Rumblings Of A Jilted Baby Mama!

Rumblings – Chapter Forty Seven

I know that many girls want the man who made them pregnant and left them to pay damages! It makes them feel better about themselves, almost as though they are not guilty of having the baby out of wedlock hence legitimitizing it! Bullshit! You got pregnant and him paying money for “damaging” you will not change the fact that he left you in the first place. We girls to be honest do it almost as a way of punishing him, take money out of him to be exact, no wonder he comes and becomes such a huge problem in your life. Think of it this way, if a man buys you drinks in club he expects you to lay him! Don’t be fooled many girls fall for it actually trust me I saw it in university.m Now consider that the alcohol he buys for you is worth about r100 and he expects that what more if he pays thousands for you ass and your baby! That’s just a recipe for disaster! He has every right to your baby as you do and guys like Mudenda especially if they want you back will use that opportunity to the fullest. All single mother in the back of their minds wish to be independent and be done with that loser ex. It’s not easy because of financial constraints but if an opportunity arose I believe we would take it with both hands. New girlfriend get this, we hate you as much as you hate us so there, we are even!

Meladi was starting to scare me! It seemed as though she was getting more and more desperate to get rid of me! She had the man, I did not want him so why must he pay for me! My mother though had surprised me! I did not expect that. She had said I did not have to accept this whole damages thing. I had honestly thought she was going to fight me on it because juust last week she had been excited about it, talking about venues and all. I guess she had finally seen what I was saying all along.

“So how are we going too tell them?”

I asked her! She was the adult here and new more about the procedure about this than me.

“That’s not my part! You are the one who went to their home to demand they pay damages so now it’s your job to go tell them that you don’t want them anymore!”

She said without breaking a sweat,

“My daughter you don’t seem to get it that you are now a mother! Your decisions affect more than just you! Every success and failure you make will directly affect Amo so this one is up to you! They are a pompous family yes but is this the right thing to do? I don’t know, it’s your life!”

Ok then! Where did that come from? I thought we had agreed. I also got the impression she might have been trying to teach me a lesson in all this and that she was not saying I should not have it. It was a trick to see how much I really was. In a way she had called me selfish for not wanting to give Amo a chance to know his father. I had a guest to entertain though.

“Meladi did you sleep with Tidimalo?”

I said as soon I entered my bedroom! Maybe she thought I had not noticed when her man mentioned the car her person had been driving which they had sex in! I just did not want to cause a scene there in front of him but now we are alone at my house!

“Are you serious right now?”

She asked me.

“All I said to you was that your ex was hot and we hit it off! You told me to back off and I did!”

She said super offended! She had to be lying though. All of a sudden she had discovered a guy with the same car to my ex, the one she had said she wanted.

“Call him and ask him if he even knows where I stay?”

She added. You see when you do something you are not supposed to do obviously you will have tipped each other on what lie to tell if caught. Calling him therefore was not going to help me.

“No, call the guy you were with to come through then in that car because right now Aurelia am having serious trust issues!”

I said defending myself. I could not handle this. Two of my friends had already betrayed me and maybe I needed new friends. She took out her phone and didn’t even go to the phone book and a number was there I was not familiar with.

“I can’t believe you are making me prove myself after all we have been through…”

She said I thinking hoping I would back off but I did not. I crossed my arms across my chest instead. She dialled her phone.

“Lindo where are you?”

She asked as soon as a male voice came up on the speaker. Yes she put him on speaker.

“I am at Monte what’s up?”

He asked,

“I need you to come through like last time!”

She said to him,

“Hell no dude are you crazy! You want that old man of yours to kill me! Last time I was scared shitless!”

The guy said! She pleaded with him but the guy would not budge. Instead they should hook up the following day rather as opposed to him coming through. She explained that she was not at her place but a friends and that’s when he softened up a bit on his stance. O crap! She was not lying. I could even see the tears rolling down her cheeks as she spoke to him. I had failed to believe my own friend because I was so paranoid. She was so hurt. I jumped for the phone and hung up. Girls have a tendency of believing that as long as you know what the make of the car is, if your girl or enemy is seen in such a car then its always the same car. Naturally I had clearly assumed that only my ex drove a Mercedes. Eish, now what?

“I am so sorry I just wanted to know!”

She stood up, took her bag and walked out! I had fucked up. I chased after her but she said nothing as I tried to call her back. I begged her but she got into her car and drove off! What the fuck had I just done?

My phone rang five minutes later and I hoped it was her but it was not, it was Mudenda! What did he want?

“I didn’t believe her before but I lost my thesis the day you were in the office! I took my laptop to I.T. And they managed to recover some of the research but not the Thesis itself!”

He cried. He was actually crying tears and his voice betrayed this fact!

“I don’t know what you are talking about!”

I said defiantly but the guilt! The guilt was eating me up. At the time I had hated him so much but right now I didnot hate him that much!

“I am begging you! I am on my knees please please if you still have it, I will do anything, may I please have it back!”

He said! I am such a bad person I know!

*****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

Thank you for reading my letter. I am 18 and in my matric. My step mother and I are very close. She raised me from around the age of 9 after my mom died. My problem is my father is sleeping with one of my friends. I recently found out after she gave me her old phone to use. She didn’t delete all her smses. I have two step siblings aged 7 and 10. I feel like if I tell my step mom what I saw I can be called a liar or deny my little brother and sister to grow up in a family! Then there is the betrayal from my friend! Where do I even start with that? I want to confront her but I don’t know how! I most certainly can’t ignore this skank sleeping with my father! Hell no! I will see her at school when we open! I can’t confront my father he is a cop and is not normal! I am too scared of him!

What should I do?

Thank You


Good Morning

Hope you all had a good Easter and people are not still stuck in traffic on the way back from Church and holidays.

I am surprised at the reaction we got this weekend. We have always not posted on holidays but it seemed as though a lot of people don’t seem to remember this. We need to recharge our batteries that’s why you never get holiday posts. Yesterday I posted Realities so that it can get three chapters in this week.

Confessions: By the time I finished the blog a lot of people were already complaining that the story was winding too much. Yes the story at some point links up with Zulu Girl Goes to Jhb but it was written in such a way that the ending could have been just as perfect as is. Nelisa did say she might decide to tell you how her matric went and how life from then on… I do not believe there was anything wrong with that ending because it was a story that ended on a positive vibe.

Memoirs: I did say Memoirs was a true story. I used the facts I was given too write the story I delivered. There is confusion in the story about the babies mentioned in chapter one and the error was made in the last three chapters as I did not drop the bombshell correctly. Now I have a choice of writing a brand new chapter after the stabbing or fixing the second or third last chapter… complicated. It’s literally four lines missing. A few people have suggested I start adding fiction to the story so that it can continue which is something else to consider.

Zulu Girl Goes to Jhb: This book is finished! The chapters are ready and waiting but I explained what the situation was. A very big announcement on the production will be made on most media platforms next month as a huge surprise is in store for everyone, myself included.

Missteps of a Young Wife: This blog is not finished and is ongoing. It was for holiday purposes that we did not post this weekend.

I appreciate all the support you have given Thozama and I over the last two years. Writing everyday is a lot of work but we don’t complain because it’s something we enjoy doing. Holidays though we plead for a break because like you we have to travel, see and be with family as well as simply relax and not worry about work and stress.

Thank You

Mike Maphoto

29 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter Forty Seven

  1. And personally I think people must just be grateful.

    Getrude. Leave people to deal with their own issues. If they have sex and are committing adultery it’s God they have to answer to. Not you. The truth always has a way of coming out. But I don’t think it should be through you sisi.

  2. see you mike are the best writer who is committed and reliable the only blogger who takes his blogs serious and writes beautiful stories

  3. To Mike and Thozama thank u for the books u always make us reads them without paying a cent, we all know that hollidays are yo free times the is no post and uv told us in advises that u wl not post bt u will try to post other ppl work….. Mina I’m happy the way books are coming cos it’s yo strory u have a rite to tell and tweist the way u want….. GOOD JOB GUYS, I CAN’T WAIT FOR MY MEMOIRY TOMMORO.
    Q/A sorry gal abt founding like that bt it’s yo life too, just tell yo dad that u know what is doing with yo friend and he must stop or u wll tell yo mum, and tell yo friend that u know she must dump yo dad nd stop yo friendship with her coz wen yo mum finds out she will say new abt them and u never told her, I feel I this is confusing on what to do…. Gud luck shame

  4. Been waiting for this all week!!!! Aurelia should try be more understanding. All the signs were there…

  5. Mike I think I speak for most people when I say, we truly appreciate your work and however way you decide to end your stories, we will support you. We are very grateful that you take time to entertain us and listen to our ungratefulness and still try to make us happy when we fail to see that you don’t owe us anything.

    With that said, the 1st of April was the end of memoirs let it remain as that. Realities is here we will enjoy it and support you still.

    I personally would have liked for confessions to carry on but like I said whatever you decide we behind you. We will wait for that DOZG surprise!

  6. Thanks Mikeesto, hope Easter was good to all, Happy Tuesday fam.

    Getrude, if your Mom finds out for herself and discovers that you knew, imagine the betrayal she will see in that. confront you silly sugarbaby friend and warn her to stay away, promise and even deliver a beat down if need be. Then text your Father, that should eliminate the fear part, text him saying that you know about his affair with your friend and that you don’t want to be in a position of choosing to break up a happy home to the detriment of your siblings or keeping his dirty secret at the cost of your loyalty for your Mother, who has loved and cared for you for 9years. You are one of the few ones that didn’t get step moms with loose screws, you better appreciate that woman and take action.You are not a child anymore, you should learn to protect your own at all cost, either by keeping this dirt covered and putting a stop to it, or by completely power shaking your very home.

    I wish you strength in abundance, Goodluck and God bless you.


  7. Thanks But’Mike n Sis’T! I like your work hey n hope that all readers take a note or rather learn something through all this…

  8. When we get things for free its becomes a must so people will never b grateful dnt worry about then Mike sme of us knw u also need a break thanx for yr time

  9. Thank you Mikeee and team. Hope Easter was filled with nothing but family love, treats and church 🙂

    QnA : Im with JackZorro on this one. You need to deal with your skank of a friend by telling her in no uncertain terms will you allow her to destroy your family with her skankness. You are old enough to protect your own at all times. Imagine your step mom finding out the truth about this and knowing that you knew and you did nothing.

    All the best nunu..

  10. Thanks Mike and Thozama for such brilliant writing, you guys are a blessing to all of your readers. I can’t wait for Missteps, I’m glad it’s still ongoing, I would have died.

  11. I’ve been absent from the blog for a few momths . I read all the chapters of memoirs that i missed yesterday only to find that Memoirs is completed. I was and still am heartbroken but hey, something’s don’t go the way we vwish them to.

    Yourew a great writer Mike and I hope to grow my abilities and write like you one day. Yes, you’re my idol

  12. Thanks Bra Mike. Really appreciate your effort.

    People please stop being selfish. We all need holidays n time to relax and be with family! So enough with complaints when there are no posts on holidays…thank you 🙂

  13. Mike and Thomaza thanks alot guys. Really appreciate it. If you say Memoirs is a real life story. My only hope is that Mxo didn’t die for real.

    Because of people like him,Nelisa,Faith,Aurelia,Lee, Python, Rodney

  14. She rocks, Tidimalo and Mthobisi. All my fav characters with or without their shortcomings. I truly love them.

    Stay blessed team.

  15. QnA.
    approaching a parent about cheating is impossible, especially your father, at your age. And they u wrote i see you fear him. So i suggest you deal your friend cc, beat her down if you have to, treat her like rubbish dat she is, threaten her by saying you will expose her to her parents n school mates, enviously she will tell her sugardaddy, n in dat way daddy will know that you know. And dont have attitude towards daddy, b super nice to him coz he will b expecting a reaction. If however he warns you about her sugarbaby, dnt argue, your response must b something like “ow now you discussing your affairs wth me”… He wont hit you coz mom will ask why.
    as for your friend, shem… Dont give her time to rest, you can ever take her lunch n tell her its your fathers money, b selfish.
    Never allow anyone to break your family, espeally a lil girl like.

  16. Thanx Mikey and Thozama i almost had a heart attack without missteps but i understand. U been doing a great job n we highly appreciate it. Looking forward to more great work and sharing this wit the awesome readers.

  17. Thanks Mike, you actually promised to post other people’s work over the weekend, that’s why we were confused when u didn’t.

  18. Ur friend o tshwerwe ke ntho tsaa gage grl,dnt stress ka yena,she mst jst undst gore go thata go tsghepa motho after what yv bin thru via friends

    Mike any1 who complains ka post tsa holidays,gotsho is a new member shem lol. Thnx again for the great job,ke lebogela le da efforts e wena le Thozama le e dirang to keep us busy in minds.

  19. You don’t know owe anyone any explanation Mike, we’ve always known that u don’t post on holidays, instead we should be grateful that u posted on Monday, u deserve a break like everyone……….thanks for the lovely stories u post wena no Thozama

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