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*** Premium **** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Forty Five

We walked the hospital halls slowly following the directions that we had been given at reception; I swear I looked in every ward just to make sure we didn’t miss her. When we got to the room that we were told she was in fear and doubt hit me at the same time, what were we going to do if this was not my mother, what if this was some imposter who had heard of our misfortune and was just looking to cash in, remember Mgqumeni the Kwazulu-Natal Maskadi singer who died and someone else came and claimed to be him, he fooled everyone, people all over South Africa came to witness this miracle, even his wives were convinced that it’s him until they did the DNA tests and his lies were exposed, thinking of that story made me want to laugh because Mthobisi and I followed it like our lives depended on it and we would keep updating each other on any new information that we heard, this was during the simple times in our lives, before the struggles.

17 thoughts on “*** Premium **** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Forty Five

  1. Hola big Mike
    Please let us know each time there are changes because we need to know if its the mistake or changes
    That’s still another good read thanx

  2. Ai mare Lee o le gwala maan lol,go upstairs o thusa chomi ya gago.monna wa gage o makile jong
    Team ka leboga ne,nice read.

  3. Always leave us wanting more, its gud thing u only write to Premium chapters, otherwise if it was unlimited I wud be broke….thank u so much team n thanx for helping me with my pin problem

  4. Hello Mike !
    Chapter 144 &145 are still locked. As I am abroad and it is old chapters, is it possible for you to unlock it, pleaaaaase ???

    Thanks a lot,
    A French lady living in Cambodia and fond of your blog 🙂

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