Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Forty Three

Thozama Mqikela



On the one hand I wanted Lwazi dead on the other I knew if he was dead it meant Ausi Maria will go to jail. I told my friends about what had just happened, Andiswa called her lawyer and he said he would meet us at the police station; I called my husband and told him what had happened he told me he will meet us by the police station. We were all a bit too tipsy to drive so She Rocks with her fancy Apps on her phone sent a message on her Uber App for a cab to collect us, they replied and sent her a picture of the driver who would be collecting us and said he would be there in 15 minutes it gave us enough time to pack the meat and drinks in the fridge. 15 minutes later we got a call that our cab was at the gate, She Rocks called the security and asked them to send a golf cart to collect us and take us to the gate, the perks of staying in a golf estate, it came took us to the gate to where our cab was waiting for us, we got inside the cab and the driver took us to the police station. When we got there Andiswa’s lawyer friend had already arrived she said Lwazi’s mother was the one who got Ausi Maria arrested, she was pushing her luck, I suddenly wished that Lwazi’s mom could have been the one who got hit in the head, this was all her fault, she was the reason why my sister and Lwazi were fighting if she had kept her nose in her own business then none of this would have happened. Lwazi’s mom is some sort of MEC I don’t really know what exactly it is that she does all I know is she is in the government and is extremely connected and the last thing she was going to stand for was a maid putting her son in hospital, well she was messing with the wrong maid, I was not going to let Ausi Maria spend a night in a holding cell, I didn’t care if my husband had to bring his whole crew of thugs and shut down that police station down but my Ausi Maria was not sleeping there, that was not even negotiable, I told Peter Van Rooyen who is Andiswa’s lawyer to do everything and anything to make sure that Ausi Maria got out today, he said would sort this out in no time and went to go speak to the Station Commander.

Lwazi’s mom arrived, and started throwing her weight around, she demanded to see whoever was in charge, then she laid her eyes on me and came screaming at me, she told me how we had almost killed her son and how we have ruined her sons life and she cursed the day my family came into their lives and as soon as her son got out of prison she would make sure that he divorces my gold digging sister and she will make sure he leaves her without a cent. I waited for her to finish then calmly said “If I were you I would be in hospital watching over my son, because you know how unsafe hospitals are, someone might just decide to go to his room and put a pillow over his head, then there wouldn’t be any messy divorce and my gold-digging sister would be a very rich woman”, I put one finger in my mouth and looked at Lwazi’s mom, she was mad as hell and asked if I was threatening her son’s life, I looked at my friends and said “ladies, let’s get out of here, let’s go visit my brother-in law in hospital”. With that we all stood up and headed for the door, Lwazi mother ran behind us screaming “stay away from my son you witch” she took out her phone and called the hospital I could hear her demanding to speak to the Matron, she rushed to her car, we waited for her to drive off, as she was leaving my husband was arriving, he asked why Lwazi’s mom was speeding like that I said long story. My friends were laughing so hard, you would have sworn we were at a comedy show. At least Lwazi’s mom was out of the way and would not be able to bribe, blackmail or threaten the station commander, Mfundo said he’s called his lawyer but would be here a bit late, I told him not to worry Andiswa’s lawyer was handling the situation, he looked at all of us and said “Wow, you ladies don’t need me, it seems like you’ve taken care of the situation” Cleo said we independent like that but we need him for his car so he shouldn’t leave us. A few minutes later Peter the lawyer came out with Ausi Maria and said everything was sorted, I was sure he had bribed and Andiswa will be getting a huge ass bill from him but I didn’t care I was just so happy that Ausi Maria was out, I hugged her and asked if she was okay, she said she was fine, she had just never gone through so much drama in one day, she asked if she could take the next day off just to get over things, trust Ausi Maria to take advantage of the situation, my husband and I both agreed that she deserved the break. Peter said he would drop Ausi Maria off at her house as it was on the way to his, hubby drove us to She Rocks house then left and said he won’t be the only guy amongst women he will go hang out with his friends, he asked if we were going to go out later, obviously after what had happened the last time we went out none of us were really keen so we said we’ll chill at She Rocks house, hubby left, we ate, drank, laughed just had a good time and I was hoping and praying that there would be no more drama and thank goodness the evening went smoothly, we were all too drunk to drive so I called my husband to come pick us up and we dropped Andiswa home, Cleo’s husband also came to pick her up.

Sunday morning I woke up with a heavy babalaaz I couldn’t do anything all I was doing was throwing up, my sweet husband made me breakfast but I could not stand the smell of food it made me run to the bathroom, everything just made me sick. Mthobisi told me that his mom was coming over for Sunday lunch, what? Today of all days, I was not in the mood for my unstable mother-in law but I could not say that to my husband he is always sweet to my parents, he said I shouldn’t worry he will cook lunch but when his mom arrives I should pretend like I made the lunch because she will shout and say I’m turning her son into a woman, he knew how crazy his mom was, I agreed, I would not have managed to stand in the kitchen anyway. I have to admit I had the sweetest husband in the world, well that’s when he wants to be, he can also be the meanest husband in the world, I had the best of both. I went back to bed while he prepared lunch; he had bought his mom’s favorite foods the day before so he was cooking all her favorites.

Mthobisi came to wake me up and told me that he had ran a bath for me and I should wake up to go take a bath his mom was on the way, I got up took a bath and dressed up in a long summer dress and a cardigan I had to look proper for my mother-in law, the extra sleep and bath had actually helped I was feeling much better. Mthobisi’s mom arrived she looked me up and down and said I looked skinny, she asked if am I on those crazy diets and making her son starve I said no I’ve been stressed, she looked at me shook her head and said black girls over use the word stress, what did I have to be stressed about I have everything, that’s what she thinks, its so easy for people looking from the outside to think that your life is easy, easy for them to think you have everything you want, it’s so easy to wish for another person’s life but I have learned that in life every single person is going through some sort of struggle, they might smile and look happy but behind all that, we all have problems, big or small. She sat and chatted to her son, I was not interested in her lousy chats and her snide remarks towards me. I went to the kitchen to go dish up for them, I opened one pot and the smell sent me running to the bathroom, Mthobisi’s mom saw this and when I came back she asked if I was pregnant, I said “NOOO” gosh, was I? No, it’s hangover, nothing more. She said she would dish-up herself and didn’t want me throwing up in her food. She dished up, they ate I couldn’t, I just wanted to go to bed but with my mother in-law around that was impossible she would call me lazy and all sorts of things so I stayed there and watched TV with them and pretended to be interested in the conversation. Something very strange happened, Mthobisi’s mom kept saying they need to do some ceremony for the child but she wouldn’t say which child, Mthobisi has other sisters and brothers with kids so I assumed it must be for one of them, but each time the mom mentioned this ceremony Mthobisi would try and change the subject and would become uncomfortable, this was weird, then it hit me, was this woman was talking about doing a ceremony for my son, no she wouldn’t dare, I looked at my husband he wouldn’t look at me he kept looking past me, now I was concerned I couldn’t wait for his mom to leave but she wouldn’t she kept yapping and yapping till around 8 in the evening then finally decided to leave by that time I was exhausted I decided that the ceremony talk would just have to wait, besides they can’t do it without me knowing about it, my son was with my mom and she would tell me if Mthobisi or his mom came to get him.

Got up the next morning feeling fresh, got up before the alarm even went off, decided to make hubby breakfast and woke him up, I was feeling naughty so I asked him for a quickie, man always get up with a hard-on so he was ready for action, morning glory is the best, you are guaranteed to have a good day after it. I left my husband breathless after the quickie then took a shower I had to be at work early to go give a report about Cape Town at a 09:00am meeting. I left home around 7, as I was leaving I found a letter underneath our door addressed to me, I grabbed it and put it in my bag, I figured it might be some braai invite from the neighbours or someone in the complex. I arrived at work before Cindy and prepared for my meeting by 9 I was ready, had a meeting with Andile my boss and our CEO they were all very impressed and told me they had received great reports about my work in Cape Town, see what I mean by morning glory, already my day was going so well.

I went back our office Cindy was there, we did a bit of catching up, she said she was going to IT because her laptop was giving her problems, my cell phone rang, I grabbed my bag to get my it out, then touched the letter I had found at the door, I had completely forgotten about that. Got them both out, answered my phone it was the insurance, they were done with the investigation and were going to pay out my car which meant I could buy myself another car, I was so happy. I decided to open the envelop, this was no invitation it was a letter hand-written, I thought who still writes letters at this age and time, I laughed at the thought and started reading it, it read:

Dear Lesedi,
You don’t know me and I don’t know you, I am writing to you as a troubled woman and I pray to God that you as a woman you will understand my dilemma. I have tried and weigh all options and believe me this is the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my entire life but I have no choice but to do this. I have a beautiful daughter by the name of Lerato whom I love with all my heart and soul and she is the reason I am writing this letter to you. My daughter is very sick and I have taken her to the best doctor’s specials etc but no one can help her, they can’t seem to find what the problem is. I was recently advised to go see a traditional healer, I am a modern woman and do not believe in such but for the sake of my daughter I decided to try, the Sangoma told me that the reason why my child is so sick is because her ancestors don’t know her, she needs to be introduced to her ancestors and needs to be welcomed and celebrated by them, this is the only thing that will heal my baby. I’m sure you are wondering where I am going with all this, well, you are the only person standing on the way of my baby being healed. Mthobisi, your husband is the father of my baby and I have spoken to him several times about having this ceremony for my baby, he refuses because he is scared of you, scared of losing you but I am desperate please put yourself in my shoes, would you not do anything and everything to save your baby? I have spoken to Mthobisi’s mother and she will try and convince your husband to do this for our baby.
I am truly sorry that you had to find out this way
Kind Regards

My life was turned upside down and will never ever be the same again. I grabbed my bag and car keys went to Andile my Boss’s office I knew she kept golf clubs in her office, I asked if I could borrow 2 of her golf clubs she said I should go ahead, I took them and went to the car. Somebody needed to be beaten senseless.

***The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

67 thoughts on “Missteps – Chapter Forty Three

  1. Lee shouldn’t be mad because she’s also cheating. I hope she is not pregnant with Mfundo’s child.

  2. Tnx Thoz nd Mike………ladies banna ba lona ke mathata tlhe Lesdi nd ur sister not forgetting ur troublesome BoMmatswale

  3. I wouldn’t be suprised if mthobisi had 10 other kids,this guy s bad news.I hope u not goin 4 golf lessons with Mfundo rather goin 2 beat Mthobisi’s ass up

  4. Ja neh story of my life,this chapter hurt me bcos its reminding me of how I found out about my step kids….ja neh!!!

  5. Ao lee o thuba mthobisi dikgopo?ampo koloi?or o batlana le katlego o month smash ka golf stick?eish kunzima ukuba ngumfazi nd find out dat ur hubby has a baby outside ur marriage,I feel u grl.

  6. Lol I cant say I’m surprised Mthobisi has a love child. I wonder when Lee I’d gonna address the mthobisi/mfundo shooting.

  7. Thanks Team. Twists and trns in this story!!! Hold your horses Lee, there’s no one beating anyone here, especially not from a lady that got screwed in a car in some airport less than a week ago. Put your thinking cap on Ausie, pliz.
    1. Find out how old the child is,
    2. Was she conceived before you married Mthobisi or not. A lot rides on the answer to 2.
    3. Deal with your husband’s withholding the truth,…
    4. Lastly but not least – remember that the child is innocent in all this, and she needs all the help she can get; the ceremony can even be done at Mthobisi’s family home and not your house – just to keep the peace.
    Feel sorry for Mthobisi coz he has been caught out meanwhile sits looking pretty like umuntu oziphethe kahle.

  8. Rhaaaaa lenja ungoMthobisi so this katlego is the woman who once called mthobisi phone when he was stuck in the mine but immediately dropped the phone when lee answered. Lee don’t put yourself in her shoes tyhini the audacity of this woman now she wants you to help her child as if you married or impregnated her oh well she should’ve thought about the consequences before sleeping with a married man. Don’t help her lee. Mthobisi does seriously need a beat down. Smh at katlego.

  9. Yuuuuuh ha-ana lydia mntana is sick and innocent in all this,funeka enzelwe mbeleko,even thou katlego wronged Lee mntana akana cala

  10. Preshy that child is going to be a burden in Lee’s married life. Lee must put her foot down while it’s still early cause the next thing katlego is going to ask lee if her daughter can move in with them. No I refuse. Katlego must not pop in Lee’s life and ask for such favours it would’ve been understandable if mthobisi had that child prior to his marriage to lee.

  11. U do not put y’r self in her shoes, she was suppose to do that tens before she make a baby with mthobi,let that baby die.mthobi must choose u or the baby.

  12. OMG how can Mthobisi do this. The way I’ve grown to love this guy. Tjo this just broke my heart.*In tears*

  13. Hay ke iyasinda ke le…! Lee can think that umtana akanacala n agree with the cermony. Avele alethe inqwaba yabantwana lomgulukudu onguMthobisi!!!

  14. Ah banyana ba Mike n Thozama ba trapa,ke boNELISWA 4rm confesns lol i wonder if dat lady 4rm memoirs yena aka shapa Mxolosi if xe fnds out abwt hm n Khanyi..
    Big fan.

  15. Wow, Mthobisi Mara so much drama… Kinda reminds me of my boyfriend… He’s the sweetest when he wants and can be mean as hell… Bt in all honest the child is the innocent party in all of this. She ddnt choose her parents…

  16. Yerrrr I saw ds coming. Mthobisi hw could u mara, mxm I cnt blve dis. Lesedi u better beat da truth outta ur man.

  17. @Ronnie g: if you a good reader u would know that it was a typo. We all picked up the error bathong hau! Now back to the book: This katlego woman called Lee when mthobisi was stuck under ground!

  18. Am with ya Ka Manyosi Lee went to cape town and cheated.u Mthobisi akasiye u Lwazi woza nje nama golfsticks azodla wena

  19. Lee I feel for you dear … Jst when we were thinkin , ur man was the best of them all …being in a relationship ke mathata maan !!! Jst dnt file for divorce , its too eraly for dat …

  20. Lee I feel for you dear … Jst when we were thinkin , ur man was the best of them all …being in a relationship ke mathata maan !!! Jst dnt file for divorce , its too early for dat …

  21. Great chapter,thnx guys. Tip thou; please proof read this b4 u post it,tried ignoring this but u always confuse Mfundo and Mthobisi. At times u use the name “Mfundo” while referin to Mthobisi

  22. Hhayini bethuna Mthobisi ungenwe yini kanti ngempela hhe hhay Lesedi uzalelwe ihhagu endlini mntakabawo

  23. So this is the woman who called when Mtho was trapped okay!!!! Iyho the child is innocent but as for Mtho he needs a bit down hai.

  24. constructive criticism. Mike I suggest you ‘re-read your blogs before letting the rest of us read or request someone else go through them there are spelling mistakes, tenses n wrong characters mentioned at the wrong scenes. I love your blogs n read them everyday. big up to u brother u r doing a good job.

  25. Thank you I really enjoy your writing, so that is the child her mom was talking about. Really everyone has problems no one has a perfect life. Yhoo Mthobisi cannot run away from his child forever I hope you find him Lee and smack the truth out of him.

  26. Mike you never seem to amaze me, your work is amazing you leave us with jaws open wide and wishing we could fast forward to the weekend… Marriages with flows yoh I arrest my case…

  27. The plot thicknes intensly… awesome read, Mike you never dissapoint. Lee needs to find out who this woman is but im inclined to think its the mystrious woman who dropped the call while Mthobilsi was trapped in the mines( remmeber her?) Lee please allow the ceremony to go through for this innocent child. However Mthobisi has a lot of expaining to do. Remember Lee you are also not innocent nawe you have been doing Mfundo too! You need to STOP, CALM DOWN,THINK, Then ACT!!!! it works for me im sure it wil for you too

  28. What puzzles is that all the sisters are egging Lee to beat Mthobisi, how they previously respected & admired him, but none of them are disgusted at Lee for constantly throwing herself at Mfundo, this child could have been conceived b4 they( Lee & Mthobisi ) were together and Mthobisi only just found out recently, after all we all know who are good at keeping secrets!

  29. Lee just get off your high horse, you are not the 1st and you won’t be the last.
    And we dont leave man up, cause the have babies out side wedlock, man up and speak to your husband before you loose him to Katlego.

    #Death by Mike and Thozama calling Mothobisi “Mfundo”
    You guys are great, I love you…

  30. The part that intrested me the most is: ” Got up the next morning feeling fresh, got up before the alarm even went off, decided to make hubby breakfast and woke him up, I was feeling naughty so I asked him for a quickie, man always get up with a hard-on so he was ready for action, morning glory is the best, you are guaranteed to have a good day after it.” This Mthobisi guy is full of suprises.

  31. Thanx Mike…..yhooooo this got me thinking alot of this in LIFE….But ke all that i can say anger can make 1 do something stupid.So please think about what you have just read and go to your husband let him be the one who explains to you.As for the other women i feel sorry for you SHAME………..

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