Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Twenty Nine

Thozama Mqikela


Mthobisi looked at me, I was so not prepared for this, I had no words, nothing, I couldn’t think in fact I couldn’t even move, I was frozen, one thing I knew for sure if I let Mthobisi continue speaking I will get in deeper shit, I had to think of something fast. I had not realized but all eyes were on me, I started coughing acting like I was chocking, this was a weak stalling tactic but I didn’t know what else to do, Mthobisi gave me juice, I drank that slowly, then whispered to Mthobisi, my mom doesn’t know about the money, Mthobi’s eyes popped wide open and said “oh shit” my mom looked at him disapprovingly he apologised for swearing, I smiled then told my parents that I had actually meant to call them but with the hijacking drama I got distracted and forgot to call, I told them Mthobi and I have some money that we have been saving but I have been tempted to use it and Mthobi was against me using it he wants us to save it for rainy days, so we had both come to a conclusion that we should give it to Victor for safe-keeping, Victor was very chafed that we trusted him that much that we wanted to give him our money to keep. I took the money out of my bag and handed it to him, he counted the money, I could see my mother getting excited I knew the minute we walked out that door she would be asking Victor for that money, women are the same, we all love money and once we see money we already have all these things we see in our heads and want to buy, infact my mother will not sleep a wink tonight planning he shopping spree with all that money, dammit I had to find a way to get the money back, I could not let my mother use that money and I knew Victor could never say no to my mother, what now. After a couple of hours of bonding with our son Neo, my mom and Victor we decided to go back home. I was exhausted I just wanted to get home and sleep which is exactly what I did, I left Mthobisi on the lounge watching TV I guessed he must have missed it, no such luxuries in prison.
I got up at about 02:08 am I rolled over to my hubby’s side of the bed, he was not there, damn is he still watching TV this time of the morning, I got up and went to the lounge, what I saw broke my heart in pieces, I found my husband sitting on the floor bowling his eyes out, he was crying so hard, at first I thought he was watching a comedy and laughing but then I realised the TV was off and he was sitting on the floor, I stood there for a couple of minutes not sure what I should do, Mthobisi is usually this strong man who never show any emotions, I stepped closer and sat on the floor next to him, he was a bit surprised to see me, I didn’t give him a chance to speak I held him in my arms and told him everything will be alright. In everything that he had been through I had not stopped to think what my husband had been through, this man had been through hell and back and as his wife my duty is to support him, stand by him guilty or innocent, I should not be judging I should be supporting. As I held him he continued crying, I had never seen this side of my husband, we must have sat on the floor for over 20 minutes, after some time he let go of me and told me he was sorry for acting like a child he was just thinking about everything that he had put me through and got a bit overwhelmed in prison he could not show any emotions coz he was going to look weak and this was the only time that he actually gave himself to think about everything that had happened. I had never loved my husband like I loved him now, he had shown me his vulnerable side, this is every woman’s dream their man crying, cry in front of a woman and she will believe that you love her enough to trust her with your emotions, this is a big deal in us women. Hubby said he will go and take a shower and will join me in bed when he was done and I should go sleep since I had work in the morning, I went to bed and fell asleep.
I was woken up by my alarm clock, my husband was sleeping next to me this was such a beautiful sight that I didn’t want to leave, I stayed in bed for a couple of minutes watching this man, this man that I call my husband realising how little I knew about him, for starters where did he get the R20 000 from in such a space of time that he was out of prison. Why had he gone to prison in the first place, what was this story about illegal mining? I soo badly wanted to wake him up and ask him all these questions that were running in my mind but I knew he didn’t sleep much last night so I didn’t want to bother him and my husband is very reserved and doesn’t like talking, yesterday he had said very little, but he said he was innocent that was not enough I wanted to know more, so I decided to write him a letter, I know it’s silly but I find it easier to express myself in writing than actually talking and I figured it would be easier for him to explain all this in writing rather than talking to me, I wrote the letter and placed it in my pillow. Took a shower and hurried out of the house with Mthobisi’s Audi, he was still sleeping when I left. I got to work quite early by early I mean after 9, my Boss’s PA told me that Andile my boss wants to see me, what did the annoying witch want now. I took my precious time, replying to emails and doing every unnecessary thing to avoid going to see that women. After some time I told Cindy I was going to Andile’s office she wished me luck and told me she would pray for me, I laughed and left. Andile’s office is unnecessary spacious, when I got there Mfundo and Mark his boss were both sitting in Andile’s office this took me by surprise I was not expecting this at all, damn I hope they did not find out about the affair, this is the last thing I needed, where are these ancestors when you need them? Right now I needed all sorts of intervention, Jesus, Ancestors, Allah, Buddha, everybody just needed to work with me and get me out of this messy situation. Andile spoke first this woman showed no emotions so you could never read her, she said the reason why they called me in was coz they would like me to go to cape town for a week, I will be assessing MRT (Mfundo’s Company) financial report in their cape town branch, Mark explained what a great job Cindy and I had been doing and they feel that they need someone to take care of their business in cape town and they were sure that I was more than capable that I could handle this project by myself and Cindy would handle things in Joburg, all I could think was I could not leave my husband he just came back and now they want me leave, are these people insane? I thanked them for the offer and a wonderful opportunity before I could refuse Andile told me that I will be paid per day for this on top of my salary, my eyes popped wide open, I asked when do they want me in Cape Town, Mfundo responded by saying he will also be in Cape Town, he would be flying down on Sunday they needed me there Monday morning. Say what? Mfundo would also be there? This was going to be fun. I told them I would like to fly down Monday morning as I still had a lot of things to settle this side. We discussed the logistics of my trip for a while, I was really happy with how well things were turning out, maybe my ancestors had not turned against me after all. I went to the office and told Cindy what had happened, she was not really happy for me I could see it in her face but I didn’t blame her I would have been spiting fire if they had selected her, I was not going to let this woman spoil my mood, I used my desktop and sent a mail to my friends, telling them tomorrow we having a gal night out, we had a lot to celebrate, my friends are always down for a good time, all the replies were “Count me in” I love my girls they always down for a fun time, we decided we would continue the chat on whatsap as we had a chat group and we would decide later where we will be going, gals nights out are always crazy and wild, I could not wait for this, while I was still planning my outfit for our night out my phone landline rang, Cindy had gone to the bathroom so I had no choice but to answer it was Phumla from reception, she said “Lee, there is some people that are here to see you”, I knew I had no meeting for the day and I was not expecting anyone so I told her to ask for their name she replied in an almost whisper “it’s the police, they’ve been asking me questions about your husband”, I dropped the phone and ran like a crazy woman to the reception.

****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

57 thoughts on “Missteps – Chapter Twenty Nine

  1. Lol ancestors,Jesus, allah n buddah #u killed m da.,..thanx guys u nevr disapoint #impatiently waiting for next weekend

  2. Haai mara give Lee some space to breath,bathong this cops are even going to her work? Eish I feel for her tjo!! Thanks Mike:)

  3. OMG Mthobisi wenzen manje..bheka m sho uLee akasay eCape town tjo..m sho uyena uMthobisi obehind this hijacking thing coz useythatheph nje le R20000, this man has full of shit nx

  4. Now this KILLED me—-> Right now I
    needed all sorts of intervention, Jesus,
    Ancestors, Allah, Buddha, everybody just
    needed to work with me and get me out of
    this messy situation. I hope the police are not going to cause a Scene at Lee’s company. I’m so happy that lee is going to cape town with mfundo ’cause I know this is going to be thee intriguing part.

  5. Ayi anisasibo or wifey no hubby nje nina u like room8s….ur husband has been gone 4 like 2weeks bt u don’t even have time for Sex…Ayi dis Marriage is doomed!!!

  6. Iyhoo this is just too much for 1person to deal with, we like complaining n saying we hv problems bt ours seem little compared to some

  7. I thot dis police business was over now they coming to her work place n everyone will know dat her hubby was in jail

  8. I’m so anxious to know what exactly Mthobisi is doing. I can’t believe he was crying like that. And I can’t believe the very next day this woman is excited to run to CT so she can cheat on him; she has no sympathy lol

  9. So Lee u hav freinds?u never mention them gal u could hav avoided all this S*H*t mos. Hai good luck mama

  10. Yoh I just wish that Confessions was only done on weekends like Missteps. So that Missteps nd Memoirs would be posted on alternative weekdays like it’s happening with Confessions nd Memoirs. Missteps nd Memoirs r much interesting than Confessions! #my opinion#

    1. @ sane that is what I always tell my sister. Sugar baby is boring no offense to any1

      Oh come on kanti uyokuthola nini ukujabula lomfaz, and I don’t no why she happy for ukuya eKapa like realy, she shouldve refuse, and focus ezinkingeni zakh and sort them, fanele ayolanda imali kuvictor,


  11. Poor Lee, her drama just doesn’t seem to end. Truth be told I’d never thought of the women who were with such men , it looks glamorous from the outside but having to hold your breath every time I could never deal.
    About the tears of a man, yes when he does it once it’s sweet and all but is annoying when he does it all the time. I mean who wants a cry baby

  12. Yoh poor Lee wat do police want now,could they know that you bribed an officer? Seems lyk u in deep x***t but cina sisi . As for going to capetown y all that excitement wen u xud be home bonding with your husband? How can u be so excited knowing mfundo would obviously want SUM? Or is it becoz mthobisi didn’t giv u SUM? Now I don’t understand what kind of woman r u? O jags shame now its not the time to be running around with side men I mean u r a married woman n ur husband is back so u xud spend all da precious tym while u stil can. Lol mike whr did Lee’s friends cum from coz u hav never mentiond them except that other one who accompanied her to court? Any it was a great sorry keep up the good work mike. N thoza

  13. wow i feel sori sorry 4 Mthobi, lee clearly cnt resist Mfundo n now a week 2geda……dis is bad!!!thnxs Mike

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