Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Forty One

Thozama Mqikela



I woke Mfundo up while I was trying to get dressed and told him there was a knock at the door, I knew we were busted, there was honestly no way out of this one, I had avoided and escaped a lot of things but this, this was just a disaster situation, I could not even pray, I was too embarrassed and ashamed to even ask God to intervene, I had broken the biggest rule in marriage. Mfundo was freaking out okay we were both freaking out, I knew if this woman saw me in her husband’s room it really would not take a rocket scientist to figure out what had taken place in this room. Mfundo said I should go open and say that we had swopped rooms he stays in a different room, this was the dumbest idea I have ever had, I asked what do I say if she asks for his room number, he said I should say I don’t know it, this idea I was totally against, the knocking was becoming louder now, I walked slowly to the door, wishing and hoping that this woman would just give up and leave, but no such luck. I opened the door standing there with the biggest grin on her face the one and only Jessica, I didn’t know if I should hug her or kill her, she took one look at me and started laughing so hard. I looked at her and told her “I hate you”, she said remember 3 months ago when I told you I would get you back this is it, I knew we played some prank on her but I hardly remembered what it was. I asked her how she knew Mfundo’s room number she said she was friends with the manager; he’s the guy she disappeared with last night. I could not help but be impressed with her crazy pranking skills, she asked where Mfundo was I told her he was hiding in the bathroom, she went inside the room and shouted “Honey, I’m home”, I started laughing, Mfundo came out, looked at me then Jessica and asked where his wife was, we both burst out laughing, then I explained that Jessica and I always play this silly pranks on each other but it’s usually hiding the other person’s car keys or moving the car to a different parking spot or calling one another at work and pretending to be an angry client or calling the other person and saying they have won something but Jessica has upped her game because this I could never have imagined her doing it. Mfundo said we almost gave him a heart-attack, and suggested we all go to breakfast I declined and told them I have to go to my hotel and get ready for work, I asked Jessica for time, it was 06:30, she said she would walk me to the parking we left Mfundo.

On the way to the car Jessica asked if I had slept with Mfundo, I told her I didn’t remember much all that wine we drank last night was a little too much, I asked her if she and Mr. Manager shagged, she said with a big smile “oh yeah, and damn he was a beast in bed, I couldn’t get enough of him” I looked at her and told her she’s too freaky we both laughed, she offered me some pills for the hangover, she was looking fresh and energetic I didn’t even ask what the name of the pills were I took and as we got to the hotel reception I asked for water and drank the pills. One thing about white people they have pills for everything; I have never seen a black person who has pills for babalaaz. I got to the car, hugged Jessica goodbye and rushed to my hotel, I got there took a quick shower then dressed and rushed to the offices in Milnerton, the hangover was gone, damn these pills really do work, I was feeling refreshed and energised, I should ask Jessica for a pack next time I see her, no ways am I buying them, they were probably ridiculously expensive. I started working and a few minutes later my mom called she asked how Cape Town was, I told her it was busy, she wanted to know when last did I speak to my sister I didn’t know how to answer this question, she said she could feel that something is wrong with Naledi she was speaking to her last night and when she said she was going to see her at her house Naledi brought up every excuse in the book, my mom asked “what is your sister hiding?” I so badly wanted to tell her what was going on with her and maybe she would talk some sense into my sister’s head, but who was I to judge my sister when I was hiding soo many thing from them about my life. I told my mom I didn’t know anything and whatever Naledi is going through she will tell us, my sister we all know cannot keep secrets which was surprising to me how she had kept this abuse a secret from us. I told my mom I will see her over the weekend when I got back to Joburg. I called my sister she said she was getting discharged today and Mthobisi had offered that she stays with us until she recovered, I didn’t know this but I welcomed it, she needed us more than ever. I called Andiswa and she said she had dropped the kids at school and She Rocks would be picking them up from aftercare and taking them to the movies, these women are truly amazing, I thanked her.

I went back to work and tried really had to focus but I could not help thinking about what had happened between me and Mfundo, it bothered me that I could not remember much of had had gone down between the 2 of us last night. My husband called very upset, demanding to know where I was last night, I figured he knew already. He said he had called the hotel and they had called my room a couple of time and there was no answer, I asked why didn’t he call on my cell, he demanded to know where I had slept last night because I didn’t sleep at Orion hotel, this man has a nerve, I said I slept at The One and Only Hotel, he freaked out and said there was no way our company would have paid for that hotel it’s too damn expensive, I explained that Jessica was doing an event there and I was too drunk to drive so I crashed in her room and drove to my hotel this morning to change, I told him he could call and ask her if he didn’t believe me, while talking to him I was on Skype with Jessica, texting her I told her should my husband phone her, I was with her the whole night.. Jessica replied and said “absofreakenlutely” and smiley faces. As much as men lie for each other so do women, well some women. He seemed a bit relieved, but with my husband you never know I had to make sure I covered all my tracks. He told me he will be picking up my sister from the hospital later today and she will be staying with us, he asked if he should cook or get takeaways I suggested he cooked, my hubby can cook he’s just not too fond of it, he said he will and said “by the way Lwazi is out”, my stomach turned, he said we will talk more tomorrow, I told him not to worry about picking me up, Jessica left her car at Lanseria Airport we flying 15 minutes apart so she’ll wait for me at the airport when she arrives and drop me off. Thursday was over and I didn’t see Mfundo at all that day, and I was not about to call him, I went got some takeaways on the way to the hotel and gobbled it down as soon as I got to my apartment then went straight to bed, I was exhausted.

Friday was finally here and it was my last day in this place, I was looking forward to going home. I drove to work and had a meeting with the company directors to give them the reports of my findings, it was a 2 hour meeting from 12:00 – 14:00 when the meeting was done I drove straight to my hotel packed my bags, I still had a few hours so I decided to call Jessica to see if she would like to hit the beach before we go, she was not keen said it’s a bit chilly and said we should rather go to Mzoli’s in Gugulethu, I agreed. She came to my hotel and we went to the Avis in town to drop off the car and traveled in Jessica’s hired car to Gugulethu, the place was not too packed since it was during the day just a couple of tourists were around. We love this place, can never go to Cape Town without passing here, we ordered the meat and pap, yes Jessica eats pap, she’s gangster like that, the meat was as delicious as always. We realised time was running but nice thing about being in Gugulethu is its very close to the airport, we drove to the airport, checked in and decided to go sit in a restaurant while waiting for our flights. I received a call from Mfundo asking where I was I told him I was at the airport waiting for my flight, he said I had left my ear rings and necklace at his hotel and they look expensive so can he drop them off at airport for me, I said yes, those were my favorite ear rings, he said he would be there in 20 minutes. True to his word in 20 minutes time he called and said he was parked outside, I told Jessica I would see her in Joburg as her flight was leaving before mine and went to go meet Mthobisi outside, it was already dark outside, Mthobisi was at the arrivals I got into his car and he said he can’t park there for long so we should go talk at the parking lot, I told him there was no need to talk about anything I’m just getting my stuff and leaving, he said we have to talk about the other night, I couldn’t refuse that because I badly wanted to know. He drove to the parking and parked at the far end in between cars it was dark there. I asked him what happened on Wednesday Mfundo popped his eyes and asked don’t I remember, I said no I was too drunk, eish alcohol mara can turn people into fools and I was worried that I had made a fool of myself. He looked at me and smiled and said “you were amazing, no more than amazing you were wild” I was blushing. He went to tell me the things I was doing to him, told me no other woman has ever done the things I did to him, this talk though was turning me on, I don’t know what got over me but I started kissing Mfundo I was so turned on I wanted him right there and then, I was sucking and licking his ears then went to his neck kissed his neck, my hand went down to his magic stick I started feeling it and playing with it till it was rock hard, he undid my blouse and pulled my bra down and started sucking my nipples I could feel my honeypot getting supper wet, he pushed my set back and sat on top of me, this was not a very comfortable setting but I was enjoying every second of it, I asked if he had condoms he smiled and said “yes” I told him I wanted to be on top so we swopped positions, I undid his belt pulled down his pants he put on the condom, luckily for me I was wearing a skirt so he lifted it up and moved my g-string to the side, I directed his magic stick inside my honey pot and rode him like a horse, it felt so good he was moaning and groaning, we both came at the same time. When we were done, he looked at me and said “damn, you are so damn good”, I smiled and told him I had a flight to catch, he asked if he can see me over the weekend, I said “we’ll see”, and moved to the other seat, fixed myself and asked for my ear rings and necklace, kissed him goodbye and left. When I got inside the airport my name was already being called over the intercoms because everybody had already boarded, I rushed to the gate and did the walk of shame on the flight with people point at me and whispering “is she the one we were waiting for” good thing I had checked in earlier. Flight took off and I feel asleep woke up when we landed in Lanseria airport, I called Jessica before the doors where even opened she said she was there already and told me where to meet her, I got my luggage and went to go find Jessica, she drove me home on the way I could not keep to myself what had happened I had to share with someone or I was going to burst. She was not surprised and said 70% of married woman cheat so I had nothing to feel guilty about but I should make sure that my husband never finds out, man do not forgive as easily as women. She dropped me home and left, when I got there my husband was already in bed, I went and took a very long bath I didn’t want my husband smelling Mfundo of me, then went to bed and cuddled with my husband but I felt like such a snake and filthy, all that bathing could not wash away the shame and disgust I was feeling.

The next morning I was woken up by my loving husband with a warm kiss, he asked how my trip was I told him it was a success and he told me how proud of me he was, that made me want to tell him everything but I remembered Jessica’s warnings. I got up to go check on my sister she was up talking on the phone, she hung up when she saw me, I was so happy to see her, we hugged and I couldn’t hold myself I asked her why did she not want to lay charges against that monster, she looked at me and said I just got back can we talk about something else. I asked how she was feeling she said she was getting better; my husband had taken very good care of her. I made all of us breakfast, Andiswa was bringing the kids later and Cleo and She Rocks were also coming over. After breakfast my husband said he was going out but would be back a bit later. This was my opportunity to try and get some answers out of my sister but I didn’t want to push it. Ausi Maria arrived shortly and was so happy to see my sister she said she sometimes even forgot that I had a sister, she asked why all the bruises I said she was in a car accident she asked where her husband and kids were I wanted to say husband died in the car accident but my sister would not have appreciated that so I said he’s at work and the kids are at my friend’s place and will be coming later. We went to my bedroom just to avoid Ausi Maria’s question at least she had not come with that crazy niece of hers today and I was not even going to ask where she was. My sister decided to open up to me, she said Lwazi’s mother had started questioning her about her first born saying she looks nothing like her son and my sister must have cheated on Lwazi and made the child with someone else at first she had ignored her accusations but as time went by the mother drilled the idea into Lwazi’s head that he was bringing up another man’s child, she said that’s when Lwazi started pushing her around and she would fall on chairs and break them but last week things go so bad that he actually beat her up saying she must tell him who Buhle’s father was, my heart just broke I was in tears as she was telling me the story, my sister has never loved anyone as much as she loved that man, he was her life, I could not believe he could be so stupid, she said things just got worse because this morning Lwazi called and he said he is going to throw Buhle her daughter on the floor with her head so her brains can splash all over the pavement and he was going to kill Sihle their son and then himself, Oh my goodness what kind of man is this, I cried even more at the thought of my niece splashed all over the pavement. As we were talking my phone rang security said Tshepang my husband’s brother was at the gate, the first thing that came to my mind was Koketso had told him about the guns, I said they should let him in. I left my sister in the room to go to the kitchen to call Koketso she answered I asked her “what did you tell your husband? What is he doing at our place?” Koketso asked what do I mean, she said she was in Daveyton with Tshepang, I didn’t believe her she gave him the phone, I told him someone has just come into our complex saying it’s him, he said it must be a mistake his nowhere near Fourways, the door opened it was Lwazi carrying 5 litre petrol, he looked at me and said “I’m here to burn you and your evil sister” and started pouring the petrol at me.

***The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

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