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*** Premium **** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Forty Four

In my drunken status maybe drunken is a wrong term to use, in my half-dead status I could hear She Rocks frantically trying to get help, poor girl didn’t know what to do with me not that I blamed her, if I was her I would also not know what to do, this whole situation was a mess. My mother dead, my husband dead all in one day, had God really deserted me? The gods had turned their backs on me, this had to be some sort of punishment, I was being punished for killing two people because now two people had also been taken away from me it had to be karma, I’ve heard she was a bitch but this, no this was beyond being a bitch, it had to be witchcraft yeah that’s what it had to be, someone was out there with dolls of me and my family and she just kept killing my doll family just to get back at me, for some reason there was only one person I could think of that would make a perfect witch I could even imagine her with a doll pulling my arm and stabbing me in the stomach with a needle, Ngwako, Mfundo’s wife it had to be her, that witch needed to be burnt at the stake. “Lee please get up.” I slowly opened my eyes, She Rocks was standing there with two nurses. “What the hell happened here?” one of the nurses asked I remembered the call about my mother and said “my mother, my mother, she, she is….” Then fell again the funny part is this time I was fully conscious it’s just that my knees

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  1. So do we have to wait anoooother week to get the next chapters 🙁 thats unfair . I dont want to get the premium because I was okay with the weekly intervals . but two weeks au ngeke sbali

  2. Good evening please be advised the weekend blogs you pay per chapter or you subscribe to it. The whole point is showing support to Mike and Thozama and family. So yekani ukuthanda izinto zamahala and betaal. lets show our support guys. No man is an island no society. Let us be a nation that makes a different rather than being bottom feeders and the like.

  3. Mike i really need your help and does of your readers i have a huge problem please contact me o 0795565084/0785265602

  4. It’s not that we don’t want to support but those of us in other countries are unable to. Please look into that Mike otherwise there is no point of me reading this book anymore.

  5. some of us are not from SA so how are we expected to pay premiums??? Many people have asked that bt u are ignoring us Mike. You are a good writer but you gotta do right by your fans. If you want SA fans only then let us know bcoz you are basically asking us to pay when there is no way of paying premiums. Either find a way for us to pay or just tell us the book is for South Africans only,we will respect that & move on. Right now you are stringing us along for nothing. Please be straight with us.

    1. Good morning. We have been developing an APP for both South African and Foreign readers. How can I honestly discriminate on who reads by wanting “SA Readers only?” I am working on it. Premium service is linked to South African network providers because they are the ones who charge for that SMS system. We have tried to approach Zim and Namibian cellular network providers to the point where we just stopped hence the APP

      1. Hi Mike, I have tried the sms option on three different occasions and on all those I never received he pin but the money was gone.

          1. Dear Mike

            On two occasions I sent SMS from 0766953145 for a pin to unlock Missteps chapter144 n to date I still have not received my pin. I even sent message to email supplied and the contact us page , still no answer. What now? Yes I can c I am 2 years being reading Missteps. pls help.

        1. At times the system fails us, I once bought twice in one day but never received the sms, the money was deducted. I then emailed Mike, who said it doesn’t reflect on his system that I have bought. I don’t even have anyone to blame so I stopped buying. We like to support and the R10 I lost is not much but it’s difficult when you expect a pin but never receives it.

      2. good morning Mike, its our 3rd week now and we the readers from outside SA have not been able to read Missteps… what we suppose to do in order to read this book?

  6. Mike thats really not fair,i live in the states..but everyday i get up looking foward to your daily dose…jaanong fa o re etse so…o batla re reng. Should we just give up entirely…and worst of it all u dont even warn us. ..

  7. Hi Mike, Cool change, the page looks awesome, I just have one concerned: the size of the font and the fact that there are no paragraph breaks makes it rather difficult to read. If you could change that blind people like me would be grateful.

  8. Evening Mike, I just bought a pin for the past weekend missteps and I get “pin invalid or expired” pls help! Ngincancathekile toe!

  9. Now why are all these episodes of this week premiums? Haibo u now forcing us to register to read ur stories? Hai ke! I will register again.

  10. hey mike,m from india n i really lov ur blogs.firstly i cudnt read zulu girl goes to jhb and now missteps :'( please help

  11. yo i havent been reading in a while, i was unable to access due to work commitments. please help guys i sms’d but im not getting a pin. how does it work now?

  12. Dear Mike i currently reside in e middle east and i havent been able to read Missteps since this chapter.please let me know if ey is a way i could make payment for all the chapters.thanx

  13. Hey Mike currently reading missteps two years later….but wanted to find out how far with the app for those leaving outside SA or any other solution for us who can’t do the premium thing….in need of reading this book (addiction talking)…currently residing in Botswana

  14. hey mike.Am Kenyan by citizenship.l recently started reading this book.am now on chapter 144 l can’t continue coz l don’t have the pin to unlock the remaing chapters and l dont know the procedure for foreigners like me .plz help

  15. Hi Mike
    I have sent that sms as instructed but no pin still. This was sent at 12:19 already but im still waiting, i even sent an email to the email adress provided but no response?

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