Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter 50

Thozama Mqikela


Mthobisi calmly asked if I wanted to get my name cleared or not, cause if I didn’t want we can get back in the car and drive back home and forget about all this. For the first time in a long time, life maybe not life but my husband was actually giving me a choice, okay what the hell, the man is trying to help me after all, maybe I had been just a little bit too emotional about the whole situation, I wanted to know who this person who had stolen my identity was and why. I said to him okay let’s go in. We went to the gate that the police go in with the van to bring in the prisoners, we didn’t go to where I had gone in when I had gone to visit Mthobisi when he was held there before, the gate was locked, Mthobisi shouted “Vilakazi, Vilakazi” and a policeman in a uniform came to the gate he opened the gate and greeted Mthobisi and pointed to the camera, Mthobisi put his hand in his pocket and put a R200 note in his hand and shook the Vilakazi cop’s hand and when they were done shaking hands my husband’s hand was empty and the cop was smiling and putting his hand in his pocket, smooth transaction right there done, in front of the camera and to anyone watching that video that looked like two people greeting each other, nothing more nothing less. I was learning the tricks of the trade very fast, didn’t even bother asking questions, it’s none of my business and the less you know the better are your chances of staying out of jail or even worse being made a state witness to testify against my husband, I would crack under pressure, so now that I know nothing I cannot say anything to anybody let alone be testifying in some court.
We walked in and the cop open the iron door, the key was so big, biggest key I had ever seen, there was a counter and there was one cop behind it a female cop, she asked Vilakazi if we had given him cold drink money, cops love that stupid cold drink nonsense it pisses me off so much, you don’t see people in corporate world getting cold drink money for doing their job, but then again this was not a legal way of doing things so maybe I should get off my high horse, Vilakazi smiled and said yes he got cold drink money, he told us to wait. We sat at the cold bench there, I figured this is the place where people go in when they get arrested. Vilakazi opened another door while we sat there waiting, a few minutes later he came back with another guy, the guy looked young, he was dressed in jeans boots with no shoelaces and a big jacket, Mthobisi hugged him and he told him that I am his wife then whispered to him “what’s that name you using here again?” he extended his hand out to me and said “I’m Champagne Sibanda” , I tried by all means not to laugh as I shook his hand, did he seriously just say his name is Champagne.

Mthobisi whispered to me that he’s been arrested a couple of times and he always uses different names, Champagne is not his real name, I asked so if they do fingerprints won’t they find out that his lying? They both looked at me and Champagne said even if they do, he’s not on the system but by the time that figure that out he will be long out of jail, I wanted to ask more questions because I found this to be so interesting this man was fooling the cops over and over again. Mthobisi told him that we were not here on a social visit we need his help on something, he looked at Mthobisi and said he will only help him if he promises to help him get out of prison. Wait, Woah, lets just stop the lorry right there, there is no way in hell I’m helping anyone escape from jail, he could stay there and keep his help for all I care of. Champagne told Mthobisi to calm me down, he’s not asking us to break him out my husband knows what he needs, that shut me up, Mthobisi said he should consider it done. Then told him that we had just found out that I was blacklisted with some accounts that I had never opened, he wants to know who did it, who stole my identify, Champagne said he would make a few calls and get back to us, but it was definitely not someone from his crew they would have recognized the surname, he said there was this new crew trying to steal their craft and messing things up for them, this is why he is now here, these people that just discovered this industry were greedy and were doing things for a quick buck without thinking, him and his crew would never do that to their boy.

I looked at my husband and said “so your friend here steals people’s identities? Please tell me you not part of this please”. My husband said “Lee calm down, just because I know people who do these things it does not mean I’m one of them” I must have screamed that out loud because the female cop sitting behind the counter replied “Wooo Sisi, that boy (pointing at Champagne) is part of the biggest fraud syndicate, what do you think he is doing behind bars he was arrested with 12 credit cards all under different names” my jaw dropped wide opened, Champagne simply said to the female cop “you talk too much”. Mthobisi was now getting uncomfortable he said we should get going. Champagnes said he will make a few calls and get back to Mthobisi when he has something concrete to tell him, Vilakazi opened for us and we left. On the way home I checked my phone, since it had been on silence, 3 missed calls from Mfundo and 2 from my dad, my real dad, what the hell did they both want? I decided to return my dad’s call, I asked what was wrong, we not really close, we hardly ever call each other the only time I ever receive a call from him it’s when there is a problem, so this was obviously one of those calls. My dad doesn’t beat around the bush, he gets straight to the point, he said Mthobisi’s mom had called him she wants to have a family meeting I had disrespected her, he wants it addressed and he wants my family to pay a fine for it. Was this woman for real? He asked what had I done to piss her off so much because she was even hyper ventilating on the phone, I told him she likes over reacting, it was no big deal, he must sort her out and not worry my mom about her nonsense she should not even find out about this. He told me it was too late, when he couldn’t get hold of me he called her. My father deserver the worst father of the year award, useless old man. I hung up, didn’t want to hear any more of this, how does he manage to fail and disappoint time and time again. I told my husband that his mom had called a family meeting, he said he would call her when we got home because she was honestly overreacting, and there was no need for such.

We arrived home and I honestly didn’t feel like going inside, I knew my mom would have 101 questions for me and I was not in the mood, I had had a very rough day, finding out you blacklisted on top of all your other problems is no child’s play so I told Mthobisi we should sit in the car till we see the light go off in the house, he suggested we go grab some takeaways, anything to pass time was fine by me we went to Mc D’s I was so worried I didn’t even have appetite, I felt like a teenager whose mom had just found out she had snuck out and gone to a party without permission. Mthobisi got a burger and chips I said I would eat his fries with him then we went back home. This time the lights were all off, I was relieved the last thing I wanted was to see my mom, I had my own set of keys so I opened the door and we slowly snuck in like thieves, I took of my heels cause they were making noise as we were passing the lounge, the lights went on, I screamed so loud from shock, my mom asked “why are you two sneaking around”, Mthobisi said we didn’t want to wake them up, she told us we must sit down. She was so upset, she said we came to her house and lied to her, now my father is telling her a different story, she wanted me to tell her what I had done, dammit, why couldn’t that old man take care of things, he could have charmed that old hag but no, he just had to pass this to my mother Mthobisi would deal with his mom, we just had a small disagreement and she should really not worry about it.

My said how can she not worry when Mthobisi’s mom had called a meeting, she said since I was not willing to tell her the truth she will find out tomorrow and we should both make sure that we were there. What? Tomorrow? Couldn’t she wait till weekend? My husband’s mom has no chill at all. I needed time to strategize and I didn’t have enough, I couldn’t let my family find out what I had done, it would honestly break my mom. Mthobisi and I went to the bedroom, he called his mom to try to get her to cancel but she was not even picking up his calls. I was stressing so hard that by 5 am I was up making breakfast for everyone, you know when you trying to soften up people that was me, I made eggs, fried bacon and toast, by the time Victor got up to make porridge I was already in the kitchen he was surprised he asked if I was okay, because I only made breakfast when I had done something really bad and was trying to get forgiveness, I told him that I’m a horrible person, he said I was not and whatever I was going through I could talk to him. Damn, how do I tell my wonderful step father about my problems, where do I even start? I told him I would be okay in time, I just need a holiday, he laughed and said that always does the trick, he helped me make breakfast, by 6 everyone was up including my sister and husband, Mthobisi said he had a very important meeting and would not be able to attend this family meeting, I gave him a very disapproving look, was he now living me to face this mess all by lonesome self. I called my boss and told her I wasn’t feeling too good and won’t make it to work, she was in a good mood and said it’s fine, that woman is hardly in a good mood I should have taken advantage and asked for a raise while she was in a good mood who knows when would be the next time she would be happy again, it could be in the next 3 years. Victor also had to go to work, he and my husband left at the same time.

I went and bathed got dressed wore a dress just to look like a respectful makoti for my mother inlaw, who soon arrived, it was only 07:30 she came with 2 of Mthobisi’s uncles I made them tea and biscuits while we waited for my father she said she was not going to drink for all she knew I could have put poison in her tea, my mom was taken aback by this but kept her cool. Daddy dearest finally arrived 30 minutes later, he came alone, couldn’t he have brought his brothers as back-up, oh well I guess they didn’t want to be involved. Mthobisi’s uncle said they were here as the inlwas to report my behaviour, I had disrespected my mother in law in such a way that she is even embarrassed to walk down the street because people look at her point and laugh, really? That was good news for me, I smiled a little bit but kept my head down, one thing my mom thought us was to keep our head down when the elders talk to you and not answer back unless you are asked a question. Mthobisi’s mom started singing like a canary on how I had come to her house attacked her and broke her car windows and wanted to burn her house down, damn this woman can exaggerate things, I kept quiet, my mother had tears running down her face, she could not believe her sweet, innocent little girl was capable of such malicious acts. My father looked at me and asked if had I lost my mind?

Why did I do that? I looked at her Mthobisi’s mother and asked if she was not going to tell them why? She looked away and said “mxim”. I told all of them of how she was trying to destroy my marriage, how she had made my husband cheat on me with another woman and was now welcoming that woman with her child and was forcing my husband to do some ceremony for this child that she and this woman were claiming it’s my husband’s child. Now the tables had turned even the 2 uncles that she had come it were looking at her like she’s a witch. She tried defending herself but nothing she said could redeem her from the story I had just blurted out. She stood up and told the uncles that they need to go because this meeting was a waist of time. My father also stood up and said “if you kept your thug son in line none of this would be happening” I was not sure if I had heard my dad correctly, did he just say “thug”, how the hell did he know? Mthobisi’s mom, turned around she had already made her way to the door, she turned and shouted, “what the hell did you call my son? That’s not what you were calling him when he was dragging your ass from being shot”. The room went silent, if a pin dropped we would all have heard it.

*****THE END*****


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