Rumblings Of A Jilted Baby Mama!

Rumblings – Chapter Forty Six

Women are interesting characters! We can be strong, independent and always laughing on the outside when the truth is inside we are dying. That’s just how life works at times and usually it is the men in our lives that bring us to our knees. I know when someone is unhappy and just looking at my Google I could see all the signs. We were hiding from this man, in her own complex so what the hell else could I conclude. It’s not like you can hide and entire car though as clear she knew that now. He was standing next to her window. How on earth had he done that? I am certain he was talking to the security at the gates now he was here? This was just crazy.
When he knocked on the window she was so scared she jumped up!

“Goodness Sizwe you scared the crap out of me!”

There is something so odd about hearing a girl that young calling a man that old by name but who am I kidding, the world has changed. He didn’t say anything and but motioned to her that she roll down the window.

“I thought I told you I was coming! Where are you going?”

He was actually very calm and pleasant. I know I sound stupid as I say that. She seemed stuck for a moment there. I don’t think he had seen me hey because he never actually crouched down.

“I know but…”

He cut her off.

“I am so happy to see you. I brought you Pizza and imagine I had to go all the way to Sunninghill because of the laod shedding! I figured you would not have food because I know you are lazy to cook!”

He was actually in what I can only assume was a good mood. Aurelia seemed confused. Immediately I spoke,

“Hello sir!”

That’s when he leaned down to see who was talking. I was right he had not seen me

“Oh why didn’t you tell me you had company? How are you Faith right?”

He said ever so calm.

“I am good thanks and you sir!”

“I am fine hey. It’s funny we were actually going to discuss you today because I might need you to come earlier than I had thought!”

He continued. It was awkward talking over Aurelia but I could see she was calming down.
“Actually why don’t come out because I am certain your friend won’t mind as you are welcome to join us!”

He said. Aurelia was cornered and simply said to him she wanted to park. I guess our run for it had failed dismally as we were back in our parking bay.

“Aurelia what’s going on? You look so scared?”

I asked her

“Nothing! He just gave me a fright that’s all”

she said as walked out of the car. She was clearly not going to tell me but I was going to be patient. She walked fast so as me not to ask her questions. He looked at me and asked me what’s up with her and for a moment there I almost rolled my eyes. Was he serious? Did he think I did not know what was going on her? What’s wrong with South African men ka nnete? We walked after her in silence. He really did have a pizza with him. When we got to her flat she was sitting on the couch slouching. She had really not wanted to see him. He did not come into the lounge area with me and instead grabbed himself a plate and opened the pizza box.

“Your friend here is not talking to me! Please ask her why that is so?”

He asked as he dished out our pizza’s for us. This man was controlling. I had not even said I wanted pizza,

“Sizwe please don’t do this!”

She said a bit upset that he was about to reveal their secrets! It was such an awkward situation and I really did not know what to do now.

“No! She must know because I think I am starting to look and sound like a monster.”

He said taking a bite out of his pizza like there was no worry in the world. She looked down in shame,

“I came to see her a few days ago…”

He started but she cut him off,

“Please don’t!”

But he would not listen,

“Don’t interrupt me again!”

He said so threateningly even I felt the chill at the back of my spine! It was time to leave. I also did not want to be here anymore!

“As I was saying before I got so rudely interrupted, I came to see her unexpectedly. When I parked she did not see me as she was sitting in her car with someone.”

Goodness I knew where this was going,

“I watched as they were kissing and fingerring…”

He looked at my face for reaction and really my facial expression flinched, that was rather embarrassing,

“…like common slut in the parking lot! When he was done with her, he didn’t even wash his hands as she walked him to his white mercedes benz an A Class I think. This young boy with no care in the world!”

He explained. I did not want to embarrass her or him because I am paying for this apartment, for her car and all these nice things she shows off with but I was not going to make a scene for her because I know she is very image conscious.”

He said taking another bite!

“I then came out of the car and she saw me for the first time! She just stood there shocked like a statue and started to cry. I won’t lie I was so furious. I wanted to kill her. I walked to her flat and left there. She followed after me, I have a key, and when she came in the first thing she said was… its not what you are thinking!”

He continued,

“How could she possibly know what I was thinking? There were two wine glasses, the bed was unmade and the room smelled of sex!”

White mercedes benz? Why did that sound familiar? What had my friend been thinking though?

“Sizwe please, please baby, don’t say more. I am sorry, I regret everything please. I am sorry…”

She said starting to cry. She went to him and went on her knees. I was so embarrassed for her and so was he because he helped her up and told her not to cry. This guy could just switch from moods hey.

“Take your friend home. I am leaving!”

He said and just like that stood up and left. It was the most bizarre thing that had just happened but I was not going to wait for him to come back! I took my bag and immediately told her let’s go. She came after me and when we got to the car, his car was already pulling out. I said nothing as we joined the road and only after ten minutes did I open my mouth and speak,

“Aurelia is he abusing you? You are so scared of him, what’s going on?”

I asked her!

“Abusing me? Come on Faith you know me way to well, I would never stand for that shit! If he was wouldn’t he have beaten me up in front of you?”

She was so defensive but she was right. In our first year she was our defender from anything and anyone. There is no way anyone therefore could bully her. It had to be something else then! I will figure it out eventually. What had happened though because she had cut him off as he continued. We drove in silence.

When I got home my mother said that she had been visited by Mudenda’s parents. Meladi wanted to take a nap so she went to my room. My mother continued and said that they, his parents, wanted to formally introduce themselves before any talks started. These people were sneaky. They were now all showing up at my house at will as though before three weeks ago I was dead. She said they were very condescending and thought highly of themselves. The mother wouldn’t even accept juice from her and she was quite insulted by it.

“It’s like they thought I would bewitch them or cockroaches would come out of my cups!”

She said with disdain. I could see she was quite hurt by it and I think it finally clicked with me.

“Mum I don’t think I want them to pay damages for me anymore?”

I said ernestly! She looked at me as though I had lost my mind.


She asked me,

“If they pay for me it will be like they own Amo. Already we are fighting Mudenda Meladi and I so you tell me how that will be good for Amo and myself?”

I asked her.

“You raised us on your own so why should I allow a man who does not even want us to have a say in our lives!”

I pleaded with her. I trully am one confused child but Meladi was starting to scare me. I was not afraid of her but I feared what she might do to my baby.

“It’s your decision and I support you!”

My mother said leaving me in utter shock!

*****The End****

Hi mike

I really love your blog man. please can you post this email on your blog I need advice from your readers. I am a 21 years girl who’s been dating a wonderful man for a year now. My boyfriend is very nice, he takes care of me financially as well since i am not working. we love each other so much the problem is 1> he’s a bad kisser! I always get angry when he tries to kiss me and I came up with an idea that I hate kissing. Secondly everytime we want to make love he can make me wet by licking and fingering me at least he’s good at that, when it’s time to penetrate me he just puts his dick on my vagina’s lips and cums. Less than 5seconds literally. He says he’s tired we will do it next time like wtf? When I ask him what’s wrong he goes on saying the reason he cum fast is because my pussy is good nxaaa. I told him about man’s clinic an he doesnt want to go there,now I am cheating on him because a girl need a fuck! The problem now is my boyfriend has asked me to marry him. I told him I need time to think about it, and he is waiting for the answer I dont know what to do, whether to accept his proposal bcs an live a miserable life or dump him…pls I need help….
miserable girl


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  1. Q&A miserable girl, teach your lover how you want to be handled, teach him how to kiss you, and how to make love to you. sit him down and talk about your sex life, and how you need spice in the bedroom. Your lover genuinely loves you and it looks like he doesnt know how you feel about the disappointments, so explain to him. School him, guys dont read clues and hints, they are very poor at that. so if you dont talk to him about it he will never know.

  2. hahaha I got a feeling that the guy Auriela sagged is Tidimalo!!! what a friend she is!!! thanks mike

  3. Noooo pls don’t tell me Aurelia is now busy with Tidimalo,Faith’s ex?????#shocked for days

  4. Good Morning all, Good dose, thank you.

    Q&A Gal if you want to be misserable the rest of your life marry him, Surely the poor guy cant satisfy you. You will continue cheating on him until you get caught. Dont be selfish and marry him for wrong reasons. If he doesn’t seak help for his penus problems well its clear leave him.

  5. Aurelia xuld speak up as Sizwe wil alwys b angry at wt xe did n my beat her up,mxm abuse though.Faith is one confused mom,love her though.QnA better tell your man dt u aint satisfied dn goin behing his bck n cheating,if den he doesn’t wnt he doesn’t dts where u cn consider leaving man love hiding thngs as if they r perfect jst gv him time to gt himself see dt dis 5min coming is nt gud for ur relationship.

  6. Enjoy your easter long weekend mense those who will be travelling drive safe and be vigilant remember speed kills , don’t drink and drive .

  7. Q2A – Girl before accepting your man’s proposal, you need to sit down with him and have a serious talk about how your sex life make you feel. Else you gonna have a miserable marriage then get divorced in few years time, which is something you wouldn’t want.
    If he can’t see reason for seeking help, then leave him coz cheating is really not on.

  8. Shame Faith has no friends….They do not respect the code.

    Miserable, nothing will change the sex situation if your man does not acknowledge he has a problem and I personally wouldn’t marry a person who does not want to fix problems and brushes them away. Marriage may not only be about sex but it does play a major role and if you are not happy now and already cheating on him, whats going to happen after you marry him???

    Enjoy your Easter weekend ladies and gents. Niphephe on the roads please. God bless you all. Thanks Mike

  9. Miserable. you are miserable at the age of 21 cause you have a man that cant hit it right? you have got to be joking me man. leave the guy, date other people, do well at school, build your career. you are too young to be having these problems.

    now you are talking marriage. how old is this guy? no lady get your act together there is really more to this life. then having sex, cheating on your man, having a one minute man. have goals drive and ambition and stop focusing on sex

  10. Girl, Sexologists say good sex starts in the mind. So I’m afraid with your rather narrowly minded perception, your man will never satisfy your needs_ because your mind is already programmed into thinking what is right and what is wrong regarding intercourse. I believe when you are attracted to a person even a mere touch on the shoulder can trigger arousal. cheating will also have an impact on your sexual life because you’ll often compare your poor partner with so and so. I suggest you get help from a professional before this gets out of hand.

  11. obviously Faiths friends are determined on screwing her over she might as well return the favour take the job faithy u dont owe Aurelia shit .

    thanx Mikey

  12. Haw nkosi this Auriela chick is kinda lying about her boyfriend abusing her,she jst ddnt want faith finding out about her shagging her ex damn amantombazane#Ricky ric’s voice

  13. Thank you Mikeee and team…eish looks like Faith has it rough with her friends not respecting the code at all.

    QnA : My angel haibo…you cheating on your man because he’s not giving it to you right?? Clearly you will go around humping every dick out there till you find “the right one”.

    You need to teach your man your love language, how to kiss you and your rhythm for sex. Tell him he is sexually frustrating you by his 5s pounces. You cant just cheat on someone because he’s not doing what you want and how you want it. Unjani na kanti? You are waaay tooo young to be having sexaul frustrations before marriage nogal.

    Communication is a pivotal in a relationship. TALK TO HIM.

    All the best…

  14. Dankie Adv Maphoto

    A2Q let him do his 5second noodles. After that tell him not to take it out, then start winding your waist in a slow circular motion. Naye tell him to start pumping slowly, his noodle Jackzorro will get up again
    Xa eyifaka tell him to think abt all these motherfathers who never loved him, acinge ngesikoloto zakhe acinge abt that ugly principal wase primary acinge abt anything that will take his mind out of the moment.

    Hahaaaaha That moment when I feel like Sis Dolly


  15. Hawu bantu balana kanti banjani.. selingenaphi manje igama lomunye umntwana (jackzorro) nelema noodles enkingeni yale 21 yr old.. yooo hhay. Anyways iminemnandi kini nonke nemphelasonto ende egcwele izibusiso makholwa.. ngithandaza ukuthi sibonane mhlaka 7 siphilile futhi siphelele sonke. Lots of love fam.

    1. I totally agree with nolucci… siya@gugs comment scarred me and left me laughing… What does Jackzorro’s name have to do with the advice given….hayi…

      Otherwise I am totally wishing I could wake Faith up from her faithful self….these girsl ain’t loyal…Hence for me I cut ties with my group of girlfriends,,ngoba hayi…girls of total abathembakali…Never Trust Anyone but GOD…. just saying

  16. Thank u Mr Maphotho! Wishing you n the DOAGZ fmly a happy n safe holidayz. Faith must take the job bt not da CEO

  17. Miserable girl u have nice life problems yazi…some of us don’t even have partners ha re shelwe

  18. Shit I missed out mos, Thanks Mikeesto and safe Easter to you, Thoziesto and Sfisoristo :).

    Siya@gugs, point of order comrade, a ruling was made on that motion. You can give me your better half for full analysis if you so wish Lol. Just kidding bro, but you made me laugh for sure, kwaaaaa! I guess Jackzorro’s issues aren’t to be forgotten, I should post more issues mos.

    There’s a song that goes like ‘ I beat the pussy up,up, up’ guess your man aint singing that tune huh lol. Look, first hand experience with nasty lifestyles and unhealthy habits that eventually lead to such situations, I know this thing.

    Firstly speak to your man, you see my issue was with how it failed to have momentum to even begin, your dude spraying in 5seconds though is kinder freaky, uyigqude LMAO.

    Secondly, while he is busy fingering and sucking, tell him to masturbate his first load on a towel or something,then continue with his oral loving til he gets a hard on. From the second round onwards, I don’t care how great your vijay is sisi, aint no bustin nuts in 5seconds niks. These one round tendencies are the reason we get cheated on. But cheating sisi aint right, the poor oke wants to marry you, shuuu this sex aint loyal.

    Remember sisi, you know your body better, make him learn, teach that express train of yours to ride on shosholoza meyl, slow, but eventually the destination will be met. Goodluck, this must be really frustrate you, but ke consider your cheating ways before accepting that ring, cheating can’t be justified, not even for 5second noodles LMAO. And nawe maan, why don’t you wake him up at 2am and be like ‘ ngibhebhe bhuthi manje’ do it maan before you both screw up what could be a match made between the gates of heaven and hell.


  19. I am starting to think Jackzorro is a politician the way he can come up with a solution for everything. It’s like he has a manual for women’s issues… With that said there is no excuse for cheating yiu are comfortable with him taking care of you financially yet wa jewa on the side! Sies and shame on you! Yes he is useless in bed so fix him or leave him. Let see how your side dish will cater for you

  20. Comrades and the rest of the cabinet. I forgot that member is an hounourable member of this house so I withdraw my statement #written apology

  21. Q&A this guy sounds like a good person and he loves you enough to ask for ur hand in marriage so make it work. talk to him and try new ways around the bedroom. havng a affair wont solve it

  22. mxaaaaa ntwe ke mmutla. He really needs help and he must start facing it than making excuses.U shud tell him ti breath slowly and if he feel like he wanna cum he shud stop and kiss you the start again.he must be patient. I once had the same problem for few months then I read on the internet how to deal I give it to my girlfriend anytime and anyway she wants it. stress causes early ejaculation believe me.

  23. Oh My Rumblings! So Aurelia is/was seeing Tidi on the sly but then if the have something, y was Tidimalo calling Faith wanting advice about a girl when already they had sneaked about? Ai naye uTidimalo seems to b looking in the wrong places for love, mayb he 2 is still inlove with Faith.

    A2Q: Anon ur man is good with muffing n fingering coz he knows he has a problem, u can teach him how to kiss but premature ejaculation is another story that needs professionals and if he is still in denial about it then he isn’t gna go 2 Men’s clinic. To avoid comparing ur partner to ur lover and 2 stop having a lover @ all in any relationship u have to be honest with urself 1st, r u wanting to accept the proposal just cos of his sweetness and financial support or do u want the whole package? Don’t make ur life or his miserable by being selfish girl, u r still young, don’t jump stages or else u’ll find yourself like those old women acting like young girls all coz of impatience n selfishness. U talked to the guy (about sex yet not the kissing) try again and if he is still adament n pesimistic about treatment then move along n empower yourself with further education cc

  24. Salute 2my Commander! My hat off 2Madam Co-Writer! Q&A: Misrbl girl I think both of U R rushing into adult stuff but every1 seems 2b rushing these days anyway. Now it appears UR sleeping over here bcz U seem2 have so much tym on yo hands doing this. If U R d solution is simple: U can start by brushing teeth 2getha b4 going 2bed that way U can show him how UR an expert in kissing.
    Let him kiss U back & b4 U know it H wilb following yo lead.
    2nd problem: B in control as H surely is not a leader but a follower. Direct his dk well when its hard so H doesnt mis yo punani & hit d walls. Once in help him kip it in there & tym exactly whn H is abt 2cum & pull him out. Tell him its tym 2change style or positions etc or even go 2da loo. U can go 2d loo 2getha holding each other etc so H doesnt lose d momentum. U can giv him 4rm hehind or whatever style rocks yo boat. B4 U know it H wilb yo “willing student”
    A great “teacher” doesn’t giv up on their student especially if they R wilng 2learn.
    But then if U don’t want 2fal preg always use protection & get tested.
    I don’t encourage sex b4 marriage but UR already doing it anyway. Cheating is not a solution. Gudluck – PapaG

  25. Lets sugar coat yo Q&A since everyone loves that: Yo Prince is only reaching yo veranda & while there d aroma 4rm yo kitchen just overwhelms him 2satisfaction & its game over!
    When yo prince knocks on yo door welcome him wth both warm hands & direct him 2yo dining room. Open his champagne play wth d 2glasses it comes with very gently while h plays wth yo apples.
    Let you tongues great each other & while he gets lost & mesmerized by yo table setup, then U remind him this is just an appetizer. Clear d table b4 h faints on U then bring d main course. As he reaches d WHAL! moment, open d windows of yo dining so h can hear d Angels singing, “Haleluja! Haleluja! Haleluujaaaaaah!” Join in d chorus wth yo Prince.
    Save d desert @4 or @5 in d morning.
    Remember desert is not like d main course unless its wknd then spoil him wth mo deserts. H wil neva 4get U & U wil hav yo partner 4eva!
    PS: Myb yo cheat-partner is gud bcz a special lady was willing 2 teach him a few things. Now he knows beta he might b doing diff girls/women & mighy bring U STI’s/STD’s so teach yo Prince. -PapaG

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