Rumblings Of A Jilted Baby Mama!

Rumblings – Chapter Thirty

It’s inevitable really, there comes a time in a baby mama’s life were she has to sit down with the new girlfriend or wife to discuss terms. This is a parley of sorts. In war times, parley is when the two generals from opposing army (before the fight) discuss terms to avoid unnecessary loss of life and property. Same goes in relationships with South African men! Everything is a war. They see themselves as ‘de kleva’ when they are actually stupid as hell! My mother had warned me to stay away from these Pretoria boys because they all think they are hustlers and know it all but I had not listened. Parents do know more than we often give them credit for. Meladi had another thing coming to her though! If she was any other person I would gladly have made peace with her but she was not. She was my friend who in my time of need went and slept with my man and was now marrying him. I remember distinctly she came to see me when Mudenda was giving me problems, held my hand through it and assured me everything would be fine. She was lying. She had seen an opportunity and went for it. Well played old friend but this was just the beginning.

“Take me to the police station!”

I told my sister as soon as we hit the traffic light! She looked at me as though I was joking. Women get this, no matter how much you might love a man, if he hits you, take him to the police! Why do you make excuses for him? Yes there are times when we mess up royally as women but no one has the right to beat you up. Get this in your heads, you are not a child and even now the laws don’t allow for children to be beaten! Why do you stand for it though? Yes if you want you can forgive him and take him back but your first move always, get him arrested and the coward will never do I again because he knows you will not stand to be a punching bag.

“But you said let’s go home!”

She protested.

“Judith, if you want that boy to continue hitting me for no reason you will take me there!”

I had cornered her. She put ‘police station’ in her navigator and we changed routes.

“Is this really necessary though sis? Let us just go home and call it a day, please!”

She asked. Judy never called me that unless she really wanted something. Today however I was not indulging her. Yes it was necessary. I had the blood to show for it which made me more believable. Service delivery though at police stations is usually something that makes you avoid going to them in the first place. As a woman you know for a fact that you don’t want to be served by another woman. Why? Because women look down on one another and will rather humiliate you than help another women. In this case however, almost every woman is a single baby mama with serious issues with her baby daddy or knows someone close going through it. I daresay in Nigeria if you close your eyes and throw a stone you will hit a professor or a doctor, do the same in South Africa and you will hit a thief or a baby mama. That’s how many we are hence this is the one time I pray it must be a female police officer I report to. The gods were smiling on me, it was a female.

“And wena, what happened to you?”

The female officer said as soon as I entered. The blood worked and obviously the baby basket I was carrying just made me even more dramatic. There were not many people there except for this white lady who kept complaining that her neighbors dog killed her cat! Yah neh! There are people with real problems in this world. They were all laughing at her and mocking her in vernacular but critically keeping straight faces. If it was another day I would have told them off because it was not correct.

I explained to her what had happened, how my ex boyfriend had lured me to his house to discuss maintenance and then on my way out had proceeded to hit me. Another officer came to see my baby in the basket and said to the one taking my statement,

“This is what Malusi does to Lizzy as well. Remember I was telling you in the morning! The motherfucker!”

There is a lot of anger amongst women when it comes to men and abusing us. It’s just that we have not learned just yet how quite to channel that anger and use it against them. I am by far not an isolated incident. They asked me for all the details of Mudenda, where he stayed and where he worked. I gave them that. They said they would send a car to his place immediately. Tonight he had to sleep in the cells. I wanted to smile but I did not. As I walked out, the officer who had spoken about Lizzy and Malusi did that as well. She was actually quite annoyed by this that she told me again at the door that she was going to do it now. I thanked her. I went to the car and Amo started crying. He was hungry. I breastfed him. I had taken a decision that I did not want to breast feed him for too long because he was such a tugger this one. The plan was to use a breast pump for possibly another two weeks then weane him off. I know he was too young to be off my milk but I had done a lot of research on it.

I asked my sister to wait twenty minutes so that I can breast feed without the motion of the car. She agreed.

“I never thought you had this evil side in you Faith. You have always been the sweetest amongst us mom included! What’s going with you?”

She said with a very concerned. It hit me hard. A lot of people think baby mama’s are pyscho because they choose not to understand what we go through. I was not born like this and she should see by the blood on my face that I did not wake up like this!

“I will explain when I get home!”

I said. I was not about to have this conversation. Ten minutes later the real reason why I had stayed came.

A police car stopped and they walked out Mudenda in handcuffs into the station. I took out my phone and took a picture.

I cannot remember the last time I felt this relieved.

****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Reading all these comments, I feel so helpless and sad. To all the sisters and relatives that have experienced rape, we cry with you as we read your comments. We feel your anger, which I personally think is justified and one is so scared of becoming the next victim.

I am a firm believer in that when there is a problem, one should at least try to take action in order to try and eliminate the problem. Therefore, I would like to know (maybe there is a law fundi here) if we as citizens of Mzansi, can request or petition so that punishment for rape is cutting of the damn thing. I acknowledge that there are false claims but if a person is caught red handed, DNA proves that thy did it and they rape a child, then the death penalty is a luxurious way out for them, but cutting of their manhood the very thing that made them think they can rape would be a little close to fairness.

Mike, can we push for this please if there is even a slight chance of it being made lawful. It can be done in a public hospital but it must come off…

Angry Lady

58 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter Thirty

  1. Thanks Mikeesto, awesome one.

    Angry Lady, that’s a fantastic idea and I support it fully, my signature will be on that petition. I so hope it happens.


  2. Thanks Mike, Im loving it. but the Rumbling it seems like it has short chapter compare to other books.. yooh welldone Faith teach those bastard a lesson.
    wathinta umfazi, wathinta imbokodo!!!

  3. Go Faith… do it for the single Mothers!!!!. Ohh Mike, where were you in my late teens mara, my life could have turned out a lot different than now. You have given us a life-line that even some of our parents could not give, your books give invaluable advise and one can never be too old to learn from… loving all your books.

  4. QnA. Ms Angry Lady, it will never happen. As a law student we are taught that the Constitution is the most supreme law of the land and the Constitution makes provision for safety and security of the person from violence from public or private persons. Which essentially means that as much as we have a right to be safe and not harmed physically, so do they. Just because they harmed you, their rights do not diminish. As it also goes with the right to life and a killer, the death penalty shall never again return, there is heavy precedent and legislation that will ensure that there is no castration or death as a penalty for rape and murder the likes. Askies, but as they always tell us, the law is as it is and not as it should be.

  5. Thnx mike!! Very good Faith teach that bustard a lesson and that slut meladi will gt what’s coming rha bayandonyanyisa nje plus nala family yabo#GIVE THAT A WOMAN A BELLS#

  6. Faith you are no psycho honey, you are a women scorned!!!!!!! Power to you girl!

    Angry lady, that would be the best thing ever, I agree 100%! Away with a rapists tool! What will it be for women though, circumsision?

  7. Excellent move rite there Faith,mudenda thinks by hiting a woman he solves the problem,or scared u away!danki ngiyabonga

  8. Thanks Team! I’m suprised to see someone comment and say that Faith is vindictive!!! How is she vindictive? Are you referring to the same person that has just been knocked stone cold by an ex-boyfriend? Same boyfriend that pushed her so hard she almost fell when she was preggies? Has Faith ever lifted her hand to Mudenda? How is she vindictive?!? I don’t understand this ‘vindictive’ statement honestly… Maybe ke ngixakwa uGeorgie after all it is not my mother tongue…

  9. Faith will definitely post the picture on instagram… Meladi deserves to be shamed more than anyone else….. lol… I am loving this book

  10. Thanx mike… Damn some men can change u , and hell no Faith is not evil, the evil one here is that useless mudenda. I have a friend who was constantly beaten up by her bf and I would hear her cry but one day I said enough is enough I went there told him where to get off and he tried to beat me up too but hell to da NO I dialed that 10111 number and he was taken to jail and never set foot in our place again, so please ladies let no man beat u up love yourselves enough to know ur worth.

  11. Faith is doing what every women in the world must do as soon as their partner, ex or most times a male lays their hands on them. Abuse whether physical or emotional should not be tolerated. I am glad that you bring up these social and human rights issues in your books Mike. They can really help a lot of victims out there who dont actually dont know where to start even when they want to take action.
    It is good that the police acted so swiftlybefore

  12. Mike you have no idea how much I love this book!! It really strikes a cord with me..doing a happy dance for Faith! Though it’s all fiction I will be smiling the whole day knowing that useless arrogant Mudenda got what’s coming 2 him. Wish it was my baby daddy in those cuffs lol

  13. Faith is a true example of a strong woman,who knows her worth! Women take notes!
    my friend won’t even take the guy for maintenance hai. she better take a few pages from Faith’s book of reality.

    Nthabz said it guys, they will never allow it.

  14. Faith is doing what every women in the world must do as soon as their partner, ex or most times a male lays their hands on them. Abuse whether physical or emotional should not be tolerated. I am glad that you bring up these social and human rights issues in your books Mike. They can really help a lot of victims out there who dont actually dont know where to start even when they want to take action.
    It is good that the police acted so swiftly before he could get a chance to apologise and sweet talk her to forgiving him which happens a lot. As a healthcare worker I have seen women being brought to hospital by the same person who battered her just for them tomake sure she doesnt press charges.

    Q n A: I have UNCONDITIONAL HATRED for rapists and I will never forgive a man or women who sexually assualts another. The law protects them from harm like the other reader said but who protected their victims from harm. Rapists knowingly and plan their action, there is no mistake rape. They are psychopaths who perposefully pray on the weak. Add my signature to that and death penalty is also justified. I have seen how these savages can turn the lives of innocent children into a nightmare that we cant even imagine. Some children stay in hospital for days sedated to keep them calm.
    It is up to us to stop rape. Report rape even if it doesnt affect you because now in SA as with HIV you are someone know someone who has been sexually assaulted. Lets teach our young men to respect and protect women.
    #itisuptous #stoprape

  15. such a short read…thank you Mike

    Q&A I feel your anger, I actually argued some of your points in my Human Rights class, it doesn’t make sense why a person after committing a horrid crime, they would still be protected by our constitution, doesn’t that then mean offenders enjoy more rights than law abiding citizens, it’s simple really if you kill or rape etc you lose the protection of the Bill of Rights and the law should treat you like the animal you are!! sadly for the law to reform the Constitution has to be amended which is highly unlikely and would take a miracle to happen, while waiting I have a gun…

  16. faith you did the right thing by reporting him, please ladies can we stop protecting people who abuse us in false pretense of love. is not going to be easy to leave him cause you love him dearly but it worth every minutes

  17. thatha Faith Revenge is a best dish served. oh how I wish I could see Mudenda’s face kwakwakwa, but chances are he will be out since his family is Rich, Fuck the Justice System

  18. This book gives me such satisfaction!! I have never experienced what Faith is going through (and I hope i never will) but have friends, family, colleagues who have and are going through this. I really wish more women would take a page out of Faiths book and take charge of their situation.

  19. Go Faith! The pain of having to raise child alone is to painful. Plus our system allows them to get away with it,let him pay dear.

  20. Oh how I love it when woman unite and stand for one another. Thanks mike

    Angry Lady

    The issue of rape is not physical, psychology is involved to a large extent. We once had this debate in a psychiatric ward…. why doesn’t the state move towards castration? only to find out a person who rapes a 3 month old has disturbed thought processes… if you castrate chances are they’d still find ways to commit the crime. i.e fingering, using foreign objects (tin fish). Its antisocial behaviour and our hope lies in rehabilitation of convicts or life sentence to protect the public from such.

  21. Like everybody else I’m just so glad that the tables have turned. Mudenda will probably never forgive faith for it but who cares, he’s th one with douchy tendencies, what’s happening to him is for all the BS he’s put faith through eventhough it doesn’t really measure up to the beating. He’ll probably be released soon but it’s not guaranteed that faith will give back his thesis. This woman should be applauded for what she’s doing for her child.

  22. Angry Lady
    I understand your anger towards rapists and abusers, I hate those deeds too. We do however have to acknowledge that there are also quiet number who are sitting on jail because a woman lied. We have seen a lot of women who have cried rape but later confess to lying about it. What happens to those people who have been wrongly accused? What should happen to women who rape and sexually abuse men and young boys?

  23. rumblings ne yoh im so hooked ah bra mike hai no shem uyayenza lento yakho lol

    I second the motion of castration 100% we r tired of living in fear because of these creatures who are not men enough to go n buy umagosha if ukushela abakwazi ah, its sickening to know that a day does not pass without one reading on the newspaper that a young gal was found dead and raped emahlathini athize ah guyss what is our world comin to yeh? Why cant we as women be allowed to live in peace not in pieces this is too much phambili ngoku juba phambili

  24. The scum that raped me when I was a kid doesn’t know what is coming his way, I just need to acquire a gun. Let’s pRay he doesn’t have kids coz they too will feel it. That’s a promise!!!

    I have somewhat healed, but my revenge will come.

  25. Angry Land if the manhood is cut off it will mean getting off with a slap in the wrist cause they won’t have to live with the pain like the victim. Get a chemical to kill every ounce of transmitter responsible for the sexual stimulation of the penis. Aphile Aze afe kodwa angavukelwa!

  26. Sibonga kuthi kukhona abathi bayaluthola usizo emaphoyiseni,kugcwele amajele nje bt still kuthiwa amaphoyisa awenzi nicks heee.

  27. Sibonga kuthi kukhona abathi bayaluthola usizo emaphoyiseni,kugcwele amajele nje bt still kuthiwa amaphoyisa awenzi nicks heee.Faith dnt post tht pic on social networks uyoba nenkinga should u du tht

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