Job. I think the problem is that we are looking at all the negatives and not recognising the positives. We have students designing and creating New things. Im studying mechatronics engineering and I go out every Tuesdays and Thursday to the township’s to teach kids how to program robots and honestly I’m really defeated by posts like this coz some of us really try. Why can’t people just praise the little that we are doing maybe then more of ohe youth will follow in those steps. You guys are always complaining about the darkness and then expect us to find the light. How are we going to shine if y’all continually switching of2f our light? Maybe you are exposed to the youth that do those things but if you open your eyes wider you will see that that’s not all we do. I really love yiur writing btw and happy June 16,I’m proud of me 🙂

    1. Thank you for your email I really like what you said. I too go to townships to help educate where I can. Every drive we go through youths on weekday morning mnd you sitting at the corner sitting smoking with their friends. I dont know what their story is but I do know that we are meant for more. I am negative because I am very active in community work so I am exposed to young people of working age doing nothing. I am scared of getting robbed when I park or mugged when I walk by these very young people that seem to loiter. This is reality. I could have praised myself for having been successful but how does that help the next person. Tshego the reason why you do community is because you know that by helping them you are helping yourself. The little that we are doing is worthy of mention but in all honesty how many of “Tshego’s” and “Mikes” are out there trying to do more?

    2. Totally agree Tshego. I think we all know about all the wrong things happening with the youth of today, we see it everyday, we are told about it everyday, but we never hear of the few that are doing well for themselves and their communities. That is why we are going nowhere, young black people are not told about the successful black people they can look up to. The news, everyone and everything is full of negativity.

  14. Oh yes Mike! I don’t even wear my uniform on june 16 anymore! I don’t think I deserve to, I haven’t done anything worthy of me wearing uniform. All I see is ppl getting DRUNK in their SCHOOL uniforms yearly! How shameless!

  15. Mike is only responsible for what he writes, not your level of understanding! Thankx Mike for such a great, honest piece on the day we the youth have lost meaning of. Your words will go a long way on worthy ears, and believe me there are people whom you have just encouraged to stand up and do something about themselves instead of sitting and waiting for a miracle. Happy Youth Day for nds

  16. That’s very true, but i also blame our parents for the way the youth of today is. What do you say as a parent when your child comes home with brazilian hair that you didn’t buy. where are you when your child is at the shebeen. what do you do when your child goes around with married men. charity begins at home. parents must start being parents to their kids then we’ll have less kids, who takes pride in somebody else’s husband degree, house cars and money. then we’ll have youth who wants to learn hard and achieve their own assets. kids who won’t find suggar daddy’s attractive because she has her own dreams

    1. Yvone

      I hear what you are saying, but we really cannot blame the parents for our behaviors. Our parents work their butt off to send us to school even Universities. What we do when our parents are not around, running around with sugar daddies and getting drunk, we really cannot hold them (parents) responsible. We should be self motivated, want more for ourselves, heck even the situations we live in should motivate us to become something in life. What I’ve noticed with the Youth of today is they want everything and they are not willing to work for it hence they date sugar daddies and stuff.

    2. Yvone I feel its very unfair to blame any parent for our youth destroying themselves, they are at the age of accountability, I can be blamed for my 3 year old daughter as she can not make any decision regarding her well being. Mike thank you for your honesty many times we do not want to hear the truth about our reality…….funny enough if Mike was writing a letter and also complaining and talking about our rights, he would have got so many AMENS

  17. I do appreciate where abuti Mike is coming from. He somehow does have A point. I am one of those people who shares the mentality of being an employer. Reality is what he is saying is true and it hits home hence a lot of retaliation. Open your eyes people read a newspaper instead of making a fire ko street corner. How many books could you have read with the money you buy cigarettes with? Just because we made it out of the dumps or wherever it is we come from don’t mean we can relax. We need to empower our communities boot vuy hanging out att th

  18. I do appreciate where abuti Mike is coming from. He somehow does have A point. I am one of those people who shares the mentality of being an employer. Reality is what he is saying is true and it hits home hence a lot of retaliation. Open your eyes people read a newspaper instead of making a fire ko street corner. How many books could you have read with the money you buy cigarettes with? Just because we made it out of the dumps or wherever it is we come from don’t mean we can relax. We need to empower our communities by not hanging out at the local club. We need to open our eyes and see the bigger picture. I’m not saying lets be a perfect nation but at least we can strive be our best. Black people should stop wallowing in self pity and today would be a good day to let go of the excuses. The youth of ’76 did not struggle for their own selfish reasons, they did it for the whole nation and definitely not for you to sot on your brains and wait for jobs to come too you. Happy youth day to all and stay blessed akere

  19. I do appreciate where abuti Mike is coming from. He somehow does have A point. I am one of those people who shares the mentality of being an employer(not quite there yet). Reality is what he is saying is true and it hits home hence a lot of retaliation. Open your eyes people read a newspaper instead of making a fire ko street corner with it. Our nation is settling for less and that is encouraging illiteracy. How many books could you have read with the money you buy weed with? Just because we made it out of the dumps or wherever it is we come from don’t mean we can relax. We need to empower our communities by not hanging out at the local club. We need to open our eyes and see the bigger picture. I’m not saying lets be a perfect nation but at least we can strive to be our best. Black people should stop wallowing in self pity and today would be a good day to let go of the excuses. The youth of ’76 did not struggle for their own selfish reasons, they did it for the whole nation and definitely not for you to sit on your brains and wait for jobs to come to you. Happy youth day to all and stay blessed akere

  20. yoh bra mike

    This is so true hay we r a lost generation….we r kick starters not self starters…..

  21. Thanx, but honestly feel that Its just a few people that take this day for granted , there is a youth in South Africa that is making a mark for themselves people that regardless of what they have they are pushing and we pray for thoze that have threw they lives away into drugs and all sort to find they way. Happy Youth day South Africa u will get there! We thank the youth of 1976

  22. such an inspiring piece Mike… its high time people stopped hiding behind the government and sugar coating things just to spare feelings. Facts are facts some of ya’ll need to wake up and stop being blinded by ignorance. our country is in shambles

  23. Bowa Bowa ntate.I have being saying this for longtime n people call me names.I was still asking myself this question today.I’m staying next to park it has being crazy moment since morning load music,spinning cars and bikes making noise kids running after tthem.Kids (youth)drinking beers, n those old 40 something men who dnt want to grow up hugging n cuddling with young girl.Yes how many people who don’t qualify for RDP house but own it ,applying for NFSA or getting grant?Re rata dilo tsa mahala n ga re renale dihlong.Thank you Mike and happy youth day.

  24. Let’s stop hating on June,it is part of our history.The youth of today works very hard in bettering their lives,it is not their fault that the black population is so huge.I mean we still have 57 years of age people who have 9 children but living in a 2 room shack.I believe our children will make a better generation because we know better and are also doing our best in bettering this much important information is being shared with our youth but it is up to an individual to apply it in one’s life.I suggest going forward we praise those whom are working hard,the rotten have received so much exposure enough is enough,and maybe they might want to join in on the hard working path. Happy June 16 all

  25. Thank you for the post. This is some food for the brain. Definitely something to ponder on.

  26. Sometimes u surprise me Bra Mike, u carry on like your facts make sense, well, they dont. If someone born in 1994 should not acknowledge the damage apartheid did, why should they acknowledge June 16? If my memory serves me right, youth of 76 were fighting the apartheid systems, so chill Mr goody too shoes. YES, it is wrong for people to celebrate June 16 ka uniform ko dibiring but remember this, some of these people in uniforms, holding beer cans and bottles, did not even enter the gates of a secondary school, so what the hell do you expect from this kind of youth? In case u wonder why ke le gatvol, i respect june 16 like most civilised south africans but it’s people like you Bra Mike who make matters worse but throwing insults like it’s gonna help the situation. Anyway who died and made you the next Dalai Lama?

    1. @Tshepo Kadotch Mike just said we must stop this entitlement thing we must work hard for the things we have, even people who afford the NSFAS are applying for it. It was meant for the poorest of the poor, and people with 33% pass rate they want that too, all we have to do is work hard and get good marks. He was talking about the born frees not the older generation, don’t feel offended. He did not say he is better than so and so all he did is we have to work hard for what he have and need and is he is also taking back something to the community and what are you doing for your community?

  27. Mike you could have really just posted one of the books today instead of writing this message to the youth.

    That opinion of our youth is really why our people can’t be free. Private sectors still have to edhere to enploment equity standards. Gets your facts straight before posting your opinions.

    When will our people be free? This does not help us as south african youth trying to make a difference in this country.

  28. Yes we get that the negatives should be faced. But what I don’t understand is that as the youth of 2015 why do we have to take the fall for everything happening in our country? . And the gap between 76 and 2015 is soo huge but yet now is when you find it fit to complain about how the youth is doing nothing . What about the youth before us maybe had they made the difference you want us to make would this country need so much fixing? why didn’t they do anything? . Yes the youth of today we might be having babies out of wedlock and at young ages, but the only difference between us and our grandmothers is that they were forced to get married (kulento of ukuthwalwa) had they not the situations would be the same. Why does it have to be the youth that make a difference? Maybe in 1976 they pulled it off yes but how about as adults you stop pointing fingers at the youth and work with us in making a difference. This whole getting mugged thing 10 years ago? It was there. STOP blaming the youth of 2015 kwinto yonke. Yes there is a percentage that has taken the wrong route in life but are we also accountable for that? As parents you are also to blame. As much as the youth is messed up but ayiqali ngok lonto kudala. Youth drinking nd smoking ,disappointing ? Yes! But did some of us not grow up watching our fathers drink and smoke? Are we also to blame when it comes to that? Yes we’re supposed to know right from wrong singayenzi ezizinto but as black parents you’re the same people who instilled this ‘parents are always right’ mentality In us. Comparing us to white folks is unfair don’t you think. They have estates built on land that was ‘taken’ from our people nd yet you say they started from nothing. They’ve always had their way , they still do and We’ve only had ‘freedom’ for 21 years but you’re comparing the 2?. A difference has to be made yes but where you are wrong is leaving it all up to the youth to sort out. You might think as youth we have it all easy in life but actually you know nothing about being iyouth in 2015. We don’t have it easy because every other day these negative things are being rubbed in our faces as a way of us facing reality. Well now you face reality the youth can’t make idifference because you as black parents single us out and make us face these challenges of trying to make a difference while you remind us of how disappointed you are in us and yet that is supposed to encourage me? how is me trying to better my life and prepare a future for my children being selfish? What is selfish is us being discouraged every time and still being expected to make a difference. How??? How will we make a difference when it is clear that the good we do ayibonelwa ntweni but is outshined by the bad.

  29. Thanx Mike. We need more ppl who can preach to the majority of our youth thats failing our country

  30. Mike ha.a Bhuti if its you who wrote this your missing few points here, first the private sector most white businesses are not started from nothing second they get grants all types of government grants even social we always laugh at pick n pay that their queue is on the 2nd because they don’t wanna queue on the 1st with the hungry blacks ooh my God this makes me think maybe you were not raised here in SA ngoba you would know there is way too much mental struggle concerning what we as blacks been taught about ourselves even the education system was design for a black man to have limited thinking its the minds that need liberation now the is a lot that is not balancing in SA higher class stays higher lower stays lower and middle is trying hard to be high with no luck just getting deeper in debt and trying even harder not to fall to lower class shame this piece sounds like its been written by a privilege white kid who knows nothing For real

    1. @Mpumik if us as blacks were to learn to live on our means top, middle and lower class this country was going to be a better place to live there are so many opportunities out there but some of the information is with held by a few individual that’s the most black person for you we are greedy. Even your family member they might be an opening for a job in his/her company he won’t call a struggling neighbor or cousin he will rather give the job to a stranger on the street that’s how mean we are some of us black people we don’t uplift each period. Whites during apartheid they were uplifting each other why not us now with our democracy?

  31. People Mike is a good writer we love support Him if I was not using opera mini I would cough up the R5 for premiums , let’s just not confused things here those of you who are saying Amen, yes Mike, good one clearly you have not read this properly I’m 31 years so I’m not a born free but can we really blame them heeee? What about the drugs do those in drugs just woke up and said I’m mo smoke my future into ashes? These here are just imiphumela why are we saying Amen to someone who is pointing out imiphumela hayini vukani there is a lot going on and if the root is not dealt with its gonna get worse we will have more pieces like this insulting black people and black youth we should be stand up against this government system that is clearly not achieving anything

  32. What a thought provoking letter Indeed mike. let this letter deposit some sense into ma- Africa borwa a matle.

  33. OMW most of you missed the big point Buti Mike was bringing across because you were too much in a hurry to tell him he is wrong, him being negative doesn’t mean there aren’t positive things to talk about! My Goodness did many of you even bother to take a minute and look at our country, the state its in, our youth and the next generation that will be following us. You guys are unbelievable, if you all want to fight Mike for what he said then it just goes to show that, none of you understood his point nor anything he said in that letter. Thanks Mike for reminding us of who we ought to be if we are to be GREAT!

    Thanks Mikey

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