Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Forty Four

Thozama Mqikela


The way I reversed the car out of that parking lot, you would have sworn I was being chased by a demon. My mind was racing with so many thoughts, so my husband has been fucking around making babies with random women and his bloody mother knew about it, what else were these horrible people hiding from me who else knew about this, it’s one thing to find out that your man is cheating on you but knowing that there were other people who knew about it and kept it from you those people are just as guilty as the fool that’s cheating on you, if you going to cheat keep it to yourself, don’t involve other people because those people will be hated more than you. I could not believe my mother in-law was involved in all this crap and all this time pretending with me, I know she didn’t like me but not to the extent of welcoming my husband bringing another woman to her, what kind of a mother is she? But you can never trust guys mothers, there is a guy I know of who brings different girls to his mother every second weekend and his mom is always pretends to the poor girls like they are the only girls she has ever meet and she will give these girls lectures about how they must take care of her son because she’s the first girl to come to the house and be introduced as a girlfriend meanwhile mommy dearest knows 2 weeks ago she meet another girl and gave her the same speech, that’s the crazy world we live in so if you meet a guy’s parents don’t think you are special, it could just be a way to soften you to get under your pants, shit is real out here and shit just got real to me. How many other women are going to start crawling out of the woodworks with my husband’s babies? As I was driving I got a call from She Rocks she wanted to thank me for spending time with her on Saturday and asked if we could do lunch, I told her I was a bit busy at the moment but that girl does not take no for an answer eventually I told her we could me at Carnival City she complained saying it was too far, I asked if she was gonna walk there, why complain about distance when you drive and don’t even have to worry about petrol when she has a company petrol card, she laughed and said she will create a pretend meeting with me at Carnival, we should meet at 13:00, I agreed and hung up. I called my husband on his cell and no answer, called the land-line and the receptionist told me he is in a meeting and won’t be out for the next 2 hours, no worries I had time, I drove to Daveyton to his mother’s place.

I arrived at my in-law’s house, Mthobisi’s mother is a teacher at a school not far from their house, she like coming home during breaks and by some miracle it was break time and I caught her just as she was locking the house to go back to school. I wasn’t sure if she was surprised to see me I could never read that woman. I didn’t even greet, greeting would have meant I came to talk that’s not what I was here for. I threw her with the letter and asked what the meaning of this was, she said the letter was self-explanatory; this woman had the way of just ticking me off. I asked if she was the one who put the letter under our door, she said “obviously”, now I was getting pissed off, I asked who the hell is Katlego and she calmly said “that is a conversation you should be having with your husband not me”, I told her that since she made it her responsibility to bring me the damn letter I am now making it her responsibility to tell me what the hell is going on here, she said “mhhhh” and looked away, now I was way passed being pissed off I was raging mad, I dashed off to the car and grabbed one of the golf clubs it all happened so fast I also didn’t know I could be that fast in less than a second I was standing in front of her car with a golf club while she was standing at the door, she looked at me confused as to what the hell was I doing with a golf club, I took one swing and smashed her car’s driver’s side window it crumbled into small pieces and broke, she froze from shock, she didn’t move just stood there with her mouth opened, I screamed “Who the hell is Katlego” I think my screamed must have brought her out of the trance because the one thing she did was whisper “Lesedi?” she was in disbelief, I was not done, moved to the back passenger window I took another swing and hit the window so hard again, it crumbled down and broke, she was now awake and realizing that I have gone crazy, she came close to me and I told her “came any closer and the golf sticks won’t be only breaking windows”, and she could see it in my eyes that I meant it. She moved back, took out her phone and called Mthobisi who for some reason decided to answer, I guess the meeting was not 2 hours after all or maybe he was just avoiding me not that I gave a rat’s ass, she was screaming and telling him to come to her house now because his wife has gone crazy, while still yapping on the phone I went to the other side of the car, broke the front passenger window, now my dramatic mother in-law was crying on the phone saying I wanted to beat her up and now I’m vandalizing her house and breaking her car windows, why did she have to exaggerate like that I had not touched her house but she was giving me ideas, I should have gone inside the house and broken all her favorite china plates and cups, you know how black people have those cups and plates that are only used once a year and that’s in Christmas and when special and very important visitors comes, yes those, Mthobi’s mother has those kinds and I wished I had gone inside the house and broken every single one of them, that would have broken her heart in pieces, then she would know what betrayal feels like. She should be like a mother to me not an enemy but if she wanted to be my enemy I was ready for her, you don’t smile or show kindness to your enemies you go to war with your enemies and that’s what I was doing here, world war 3. She eventually finished on the phone, by the time she was done I had broken all four windows of the car. I asked her if she was still not willing to tell me who the hell Katlego was, she said she is so disgusted and disappointed by what I had just done she can’t even look me or talk to me, I didn’t care. My husband’s car that I had been using was parked outside the yard and her car on the driveway so I went and got his Audi Q3 and parked it behind her, she thought I was getting the car to run her car over, she came and stood in front of her car and begged me not to bump her car, geez woman I’m not that crazy. I was not only going to punish her, hubby also deserved a bit of punishment, I came out with the second golf club and smashed all the windows of the Q3 including the windscreen, Mthobisi’s mom was making so much noise that now a few people had come out and were watching, again I didn’t care. After breaking all the window’s in hubby’s car I grabbed my bag from the boot and told my mother in-law I will be back for the china and left. I left her with both cars and the golf clubs as souvenir. People were whispering as I walked passed them, I didn’t care to listen. I walked a few streets looking to catch a taxi, I had not been in a taxi in years, I didn’t even know how to point I wanted to get to Carninval City and that’s not too far from Daveyton. I asked some kids where I should stand for taxi’s going to Carnival and how to point they showed me, I must have stood there for like 40 minutes waiting I guess maybe its because it was now around 12 so most people were at work and taxi’s are only buys during peak hours, when it eventually came it still drove around the area looking for people, the stupid taxi even went pass Mthobisi’s house, just my bloody luck, there were still people gathered around his house but not as many as when I left and Mthobisi had arrived I saw his Golf how I wished that was the car I smashed because that’s his favorite car, oh well there is always next time. I was sitting at the back seat next to the window and it was hot so the windows were opened, I tried closing it stupid window wouldn’t close just my luck, then some stupid fool from the crowd pointed at the taxi and screamed “there is the lady who broke the cars” everybody turned and looked, shit as I tried to look away my eyes locked with my husband’s eyes, all I saw was fire in his eyes, fuck. He ran to his car, I screamed to the taxi driver, “drive fast”, he turned and looked at me and asked what for, I asked him, no I begged him to drive fast he looked at me and said the taxi is not full and he’s not leaving until he gets more people to fill up the taxi, oh Lord why did I have to get a stubborn taxi driver, I told him if he drove fast and got us out of there I would pay him his full fare that he normally gets when he has a full load, as soon as I finished my sentence, taxi driver speed off, thank the heavens for money, it might be the root of all evils but it does buy life, and that’s what I had just done, bought my life because if Mthobisi got hold of me in the state that he was in , I would be dead meat. He drove off , some passengers started complaining that he was going too fast and that he was going to kill them at the speed his going, he told them he will stop and they can get off and wait for 2 hours for the next taxi to come, inside I was saying “thank you” people love complaining couldn’t they see my life was in danger.

My husband’s car was right behind us, that car is too damn fast, there was no way the taxi could beat it but shame the guy really tried, Mthobisi drove close to my window and opened the passenger window in his car and screamed “LESEDI, GET OUT OF THAT TAXI NOW”, I took out my hand and showed him the middle finger, he drove up to the driver’s window and told him to stop the taxi, now this was a Zulu guy and the type that didn’t take nonsense the driver simple said “udakiwe” meaning you drunk, Mthobisi screamed at the driver “Heyi wena mageza, ngithe stop this bloody taxi or uzozisola” meaning you stupid driver stop this car or you will regret this, now if there is one word that you should never, ever use to a Joburg taxi driver is “Mageza”, if you don’t know why ask anybody who has ever used a taxi in Joburg they will tell you why. Taxi driver was now pissed off, he took an apple and threw it at Mthobisi’s car, now that pissed off my husband he speed-off so fast I thought he was giving up, only to find him a few blocks down the road with his car parked parallel on the road, his car was parked closing the lane we were on and taxi driver couldn’t go to the next lane because the were cars going the opposite direction, bastard had closed us off, the people in a taxi were now looking at me, shit, I had no plan I didn’t know what to do, I asked the taxi driver to reverse as he was about to do that, there were cars coming behind us so he couldn’t reverse he stopped and the cars stopped behind us, my husband came out of his car and taxi driver shouted “akayi ndawo lo sisi” meaning this lady is not going anywhere, Mthobisi shouted back and said “Sizobona” meaning we will see about that, then took out a gun and pulled the trigger……

***The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

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  4. Shame I feel 4 Lesedi, my husband cheated on me with a girl from his home town & almost everyone from my in-laws knew, including my witch mother in all and all sister in laws. So I know exactly how it feels like, I had to find out from an outsider, o mother in laws u just never know where you stand with them. I don’t hate her but than again she’s not the mother I had wished 4. Great chapter, kasi drama.

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