Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Fifty One

Thozama Mqikela



Wait? “What the hell is going on here”? I demanded to know. This must have slipped out from both my dad and Mthobisi’s mom, coz after I asked they both calmed down and my dad mumbled something about slip of a tongue, slip of a tongue my ass, these two knew about my husband’s activities. The uncles were now feeling uncomfortable with this whole conversation and wanted to leave, everybody stood up and left, that was one awkward meeting the worst part my mom didn’t even question the whole thing, any person who was clueless about what they were talking about would have been curious, you don’t just go around throwing words like thugs and getting shot without people getting curious and wanting to know what that is all about, I was so confused. After Mthobisi’s family left it was just me, my mom and dad left in the room, my sister was still not back from taking the kids to school, she said she was going to go pass her house. I stood up, walked to my room before I could open the door I went back they were both still very silent, I sat down, stood up again walked around my mother chair and leaned over and asked “what is going on? , obviously the two of you know something that I don’t and I think it’s time we spoke about it “ my father stood up and said he was leaving, I said “oh no, you have run all your life from problems, today you are going to face me, you are going to tell me the truth”. My dad said all I needed to know was that they both loved me very much and would do everything in their powers to protect me, I told them I don’t need protection, I need the truth, I was tired of all the lies. My mother told me to calm down, there was no need for me to know everything, she told me she never questioned anything I did so why should I question them? This was all soo very confusing, I could understand my dad being like this, but my mother, goodness she was the most honest person I knew, how could she take my father’s side in all this mess. I asked my father why did he call Mthobisi a thug he said he called all guys thugs my mother knows that, he even calls Victor a thug, I asked why did Mthobisi’s mother get defensive then and what did she mean by Mthobisi saved his ass from being shot, what was that all about, he said he also didn’t know that woman is crazy he doesn’t pay attention to her otherwise he will end up like her, I could not believe this. I asked my mother why was she not finding any of this strange, she said it was none of her business, hallelujah amen. This none of my business shit had just gone too far. I was now determined to make everything my business, I was going to dig and find out every little thing there is to know. I was going to drill my father till the truth came out and I knew just how, my father is one of those people that when they are drunk they blurt out all their secrets, my sister and I used to always ask him for money or his card’s pin when he was drunk and he would give it to us and then not remember the next morning. My plan was to get him drunk then find out everything. My mother on the other side, I didn’t know if she was genuinely clueless or if she was in on this, but I was not worried, I had a plan I was going to find out. I spent the rest of the morning in bed feeling sorry for myself, I didn’t have a car I couldn’t even go to a mall, not that I could afford to buy anything with my bad debt, damn my life was simply and completely screwed over. My sister finally got back from her house she asked how things had gone in the meeting I told her so bad that I don’t want to talk about it, she said good cause she was also not in the mood to talk, I asked if we could go to the mall and maybe catch a movie just to forget about everything she said she was not in the mood for a movie besides she needed to pack she was moving back to her house. I asked what about the divorce, she looked at me and said she never said she was getting a divorce, Lwazi has promised that he has changed and they are going to go to therapy together he’s going to get help for his problems. My sister’s mind was made up, it didn’t matter what I said she was not going to change her decision, I told her I wish her well and I hope and pray that Lwazi for her sake has changed but in the meantime I will make sure that my insurance policies are in order because sooner or later we will need the money to bury her and she shouldn’t worry about her kids, I will adopt them and bring them up as my own. I didn’t give her a chance to answer, I hugged her and told her it was nice knowing her “till we meet again” and I walked out her room, she shouted “go to hell Lesedi”. I don’t get why she was being so careless with her life, she was just making excuses for him, sometimes people really do change and sometime they just don’t some people are not capable of change and I truly believed that Lwazi was the later. I left her in her room packing and went to go play with my son in the tv room, he was with my mom, she asked if I wanted to go grocery shopping with her I said no I was tired it was a lie, I just didn’t feel like spending time with my mom until I knew exactly what was going on here, I took my son and went to my room. I checked my phone and I had a few missed calls from my husband, work, Cleo, Jessica and Andiswa as I was about to call my husband when Mfundo called, eish, eish can’t this man take a hint, I didn’t call him back yesterday after 3 missed calls doesn’t he get that I’m obviously avoiding him, I waited for it to stop ringing I never picked up, I had too much on my plate already to deal with, Mfundo was just going to add to my stress, I called my husband he said he had been worried about me since he called and I didn’t answer he’d also tried his mom she was probably still angry at him coz she’s still ignoring his call, he asked how the meeting went I said it went well and thank you for ditching me on the last minute, he apologized and said he had forgotten about that meeting, he asked if the meeting went well does that mean I have made peace with his mom, I sarcastically said “not exactly but one day me and your mom are going to be best of friends” he laughed and said he loved how I managed to turn the worst situation into a joke. My life is one big joke I thought so why not make fun of it. He told me he loved me and we hung up. I called Andiswa she said they were just checking up on me, they all worried, she wanted to know if I had a plan to get myself out of this mess I said no, I’m gonna ask She Rocks to pray these debts away, we both laughed, I told her I was fine they should all stop worrying. I called Jessica back she said she was hosting a sushi evening the next day and was inviting me and my husband I declined the invite, I’m one of the few people who hate sushi, she tried to convince me otherwise but I wouldn’t budge on this, eventually she gave up. A few hours later my sister came knocking at my door, I told her to go away I didn’t want to talk to her, she came in anyway, said our father had called her and he wants to take us out to brunch, I jumped up and said “okay, let’s go” she was surprised because I always make excuses and avoided seeing my dad. Well I needed info out of that old man and this was my chance. I gave my son to his nanny to look after him and drove with my sister to go meet my dad, I didn’t even complain about her bad driving, we were meeting my dad in some restaurant in Basonia. When we arrived he was not yet there, we got a table and ordered drinks, I asked our waiter if could he grind a disprin and pour it in the old man’s drink that will be joining us, the waiter was so surprised he had probably never received such a request, my sister made that awkward uncomfortable laugh and told the waiter that I was just messing with him he shouldn’t take me seriously, I was dead serious, I heard that if you want to get a person drunk quick put a disprin on their drink and they will be pissed drunk after 2 drinks, I wanted my father drunk. My father arrived a few minutes later, this man is never on time even when he’s the one who has invited you. We sat there, made small talk, my sister asked him why he’s called us, he said he just wanted to spend time with his daughters, is there a crime in that, I order him a drink he said it was too early for him and he was trying to cut down on alcohol, I said how often do we see each other, this was a special occasion he was allowed a few drinks, my sister kept giving me the suspicious look. My phone rang, Mfundo again, I answered and said I was having lunch with my dad and can’t really talk, he said he just checking up on me and he misses me, I hung up, didn’t have time for this missing each other nonsense. He called again and I switched my phone off. The drinks kept coming and we were all relaxing and getting comfortable. My dad had his whiskies and my sister and I were drinking our cocktails, I was drinking mine slowly, I wanted to make sure I remembered everything. My dad was getting there in the drunk levels, how I wished I had disprins to pour in his drink, my sister excused herself and went to the bathroom, this was my opportunity, I asked him what he thought of Mthobisi when I first brought him home, he said he was surprised, I asked why was he surprised, he said because he didn’t know that I knew of such people, now I meet Mthobisi when we were both in Varsity, what the hell did my father mean by such people I asked him what people was Mthobisi, he looked at me and said “you know, my kind of people” I moved a bit closer and said “what kind of people are you?” My dad laughed and said “I’m the kind of people that your mother disapproves of, the kind that she says is too dangerous to be around”. To say I was confused would be an understatement; this man is speaking in riddles. “Did you know Mthobisi before I brought him to you?” He calmly replied, “I knew his father” WHAT? I had never even meet Mthobisi’s dad he died before I meet Mthobisi. What the hell was this? *****THE END******* @diaryofazulugal Mikeatdiary (instagram) Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb page) Thozama Mqikela @Mightyzama


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