Rumblings Of A Jilted Baby Mama!

Rumblings – Chapter Twenty Nine

People who still get shocked when a woman is hit in this country are really living in some fantasy world. Mothers like me who fight for their children often get hit and people blame us saying that we have too much drama for fighting to put food into the stomach of our babies. The irony is that it is other women that start the vilifying of you saying you must back off and let them be happy. How do you do that? Be happy when your child is hungry? No! I refuse! That is not how it should work. You get women who say “at least he tries” and that’s bullshit because he should not be trying he should be doing. What kind of a human is he if he has to be forced to court to realize that he has a duty to take care of his responsibility? What kind of a woman are you really to defend such? Men change. Your high school sweetheart, the man that used to suck up to you just to get laid will become this monster once you give him a baby he does not want. That was Mudenda. From the sweetest guy I had ever met to the monster that was going to ruin the rest of my life. Yes as single mothers we love our children dearly but when you put your emotions aside, your life is ruined. He kills that dream and innocence of having your child grow up with both parents! He kills that hope of your child having siblings and a roof over her as well actually saying ‘daddy’ to the right guy.
I blacked out for like ten seconds. Psssh I wish it was more! When I came to, my sister was rushing towards me with his sister too. His parents came outside just in time as well to see what the commotion was all about. His sister immediately shouted at him saying,

“How dare you hit a woman you moron? The mother of your child? What if you killed her?”

He stood there and seemed not to care. He had planned this! It was neither instinct nor a reflex action that had done this but a calculated move! He wanted to intimidate me and for that one moment I will not lie it worked! I was bleeding on the side because I had fallen on to some bricks they were using for the renovations taking place at their house. When he hit me I saw that a car had stopped into the driveway. I doubt actually he had seen it fast enough. I knew who owned the car and so did he! It was Meladi’s father. I had met him several times too because when girls are friends we go to each others houses. That’s just how it is. He had once hit on Aurelia but that’s a story for another day and Meladi does not know this. I won’t lie I would not have cried had it just been Meladi because that would have been a sign of weakness in front of the new enemy. With her father there however, this changes everything. It’s him they were trying to impress right. My turn. I started to cry. I did not wail but it was loud enough to be relevant and sorrowful enough to make everyone feel sorry for me.

“What is the meaning of this Mudenda?”

Meladi’s father asked angrily. It’s weird really I won’t lie because he knew my name.

“Faith, you must get that cleaned!”

He said talking about my bleeding wound.

“I am sorry sir, you were not supposed to… I mean it was aan accident!”

He looked my way I think hoping I would back him up. His mother immediately spoke up and started shouting at him. I don’t know if it was for show or for real but she told him that she had not raised him like this. Even his father was not impressed with him at this stage.

“What if you had killed her? Are you stupid boy?”

He shouted at him. Mudenda did look kind of stupid but that was not my problem. I turned to my sister and said in a hoarse low voice,

“Judith please let’s go. I don’t want to ge hit again.”

I turned to Mudenda and said,

“You hit me because I have a child with you really! God knows Mudenda!”

I knew exactly what I was doing.

“No child get it cleaned. You can’t go home bleeding like this. We are not animals.”

The mother said but I declined. I told them it’s ok, my mother was a nurse, she will do it when she gets back from work. Meladi’s father started shouting,

“This is nonsense! You want my daughter to marry a man who behaves like a boy! I saw you hit her and stand there like you had done well! How dare you?”

Her father shouted. Mudenda was frozen. Like I said, he was the last man he had expected to see there. Meladi could not look me in the eye. The bitch had betrayed me royally but it’s life.

I got into our car. My sister asked if I was certain about not getting cleaned up and I told her too just drive. In my head I knew what I was doing. I saw them fighting as we reversed and I smiled. Meladi could not even look at me. Amongst our friends I had always been the most reliable one. Zama was too busy partying whilst Aurelia was never available. That left me. When Meladi got pregnant, it was me that took her for her abortion and kept her secret. I was that friend you relied on in a fire to come in and fight through the flames to rescue you. Unfortunately and clearly that did not buy me my friend’s loyalty.

I checked my phone and I had an sms. In all the commotion of the day I had not seen it.

“I am sorry about all this. Please we need to talk to find a way to work together. I am afraid to come alone though because am scared you will hit me and I will lose my baby. Meladi!”

What did she want?

I was not sure when she had sent his, before or after she came with her father but that did not matter anymore to me because a lot more had happened since then. When she saw me on the ground she had done nothing to help me. I the friend who had gone through the trenches with her. Maybe I was the one with the problem. You know we all have friends whom we will do anything for but its not always true that they will do the same for us. Meladi was not the person I thought she was.

“Stay Away from me!”

I responded besides I had a plan for Mudenda!

*****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

My husband does not want to do anything with me. He prefers I stay in the house or go out with my friends. He goes out with his friends too but we never do things as a couple. It’s so frustrating, even grocery shopping. I used to think maybe he was having an affair but we moved to a new town because of work and still he does it. I have complained, shouted and pleaded but the man does not budge. Please help me find a solution to my problem.

Thank You

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  1. Oh, Q&A, talking isn’t going to work, go out with your friends go have a great tym do this often, I think ur husband doesn’t wanna do things with u in public sum men are just like that. And usually cheating men tell there mistresses they are married so its not that. If I were u I would kick his ass to the curb!

  2. Whoa!! Faith is hardcore shem. Thanks Mikeesto.

    Anonymous, you must be one helluva boring partner neh. I mean daamn, even grocery shopping? Its either waybora dai man or he has issues with being scene with you in public. Scale your beauty from 1-10, anything less than 6, you are the problem. If more than 7, he is the problem. Use Jessica Nkosi(Qondi from Isibaya) as reference.



  3. Thanks Team,… it could not have turned out any better. Next stop: Police station nkosazane! Kumele alale ebaliwe uMudenda today, and it’s a weekend…
    A to Q: sorry to hear that cc. Has he always been like that secretive, even before you were married?

  4. Yho, drama. Q&A, what I’m going to say will sound cruel but I once heard my dad and his friends talking about such a situation. According to them, you marry a nice, sexy-looking woman with a figure that could rival Beyoncé’s. After marriage, she starts ballooning and ends up looking like a baby hippo whilst the hubby retains the same body he had before marriage. At that instance, the wife looks more like his mother instead of his significant other and they get embarrassed to be seen in public with them. One of the friends even said he actually lets his wife walk in front while he follows just behind her so that people can’t tell that they are together. Maybe nawe usukhuluphele kakhulu kangangokuthi usubukeka njengoMa wakhe instead of his wife. I’d advice you to talk to hubby and find out what the problem is. Good luck sisi.

  5. thanks Mike for a great read_ always leaving us hanging

    Q-A-when you go out with friends wear more sexy that should grab his attention. if he asks give him the line ” you dont want to go out with me mos” in everything you do in everything he second guesses. trust me it will get his attention, i know.

  6. Thanks Mike. Next stop is at police station and there is blood as evidence. Tjoo, Mudenda will sleep in today.

    Though I dont have answer for your, I wonder if you do home things together like watching TV. If you dont then the problem is simple, you are either boring or he is the old fashion man who believes that wives and kids are to be seen not heard. I still dont have a good idea of what you can do.

  7. I like it for Faith……..Great stuff Mike

    AtoQ, I think you must go to couselling. Whether umuhle or umubi, Its a little too late for him to be ashamed of you because he married you unjalo. If he does not want any counselling then umshayise ngomoya for a few days/weeks, if you are good wife to him, he will do anything to get you back including going out in public. If he doesn’t care that you are not around, then it will be very clear to you that he doesn’t care about you, hence he doesn’t want to be seen in public with you and what you do from then on is entirely up to you. All the best.

  8. Mike you should have wrote this years ago, this is one book makes my break break in a million pieces because I have been there and the sad reality is when a man doesn’t want the baby there is nothing under the sun you can do about it… There is however too many Faith’s in this world and the outside person are quick to call it the baby mama drama without any knowledge of what this people may have had before the baby… But still we rise 🙂

  9. Thnk you Mike!

    Q&A Askies Sisi, this may not sit well with u but u might need a makeover, kindly check if u got new habits tht he dislikes, check if you’ve gained weight or stopped being the person tht u were prior marriage! The thng is, even if a man cheats, he still does things with his woman…the prob might be with u


  10. yea Faith, I’m also that friend and I’ve also learnt the hard way that true loyalty isn’t a two-way thing especially with friends. You move mountains for them but they give you excuses when you’re in need.

  11. I love how things are turning out for faith, this mudenda guy deserves what’s coming to him. The parents are also just stupid as f**k.

  12. Nice read Mike

    A2Q-sorry annonymous this is one situation that can make u feel less of a woman bt hey am sure u still young and want what’s best for your life. My suggestion is u need 2 start looking @ yourself not your man first and see if there’s anything that u don’t lyk about yourself and make sure that u look yo best always. 2ndly there are still those african man who marry for a reason and luv aint that reason so that can help u if u findout what is it as u will not expect more from him

  13. Wait a go faith,hambo mubhophisa,as for meladi she is probably the one who started planting seeds of doubt in mudendas mind,coz she was yo frnd no matter how drunk or what she shud have never condoned a relationship with mudendas,just shows u how we girls are really like,wen a man leaves yo pregnant friend then dates u…u r a nonsense of a woman. Karma is a bitch

  14. I am so in love with this book,u go Faith, teach that moron a lesson he wnt forget..some men like mudenda..thinks they r above the law,cnt wait 4 karma to bite his ass….

  15. now Iam beginning to understand why some babymama are called difficult,it’s not about difficult,it’s about some people refusing to do a right thing,am stay to understand the purpose of this rumblings,and like I usually tell my friends,a new woman is NOT ALWAYS innocent in the whole equation (meladi),am really behind Faith to bring this guy to his knees

  16. Thank you Mike! Very nice read indeed.

    Q&A: It pains me that people would actually be blaming a woman in this situation. We seem to forget that after we get married, there are kids and more responsibilities. Men whine and say women have given up on taking care of themselves and let their bodies. No lovies, every woman knows its a fact that once you start having babies, your body changes. Apart from that, if someone loves you, they will love you whether you are big or small or whatever. Love has no conditions. Sweety, I was married to a man who adored the ground I walked on when we were dating. I am one of those women who go all out to take care of myself. My hair always up to date. Make sure whenever I leave the house I looked flippin’ beautiful and also smell like a million bucks. After we got married, I continued doing that but now I did it more than when we were dating but you know what, he left me home to go out with friends, don’t even do shopping with me and basically we were just like two strangers sharing a house and a bed. So can we sit and still say I am the problem? No!! I sat him down and asked him what really is going on and unfortunately even today, after two years of our divorce, I still have no answer. I chose to leave because I wasn’t going to stay with a man who married me just to turn me into one of the decorations in the house. I did have my own life, going out with friends and having a life outside of him but a couple also need their own time. I’m sorry but sisi, you can do better. Actually, you deserve much better. A man who is going to say if you change and gain wait after we are married, he doesn’t love you. Good luck lovie. If you do get a makeover and start going out with friends, do it for yourself and not for him. If he appreciates it and acts positively on it, good for him. That is a cherry on top for you. Your happiness comes first

  17. oh my God I jst hate Mudenda ryt nw,hez so selfish, as for uMeladi, it shows ukuthi you can never trust abangan bakho fully, bazokugila, im behind uFaith, the bastard must suffer too

  18. Yeah Faith ngazi wena take that doosh head to jail, it will teach him. He has no shame hitting you mxm, let the games begin. Thanx Mikey made my day as always mara.

  19. Q/A Try to look beautiful,do hair ,make up and nails even if you are just at home.You dont have to go parting,hang out with friends at night clubs,You can invite your old friend for movies,if u overweight like me ,try loose some KGs

  20. Great read Mike!! Am starting to understand what single women go through. The problem is mainly with men
    Q/A: This is difficult to go through and I suggest that you pick yourself up and live life for yourself. Love and take care of yourself first then if that man still care he will appreciate what you doing. I suggest you follow the lady called Buhle Mkhize page on Facebook. She’s helping women to realise their worth while working on their bodies and spirit to be better people
    All the best sisters


  21. Go to the police station faith.
    Q n A
    Sisi if you’re husband is treating you like that hay I ngeke andazi nyani.
    But I think its a deal breaker#divorce lhonja straight.

  22. On the flip side: Stop giving babies to your boyfriends…ibuhlungu lento but its the truth. Some guys will lose respect for you because they feel like they are being trapped into marriage, then they feel they need to retaliate. Get some standards. You deserve commitment before you give a man a child. Children are not toys or tools; they deserve to also be born into love, and covenant as God designed it. So get back your power ladies; don’t fall for the old lie “if uyishay skoon then it means uyangithanda…noo” honestly I have heard guys say that the reason why they love having ‘skoon aka unprotected sex’ with their girlfriends is because she’ll get hooked on them. That’s not love or commitment, that’s just a man being selfish, and marking his territory, and putting his happiness first. Faith has to admit that she made a mistake here, and hell yeah so did Mudenda… Sucks that the consequence has to suffered most by an innocent new born precious baby. #longstory #nuffsaid #dropsmike

  23. Shortest chapter ever! Jackzorro hai no bradaman uya off rampa Manje… Q&A ur hubby is not treating u right I don’t care whether u have gained weight or not, umubi or umuhle.. He needs to honour his vows, he needs to b a man and talk to u… A marriage is not just abt him getting home n finding his clothes washed n ironed, house clean n a warm food.. It has all sort of dynamics! He needs to b a Man n check himself… Sorry don’t agree with what others r saying! Beauty is after all skin deep!

  24. I wonder if he thinks abt me like I think abt him,i pray dat wat ever I’ve done 2 make him leave me he has forgiven me,i dont hate u n i hold no grudges against u,bt as 4 my heart it will never stop bleading,hurting trying 2 find d reasons of my fault ukuze ungishiye…I’ve cried so much dat sengifunde ukuthi im not gna let ru mistakes ruined my lyf,yes I miss u bt wer ever u are at least I hope u remember me ru daughter Samukelisiwe Ngubane.

  25. Keyvee yu’v said it like it is girl,some man they don’t know what they want n at the end we suffer for that, answer to a Q. Cc just get out of that marriege yo happiness cms first cc

  26. Keyvee….you have nailed it. couldnt have said it better myself.
    Q&A: Girl that man just aint in to you anymore, its got nothing to do with looks changing and stuff….he just aint in to you anymore case closed. its just a pity he cant just walk out because its not easy to walk out of a marriage like a relationship.
    Just follow Kayvee’s advice.

  27. ahhh mudeda is a b#*h ahh i am so pissed what kind of a man would do that to the mother of his kid ahh bra he pisses me off big time

  28. Well played Faith now go lay charges on that son of a bitch damn I hate mudenda what ever his name is family sies

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