Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Forty

Thozama Mqikela



Mthobisi looked at me and said I should stop behaving like an outlaw, we won’t be killing anyone, this man has kids, how would we explain the death of their father and do I really want my niece and nephew growing up without a dad. Wow, I was most certainly not expecting that response but to a certain extent he was making sense, but I still wanted this bastard to pay. We left Pretoria and headed to Johannesburg on the way I received a call from Andiswa asking why we had left church in such a rush, I’m a woman and keeping things to myself is not in my DNA especially things that bother me, I told Andiswa how Lwazi was abusing my sister and how badly injured my sister is and is right now and lying in hospital, Mthobisi kept glancing at me as if to tell me to shut up but I wouldn’t I just kept yapping, Andiswa asked what am I going to do with the kids since I’m going to Cape Town tomorrow, oh snap I haven’t thought about that, I told her I didn’t know, she offered to stay with them until my sister is out of the hospital, errrrrr the offer was sweet but my friend has no experience with kids and those kids are a handful, I didn’t have the heart to tell her that so I told her that the little boy opens cupboards and breaks things and needs to be watched all the time, she said not to worry she will ask her domestic worker to sleep over, she told me if she was in my position and she needed help I would move mountains to help her so I should let her help me, that was that then it was settled, once Andiswa’s mind is made up its very hard to change it, I thanked her and hung up.

We arrived in Mondeor Police Station, Lwazi’s car and the other car with Mthobisi’s friend were already parked outside, I asked Mthobisi why we were here, he said to serve justice, then stepped out of the car to go speak to his friends, they called a car guard and spoke to him, I saw the one guy give the car guard a stack of money and keys then Mthobisi came back to the car, the 2 guys got in their car and drove off and left Lwazi’s car in the parking, Mthobisi came back and drove to the Spar across the Police Station and parked in between cars but we could still see Lwazi’s car, a few minutes later the car guard opened Lwazi’s boot and Lwazi jumped out, I couldn’t hear what the car guard was saying all I could see was him talking to Lwazi and pointing inside the Police station. Say what? Did we just do the Police work? I looked at Mthobisi and told him he never ceases to amaze me, he told me that this was the right thing to do. Lwazi will get what he deserves and we don’t even have to lift a finger in jail he will be someone’s wife, I laughed at the thought. From the police station we drove to my mom’s place to pick up the kids. On the way to my mom’s place I called the Police station and spoke to the coloured cop who told me that they don’t know why but my sister’s husband has decided to turn himself in, he said he will be going to court on Tuesday, I was so happy, finally something going right in all this mess. I called the hospital and they said my sister was still unconscious. We found my mom and Victor playing with the kids it was such a pretty picture, I told Mthobisi to take pictures of this moment, I wanted him to show the pictures to my sister when she got up. My mom suggested we stay for dinner and since I was not in the mood to cook I agreed, the kids were so happy. We had a nice lovely meal and left with the kids, since my flight was very early in the morning we decided to go drop the kids off with Andiswa so she could drop them at school and crèche in the morning.

Andiswa was so excited to have the kids over , she had baby-sat them before for my sister and she absolutely adored these kids, the kids were very happy to see Aunt Andiswa, she already had cartoon dvd’s set-up for them, she said I shouldn’t worry about anything she will keep me updated on everything involving the kids I should focus on work, she, Cleo and She Rocks have already set-up a schedule of who will be picking the kids up on which day from school and they will also do visits to the hospital to see Naledi, I was so touched, these ladies are truly amazing. We left the kids with Andiswa and I was relieved knowing that my sisters kids were in good hands. We got to our place around 9pm and I had packing to do, Mthobisi said he would help me pack but that idea didn’t work so well, he ended up falling asleep, while watching me pack, I finished and joined him in bed. Alarm rang at 4 am, I told Mthobisi to go shower fist I was not ready to wake up, he showered and came to wake me up, the blankets felt nice and warm and I really didn’t want to get up, not so early in the morning. Eventually I got up and went to shower came back and dressed in formal attire. My husband drove me to the airport, we got to Lanseria airport at 05:15, we kissed and I told my husband I will miss him very much and I truly meant it. My flight took off at 06:00 I slept the whole 2 hours until we landed in Cape Town. I went to Avis to go collect the car that I had been booked for me and they had booked a GPS as well, thank goodness, I am horrible with directions, I didn’t have time to go to my hotel so I decided to drive straight to Mfundo’s cape town offices and they were in Milenerton, I punched the address in the GPS and left the airport, it was a bit of a distance. I arrived and their offices and told the receptionist who I was she told me they had reserved the boardroom for me and that’s where I will be working. She showed me to the boardroom and one of the company Directors by the name of Paul McAdams came to welcome me, he brought a couple of files and reports that he wanted me to work on, the tea lady brought me tea and I started working, I was so focused on work that I did not even realise the time, I heard a knock and it was the receptionist she came to ask if she should order me some lunch, I asked for a chicken salad and juice, I wasn’t really hungry, decided to take a break and called my husband, he told me he had great news, his hearing at work went well and he was now back at work, thank the heavens I was so relieved, he said he will go see Naledi in hospital after he’s knocked off. I decided to call Andiswa she said the kids were fine, she dropped them off this morning, Buhle at her Christian School but they first had to go to my sister’s house to get her uniform luckily my niece had the house keys in her bag and then dropped Sihle at his Crèche, she said Cleo would be picking them up and they will go play with her kids until Andiswa knocks off, my friends really had this under control, she said She Rocks and Siyabonga will be going to the hospital this afternoon to pray for her, I laughed at the idea but it was really kind and sweet of them.

I got back to work got a call from my “white” friend Jessica she said “word on the street is you in Cape Town”, this girl loves talking like an American gangster, I told her since “our” maid told her at her house it’s not word on the street, she told me she was doing some event in Cape Town on Wednesday and we should get together when she’s here, I agreed. I went back to work, my lunch came I ate half of it, these books were not balancing and were giving me a headache, it was now after 5, Paul came and said I should call it a day it was getting late, I packed up and drove to my hotel which is in town, it’s called Orion hotel, our company owns apartments in the hotel so whenever we go to Cape Town we stay in the apartments. The apartment is on the 12th floor, has a kitchen, lounge and bedroom all separated it makes you feel at home a bit. I had not heard or seen Mfundo all day and I didn’t want to be tjatjarag so I decided to play this cool and not call him instead I called my husband and told him how much I missed him, he said he misses me too, I asked if he had managed to go see Naledi, he told me he had good and bad news, oh God I didn’t want to hear the bad, I feared he would say my sister is dead, but he said my sister had regained her consciousness, I told Mthobisi to hold on for a second, I was soo happy I stood up and did a small celebratory dance then got back on the phone, he asked if I was doing my silly happy dance, this man knows me too well, I asked what the bad news were he said Naledi doesn’t want to press charges against Lwazi, “what?? He must have hit her in the head. How on earth can she not want to press charges against that bastard?” I asked Mthobisi, in my head I had already been planning their divorce. Mthobisi said “we have to respect your sisters wishes, she’s still very fragile Lee, let’s not push or pressurise her, she will come to her senses eventually all we have to do is be there for her and support her decisions even if we don’t agree with them” why did he always have to make sense, I told him I won’t pressurise her. I wanted to call Naledi and scream at her for not wanting to stand against this man, why would she not want him to pay for what he did to her, this did not make sense. I decided that my sister was an adult and right now I was too upset so I shouldn’t call her, I will say something that I might regret, never speak or make decisions when you angry that’s what my mom thought us. I went to bed got up the next morning at 6, I didn’t know how Cape Town traffic was and I didn’t want to be late, I left at 7 traffic was a breeze, damn why can’t Joburg be like this? I arrived at their offices at 07:30 started working, I had a meeting request from Mark who is Mfundo’s boss for progress at 15:00, I accepted it, this meant that I had to work my butt off till 13:00 then prepare a report and I did exactly that, at 13:00 receptionist brought me a chicken salad and juice, am I expected to eat this everyday now? I thanked her and started with my report, by 14:30 I was done then called my husband, he said he was at work and they were now giving him unnecessary office work, I smiled and told him I preferred him in the office than stuck underground in some mine, he laughed and said I need to forget about that.

I went to the meeting with Mark it was in the boardroom on the second floor, I was ready for this, when I got to the boardroom there were couple of other people, I was not really prepared for a crowd but I didn’t really mind, as I was about to start Mfundo walked in, I was not expecting to see him, he smiled and greet, I smiled back and focused on presenting my report and not once did I look at him, I was not here for this man and I had a man at home who loved me very much. When I was done Mark told me they would be going for drinks at Waterfront and I should join them, I kindly declined the offer, I was focused, I was here to make money not friends I had too many of those already back home. I worked till 17:00 then drove back to my hotel, on the way I went to Nandos and bought myself some chicken then hotel, I got there ate and called my sister, she sounded like she was in pains I didn’t bring up Lwazi, she thanked me for looking after the kids and she told me that Andiswa has been calling her and making the kids talk to her ever since she regained her consciousness. I called my husband and no answer, I left him a voicemail. By 7pm I was in bed sleeping, I was looking forward to the next day coz Jessica would be in Cape Town.

Got up Wednesday morning again at 5am then drove to the offices, I was excited coz my friend was coming to town at least now I would not feel so lonely, I got to work and told the receptionist that I would like some fish today, you cannot got to Cape Town and not have fish that’s just wrong. I got down to work and my lunch was delivered by Mfundo to my surprise, I asked him why had he been avoiding me since I got to Cape Town, he said it was because of my husband, when I asked him what had happened between him and my husband he didn’t want to go in detail and said we should just drop it, I gave him his money and thanked him for helping me, he was surprised that I had brought it to Cape Town if he only knew what that money had been through he would get down and thank his ancestors that he was getting it back.

Jessica called and said we should meet at The One and Only Hotel in Waterfront that’s where their event was happening, I drove straight there after knocking off, I was so happy to see her. She introduced me to a few people then we sat at a table she was sharing with some of her colleagues to catch up, we talked about this and that, nothing hectic, it was mostly Jessica talking complaining about her boss and her salary, I don’t know if I have mentioned this before but Jessica loves and I mean loves alcohol, so from the moment I got there I was given champagne, then we had glasses of wine, we were now on our third glass of wine, well I can’t speak for Jessica but I was on my third and were starting to get a bit tispsy, so everything was just funny, it felt good to be out of the hotel and just breathe a little. As we were sitting and chatting I spotted Mfundo passing by the restaurant where we were I tried hiding myself with Jessica she asked what I was doing, I told her I was hiding from the guy passing, Jessica in her drunk state screamed loud “the guy in a blue shirt” I sarcastically asked “do you want to say that any louder?” she laughed and said I can do better than that and walked up to Mfundo, at this moment I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me a few minutes later she came back arm in arm with Mfundo to our table and said “Lee, look who I found at the reception? Small world hey?” she said that with her naughty smile on. I told Mfundo not to mind her, she’s my crazy white friend and he can go wherever he was going, he said he was staying at this hotel, just my luck I thought, Jessica insisted that he joined us for drinks, he didn’t decline, we all sat there I was feeling very uncomfortable but after a few drinks we all relaxed and started having fun, some white guy came to join us and was all flirty with Jessica and she was flirting back, I pulled her to the side and reminded of her boyfriend Steven she looked at me and said “What Steven don’t know won’t hurt him” and giggled and went back to the guy a few minutes later they disappeared and I was left with Mfundo, awkward does not even began to describe the situation and we decided that more booze will make the situation much, much better, so we drank up. I got so sloshed, the one minute we were sitting drinking, chatting and laughing the next we were in Mfundo’s room I don’t even remember how we got there, all I remember is kissing him, undressing each other no, not undressing but ripping each other’s clothes off, this was not gentle it was rough and I have vivid memories of myself asking Mfundo if he has condoms, after that I remember nothing. The next morning I was woken up by the ringing of the landline phone, my head felt heavy and the loud ringing sound was making it worse, I got up and answered the damn phone with a groggy voice, the voice on the end of the pone said “Good Morning Sir, this is your wake-up call and I thought I should also tell you that your wife is on the way up to surprise you”. Did she just call me “Sir”, damn I must sound horrible if I sound like a man, wait a minute did she say “wife?” I looked at the bed Mfundo was snoring away, I looked at myself standing there naked, oh shit, this is not my room, I’m in Mfundo’s room and his wife is on her way up. While I was still trying to find my clothes there was a knock at the door. Shit, Mfundo’s wife!!!

***The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

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  1. I was about when is Mthobisi going back to work,let alone hearing as he has explanations to do with ID`s that he asked Lee to hid.Thank you Mikey.

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    Thanks Mike and Thoz.

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  7. she, Cleo and She Rocks have already set-up a schedule of who will be picking the kids up on which day from school and they will also do visits to the hospital to see Naledi, I was so touched, these ladies are truly amazing… HOW I WISH I HAD SUCH FRIENDS THOUGH, DIS PART JUST LEFT ME ALL TOUCHED AND EMOTIONAL NJE. HAHAHAHHAHAHA I BET MTHOBISI ALREADY KNOW WHERE LEE SLEPT, “IMEI NO.” LOL!! GREAT CHAPTER, CANT COMPLAIN, LONG ENOUGH, HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND UAL.

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